Month: July 2007

Baby Q – 3 weeks Old

Baby Q is 3 weeks old now … getting older. He’s sleeping a decent 4 to 5 hours stretch at nighttime the past week or so. Last feeding somewhere near midnight, and then usually not until 5am, sometimes 4am, or 4:30am, or 5:30am, but 5am is pretty standard (and nicer on old me.)

During the day he’s into 2 hour feedings often, and sometimes will let me stretch him to 2 1/2 hours, and occasionally will extend a nap to cause a 3 hour feeding here and there. He’s really needy in the being cuddled and held department, something I’m A-OK with generally, given enough rest, but it can translate to a cranky mama and cranky baby when we are both overtired, as happens when I don’t get much rest some days, on 4 to 5 hours of sleep at night. Also he doesn’t much like his “swing” –it’s something I’m trying to train him into liking enough to give me an occasional break, like when preparing a meal, or me trying to eat dinner πŸ˜‰

He isn’t a super fussy baby overall, just kind-of fussy at times, not every day, and not the same times either, just sometimes, most days at some point, which isn’t abnormal for a newborn at all, he’s just not as “easy” as my last baby (2000) was. He has a fussy time in the late evening that when it happens translates into a very difficult bedtime, he just won’t go to sleep, on the bed or laying on me. He has to be walked and cajoled and eventually will fall asleep, but will sometimes awaken to start it all over again and again. It takes more energy than I have at that point of late, and so Daddy has to take him if he’s around (usually is, but is sometimes out of town.) That doesn’t happen EVERY night, and sometimes we have a daytime version of it late in the morning or mid-afternoon, where he doesn’t go to sleep/nap for a couple of cycles and gets crankier and crankier the longer it goes on. Like I said earlier, it’s not an “every day thing” and only feels so horrid when it starts and takes a longer time than I have energy for to end.

He’s a baby, and learning about things, like how to go to sleep, how to comfort himself a-times, and such. He’s not expected to do anything other than be a baby, eat, sleep, and be awake and round and round. I don’t have a peculiar order to stick to in that either,

Baby Q – 1 week Old

Our newest baby is now 1 week old (Born 06-23-2007) and doing good. His belly button is giving us a bit of trouble, due to a stupid diaper wrap that aggravated it one day last week, and so I’m fighting with the top edges to heal, which is difficult since I use different sorts of cloth diapers and most all of them end up banging into the belly button when Baby Q pulls his legs up, which then once more causes aggravation to the “tiny little wounds” and round and round it goes. It isn’t as bad as it once was though, so progressive healing is occuring, just 3 steps forward, 2 steps back. That sort of progressive healing. FWIW.

His cord dried up and fell off just fine after a few days, but that was a problem, no doubt, the skin around being quite delicate still, I bet, and that diaper wrap scraped at the skin … πŸ™ I haven’t used that wrap since (a Mother-Ease Rikki Wrap) and never particularly liked it in the first place when I used it years ago. I don’t like the velcro sort of closures. I prefer snaps.

The Stacinator Stretch Wool Covers are wonderful though, but I only had 2 of them in Baby Q’s first week, and so I did use that Rikki Wrap one day in a pinch and the rest is history. I now have 3 Newborn Stacinators; and 2 Small Stacinators for the future. The Stacinators are so soft and cute, and are quite great for Day or Night. If only I hadn’t used that Rikki Wrap at all … but I did. Chalk it up to learning a lesson the hard way.

Baby Q is an excellent nurser and loves to eat as well. He’s using me, seems to really enjoy me, and I am alright with that, most of the time, though it can get tiresome at times, late at night, but it all works out and then it’s morning again. I mean, I love breastfeeding, it’s been years since I have breastfed, and I’m right back into it just fine. This baby reminds me of my first baby, in loving breastfeeding and wanting it often all day and night, with no real schedule, and some heavier sleep times, but never when you expect it. Baby #2 was different, and we had colds the first month, and things were very different. Baby #3 was born “sleeping through the night” automatically and he was a breeze to breastfeed once I accepted the fact that he wasn’t going to be woken up to eat during the night at any cost (it took me 3 nights of trying before I gave in and just slept through the night myself as much as possible.)

So Baby Q is a normal demanding newborn baby, cute and lovely, and a good eater, wants it when he wants it, and that is that. πŸ™‚ I’m into “flexible scheduling” once baby is ready for it, not before two weeks of age generally, but not for sure then either. I await baby signals to how it’ll work out. I have put more into trying to get other babies on a schedule and have gotten more flexible with each one. So I’ll have to see how this baby’s eating “schedule” turns out.

I got peed on by Baby Q when he was about 3 days old, and then again a couple of days later, during diaper changes, but not since. Both times I was drifting, not paying good enough attention, though knowing I should be on my guard. Little boys. :rolleyes:

40 Wks + 5 Days – Labor Morning

On Saturday, June 23, 2007 I was 5 days “overdue” and quite frustrated after the midwives left (see my previous post.)

I burst out in tears when talking to my husband about it as they pulled out of the driveway. I really felt that I wasn’t even awake enough to judge my own state, did I feel like I was in labor? Or not?

In any case, the news of my check just before was not very helpful to a promising outlook for the day. I knew that it could “go fast” when it decided to, but I was so not “ready” in the traditional way of dilitation (dilation, dilating) and thinning (effacing) of the cervix. As the midwife had said, I had some hard work to do to get to active labor.

What time was it at this point? Not sure. around 7am something. I did decide after the tears to take a nice bath, to see if it would help me with my gassy-pain feelings. I did determine that in actuality I thought I was having contractions, but they were strange. At some point I queried myself and found that I was thinking that I had the same stuff going on when I had awakened that morning, and was having it when the midwife check me, but she noted nothing going on particularly, I didn’t say anything since I was blind to how I was feeling then.

The bath didn’t last too long, I grew sick of it, and did go downstairs to sit on the couch, where hubby was. I felt uncomfortable there, and then left, tried a shower. Sat on the toilet. Nothing helped. So then I laid down in bed on the left side, with my headphones on, listening to Bruckner’s 4th Symphony on my Sansa e260. I noted that the feelings I was having were squeezing feelings, just about 4 minutes apart. I was timing them via the Sansa interface which showed how much time was left in the song, and how much time the song had been playing. I noted for sure after a few of those timings that I was “going under” and using the music to visually go to it and stay atop of what was going on in my body. I was coming out of that visualization after the intensity was gone, and then remembering how intense it was getting, going back into that visualization ASAP to get ahead of the intesity as it would inevitably be coming.

I listened to the 1st movement like this. The second movement began and not too much into it I was struggling to stay in the visualization. Hubby was in the bedroom then, and withing minutes I heard the children watching a movie downstairs and it was TOO LOUD and I yelled down to them to turn it down. I tried to listen to Bruckner then again, and couldn’t tolerate it one solitary bit and grabbed my headphones off of my head and threw the whole thing, player and all, not caring one whit about hurting them. I couldn’t STAND having music in my ears for another second.

I went into the bathroom and decided to try a bath. Things felt very intense and maybe the water would ease that this time, when it hadn’t earlier when trying bath and shower, and that was cake-walk sort of intensity back then.

One must understand, this was morning still, the day was supposed to stretch out before us, to attempt rest and get my body on the path to active labor. The midwives had been there and left thinking at the earliest possible they’d need to come back later that day …

As I was filling the bathtub I just was bowled over by the intensity and realized it was all coming really fast, way faster then every 4 minutes. I had only a couple of inches of water in the tub and I turned the water off, hating the sound of the water rushing from the faucet. I had also been having a vision of the baby coming down, I could see the head coming down, a real vision it was.

I’d been having that before this point, but it was a clearer vision now … I was on my hands and knees in the tub, in just a couple of inches of water, and I got very vocal. I knew what was happening, but couldn’t be “sure” as it hadn’t been very long since being pronounced 1cm and still thick. I went through some more intense contraction thingies (nothing to compare them to, totally futuristic-freight-train-like) and then I heard a “POP” sound inside me and then a “POOF” and absolute relief for a couple of seconds … and some stringy bloody mucus pieces were in the water. I yelled to hubby to call the midwife to report this and see what she said, but knowing inside, it was probably further progressed than anyone had a clue, even me.

So as far as I know the midwife was contacted and decided to come back.

It wasn’t much longer after this that the pressure hit. Whoo Boy. I had hubby with me, and I was needing him to put his hand on my lower back whenever one of those “rapid contractions” hit, and keep it there until it receded, pressing as hard as he could, not touching me ANYWHERE ELSE! There wasn’t much breath catching time inbetween, and I was more vocal than I’ve ever been in birthing, it was impossible not to be. I was standing up, but bending over holding onto something … what I don’t recall, or maybe it was nothing. Anyhow, the pressure increased, the absolute feeling of something coming down, and something else coming down. That always happens with me, something else comes out first, and when it does, that’s it, it’s too late to think about anything but the baby …

So when this was going on I did go down on my hands and knees in the bathroom, not able to deal with going anywhere else, or into any other position. I was staying that way, that was that. Hubby was calling the midwife to check on her whereabouts and got her on the cellphone at some point here. I was also checking and was able to feel the baby’s head partway up in the vaginal area, not yet crowning, and I was trying to alert hubby to the inevitable fact of impending baby.

So it gets muddy a bit here, but the midwife was on speaker phone, the phone on the bathroom counter and she was coaching hubby through the whole affair.

This was very different from our previous home birth in 2000, which we ended up doing ourselves too, the midwife was on the way when baby Asa was born.

This current home birth (2007) was a freight train birth, but the baby came out slower this time (compared with our 2000 home birth), allowing the head out, then the shoulders and arms and then the rest of the body … (whereas Asa (2000) crowned and basically came right out into my hands in 2000.) In both cases though, I did no pushing or holding back, I could do neither. My body was on automatic and did the work needed.

As soon as the baby was out I wanted to hold it desperately ()and did and proclaimed gladly, “It’s a boy!”

–> Hubby will have to write out the missing part of the story. I’ll input it in place of this paragraph soon. –>

With the baby out I was able to move out of the hands and knees position, and looking ahead saw the bed and longed to get onto it (and said so,) and hubby helped me to the bed. The placenta delivered not long after, which did require a tad bit of work on my part.

I had baby on me, wrapped in a towel and looking so blissfully cute. I was able to get him to breastfeed right after the placenta delivered.

The midwife arrived about 30 minutes after the birth. (She was on the way while this was happening, she talked hubby through the delivery on the phone.)

We didn’t plan to deliver our second home birth baby ourselves, again. But we did what we needed to do. It was a blessing to me to have it happen as it did, even though I did want the midwives there, but it was such a rapid thinning and dilation and decent of baby … I was glad to have my privacy to voice my way through the intensity.

OOOOOOHHHHH and AAAAHHHHHH being the vocalizations of choice pulled out of nowhere. Not screaming or yelling, but large voice of natural or trained singer doing the sounds (which is what I am.)

The midwives took over when they arrived, which we loved in 2000 and loved in this 2007 birth.

Our beautiful baby boy has blond hair and dark blue eyes, sort of dark blue icy marbles, with lighter blue veining, a design of some sort. Overall they are just wonderfully dark and blue, icy dark blue, cold brilliant blue. This baby is our second with blue eyes. Our first has bright blue eyes, very warm and bright. Interesting to me. I have green eyes and hubby has a changeable sort of green/blue pale mixture. Blue as blue can be are the eyes of two of our sons, but totally different blues. πŸ™‚ Recessive genes can be lovely.

Quentin Emery was born at 10:46am on June 23, 2007. He weighed 7 lbs. 14 ozs. and was 21inches long.

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