Day: November 1, 2005

New Moon coming

This picture was taken with my Canon Digital Rebel at 6:38am on October 29, 2005, from my second floor bedroom window, without glass or screen in the way.

The moon info for this precise time (courtesy of QuickPhasePro, a moon phase program):

Moon Rise: 4:29am
Moon Set: 5:04pm

Phase Name: Waning Crecent (translation respectively: Getting smaller every day, very near to New Moon)

Percent Full: 13% (translation: 13% of 100% is a small amount of moon showing)

Age: 88% (26 days 0 hours 9 minutes) (translation: getting close to the end of the moon phase, pretty old moon!)

Next New Moon: November 1, 2005 at 8:25pm (translation: the moon will be officially “New” at this time, which happens to still be in the future as of this typing, but close, it’s 7:22pm right now.)

Today, November 1, 2005, the moon rise was at 6:27am, and the moon set at 5:23pm. So the moon has already set for the day, and the New Moon phase comes into play at 8:25pm. Yesterday a smidgen of moon was visible if you could see it at all … today nigh none and tomorrow will be none practically, but “waxing crecent” phase does begin already tomorrow.

I mostly wanted to post this since the pictures are nice, and to offset something bugging me: Weather Channel on TV was doing a forecast of weekend weather before the weekend was fully there, and the person doing it said something about “a clear Moonlit sky for you all in … (where ever that was) for trick or treat time” … and that registered near-rage in me, since I had more recently become fully aware of moon phases thanks to QuickPhasePro. The moon isn’t shining at night right now. It’s been waning and rising and setting during waking hours mostly, rising a bit earlier than most of us, besides that though, 4-something am is dark, in the morning, not at night, and not a time for trick or treating. :rolleyes:

It floored me that a meteorologist wouldn’t be in tune with moon phases and forecasting weather. Not only the 4-am-ish thing, but the moon is setting before it gets dark out in the evening. A sliver of moon doesn’t make a moonlit sky, night or daylight sky, a full moon doesn’t light a daylight sky either. A full moon does light a night sky, no doubt. But this Halloween 2005 a New Moon was close to coming into being … and the rise and set times were anti-night as well. So put that metorologist to rest, to say that about a night forecast made it clear to me that just ’cause something is said doesn’t make it true.

It’s shocking whenever you hear something reported and you know for certain that isn’t true. It was so for me that night last week, and fully so since it was scientific facts I was knowing, knowing that the moon is cyclical and not on that sort of a cycle at all at that time. :rolleyes:

Here’s a crop closer up of the above photo

Here’s a croppier close up of the moon.

All photos are the same one taken at 6:38 am on Oct. 29, 2005 in Georgia.

Happy November (2005)

It’s now November, another increment of 2005 gone … the years go by faster and faster as you get older … this I know from experience and from the knowlege imparted to me by elders over time.

At some points time seems to crawl and others to fly fastly by, but this is not what I mean, I mean a general overall trend of quicker passage of years.

Time for me personally is something that has never been static, it’s always been extremely “elastic”. So parts of days can be longer or shorter, eb and flow, in other words. The overall General Sense of time is met by the Calendar that we use, which plots out days, weeks, months in a year. This is separate from my inner being, and is what I mean by time going faster, it’s the calendar that goes faster and faster, not actual “time” per se.

I find it interesting to think about time, we are stuck in it – only to escape it entirely when this life of ours ends. God is the Creator, and in His precense Time is not ours. To him a day is like a thousand years, a thousands years like a day. What does that mean? It may be unfathomable by many people, to me it’s fathomable to a large degree. I can grasp it with the understanding my “elastic time” gives me, as pathetic as it is compared to God’s.

So then, November Ushers In The Holidays. Firstly we have a Stryper concert in a couple of days, November 3rd. Then it’s Thanksgiving Day, the next day is Victoria’s birthday, then the Christmas season begins. This might not seem like a lot to some people. for me it is. I mean, it’s not that there are many things we do in the Christmas season, in fact we do little. For me though as an introvert it’s fun atimes, but gets weary and the blanc of January 1 is welcomed. I’ve written of it before, how it’s like a great empty stark white day. The romaticism of Christmas wiped away with the New Year … I like romatic stuff, to a point. The logicalness of New Years Day draws me to it gladly. I prefer to be outdoors and hiking or walking somewhere, with my camera. We have seldom done that. I am hoping we’ll do it this year though, (the dependence on the TV is gone, we now have TIVO!)

For me the day is a pristine winter outdoorsy day, or at least a re-arrangement of some furniture of a room day. In the South it’s usually a crisp bright sunny day, a blue sky that only Winter can show off. There is rarely any snow on the ground, the ice storms generally come later in the month, so it’s a cool to cold day of brilliance. Not a day to be watching football on TV, in my very humble opinion. It’s a day to use to be and do and create. Start the calendar off with activity that is envigorating. Outdoorsy hiking is just that for me. Put me in a football watching party and I’ll wear out fast. 🙂

I will come to this point eventually, and I must think of it in advance: I need to do my January One outdoorsy hiking photographing whether or not my whole family wants to, so I have to plan to do it alone, or with the children. I’m not usually the driver, in fact haven’t driven but once or twice in the last couple of years. Frank takes me everywhere. So I have to prepare myself to be independent in order to have my vision of the day fulfilled. This will take lots of energy to plan, then all can come to aught if I chicken out. In the end, I may have hubbied company though.

Other people like to Shop on New Years Day, or go the movies or out to eat or all of these things. I like outdoors with nature and few people. Hubby likes indoors with TV and remote and snacks. My second for the day is rearranging furniture, but I do that year round, in fact I’m in the middle of re-arranging my kitchen stuff again, I don’t mean the sluggish re-vamping of the kitchen, I mean the literal “moving the movable pieces around — again”.

I moved the TV armoire to the other side of the room the other day (a miserly 10 feet.) I like it there, but inevitably I’ll want to move it back to where it just was once more. It’s hard in this house to have this way about oneself, the builder plan is bad for this personality, believe me, it’s hard to deal with.

Part of the ideas I have for this whole affair is building in as much “furniture” as wall permanent units as we can so that the functionality of the place is locked, and then I can fiddle with the stuff in some other way, keeping the functionality in place.

My prayers for the remainder of the year rest on God, to give us in this household the motivation and energy to complete the kitchen, to build as much of it that we can, and be able to afford the window, door, sink, faucet, and other things that need to be purchased.

Well the weather of late has been very much “autumn” weather. It’s glorious and nice in the afternoon, nearly too warm some days, but nice and cool to cold at night. Our A/C days are over for 2005. It’s natural air we have once again! 🙂 I like Autmn and Winter.

The next task we have for this season is getting more firewood. We have some left over from last fireplace season, enough for a few days. Traditionally our first fire in the fireplace is nearer to the end of November. It’ll be interesting to note it this year, to see when it’s “the day”. So far the coldest nights into the mid-to-high 30’s haven’t made for needing more than wearing socks or tights and shoes or boots in the early AM, long sleeves or sweater, etc.

It’s within this branch of thinking that I’m re-arranging the furniture, to take possession of better spots to watch TV or read nearer to the fireplace, and to have work spaces in the kitchen nearer to the one window that is there, and also closer to the fireplace, though that won’t have much affect, as the fireplace has no blower on it.

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