Month: May 2007

Allergies and house stuff

Goo … I feel miserable. My “normal” allergies have just been la, la, la all along this Spring, until about a week ago. They ramped up, but even moreso this week.

So here I am, 36+3 (wks+days) pregnant and it’s hard enough to get the energy I need to do stuff … forget it now. 😉

It’s my eyes, they feel big and swollen and red, just the rims look it though; my nose is goopey drippey stuffy, not dry, very, very wet; my throat is scratchy, it’s getting more sore on one side, as it does in heavy allergy times (like in my earlier years in Florida); my nose is itchy as well. I’m sneezing off and on and always, always dripping.

Hubby is coming home tonight and so I hope I can get some Benadryl soon. I have a small amount of liquid Benadryl that I have started to take itty bitty bits of here and there since yesterday. I only take small amounts of it in the first place, as a “usual dose” knocks me out or over. I take a child’s or even a half-child’s dose and it’s bad enough.

I need to get the house A/C filter changed out again. It’s an allergenic sort, with a high value for use, but this house is full of dusty dust blobs, so it needs to be changed out more often than it might in another house. It’s not as big a deal when allergies aren’t high, but when they are … it’s a huge deal to get a new filter sooner, way sooner than usual.

Today I’m getting all the bedding washed and changed, I hope. I need to. One problem I have is changing the bedding, it’s difficult for me usually, being smaller than most “Normal” folks, as well as now being bigger bellied 🙂 Another one is that our bed is a Queen size. We had used this one for awhile, then got a King size, and over the years the Queen size was rarely used, and the King size wore out, so we are using the Queen this past year or so again … hoping to get an entirely new setup ASAP from IKEA. As well, we have King and Queen sheets, and the labels are all worn down and so it’s like “Which size is this one?” and if hubby puts the sheets on the bed, he puts whatever on. If it’s a King bottom sheet, it’s too loose width-wise and comes off easily, which I dispise entirely. I am also realizing that the most sheets we have purchased in the last 5-years or more are flannel King sheets for the previous King size mattress set we had.

The other thing is that there is one sheet set that I know is Queen. The bottom sheet I have on the foundation. So it’s unavailable (the foundation looks hideous and needs covered.) I don’t have a dust ruffle for a Queen either, and as well the foundation rests on the floor, we took the old H-frame out a few months ago, it was so rickety and I knew it’d be easier for me to get in and out of bed with it on the floor anyhow.

So yesterday I was in the hall closet looking for pillowcases & sheets, and found one ugly dark green sheet (which I had for a Queen futon “couch” that we don’t have a futon mattress for anymore) and one pillowcase for that, and another pillowcase from a nice white pair with a pretty eyelet thick edge but I have one covering a window.

I need more than that, and it comes down to looking and pondering and knowing that there must be more somewhere, but where. Ah, some are worn, ripped, or just hideous (as in “why did we ever buy that color, pattern, etc.”) and are probably in some of the stuff in the garage, or in the laundry room, buried.

Our master bedroom has no finished floor and is supposed to be quite the opposite by the end of this holiday (Memorial Day) weekend. This should aide somewhat in the dust and blech in the house. (The other thing is to get the basement ceiling finished!) We have 8″+ wide unfinished Heart Pine. It’s so pretty. We are going to do all 3 bedrooms eventually, as well as the hallway, but will just do our bedroom and the hallway for the time being. The children have Pergo currently and that is sufficient for the time being (though it’s not very nice IMO.)

That is that –for now. 🙂

My Pregnancy 2007 Page

I wanted to draw attention to the sidebar under “Pages” –way down the list look for “My Pregnancy 2007” and click on it to get a list of posts from newest to eldest on this blog and my other blog that are related to my pregnancy –either completely or side-related, referencing it in some way.

I’m mostly talking about things that are pregnancy related on this blog, but started out entirely talking about things on myother blog, and overlap has occured since I re-opened that this blog in January ’07 (leaving it dormant as I contemplated, for too long, what to do with it –wishing to take some posts from Hyperthinking and move them here, and visa-versa, but I eventually said “Hang that workout” and just started posting here again, as well as continuing there, trying to dicotemize myself as originally planned.)

“My Pregancy 2007” will be duplicated on both my Hyperthinking and PastoralFarms blogs, btw.

36 Weeks today

I’m 36 wks + 0 days today …

I’m getting much closer, and time seems to be going faster and faster …

We ordered our Birth Kit yesterday, and hopefully it will arrive before our Home Visit on June 4th (when I’ll be 38 wks 0 days.) We also need to get some other supplies for the birth together still (and have them ready for the HV also.)

My midwife gave me a nice chart listing all the days of my pregnancy and the week+day information for each day.

Here are two links to the same OB Calculator which will list your weeks+days of pregnancy in a chart, according to the information you provide:

Last Menses + day cycle, or
Date of Conception, or
Due Date

Both calculators are the same, but the first link is to one that is customized for a midwife (so has some text added, but just an extra title on the chart produced) and the second link is a plain calculator (and no extra title on the chart produced.)

Hubby is out again this week, and has promised to take off Friday and start getting the flooring installed and finish it that weekend. It’s a holiday weekend, so we’ll see what can be done. It’s just our master bedroom and the hallway we are going to do the flooring on, and plan on doing the other two bedrooms on the same floor of the house later.

Also my garden has never been dug out, hubby wanted our eldest to aide us and get the grass layer off of part of the area so that I could get a few of my plants in (the ones that are still alive, I’ve lost several that we bought, urg!) but DS balked and wouldn’t do it, and hubby didn’t do it, so now I have another week to see if I can keep the few remaining plants alive until planting (which will be when?)

I do have space in my whiskey barrel, to put a few things, but I wanted to get that moved to another spot before playing with it, and the plants that have died are mostly herbs that I bought for the barrel, not all though, and the only ones alive are a couple of bell peppers, and one herb or two, and a tomato plant which wasn’t happy but is re-growing where it did seem to be dying before.

Most of my intended plants are still seeds, and I still am glad I’ve never gotten them started in their little peet pot tray thingies … since I have no way to transplant the many things I would have started. I also have beans and a few other things that are best planted straight into the ground. I was going to get at least two teepee hills of beans planted yesterday, but alas that didn’t work out because of the lack of garden dug out-ness. 🙁

I really want that garden fully planted soon though, and need for that to be completed before long, before the baby arrives for sure!

35 weeks Midwife

My pregnancy progresses … I’m at 35 weeks now, and officially by the calendar, just a “month” from my due date, with it being June 18th. It sure has gone fast!

I had a midwife visit the other day and things were O.K. I measured right on, 35,  –but the usual late pregnancy rearing it’s head of “HBP” was evident. Just that it’s usual since my 2nd pregnancy near the end, with no other symptoms presenting in #2 and #3 –so we have hope that this is the case as well for this one as well.

Our next midwife visit will be in our home on June 4th.  We have a lot to accomplish in the house before that date. Organization, flooring installed, and more.

With all that, and DH traveling more this month, it’s a bit tough, but it’s working out so far. This next week is the last bad one with traveling. It’s tough on me, that I can’t get quite the rest I wish to, and have to motivate all things all by myself (AKA children’s chores, making meals, cleaning up, etc.) days that DH isn’t here. It can be quite a trial getting my eldest children to do stuff at times, and that does concern me when it comes to my BP and need of rest, but all in all it’s not THAT bad, no need to worry about it.

As for the birth of this baby, we are hoping it’ll be a tad after the due date. Our midwife will be out of the country and not available therefore, until after the 23rd,  so if labor starts before she’s back I’ll have a midwife that I don’t know, but that’s just it, if it’s time, it’s time. Last time, 3rd baby, the midwife wasn’t in attendance for the birth, getting here about 15 minutes post birth. So it’s not that I am concerned about the birth, just wanting someone here to aide in case of need, and also to do the checks and measures afterward. I’m cool with doing it unassisted, but DH isn’t, so … 🙂 I mean, really I am cool with either, but it does make it easier on me to have a midwife.

I have to get some supplies very, very soon, for the birth and also order the ‘birthing kit’ that I need. Not only that but diapers are an issue, I have some, sure, but not the ones I mostly need for the first month or more, depending on baby’s size, and need covers for diapers for certain.

The flooring install we need to occur is for our master bedroom, and that will enable us to de-junk the room and get the furniture whittled down to what we need and create space for baby things we must put in here.  It’ll be a whirlwind time when it goes down, the install of flooring and I’ll have to be less involved than we originally planned. (We had thought we’d have the flooring sooner and that I would do some of the work with my eldest, and get done as much as we could when DH was out of town, take our time, but that time is past and we did get the flooring later and I’m further along and … time flies!)

I have a crib I like, but I need to get it put together, and really won’t do that until the floor is finished since it has to go into our bedroom. I do need to get new linens for it and the baby, as well as the foundational things like T-shirts, receiving blankets, onsies, etc. and yes, diapering things. Little things that matter much to me, to be 100% cotton, even organic cotton. It is rather amazing how many things one had just disappear with he space of 6 or so years between babies. My first baby was just 4-years old when my third baby was born. My second was shy of 2-years by just under 3-months. So I had baby stuff in use and the newborn-first year stuff just out of use and findable.

Years take their toll on a house short of storage area, so we are having to replace all the major equipment besides the crib and mattress. This isn’t crucial, just needed in stages, a car seat and stroller being needed for outings, and a wearable carrier for me (I’m working on what I want in that department) — then the in-the-house stuff.

We went to Baby’s R Us earlier this week, and I was not impressed. I used to go to that very store a lot “back in the day” when it was a newly built store and I had babies in the house. I liked it back then, but this time it seemed rather vacant of things I liked, or maybe I’ve just massively changed.

No, not me exactly, products have changed. I was into baby stuff in 2000-2001 with baby #3, things are extravagently priced now, and super decked out.

What about a nice simple bouncy seat? I saw one boy one and a girl one, but not quite my style, the rest were out of  my league.

Car seats, infant carriers, strollers, pack n’ play get-ups, all over the top, mostly.

They did have some things I’ll be able to use, but we are talking simple crib items, sheet, mattress pad, etc.

Their “cloth diapering” section is just as pathetic as before, actually less so on one hand, moreso on the other hand. Gerber prefolds don’t seem to have that nasty polyester filling in the middle anymore (why it was there I never could grasp, it was bulky but non-absorbant, capiche?)

They just have vinyl pull up pants for covers. Nothing of any consequence.

I could go on and on but that wouldn’t be of any use itself. So I’ll close and see if I can get a tad more sleep 🙂 .

Spelt Bread (food)

I’ve ignored my Sourdough cultures of late. I’ve taken to this process:

Day 1: Put 1 1/2 cups of whole grain spelt in a bowl, and mix into that 1 cup of yoghurt. Cover with plastic well, and sit that bowl on a shelf until sometime the next day, to make bread with it.

I continue to use my breadmachine to make bread, but don’t alway allow it to “make the bread” but use it to “make the dough”. My preference for the latter is starting to come alive.

Today that is what I did.

I take my bread machine pan and add 1-1/2 cups of white spelt flour, 2 tsps. salt, 1 egg, 2 Tbsps EVOO,  and yeast, and let the bread machine begin mixing, and add the spelt/yoghurt mixture on top of all that.

As the mixing/kneading process goes on I add more white spelt flour as needed to make a lovely non-sticky dough.

I can use more whole grain spelt in the yoghurt mixture, I just have settled on the 1-1/2 cups for now because my grain buckets are getting mighty low.

Anyhow, the breadmachine can take it all the way and does make a nice loaf, but as I did the other day, and also did do today (well, yesterday, Friday) I set it to only make dough, and when the time was up I put it in a bowl to rise again, then shaped it and put it in a bread pan to rise then bake.

No mistaking how much nicer it is when I let it rise as long as I deem right, and how lovely it is when slicing it later, no hole to contend with. 🙂

Now years ago I used to make a big batch of bread, several loaves of bread and I fell off of that wagon and do prefer to make one loaf at a time now, fresher bread, nothing frozen.

Of course this will have to change, something will have to change, very soon. My hubby will not make bread with any of my methods. I doubt he could actually follow any recipe that the breadmachine’s book has in it, and produce a sliceable as well as eat-able loaf. 😉

The whole deal about it is “soaking” though. Whole grain is better than white. A mixture is alright though. I do like a 3 to 1 mixture, or less. Soaking the whole grain makes for a finer loaf of bread, but it’s an artform, not a scientific recipe, and not something to write down and have hubby attempt when I am down with the end of my pregnancy, or post-pregnant with little newborn baby.

So I have to get more Spelt grain, and be sure and put some loaves into the freezer that they can use in June/July. Or else I know what will happen, icky bread from Publix … ugh.

Lasagna with fresh Kamut noodles (food)

I made lasagna for dinner last night (Friday night.) I made fresh Kamut lasagna noodles … the first time I’ve ever used my own pasta for the noodles of such. Oooh it was so good!

I just “made them” and didn’t look up any info on size to make the lasagna noodles (the number of “thinness” to use) and I was wondering if cranking them out to #7 specifications would be “too thin” but it worked out wonderfully.

I put some sauce on the bottom of the pan, put my fresh noodles on top, then more sauce, then a ricotta/romano/egg/parsely/sea salt mixture  layer, then grated mozzarella,  then  noodles sauce,  cheeses,  and then one more layer.

I loved the resulting concoction. DD loved it, DS #2 loved it. DS #1 balked but finally did eat it. HE in particular said “there is a taste in it I don’t like, it’s funny” … and the only thing I can say is that he could be right, I didn’t slow long cook the sauce, but made it fast and put the lasagna together and baked it for almost 2 hours.

Usually when I make anything that needs a “sauce” I will put the tomatoes in and let them cook down, down, down to a deep red, thick lovely sauce.

This day I wanted to get the lasagna into the oven at a decent time, and that facilitated a need for a quick sauce for once. I don’t mind the “quick” sauces, they are more-so “fresh” tasting, rather then “very mature” tasting as my long cooking sauces are.

When it comes to lasagna I am a snob. I have very particular particulars about how it should taste and what it should look like, and so on. Seems my eldest has one-upped me. FWIW.

Ah, well, as it goes, lasagna only improves with age, so having it on Saturday, re-heated, will be a great thing.

BTW the noodles started out at #1 and progressed up to #7, my final size (Mercato pasta maker) which is not the thinnest that I could have made them. They ended up at least 1/8th to a 1/4-inch thick once the lasagna was baked. Very, very nice.

DS #1 agreed that the Kamut noodles were superb, and it was something about the rest of it that he didn’t like, which I am sure is the “sauce” since I am usually one who prolongs the start of dinner to “get the sauce just right.”  Thick and deep red.


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