Month: July 2008

Florida Trip

We were in Florida last week, into the weekend. Our niece (Frank’s) got married, hence the trip. It was a nice wedding. Lovely bride and ceremony, nice reception. Many Happy Congrats to the couple.

We left on Wednesday morning and got there in the evening. It was HOT. It’s hot in the Atlanta area, where we live near, but that’s NOTHING compared to S. Florida. :eyesroll: I lived there from 1979 to 1996. I know what it’s like. I never fondly recall the environs temperatures, and never really WISH to go there either, but have gone, due to circumstances that demand my attendance, and such.

When my husband and I got married we first lived in an apartment not far from the intercoastal, on the last canal (to the west) that leads to it. We could easily walk to the draw bridge that goes over the intercoastal, or keep going to the Atlantic (ocean) to the beach. The temperatures there are lesser than further west, but still stifling hot (sub-tropical is very intense, unlike other hot places in the south U.S. that are just plain hot.)

We stayed at a place that is across from the ocean, on the other side of the street, not right on the beach. It’s a place we’ve been to before, but not somewhere we’ll stay at again, since my hubby understands now how I want to be ON the beach easily, right from the room. In the off season that should be affordable somewhere down the South Florida coast. Well, we have no ultimate need for-see-able to be there again soon (no more weddings planned or for-see-able for a few years at best.) So if we just decide to take a few days and go visit hubby’s sister, we will try to find a better staying place. Then we can be at the beach when the sun comes up and not have to drag a bunch of stuff there and back. It’s a drag after playing in the ocean to have to drag youself and children and towels and toys off the beach, through a parking area, across the street, down to your hotel room. Ugh.

Sure others do it. So have we. We prefer to try to get it done another way next time. Whenever that is. The beach is horrid during the day in the Summertime. Early in the morning, from before the sun comes up to about 8am it’s nice. Warm, but the ocean is nice, and there isn’t any Sun to worry about (burning, and freckles, etc.) Then the sun is higher and the intensity ramps up to unbearable. Walking from an A/C room to a car outside, close, is more than I like to take. Sweat starts dripping and pouring off of you. Just a few seconds outside, that’s that. So then it’s in the room or in the car going to some other indoor place during the day, then later afternoon the beach is bearable again, as the sun moves to the western sky.

We went to the beach early on Friday morning. It’s the first time I’ve been IN the ocean in a very long time (used to go frequently when I lived down there.) I was in the ocean with two of my children, Victoria and Asa, they weren’t afraid to go out a bit and wait for a wave to come crashing in, and jump into it and ride it in some way buoyant fun. Baby Q wouldn’t come off the blanket, cried if his feet touched the sand, cried if you tried to put him in the water (after all, he hates bathtime too, and won’t walk on grass already.) Russell, our eldest, is afraid of water way more than his other two longer-time siblings. He’s quite shy about it, and is happy to stay on the beach and build with wet sand. He wouldn’t go much into the ocean with me, though I tried to get him to come in with us. He finally went in later when Frank went in and I went onto the blanket with Baby Q.

Friday evening was the wedding. We all got dressed up and it was a very nice evening together. That night I awoke in the middle of the night not feeling very well, and ended up very, very sick all that Saturday, until finally in the late afternoon, early evening it all abated a bit. Bottom line was, I had my worst migraine in years. What turned the tide for me was allowing myself to finally throw up … then I could rest and not be fully miserable, and the pain eventually subsided and all worked out by morning to be gone.

Originally we were to travel home on Saturday. Friday night at the wedding we decided to stay one more day and leave early on Sunday. Good thing, considering how I was feeling later. Our idea was to go to the beach early in the morning and later in the evening on Saturday. For me, I did nothing but stay inside and feel horrible and feel time crawling and having no comforts of home, and wishing time to fly and pain and miserable sickness feelings to fly away from me. Oh it was terrible. I had nothing to eat all day, any trials with water or Ginger Ale resulted in trying not to move so as not to throw up all day. Mid-afternoon I felt some better, and hungry as well, and I successfully ate a string cheese stick, and drank (sipped) some water just fine (though my head was still terribly painfully sick feeling.) Then within the hour I was sorry, and it was a couple of attempts of abating the ill feelings in my tummy, then within the next hour my body had had it and it wouldn’t allow me NOT to throw up. I’d fitfully napped here and there before that, all day, and after that finally slept in nappy ways more soundly. I was just dragging around and careful not to move much and slept mostly the evening and the night away, with a bit of being up around 10-11pm only. We got up Sunday morning and packed up and finally left for home. Hurrah!

We got home Sunday night and now have laundry to do, and other cleaning and organizing that we left behind to go to Florida. πŸ™

We came home to one of my birthday presents sitting on the front porch though. That’s is another post for later. πŸ™‚

Garden 2008

There is no garden in our backyard this year, again. There is supposed to be, but it just hasn’t occurred.

Our backyard is overgrown right now, and we’ve had trouble with the mowers, so it’s kind of “status quo” dormant.

Last year I was supposed to have a good garden. It didn’t happen. I was pregnant and Frank was going to help me but getting the ground ready, and then also help me planting and caring for things. Well, that’s the past. This year I wanted to use what I had left, any of the seeds I’d purchased for 2007.

It’s now July.

I have time, really, since this is The South. But it’s imperative to me that it happens NOW, so I can get tomatoes going, for one. And green beans, and be ready for later when I can plant the end of the season cool vegetables.

This then is what I need to convince Frank of: to get something cut short and de-nuded of grass so that I can plant something somewhere out there. Please, dear? πŸ™‚

Frank’s 2008 B-Day

For Frank’s birthday yesterday I made cupcakes. Usually we don’t make cakes for his birthday, not regular cakes. In the past I would often make a cheesecake for his birthday, or nothing, since he didn’t care as much about cakes as, say, the children would for their birthdays. Frank doesn’t care much for holiday trappings, would do fine without them, so he says and acts, but if I have the energy to do something, he doesn’t mind, I suppose. Maybe actually likes it.

Holiday stuff for us is just “us” having no external family in the area we live in. THis makes it harder for me to get into all of it, compared to what I desire to have done, and could do when I was younger/single especially. Being older and a Mama of younger children is a hard job and something has to give.

I had planned to do a couple of firework things we had leftover from our New Year’s home show. I wasn’t sure we’d be able to do that, it was raining/drizzling/dripping out most of the late afternoon, and even at 8:30pm when I last had checked, but I was hopeful that when 9pm rolled around there wouldn’t be wet stuff coming down at all, and it did work out that way! That was nice, a couple of TNT “Cuckoo” fountains and some flashing little things. Just something special, nothing big, something different.

I hadn’t made anything cake-wise since I had made a cheesecake for Baby Q’s first birthday on June 23, not that long before. We didn’t want another so soon. So when it came time to make dinner I finally decided that wasn’t what I wanted and was inspired to make cupcakes.

I made vanilla cupcakes and chocolate frosting. Nothing fancy, just simple homemade cupcakes, delicate and moist, with homemade chocolate buttercream frosting. Simply frosted.

Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

We had them after the fireworks, we didn’t do any candles on the cupcakes, not for big Frank. It was nice though, Happy Birthday singing was loud and full, the children really joining in for the first time for his birthday, so vibrantly at the least.

We all made him cards. That was our gift to him. We didn’t make anything else, but will get him something later, something that he’ll appreciate, like something Tiger’s related (MLB)

LG Washer Fixed

Our washer finally got fixed today. The repair man arrived later than we anticipated, but not too long after the expected end time …

It was after Noon though, so when it finally was working, it was later into the day than I had wanted it to be (thinking I’d get some washing going that had waited the whole down-time of the washer not working, never taking these things to the laundromat.)

The thing that was wrong? The Main Board was bad. It’s a part under LG Warranty still, Hurray … ! Or not πŸ™‚ … but rather πŸ™

Repair guy left the old board, saying LG wouldn’t always ask for it when dealing with them for the warranty refund, but sometimes they did, so there it was to keep. We got all the paperwork from him so we had everything we needed to complete the warranty process with LG.


LG, called them a bit ago, my husband did, and they INSISTED that they would not deal with us, the consumers, but that the warranty HAD to go through the repair company. Bleeping red tape junk.

The repair man said that LG is always a pain to deal with on warranty issues. So there it is:

LG Warranty – Round One Winner

Us, the losers.


So next we get to find out what the repair people think about it all. Fun, fun, fun.

Happy Birthday Frank!

Happy Birthday dear! It was 43 years ago that you were born. I’ve known you for over 16 of those years, and I hope with God’s Good Grace it will be many, many more for us both.

LG washer not working

Our LG Front Loading Washer just seemed to up and die the other week. (It was dead as a door nail. Dead in the water. No lights, no sounds. Quiet.) I am very frustrated with it. We were able to get a repair person out and he didn’t know what was wrong precisely, one of several boards.

Time went on. We went out-of-town. They still didn’t know what it was, we found out when we got back. We called them again this past Monday. They think they know the right part, and have ordered it and the earliest it could be installed was today. DH is out of town, I don’t have people in when he’s not here. So the repair is scheduled for tomorrow.

We shall see if I can do laundry in the house again, or not.

We’ve been to the laundromat too many times. That’s a whole different story I don’t wish to get further into, suffice it to say, I can’t stand the smell clothing picks up from the laundromat washers, using our own smell-less detergent.

As my dear eldest son said “It smells like other people’s clothes.”

Ick. Just perfumy. Icky other detergent stuff. Not every load was as bad, but it isn’t possible to figure it out and have non-perfumed clothing entirely from there. I’ll be very ecstatic if my washer will wash again!

Water Utilities

City water utilities. Ugh. Know what ours has done lately? Quit sending out “Disconnect” notices as of May 1st. Is this a problem? Sure. Sometimes people forget, to pay the bill. Right?

More money in the bank for them. A courteous service done away with.

Maybe there is a large problem with other people continually not paying their bills before the next cycle hits. I don’t know the thinking behind it, just that I know exactly what happened here yesterday. I went to the bathroom, flushed the toilet, and it was dead, didn’t refill the tank. No water in the lines all of the sudden.

DH out of town. I called him and couldn’t get hold of him. I finally talked to him. No, he forgot, due to many things. Sigh.

I had no clue ahead of time. I could have headed it off if the colored piece of paper postcard warning of soon to be disconnection had come in the mail. I never saw one. I didn’t know about the May 1st change.The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. This gets people into trouble. :rolleyes:

Baby Q Turns One

Well, Baby Q turned One Year Old on the 23rd of June. I forgot to post anything about it. I do suppose it was because I was busy with the birthday, then busy getting ready to go out-of-town right after.

Baby Q is growing up, not as much a baby, closer to a toddler now. I still BF him, he’s eating more food now though too. So poopy diapers are oh so much more different of late. :rolleyes:

Q is talking a lot now. Sure, only WE can understand what he says, but he says so much. Like a few days ago, he was being cute, running away from something, brother or something he was doing, and he fell down, and as he did that he looked up at me and his Daddy and said, “I fell down!”

One present we got him for his birthday is a Leap Frog musical table called the Learn & Groove Musical Table. It’s pretty cool, and he loves it. He makes things happen and stands there sort of bounce-sway dancing to the music. It’s a nice busy/learning toy that isn’t annoying to parents and siblings at all. We all love to play with him with it.

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