My kitchen is awaiting a new temporary counter on one side, hubby promises it’ll be such for about 4-weeks at the most. I should have had it already for nearly a week, but here it is, not in yet. Hubby is sleeping on the couch, and I can’t do anything about it myself.

We are using MDF and painting it. That makes it latex vinyl coated and clean-up-able for the short term.

When all is said and done I need a new counter and new sink & faucet. Also a new dishwasher, but that part of it is the wrinkle in the plan. A cheap dishwasher isn’t what I’m looking for, with a decent higher end fridge and stove …

Biggest thing is we need: new flooring, and I want the floor put in and the cabinets put on ltop of the new floor, so none of the counters/ower cabinets are permanently installed right now, they sit without moving just fine, just need finalized and firmed up to the wall and anchored, and the counters then will be built up to the right height and it’ll be nicer. Maybe.