Month: June 2007

40 Wks + 4 Days – 2

On Friday, June 22, 2007 I was overdue 4 days … that is 40 Weeks + 4 Days.

My contractions continued all day, changing to greater intensity and constancy later in the afternoon, and we did call the midwife to update her … and later in the evening it was decided that they’d come on over, so as to be there when it happened (seeing as they did miss out on the actual birth we had in 2000 due to a very quick labor.)

Up to the point of their arrival I was at 5 minutes apart, with contractions lasting over a minute long and quite strong … definitely early labor progressing …

When they arrived though, things started to slow down, and slowed down more, and more, and more …

I had a very nice talk with the midwife apprentice into the night though. ๐Ÿ™‚

Our midwife had just gotten back from an overseas trip, so was very tired. She stayed, but went into her vehicle to sleep. I went to bed finally around 2am and did get to sleep. The m.apprentice stayed on the couch.

Saturday morning … day 5 Officially … –>

When the sun came up hubby and I were awake. I was very tired, though I had slept. I felt disappointed that things weren’t progressing openly, but wasn’t even sure of how I was feeling at the time, being sort of numb from the sort of sleep I’d had that night.

The midwife and her apprentice were up soon thereafter and we had a talk about what was happening and what wasn’t and options and such. They did decide to leave, I was wishy-washy about it, not really feeling that they should, but knowning THEY wanted to seeing as it seemed nothing was happening.

As I had awoken that morning I felt gassy pain in my lower gut and it was annoying and I couldn’t get rid of it. I didn’t say much of anything about it since I wasn’t having any “real” contractions along with it.

So then, the midwife did check me internally to see where I was, to have something to base a decision upon. I was 1 cm dilated and my cervix was thick. Talk about disappointing-even-moreso-than-anything. ๐Ÿ™

So with that knowledge they decided to go, knowing that I’d go into active labor anytime in the future of that day to a few days forward. I had some hard work to do, and had to do it. She suggested I just totally “rest” –that that would be the best way to aide my body to thin my cervix, etc.

I am not sure of the timing of everything, but things changed after this. I’ll continue the story in my next post, 40 Weeks + 5 Days.

40 Wks + 4 Days – 1

Today I’m 4 days “past due” and did mean to update yesterday and the day before … but never got around to it.

I’ve had boughts ofร‚ย  contractions off and on the past few days, and am actually having them right now, in the middle of the night as I am awake. They aren’t that bad, but aren’t like BH’s and I do have a high pain thresh hold, so what I say “isn’t that bad” might be pretty bad to some other ladies, FWIW.

I have had hours of contractions ranging from 5 minutes apart to 10 minutes apart or even more, but somewhat consistent at times, but always petering out eventually. Not all of those contractions are as intense, but many are very strong and intense.

I have only been at home since being overdue, so I don’t know what it would be like to be out in a store, for instance, with these contraction boughts.

On the readiness front: we do have stuff to do, mostly I need to print out my sheets of data again, I’ve lost them twice :rolleyes: and then I can check-off what’s done and know what’s needed to get done still. I have the birth stuff I need, just need to get a few more things, like sheets, processed, I think.

The other day we did start getting the master bedroom primed and painted, just part of it thus far. We are using some paint I’d chosen for the boys room and hadn’t yet used. We have paint for another room too, both sets of paint have a light green in them, and it’s the boys room green that will work with the stuff we have gotten and will be getting for baby, Sage green in Classic Pooh, as well as some plain sheets for our bed. The green paint is part of a collection Sea something or other, from Lowes, Olympic paints, we had purchased three colors to do in the boys room. I’m thinking of using two of them in our room now, a nice blue to make some vertical stripes somewhere, not everywhere in the room though, and that green that we hope will be within the sage realm once enough of it is on the walls. We primed the other day, and put on one coat yesterday. It’ll need one more coat, at the least, I am thinking perhaps it needs 3 overall of the green to get the shade right. It looks horrible right now, like when you paint walls red, which I’ve never done, but seen on TV, the first coat is hideous and you need to put on multiple layers to get the right effect of red. This green is deep enough while being light, to need more coats than one.

Hubby and I have done the painting together. It’s just a few minutes of prep to get the paint and rollers out and ready, and then a few more to do the painting, then it’s longer for clean-up. We are doing things in stages just so I can rest, etc. I am the “painter” and hubby doesn’t really like it, so I am greatful for his help doing this, which is something I’d tackle on my own if I had my druthers and weren’t so pregnant.

Our room has needed painting since we moved in, late 1997, but it’s never been empty enough to do the job since (we’ve had a catch-all master bedroom, which I don’t like, but what can you do in a house that isn’t really big enough and seems to shrink more and more over the years?) I also haven’t been sure what to do with color in here, until now. So with getting new flooring in, and having to make room for baby stuff in our room, we do have partial ability to paint one major wall now, and will finish the rest later.

The wall that we are painting is where the crib will go. I’m hoping we can get the painting done there so that I can get the crib put together there soon. We still need the bedding set for the crib, but I do have a sheet to start with and a little baby won’t mind no bumpers the first couple of weeks, and won’t be sleeping in there full-time anyhow.

Once I’ve recovered enough after childbirth, I’m going to tackle getting this room completely painted, as well as the bathroom, and then it’s on to the hallway and the parts of the main living area that are paint-able (since we are in renovations in the kitchen still) and then the hallway downstairs and a few areas there.

So as it goes in getting ready for having a baby, I’ve been in “nesting mode” for the last few days, nearly frantic, but not entirely so, to get certain things done, and not really resting as much as “I should” during the day. I did take a bath yesterday at one point and sunk myself under the water and took a short nap that way, with my face out of the water, but my ears submerged in the water, peaceful watery quiet. ๐Ÿ™‚

40 Wks +2 Days – 1

I am +2 days “overdue” today. I had contractions yesterday, which I mentioned in the previous post, and they did peter out and come back a couple of times last night, but the key is, keep coming back. I slept better last night too, really relaxed. I did awake a couple of times, but was able to get back to sleep fairly easily (exceptionally so compared to my “normal” nights.)

We did talk to the back-up mid-wife last night and there is possibility that we’ll have a back-up-back-up or a back-up-back-up-backup mid-wife if labor really gets going today or tomorrow or the next, maybe the day after that as well.

While awake in the middle of the night I did note that I was having contractions, some fairly strong, but similar to in the evening and the afternoon before, some just tight, others really getting intense. So this morning I am up and about and it’s the same thing, except for maybe the “just tight” ones are moreso now. Time is on my side, and will tell me what’s up when it’s the right “time.”

Baby is moving fine as well.

40 Wks +1 Day

I had a bad night last night, very uncomfortable and couldn’t sleep from 2am to 6am, basically, just snooze a bit, read and listen to music. I took a bath sometime right around 5am and was out at least 10 minutes before 6am, and then was able to sleep for a couple of hours after that.

When I got up in the morning then, I felt weird and not long after started having more BH Contractions, and they lasted all morning — into the afternoon, then I did take a nap and awoke with none happening, but then a bit later they started up again. I do not know for certain that they are really BH’s now, or are and are just the more serious sort right before labor begins. As I said, I feel different … so … we shall see.

This, of course, has gotten us into a moreso “rush” mode … though I’m not doing much in reality, except for making a baby ๐Ÿ˜‰ and directing projects a bit.

I got the Pack ‘n’ Play into the house via R. (our eldest -11 year old) and got that set-up with help from Hubby. It’s going to be in the living room area when we are home, and will pack up nicely for travel. It’s the Graco “Hundred Acre Wood” series Pack ‘n’ Play.

Still waiting to get things ready to get at least that one wall in the bedroom primed and painted, and get the crib set-up then. It’s not “super important” to get the crib set-up, though actually it is needful to do it now instead of later, I will keep baby in bed with me, as I do with newborns, but will need a place to put the baby upstairs at times from the start, no doubt, and as time passes, more and more. Getting it done NOW is therefore what I wish for.

40 Weeks

Today I’m 40 weeks, and just waiting … I still have things to do but am waiting on everyone else. My husband, to do stuff so I can do other stuff. Midwife to come home, at the end of the week … and blah, blah, blah … it’s just miserable now to wait and wait and wait, and it’s harder to go up and down steps, and up and down, and my clothing isn’t fitting well anymore, I can’t put on many of my M. shirts, and the one skirt I wore the most. I am not fat, just that since the baby seems to be down more, I am sticking out more and looking into the past I looked bad like that right when it was “time” for the others … but I am in waiting mode … nothing much finished yet, except me.

39 Weeks + 4 days Counting Down

I’m 39 + 4 (wks + days) today … we did go out last night and get a few things. I am still in need of a changing table pad and cover though (something very important to me!)

We got the stroller/infant car seat combo as well as the Pack ‘n’ Play at Target which I wrote about previously (Classic Pooh “Graco” ‘Hundred Acre Wood’ series.) There is a swing in the series, and that is all that there is in the series … and I’d like to get that eventually. I have found the swing idea for little babies to be super-duper, personally. Sans a swing won’t be so cool when the baby is a month or so old and I’m up and about.

Another item I need to get is a bouncy seat. I love those just about as much as the swings. Too bad there isn’t a nice “Hundred Acre Wood” version, but that’s alright. I just need to peruse the baby sections of stores and find a decent design/color. The sort I like are fairly “cheap” in price, not much of anything but a metal frame with fabric.

We got the Classic Pooh Sage Baskets at Target … they are so sweet. They co-ordinate with the crib sheet I previously had gotten, which is exactly the same fabric as what’s in the Classic Pooh Sage crib set, which we will get eventually (sooner than later.) The baskets will aid in the organization of diapering things on the dresser/changing table top, and also in drawers –if need be.

We also went to Costco last night, and I figure it might be the last time I’m there for at least a month, unless we go back fairly soon, during this pay period. That’s a significant milestone, to me ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ll be able to order some more diaper covers online today, and that is a blessing indeed. That will set me up for the first couple of months, diapering-wise. I’ll also get some diaper pins since I can’t find more than one or two of my old ones. The items I will get I am getting from here: They have a curved sort of diaper pin, which looks like it will work much better than the straight sort I’ve used in the past. The diaper covers I’ll get are the Stacinator stretch wool covers, which I got two of via FedEx a week ago. I’ll see about getting a couple of colors, maybe, or just stick with “buff” for all of them (I love that unbleached look, natural paper color … which is natural is so many natural products, creamy, buff, tan, light brown, etc.) One of the colors is that “sage” color of the Classic Pooh crib stuff I’m doing … but it all comes down to: size. Will this be one of my chunky babies, or more petite overall, or start out more petite and get chunky sooner than later, or later than sooner?

R. my first, was big from the start.

V. my second, was not so big at first, and took off after a month or two in chunkier-ness.

A. my third, was smaller overall than the two above and was pleasantly plump enough though “normal” sized, an anomoly compared to the two elder siblings, he fit into standard things at standard times, while they were way ahead in sizing by far.

Today with them older, the eldest is 11 and isn’t baby plump at all, just a thinner taller than his size sort of boy. Thank goodness for Osh Kosh with waist adjustable tabs and Slim fit in their jeans line!

V. is 8 & 1/2 years old, the only girl thus far, and she is bigger boned, thicker all around, more like her Dad’s body type. She’s in Dresses and Skirts only, and I am glad, she’d not fit into “girly pants” — it’d be a nightmare. She’s ahead in sizing, she’s just a big girl, not fat, just big, and not Slim at all.

A. is 6 & 3/4 years old, a boy, and he’s wearing 5/6 sorts of things now, but still can wear many 4’s. Many 6’s or 5/6 things are swimmy-a-tad-or-more-too-big on him. He’s moreso “petite” like, but not “delicate” if that makes sense. He’s into Slim Osh Kosh stuff too, but it is quite different on him than his 11 year old brother. 11 year old is sprouty-weed tall, while youngest, for now, is a nice compact young plant, with potential for “normal” height and body while the eldest is likely to be very tall, compared to the rest of us, and most likely always slim-ish.

So will this new baby be a body type like one of the three above were at birth, or something entirely different? If it’s a smaller girl, that would be different, if it’s a boy … well we shall see. So I have to decide again, how many diaper covers in the smaller size, and how many in the next size up?

I do suppose I need to take very, very good care of the covers and sell them on eBay after they are grown out of, or not. Oh bother. Decisions aren’t always easy for me, and at this stage of pregnancy, it’s nearly a joke. :veryshocked: I have no problem deciding something if there is an obvious something about a situation which I can easily make up my mind on whatever it is. But when it’s a swirling mass of things, like sizes for an unknown size, guestimation only, as in a menu that has many things that might be good to eat, but you just can’t decide (my bane of existence, and often not liking any of the choices on a menu in the first place.) Most especially etherealness where it’s just not possible to know what to do (never having eaten at a place with many choices to pick from.) This is the point of wool diaper covers that I’m at. A soaker would be easier to figure out, but they are pricier and not what is best under clothing for daytime anyhow, in my view.

I could write and write about that all day long, but it’s not helping me, just confluxing my mind on the issue more. :rolleyes:

So then, on today’s agenda is to get the towels I need for the birth all washed and dried and bagged up appropriately to await there appointed time of use. Find all the sheets we have and get the right ones ready for the same appointed time. I also need to go over my birthing kit and supplies and see if I’m O.K. or missing something. That all will set me more at ease, at the least, a needed respite in these last days.

I do also need to get the refrigerator cleaned out and process some things for when I won’t be in the kitchen, to make it all easier on the ones who will be cooking (hubby and the children.) Veggie stuff particularly, chop, dice, slice, bag and freeze what can be frozen, make airtight what needs that in the frige, and so on.

Like garlic, chop some, some just whole and peeled — but get the whole big bag of cloves processed so they can just easily use it, and so it won’t go “bad” sitting out fresh, as it is now. Same with Vidalia onions, red bell peppers, and other assortments of onions, root veggies, and more.

I need to get my Nutrimill out and grind a bunch of Spelt and Kamut and set-up some ziplock freezer bags with the right amount to soak for pancakes, make this or that …

Then my mill needs to be boxed up and sent to the folks that fix that brand … it doesn’t work right since they fixed it when it when KAPUT last year. That fix was a “new computer board” and then it worked … but ever since throws fine misty flour all over via every crack, crevice and air outlet. It’s therefore no fun to grind and something we’ve avoided doing anything about, but recently hubby did contact them and we have a return authorization and label to ship it back now. Good timing if I’ll be down for awhile, so I need to just grind away today and deal with it. Then it’s bye-bye until later Nutrimill, and please come back healthy!

I hope I have the energy to do this stuff entirely today. Plus make meals. Hmm.

We did look at Baby Name type books at B&N last night and got overwhelmed fast. We did decide to stick with the girl name we had previously thought of with #3 — and it’s the boy name that is hard, as it was for #3 it was so hard to pick and agree, and it’s what we needed when #3 was born, a boy. So is this a boy too? I feel it likely is, though it surely could be that it’s a girl. FWIW we’ll just know when the appointed time comes. I’d like to locate that book I have that we bought in 2000 … it’s familiar and will aide us better. It was floating around this year, then a month ago, disappeared seemingly into thin air, no one can find it since.

Since writing the above I’ve tried looking on the web at baby name sites and that is not very helpful for us right now. I perused several sites and we just can’t find much of anything in the way of a boy name that “seems OK” even. I have some ideas, he has some ideas, we don’t like each other’s ideas, and we aren’t “sure” of our own ideas anyhow. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


39 Weeks

Today I am 39 + 0 (wks + days) along in my pregnancy. I’m still plugging along … misery and non-misery days … just depending on how much I’ve done, what’s going on, what I’ve eaten recently or in the recent past, etc.

On this past Friday my diaper order was delivered via Fed Ex.

24 “unbleached” Chinese DSQ infant diapers … they are all washed now (4 Hot Wash and Dry cycles) quilted up and lovely, ready for baby!

2 “buff” color Stacinator wool diaper covers … wow are these nice! It’s a lovely knit jersey wool sort of cover with snaps on the sides for closure and size-adjustment. Now that I’ve seen them IRL I know how well they will work and think the price, $21.95 each … is worth it, even with the sizes not being long-term things, needing to upgrade to a “next size” as baby grows bigger.

My midwife goes away today, so if I go into labor … I won’t see her, but someone else. So for now until the 23rd, that’s that. She called us last night, and reminded us of something we’d forgotten to get done, my Pre-natal Lab blood work. Oops. It has to be done beforehand, and we can’t go now until Friday, when hubby gets his next $. I’ve never “gone into labor” early by myself, so we might be OK … We shall see.

With my 1st baby my water broke first, right on the first day of Week 40 around 5-6am. I had an OB and his office had me go to the hospital right away, and I wasn’t “ready” — not in labor — and my cervix hard. So they induced me with Dramamine to “soften my cervix” and that was horrible, and they had me on “Pitocin” from that point as well. It was an all-day affair, took all day and not much progress, but eventually that did resolve and our 1st born arrived at 1:59am. It wasn’t a clear-cut great event though, because I was not aided by the nurses to make the decisions I would have made if they had let me know my REAL options all day long. So I ended up with drugs to “help take the edge off” around 7pm so that I could “progress more” and guess what? It didn’t do anything but make me feel weird and then I asked if I could take a shower and they said “Oh, not now that you’ve had the narcotics” :veryshocked: tell me my options … a shower would have benefitted me more than drugs … I was not in a position to think through that on my own after being on all that Pitocin since like 8:30am, and the Dramamine doses I had had. It’d been a very long unfruitful day and just got worse. At 10pm I wasn’t doing so good and they all talked about me and I was not “with it” didn’t get what was going on and it was mostly that they were going to take me off the Pitocin and put me to sleep for the night and try it again in the morning, or else a C-section was a huge possibility. I didn’t know any of that and that whole time is blurry for me. Apparently once they took me off the Pitocin “my own contractions were there” but not strong enough “in their opinion” so they decided to turn the Pitocin back on sometime after that. Around midnight I had progressed, but wasn’t going all the way fast enough for them, and I was convinced by the nurses that an Epidural would aide my progress, the Pitocin contractions were just so tough to have been under for all those long hours and I caved to their desires. Well, it wasn’t until a long time later that the Epidural folks finally showed up, and that was frustrating to me … so by the time they put it in, guess what? I was “ready to push” and the OB came in and it took awhile, 40-something minutes and baby was born. It wasn’t a pleasant thing since it just didn’t go the way I had wished ahead of time. OB did something that causes problems later on, something I was totally against he insisted I needed, that nasty thing that begins with an “e” and uses a “knife” to perform.

That little cut wasn’t repaired right and I eventually had to have surgery (a few months later) to fix it. It was humilating and painful from day 3 after the birth until months after the surgery.

With my 2nd baby I was going to make sure it worked out better. We had been told by the surgeon that I should most likely have C-sections from there on out. I felt that wasn’t the case, and then was told that “8lb or less” babies could be natural. Like I can fully control that.

So we had one OB at first that would do a C-Section, and at 7 months we switched to another OB, a group, that would do it different, allow me to try natural, but put me on High-Risk. I also hired a Doula.

So things went along and on my 39 week appointment, the very day of 39 weeks, they didn’t like my Blood Pressure numbers and convinced me I had to be induced immediately since Pre-Eclampsia could begin anytime, and the next day was Thanksgiving Day (they didn’t want to be called with me telling them I was illin’ with that during Turkey Time, ya know.) They twisted my arm behind my back, virtually, and so off to the hospital we went. I was at about 3cm and effaced some nice amount, so an induction was going to “work” they said. I was forced to stay in bed except for going potty. I had a Pitocin drip and a BP check every 15-minutes. They kept the BP stuff on me at all times in bed, an Automatic thingie did the work. When I had to go potty I had to take the Pitocin with me, but couldn’t take the BP stuff, so I did go Potty often after awhile, partially to avoid the BP checks, and also to get gravity working (didn’t want to lay down the whole time, uprightness brings on progress!) I wasn’t induced for long, progress kept on going and by 6pm-something I was ready and the OB wasn’t in the room, nurses telling me “don’t push” like I was pushing on purpose, not. OB rushed in and got to work stretching me so I wouldn’t rip or need an E. Baby came fast, and I had just a few internal skid mark sort of rips, no sewing needed, no external tears or rips at all. The dayafter in the women’s section was no picnic, with double-nursing-shifts, and tech-team people in-between … it was bad, always being awaken and asked questions by the techy, and then they’d leave, I’d go back to sleep, and before you knew it, there was the nurse asking the same stuff and doing more. It was a constant stream of people and a nightmare. That was Thanksgiving Day, I was starving and the meal they gave me for lunch was pathetic. Hubby brought up some turkey stuff from the cafeteria. I was starving, starving, starving! That interuption stuff continued on and we got ready to leave the next morning, we could have stayed, but I was antsy to get out of there.

With my next baby we planned a homebirth. My BP went higher near the end, and laying down on my left side always brought it down, and I had no other symptoms of Pregnancy Induced BP problems starting, I was comfy with going along just as I had been, and so Midwife was OK with it. I was 10 or 11 days past my due date and not in labor yet. We talked that day and decided to see about stripping my membranes … I forget what my cervix situation was, but it was going along … and the stripping produced no blood or pain at all. We then decided to use some herbal things to aide my body along, and used a Blue Cohosh/Black Cohosh recipe, I don’t recall the exact details, but it was the Tinctures of each, take one at this time, then the other at this time, alternately, more at first, then later not as much as fast. Then no more. So I started that late afternoon. Nothing was going on. I was plodding along as usual.

At 10pm we were watching TV and eating Ben & Jerry’s “Everything But The” ice cream in the living room. I was having some very light contractions by then, but I felt normal otherwise.

It was around midnight that we decided the contractions were heavier, but nothing much … and at some point we called the midwife and she was in no hurry, but thought it was starting, and would come over eventually. I was contracting then, with 4-plus minutes between, and talking and laughing in-between contractions. She wasn’t concerned that I was that far along, so slowly got ready and would be at the house later.

By the time that was all decided things were going along the same and hubby had to get the bed ready for the birth, and I decided to get into the tub, and then suddenly it all got so intense, and I had to get hubby into the bathroom so I could lean on him for contractions, then he’d go back to the bed to finish dressing it up, and before you knew it, I’d be begging him to come back … well that was “transition” and super soon after, the baby’s top of head was visible and he was telling me not to push and I wasn’t doing anything at all. I was cool as a cucumber then, that “transition” intenseness was over. He was freaking out. Within minutes the baby was born and the midwife was still 15-minutes away.

It was a wonderful birth and when the midwife arrived everything was fine, and we had a nice time getting baby cleaned up and weighed and all of that, and getting a shower for me and everything in order and then we were all alone with our new baby and content as anyone is able to be content, not just that, but blissfully so.

I was pregnant about 4 years later, but the baby didn’t survive for long and I miscarried at 9 weeks, at home, we took care of it ourselves and that comforted me, not having any hospital intervention at all, and everything resolved finely. It was a natural event. Sad but not a nightmare medical event.

So here I am now, over 2 1/2 years later and nearing the end of a full-term pregnancy again. I’m having normal BH Contractions, that’s Braxton Hicks, which are only uterus tune up contractions, not real labor contractions. They are frequent at times, some days more than others.

We are taking each day one at a time, and whenever it’s time, it’ll be time. I just need to get some STUFF done. I have to get the sheets and towels for birth time washed and dried and bagged up properly, and still have to buy a few things. We have to get our master bathroom scoured and get some bedroom stuff moved around and get through a ton of laundry and re-organize the dresser drawers to make room for baby stuff, diapers and clothing. We need to get the diaper changing pad to put on top of the dresser and a cover for it. That will have to wait until Friday.

I had written more, and published this post, and ran to the bathroom, and when I came back there was a page of mysql errors, and this post wasn’t on my weblog, and I pressed “back” and it was a blank write new post page … in drafts there was a version of the post, what’s above, but it wasn’t all of it, and I just am not up to “re-writing” anything, so this is where I’ll end!

38 Wks – Midwife Home Visit – getting ready for baby

I’m 38 + 1 (wks+days) today. Yesterday I had my Home Visit and it went well. I measured 39wks, and my BP was alright, they had me lay on my left side for awhile before attempting a reading, and it worked out well. About 2 weeks ago I measured right on for my weeks of pregnancy (36) and I noted here at home in the past week that the top of my womb had moved up a lot, so it wasn’t such a surprise to me that I measured 39 yesterday.

The baby has been head down but floating, and that’s still the case. The midwife has a couple of assistants (midwives in training) and the one that came with her yesterday couldn’t find the baby’s head or figure out position, but the midwife quickly did find the baby, and did also say it’s not a “big” baby, which is fine. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have the ability to go longer and the baby can get bigger without being overly huge.

My next appointment will be on the 26th of June, if I haven’t given birth yet. My midwife will be available this week, but is going away and not available until about the 23rd. There is a back-up midwife that will be available most of that time, I haven’t met her, but we (hubby and I) do think we know about her, that she attended someone we know from church, some years back. Then there are some days in that time period that SHE won’t be available, and then it will be up to the assistants to take care of me if I go into labor.ร‚ย  I’m cool with it all.

So, I’m 38 weeks and anytime now is do-able. Wow didn’t it come fast.

We went to Target last night and got most of the rest of the stuff we need for the birth. One thing is a decent new set of sheets for our Queen mattress. And some baby clothes, blankets, etc. I found some nice Sage Green Classic Pooh things in the baby essentials aisle, and quickly decided they were it. So I got a crib sheet from that line and will get a full set for the crib eventually. The sheets for our bed that I picked out are a Sage green plain variety, a Target Home brand, but 100% cotton 25o-thread count, good enough. Normally 9.99 per each, on sale for 7.99 per each, flat and fitted sold separately, pillowcases sold in pairs. So I got the sage green flat and fitted in Queen and the pillow cases in the same color in King, as well as a pair of White pillowcases in King size. Because of this I see our bedroom colors taking shape. We’ve never painted or decorated in there, using it as a catch-all room that we sleep in, having it routed out (cleaned out) a few times over the years, but now …

We have reason to rejoice. Our floor is now Solid Heart Pine, 5″ wide planks. Hurray! We got it mostly installed over the weekend, and then there is a little bit left to do, one and a half rows, the end. The floor is unfinished, and we’ll get it sanded later, when we have all the house floors done (that’s in the future, we need to buy more heart pine flooring for the children’s bedrooms and the living/kitchen rooms.) After that I plan to use Tung Oil as the finish.

I’ll be thinking about wall color in the sage green arena, but use a paler shade than the sheets (ours and baby are the same nice deep sage green pretty much,) as well as another complementary color in some way. We may be able to get it painted this month, before the baby arrives. I sure hope we can do that. One thing is our ceiling is a tray ceiling, two graduated levels higher than the “normal”ceiling. The sides are smooth, and the top of each level is textured. The builders of the house painted everything a pale blue (our request nearly 10-years ago) and in the bedroom, on the tray side levels they painted, but left the textures untouched white. We’ll probably paint the ceiling entirely, or just the entire tray area, even the textured parts. I’m not sure what the color will be.

Today I want to start getting the crib put together, it’s nearly all apart right now. It’ll be in our room. We moved a dresser out and into the boys room the other day, actually a chest of drawers. We are keeping the double dresser with mirror in our room, and I’m in the process of sanding the top to see if it’s worth of an oil finish on the bare wood. It’s looking promising (I’m using my Black & Decker “Mouse” sander) and eventually I do the rest of the piece, but not now. Anyhow, we will use the dresser top as the changing table, and have a couple of the drawers dedicated to diapering stuff.

We got some big plastic containers at Target to get some of the excess clothing in our closet more organized, and eventually want to IKEA our closet as a wardrobe system,ร‚ย  or use another organizing system. Right now it’s that wire shelving and I hate it. One side is for hanging long things, and the other side is short hanging, two rows upper and lower. The back of the closet had a wire shelving thing that seemed so horrid I ripped it out some years ago. It made the closet more walk-in-friendly to have it gone. We want to re-orient everything, and I want true shelves here and there, and real rods to hang clothing on.

In this endeavor, today I’ll have a bunch of stuff brought down from the top of the wire shelving, stuff literally just stacked/stuffed up there. I hope to find a maternity shorts set that I would love to use for the rest of this month, which I got when I was pregnant with #3. Maybe some baby clothes too, that would be so good if so. Hubby will get the stuff down for me, and I’ll have to go through it all. Not so bad maybe, or might be bad. I dislike sorting through some sorts of things, to a degree that can be so bad I abandon such jobs after just a little bit. In today’s case, it would be I’d get out some good things, and then shove the rest of it willy nilly into the plastic boxes as fast as I can and be done with it, until another time. :rolleyes:

At Target we got baby things: Gerber side-snap T-shirts and Onsies. And a few Classic Pooh themed body suits and one sleeper. I also got two PJ things at Motherhood Maternity, for me, and one of them came with a matching body suit, onsie style, for baby. That Mama thing is a Nightgown, discreet nursing-ability. The other thing is a top and shorts thing that are alright, not exactly discreet nursing-ability, but not bad.

We got most of the little items I need for at the birth, and just need to get one more essential in that department.

Then I need to get a changing pad to put on the dresser. I need to locate my nice crib mattress cover, or get a new one. I need some more receiving blankets and was very frustrated to not find the sort which I used to buy. We went to Carters and couldn’t find that sort even. Nice big ones, smooth thick cotton with bound edges. I used to have many, but don’t know where they are (probably in the garage and not save-able, or some might be …)

My diaper order is supposed to be delivered on Friday. That will give me a minimum to start with, but I need to get moreร‚ย  covers, and I’m so reticent to put money into small ones, not knowing how long I can use them, or if I’ll really need them. I did find one of my Aristocrats that is shrunk, but it’s the Large one, and still too big for a little baby. I have a small one that would be perfect for a newborn, but “WHERE IS IT?!!!” is my cry.

OK so then we need equipment and since I love Classic Pooh, Target was the place to be. The Graco baby line has a “Hundred Acre Wood” series, a Pack n’ Play, a Swing, and a Stroller/infant car seat combo. They are a Navy Blue with some stripes with a yellow or cream color, and then some Classic Pooh characters on a lighter background. This is what we’ll shoot for. We’ll keep the swing and the Pack n’ Play in the living area.

I have a Land’s End diaper bag from before, it’s in pristine condition basically. So it’s suitable to be used, it’s dark blue, one of the deluxe models. I do want to buy a smaller bag though, and there are some nice ones “out there” now days.

I also want to find a carrier for me to be able to wear baby, and I’m not sure which direction to go in.

I’m not sure then what clothing I’ll have for me to wear. I have a few nicer nursing shirts, but they are casual. I used to wear them with jeans mostly. I did go to “wearing only dresses” a couple of years after baby #3, and still hold to that position, though I did have two pairs of maternity pants this past winter, which didn’t last in fitting me, thank goodness ๐Ÿ˜‰ so I’ve been wearing just two skirts the past couple of months, to go out in, and have two small dresses to also wear at home (too short to “go out” in.) The other maternity stuff I have just hasn’t worked out to use much, shoes being an issue, and hosiery … I’ve just gotten by with the little bit of things that I’ve been wearing. Frustrating atimes, but alright overall.

So then, what will my size be when baby is born, how fast will I fit anything I have to wear, and what size of things will be prudent to buy for me … skirts if they are findable, that will go with my nursing tops (not likely,) or will I succumb to the “jeans” wearing idea once again.

All of this is floating around in my head, some of it I can act on, some of it I must wait and see … so today is a day of washing all the things I just got for baby,ร‚ย  getting some other clothes organized, and trying to get the crib back together – starting, at least.

And still, we have no names picked out. ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s A-OK with me.

37 Weeks

Today I am 37+4 (wks+days) along in this pregnancy. I’ve become more and more uncomfortable as the days go on … the end is near!

Sleep is difficult, getting comfy in bed is super-difficult. It’s hard to get up from lying down, and hard to get up from sitting on the couch, and hard to get out of the tub … ugh.

Things have been such like that for over a month, but ramped up of late. Am I waddling yet? My hubby might think so at times, I’m not sure. Waddling comes with the baby moving down –engaging, lightening are some terms for it. I just la-la-la through it all and know that it’s what it is and that is whatever it is and I just roll with it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Baby is quite active often, and that is getting more-so un-comfy too. Pokes and prods and pressure are super duper.

Now then, as for names: we haven’t really sat down to truly discuss any yet, sort of rambled about “what was the girl name we had picked out for our last pregnancy that turned out to be a boy?” — but haven’t had a serious consideration at all, not even nominally so, about boy names this time around –yet.

There are ideas I have, for a boy, for using family names in the middle maybe, but going away from the tradition that our family unit has used for our two boys thus far. So our two boys have a first and middle name, and then if this baby is a boy he might have a first and middle, and another middle name? Nah, not good. But to use a “family name” as a middle name and not use the traditon of middle name that we have used (some sort of Christian male name of a past prolific Christian) would seem odd to me, but I’d like to honor the family line I have in mind.

For a girl, we have a name, but I’m not sure we want to use it (the one we picked out 7 years ago.) I am sure about the sort of middle name, but not certain about a first name, and then some first names I would consider mightn’t go with the middle name, but there are other choices in the tradition I am using for girl middle names, so it’s not really a problem to use another name, but I tend toward names for girls that hubby turns his nose at.

A certainty is though, no “J” or “G” names. I don’t like them much for us. Not many “M” names are nice (and yeah, I’m an “M” myself …) I don’t like plain names like I have, or hubby has. I don’t like naming something that other people around us have, I like odd names, distinct, different, but nice.

So that is all something we need to solve in the next few weeks. (Before or after baby is born.)

I did order some DSQ Infant diapers today. Also 2 Stacinator wool covers. That will get us through the beginning some, but I’ll need something else in the “cover” department. The Stacinators are pricey, but worth their price due to how they work, needing less of them than “other” types of covers, but they don’t “fit” for very long, so … I’m mixing myself up over what to do.

I have one small RikkiWrap in small, which is a Mother-Ease velcro type cover. I haven’t found any other covers in small yet, from my mass of clothing stashed in the garage that may or may not be in good condition anymore.

I did find one of my Aristocrat Wool Soakers, but it’s a larger one, somewhat shrunk, but not shrunk enough for a newborn. I do have a small one somewhere, and it’s super shrunk, and I want to find it, it would be perfect for a newborn since it’s “shrunk” so much (whereas a new small Aristocrat wouldn’t work well on a newborn, mostly.)

The thing about getting ready for baby is that I don’t know how big this baby will be, and no one really does know until their baby is born, and then to see how much they grow and fat up in the first month. Will the Stacinators work out for long enough, or should I get the next largest size in reality. Maybe I should have ordered just ONE of the smaller size. My first baby was 9lbs at birth, and the next two were like 8.6 and 8.0 –> which kind of means … what will this one be? More or less? My last was smaller than the first two and stayed more “normal” all along, whereas the first two were big and beefy, the first one from birth, and the second one got going with that baby fat after a month old.

I did get the prefold diapers to use however seems right, without pins with a wrap type cover, or with the Stacinator covers. I could pin, would need to pin, under an Aristocrat type soaker cover, or other snap type covers (which I do have ME versions in larger sizes.) I do have 9 snap ME diapers, which canร‚ย  go under any cover. The prefolds can be doublers later on in most any diaper setup.

So it’s really about covers, for me right now. I’m in a quandry, not having a surety about what to do in preparation. I can get other things later, I’m mostly unsure about how it will be in the first weeks … oh well.

Kitchen Aid to the rescue

I have a Kitchen Aid Professional 6 mixer (Cobalt, had it for some years now) and recently the Thumb -Screw broke. That part is the screw that is on the right-side of the front of the mixer, where you attach different Attachments, it secures them to the mixer.

The screw has a thick black molded plastic at the outside end of it, for the user to tighten or loosen the screw as needed. That black thing is what broke, cleanly split in half when I was putting my Grain Grinder on the other week.

So I’ve had to use a wrench to tighten and loosen the screw since then.

Then more recently I went to grind some beef … and I couldn’t find a part that I needed for my Food Grinder … the part that cuts … and can only figure that somehow it got thrown away the last time I used it, which was Monday. I didn’t clean it out right away, and later put the whole thing into a mixer bowl in the sink, filled with water, and also loosened the whole fixture at that point, but didn’t take it apart.

I had no contact with it since then and everyone that had a part in the dishwashing says they never saw it. So … we people will probably never know what happened to that part.

Dear hubby called Kitchen Aid customer service yesterday and told them our woes and they are kindly sending us the 2 parts we need, for free. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll be thrilled when they arrive! Customer Service at KA gets (preliminarily) a thumbs-up.

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