I am up early and decided to check on my blogs, and was nearly shocked when I realized I never wrote another post here about the trip.

We went to NYC Friday night, took some camera phone pictures, we were in the Times Square area. We went to Toys R Us and it was really cool, so much stuff. Totally a different feel than anything we have in Georgia, or anywhere else I guess. We also went to the Virgin Mega Store. This is one store that I like, and have the opportunity to visit occasionally when we are in Florida, seeing as they have a store in Downtown Disney. I just love music and browsing through a ton of it. I go to CD Warehouse at home usually, and might get something at Best Buy or Target less often. While there Frank showed me some cool Yankees gear, and ended up getting me a messenger bag from the line. It’s a Cooperstown design, heavy duty canvas, camel color, nice Yankee “NY” on the front, and a scripted “yankees” on the back. I’m finding that I really like it, it’s big enough to hold anything I want it to really, yes, a laptop even. So anyhow we just sloshed around the streets some, and also stood outside the studio of SNY and could see ourselves behind the guy reporting. It’s a Met’s affiliate, or some such channel. FWIW.

I have a few camera phone pictures of NYC, but no Canon pictures. I left that one at the hotel, not wanting to lug it around. I also carried the baby on myself for the first half of the visit, then we went back to the van, got the stroller and put our purchases in the van, and then walked some more. It was raining lightly, but never too much. It was just a dirty city, full of people, but not so crazy full, it wasn’t as bad as the Mall in December, I do mean anyone’s “mall” Anywhere, USA. Just a boring Friday night in NYC.

After awhile we packed it up and headed back to our NJ hotel. In the morning we got up and got things packed up and left for home. We drove a bit and I wanted to stop in Philly, and Frank agreed. So we went downtown and walked a bit, then had a horse/carriage historical ride. We did have an appointment to see … what was it … Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell? I don’t remember much since I didn’t set it and was really hot by the time that whole thing was going down. We ditched the whole idea and got back into the van and drove south some more. We got a hotel in the Annapolis area. It turned out to be the most fun for us. Frank pricelined it, embassy suites. It’s decor was mid-century modern, sort of. Spacious, and a welcome difference from that NJ Residence Inn. Breakfast, a joy to go to. I love those hotels, but this one was particularly good, either because it is, or because I’d been semi-miserable for many days in another.

So we got back on the road the next day and arrived home in the evening. I haven’t gotten my pictures out of my camera yet, so I can’t post any here. I can’t post house ones here anyhow. Gotta go, baby awake. I’ll see about pictures later.