To MI and Back

We were going to be on a trip to MI to see hubbies Dad after Christmas, and because of our usual tradition of “seeing a new movie” in the theatre on Christmas, and not having found one that we wanted to see, we decided at the last second to leave that very day, Christmas Day, instead of choosing a movie we DIDN’T want to see very much, and waiting until the next day to get ready, or staying home and waiting, or anything …

So we left by 5pm that day, and arrived there the next evening, having split the trip into two parts because of the distance (about 14 hrs straight through.) We were there until January 2nd, and arrived back home on January 4th, late.

I haven’t written anything or done much online being busy with Christmas on the way and then the trip. I’m trying to play catch up with all that, and also get photos gone through, uploaded to Flickr, and that alone is a big task. I have a bigger one now too, having received a lovely Sony Handycam for Christmas, finally I have a video camera. I have had two in the past, both 8mm tape versions, and they both broke on me, and I gave up and waited for better technology to come down in price. It has been down, but better keeps coming our way, so hubby went and got me something I’d like this Christmas. It’s a hard-drive version, with Memory Stick Pro ability as well, and records in SD or HD. I can also take photos with it. It’s a very wonderful camera and I look forward to getting good use out of it, and I hope it won’t force a huge editing time on me, so I have to do a lot more practicing with what I’ve shot and what I can shoot to make it all be avantageous to my available time.

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