PalmSync for Thunderbird AB

I got PalmSync to work (a Thunderbird extention to work with MozAB) today.

I had tried and tried it when I first got my (Palm) Zire 31 not too long ago. I gave up. I tried it on my DH’s laptop as well, and Nada … so I gave up totally.

Today I got it in my mind to try again. I read so much on it in the past that I couldn’t stand to read another word about it, just try again.

So I searched for the .xpi of it and came up with several page links.

This is the one I pulled the .xpi off of [just try the ones there, right-click and save linked … to get the file, it’ll save as palmsync.xpi, but which one I have, I compared first lines to the ones there, to backtrack and point y’all to the right one, and durn it if I know now. Sorry!] The past time I used many versions of the install .exe and the .xpi extention, don’t ask me if this one I used successfully is the same as any of the past ones. Don’t tell me I have to put ContactsSidebar in as an extention. I did all the “right stuff” before, with zilch being synced to or from the AB.

Fact is, I had ContactsSidebar installed in Thunderbird previous to ever trying Palmsync. From things alltold that I read, I should have had success immediately when installing it. I didn’t, and went through ring after ring (jumping through hoops) to try and make it work. I unistalled and reinstalled that CS extention, restarted TB, restared the computer … over and over. So I gave that up entirely.

In any case, this time, today, I installed the extention in TB. It installed, then threw some error about not being able to access some file to finish. So I just shut that down and went to Program Files/Mozilla Thunderbird/ and found the .exe file for PalmSync in there and clicked to run it. That installed fine.

So I synced, changed the options in HOTSYNC appropriately. Nothing worked. So then I went in Thunderbird, Extentions, and UNINSTALLED ContactsSidebar … closed down TB. Synced … nothing happened with AB, but then I synced again with AB open and VOILA! It worked.

But my AB’s in Thunderbird were all renamed and a mess.

I had done a Desktop overwrites the Palm option.

In any case, I just fixed the names again in TB AB … on the palm they were categorically name right. So I then synced again, this time Palm overwrites Desktop. My personal address book had appeared empty on my TB AB … and I was forced to close down TB right then … so there was some sort of error. I didn’t check into it, just reopened and there were my things in the Personal Address Book.

I have to verify whether or not I can do a SYNC of the records and make changes on either or both, might get duplicates or deletions where I don’t want that to happen … I’ll see.

DH will be testing this out too with the Palm Vx. I did get it to Sync after I got mine to sync. It must be something magical in the .xpi file I used, or I don’t know. It just wouldn’t work before when I did try, I tried every single thing I could, over and over again. This time I determine to try and had it all working in short order, comparitively. (I got the .xpi’s from some other trunk on some part of a mozilla site before where they are archived, older and newer). I am running Thunderbird 1.0.7, btw. 1.5 beta-2 is out, but since I now have Palmsync working, I’ll stay with the current as it is until full release 1.5 is out.

In any case, you can get an .xpi on mozilla’s site from the Thunderbird 1.5 Beta 2 Release Notes page. Look for “palmsync” down the page a bit.

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