There is no garden in our backyard this year, again. There is supposed to be, but it just hasn’t occurred.

Our backyard is overgrown right now, and we’ve had trouble with the mowers, so it’s kind of “status quo” dormant.

Last year I was supposed to have a good garden. It didn’t happen. I was pregnant and Frank was going to help me but getting the ground ready, and then also help me planting and caring for things. Well, that’s the past. This year I wanted to use what I had left, any of the seeds I’d purchased for 2007.

It’s now July.

I have time, really, since this is The South. But it’s imperative to me that it happens NOW, so I can get tomatoes going, for one. And green beans, and be ready for later when I can plant the end of the season cool vegetables.

This then is what I need to convince Frank of: to get something cut short and de-nuded of grass so that I can plant something somewhere out there. Please, dear? 🙂