City water utilities. Ugh. Know what ours has done lately? Quit sending out “Disconnect” notices as of May 1st. Is this a problem? Sure. Sometimes people forget, to pay the bill. Right?

More money in the bank for them. A courteous service done away with.

Maybe there is a large problem with other people continually not paying their bills before the next cycle hits. I don’t know the thinking behind it, just that I know exactly what happened here yesterday. I went to the bathroom, flushed the toilet, and it was dead, didn’t refill the tank. No water in the lines all of the sudden.

DH out of town. I called him and couldn’t get hold of him. I finally talked to him. No, he forgot, due to many things. Sigh.

I had no clue ahead of time. I could have headed it off if the colored piece of paper postcard warning of soon to be disconnection had come in the mail. I never saw one. I didn’t know about the May 1st change.The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. This gets people into trouble. :rolleyes: