Month: September 2007

Baby Announcements and Birthday Prep

I didn’t “force” myself to make the Baby Announcement the day I wrote about it, but I was inspired suddenly the next day and spent a chunk of time and got it done … sans an address list — so they aren’t sent out and no where near ready for that since I have nothing in the way of an address file anymore. I last would have used one in 2005 when I made Christmas cards, but didn’t send them, and where that information is, is a mystery in this house (it’s so very, very, horribly disorganized for so many reasons.)

I’m making a list of who needs an announcement now, and I hope I can find the address to send each one to. :blush:

I don’t have an actual photograph to send out, I did use a photo as the front of the card, but printed out with a black-only laser jet printer. The picture then is more “copy machine” looking, an old-time look that’s kind of quaint in it’s own way. I had intended to get a decent photo chosen and just get it mass duplicated at a shop to send with the announcements, but that’s something I haven’t spent enough time with, looking at the digitals that I have taken and finding one I like enough to work with like that. I still have time to do so, since I don’t have an address list ready. πŸ˜‰ We’ll see therefore.

My dear baby didn’t look so swell the first month. His face was really broken out in different rashes off and on and that makes photos look horrid. I was also watching A Baby Story on TLC often in the first month after Baby Q was born, and was very sensitive to how nice those TV babies face skin was, while my own dear baby was so cute but had icky skin … πŸ™

So that is why I struggle finding a good photo, though I do have nice photos here and there, but just not one I’d send out as a “one and only” introduction, from the first month really, and then the ones since then where his skin looks great are just great little shots of this and that, but still not one of “here he is” to appreciate his beautiful blue eyes as in an introduction to him via photograph in the announcement envelope.

I might just get something situated here this week to get a more formal-like portrait of cuteness since I can prop him up on his tummy and he’ll hold his head up now, and he smiles and laughs too. Not a newborn any longer, but who says an announcement has to be sent with a newborn photo? If that’s a rule, it’s not one I am going to necessarily follow … flexibility is my sort of thing anyhow. πŸ™‚

Dear hubby isn’t around today thru Wednesday enough for me to get a photo to a shop for duplication, so this is something I have some time to create before having to get it out for printing. That also gives me time to find the addresses I need — less self-pressure — whew!

I have a birthday to get ready for this week as well though. My almost 7-year-old has requested Fettucini Alfredo for his B-Day Dinner. I make it myself occasionally, and he’s also had it in restaurants a couple of times. I’ll make it and grill some chicken breasts and have a salad. I haven’t made fresh pasta in a while, but I’ll break out my grain mill for the first time since Baby Q was born to grind Kamut to make “Nourishing Traditions” style pancakes (fresh ground whole grain (like the Kamut I use) and yogurt mixed together and soaked overnight, or 12-to-24 hours, this makes the most delicious pancake — silky, fine texture, healthily filling feeling, not bloatey full or fat full feeling. It makes the grain digestable easily, and that is better for you, more nutritious therefore, and it’s actually more pleasing to the palette than any white batter pancake.)

I’m going to make a chocolate layer cake with chocolate icing inside and vanilla outside, and those cake decorations that come on a sheet of paper from the grocery store. I used to put too much on myself and do a Wilton decorated cake, but I never was super pleased with the results and got too overinvolved and spent too much time and effort on the job, and was frazzled in body and mind from it, so a few years ago I stopped that maddness and just make a nice homemade cake instead since. It’s loved more, I think, as well. Those store decorations are edible and add the “zing” the children love, and that stuff is awful (the stuff in candy is anything but whole food) but in such small bits it’s OK for a few birthdays a year (soon to be 4!)

It figures that I finally get the announcements created and put a bigger job on me for the week of the birthday than just the birthday. But that’s the way it is, I’ll feel better after it’s all done, if it can all get done this week. πŸ™‚

Things about September

It’s September now, my oh my, time sure as flied.

Baby Q is 2+ months old and getting cuter and cuter, of course. He’s getting longer and fatter — smiles a lot, and laughs. He’s very active — very strong. He holds his head up, just isn’t a pro at it yet, but his daily strength conditioning exercises are working out well for that and his legs and arms. πŸ™‚ He’s able to push himself here and there while on his back, nearly able to turn over at times, it won’t be too far down the road for that.

We had been traveling a lot, and finally are home for a time. Baseball (MiLB) was our August pastime which took much of our IRL time. We saw games in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina. 3 different leagues — The International League, Florida State League, and The South Atlantic League.  We mostly combined that traveling with hubbies work travel needs.

The MLB season is getting nearer to the end, while the MiLB (minor league teams) regular season is now over and in playoffs — we have thought of trying to see a playoff game in Augusta, but don’t know if we will. We do watch our favorite MLB teams on TV and PC and are happy to see our favorites each (Him – Det. ; Her – NYY) doing well as can be, still “in it” but not “on top” — yet. NYY is the leading AL-Wild Card of late, though πŸ™‚ The last two games have been fun to see, with Seattle falling apart in the 7th. They are the team to keep down on both sides of the AL-Wild Card game … NYY is on top of them and Det. is right below them. NYY took 2 of 3 this week. Det. took CSW last night in extra innings, which hubby is happy about. They have one more game in the series today — NYY is off today. Det. starts a series with Seattle on Friday. So I am rooting for Det. in that case, but don’t want them getting too rowdy less they try to really take over the AL-Wild Card. Things are possible for Det. to take the AL-Central Division — and for NYY to take the AL-Eastern Division — but it’s not a sure thing, and since NYY is on top of the AL-Wild Card it’s just important to me that they stay on top of that while trying to rise up to the top of the AL-Eastern Division. Of course, hubby wishes for Det. to do that in the AL-Central Division. :shocked:  πŸ˜‰

Little niceties: Boston lost last night, while NYY and Det. both won. And Joba Chamberlain got his first W in the majors with that NYY win (with the Yanks taking the lead in the bottom of 7th while Joba was the pitcher of record, having pitched a 1-2-3 top of the 7th relief session.)  πŸ™‚ A-rod got two homeruns in the 7th as well. Yup, they batted around and he led off with a single homerun and then had a 2-RBI homerun near the end of the inning. Fun stuff to watch the MVP of the AL *the Should Be MVP* that is.


7 years ago today I was about 3 days “overdue” with baby #3 — and had another week to go, though I didn’t know it then. So that means my “baby” — who had that status his whole life, until just recently –  will be 7 years old in a week. He was my 1st homebirth baby, something that was so wonderful. He was a great baby, easy, and turned into a tornado, being very extroverted, while my first two are introverts (which doesn’t mean they aren’t “tornatic” themselves, just not “most of the time” like their little brother is.)

I never imagined back then, 7 years ago, that I’d have a newborn in the house 7 years later. Not that I didn’t think I’d have no more children, I have always thought I’d have more than 3, but letting it happen in God’s timing, it just didn’t happen until much later than earlier.

The years in-between were somewhat hard, with getting pregnant finally after 4 years, then losing that baby very soon after finding out. After that it was harder, not knowing what would happen, and feeling the loss deeply, so the joy of finding myself expecting not long after I turned 40 was so lovely. πŸ™‚

So, I have a little baby to take care of while I have a child’s birthday party to plan … it’s been a llloooooooonnnnngggg time since that was the case. I also STILL have to create the baby’s birth announcement :blush:

I didn’t get that annoucement made in the first month, and knew it’d be hard, so I didn’t do it, but also knew I’d be traveling to FL just after the first month of the baby being born, for a wedding, and figured I’d get the annoucement made after that. BUT … we have ended up doing more and more traveling since then, the work/baseball travel … and I’ve not been home long enough to do anything with it, though I could have gotten it some or mostly done if I’d wanted to I bet, but I haven’t wanted to, not having a clue what picture I want to use and how to use the cards I got for the announcements (blank to print/stamp/scrap onto.) I had ideas, but since getting the supplies I needed haven’t liked what I got to make what I thought of … having changed the ideas around and just phooey-ing the whole thing hoping to get “inspired” by something all of the sudden, and waiting and waiting … so today it’s bugging me more than ever, and waiting must end and I HAVE to force spontaneous creativity today. –eewwww.

Summer ends this month. I’ve got to get that announcement done this month. My previous baby turns 7 this month. I’ve got to get stuff done for that really soon. And there is just so much more about this month and the time is flying. :shocked:

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