Month: February 2009

Moving On

Well today is Friday, the last Friday in February, so that’s nearly 2 full months in 2009 already gone by …

Accomplishing a lot has been my goal forever, but rarely do I see that happen, or feel like it has. Right now I’m a bit bogged down, the weather is dreary today (rainy and gray) and my cycle is near the end (a really bad combination.) The house is just so small for us, and things are so disorganized and our main living space is clogged up with baby toys, things that need to be put elsewhere (but where?) and a huge couch that is so depressive due to being dirty, broken down, and I just can’t stand it anymore, haven’t been able to for a long time, but I’ve made myself live with it, but I’m to the point where I’d rather take the cushions off of it and put them on the floor and throw the rest of it away.

It, the couch, was an IKEA purchase and it was the right thing at the time, but not bought for where it is right now. It was supposed to be in our “basement” and because of things here and there it has been moved up and down a couple of times and has been ruined by jumping children and things piled on it while it sat dormant in the basement for awhile in the past, and just basically the covers are needing replaced. No biggie really, to “refresh” this is not a bad thing, IKEA makes it to be laundered and also replacement covers in many colors and patterns are easy to get, not the price of a brand new couch. Unfortunately I could never convince my husband to get a different set of covers, so these are worn out, stained, the body cover is ripped where it connects to the couch with velcro, and because it was a pain to use since it got older (all the covers) it just sat in the basement and had full abuse from the children and stuff sitting on it and one arm is totally depressed/loose and the seat next to it is sunken, no support in the middle. The lack of support is bad, but the lack of the body cover staying on is way worse, it slides down into the front and pools on the floor, and seat cushions slide forward and hang over the front too far and it’s like a giants piece of furniture (sitting on it with feet to the floor is impossible, it’s too far “out”) and so the whole thing needs to be reset, and that is nearly impossible with the body cover, and any work put into it is wholly defeated once a round of sitting on the couch happens by the family. Not taking into count how dirty it gets, how washing the cushion covers only is nice, but they still look blah, and the body cover is past being able to be washed, so gets worse and worse and the cushions get so dirty so fast that washing them is just not what I’ll do anymore. So now that I’ve given up that for good (crossing my fingers behind my back) I’m having a hard time looking at the monstrosity in my “living room” and navigating around it, onto it, and blech, touching it. :rolleyes: I had tried to revive it by washing the cushion covers again and again in the last month, but when I got everything done and right away it was bad enough that one or two needed it again, and doing just those and getting them back on and then again more and more and again, and again, well, that is enough, no more.

We had considered a new couch from Costco, in the warehouse, and talked about it and talked about it, but ended up going with something else for our daughter instead, she needs furniture in her room and they had just a few of something I’d had my eyes on and so often that happens, when I see something I like there, and we don’t get it, when we do decide to get it, then we go and it’s gone. So I was seeing those things and hoping our chances weren’t going to run out, so it came down to “couch or daughter furniture” and we got the daughter furniture. The next time we were there, the couch was reduced and we hemmed and hawed over it and decided to forgo it, it would have been crunch to do it, and I knew it would mean we wouldn’t get it, and sure enough, though we were there again just the next day or so, it was gone. It was a couch that had grown on me, the style being so very modern compared to the things we usually have had. It actually made me think about redoing how I was approaching the living room, and so I probably will go ahead and try to find something similar in the future, and the hard part of that is the waiting and the “what do we do in the meantime” — sigh.

We had another couch years ago that we got rid of, it got ratty, but looking back, it was so much nicer, in many ways, and that feels like heresy to write. That’s how bad this IKEA couch has become.

All of this has just become so urgent feeling because the baby is growing up, time is moving along and four children in a not even 10’x10′ living room is outrageously annoying, and even a couch and wall mount TV seem to be too much there, let alone also having baby toys, an end table, and toddler table for play, Wii system, PS3 system … and all the junk that accumulates … it’s just too much. A couch that is just a couch is one thing, but in this case its a corner+2 couch, a corner with two seat on the right and two seats on the left. It’s a huge thing and I can’t take it anymore!

Happy February ’09!

The month of January flew by, and it’s now February. The Super Bowl is over. I’m not a football person, just can stand to watch some of it, and I’ll root for a team in the Super Bowl if someone is worthy of it, as this year the Cardinals were, and boy was it a battle. I feel bad for them. It was a good game, and I do “get into” such a game, and even when I was younger at home we’d watch the Super Bowl but not other games before in the football season. Hubby is a sports fan and thus since getting married I’ve had to “endure” more sports than I like, and thus have had to understand more about football than I’d prefer. πŸ™‚

So now Football is over in the US until later this year. πŸ™‚

Baseball season is coming up fast. That’s the one sport I follow with my own desire to do so. I love baseball. That’s the sport my Daddy liked too. So I grew up watching it on TV some, and hearing about it a lot.

I also do like watching golf. It’s interesting and one can take a nap while watching πŸ˜‰

Long ago in March, 1996, we got tickets for the Doral Ryder Open, in S. FL. I was 8 month pregnant with my first baby, and we loved it. We were there for the second day and the last day. It was a lot of walking, the temporary bathrooms were nightmaric for me (massively pregant and it was so hot in that plastic stall …) other than that it was a wonderful experience. We followed a few different people the first day we were there, and then exclusively The Shark the final day, and he won the tournament. πŸ™‚

Apparently the the North will have 6 more weeks of winter, according to the groundhog reading, as heard on Mike & Mike on ESPN2 (TV) [it’s usually on, at least when hubby is in town, in the morning, and sometimes during baseball season even when he’s not here.] I’ve not looked further into it. At any rate, we live in the south, so “spring” is right around the corner. πŸ™‚ February is usual for Spring/Winter back and forth, with March being more Spring than anything and that’s it, full force into Spring/SUMMER. I like spring, but hate it. Allergies are not so good in winter the last few years, but spring is way worse, and then summer is so very hot and muggy and intolerable. I used to love summer, in Pennsylvania. In FL from 13 years of age on, I lost my ability to experience it in reality, but kept it in my internal self, with a deep imagination brain it’s no problem, just physically I can’t stand the actual summers down south. GA isn’t as bad as S. FL, but it’s just as bad in most ways.

This is a shorter month than any other, not that it really makes much difference to life, just somewhat, depending on how things are attached to dates, like pay days, and other things. So it seems quicker, and it is, but only a couple of days faster. It’s funny how such an imposed structure makes a difference to how we live. Just my silly objective perspective of looking at the world from outside of it for a short bit. We have so many structures imposed on us. It’s almost stifling to think about, so I must stop writing this so I’ll get away from those thoughts and breathe again, lest I go too deeply and don’t breathe at all.

So then, Happy February, once again. That’s Feb-ru-air-ee NOT Feb-you-air-y.

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