Wow this month has gone fast! Now the Dog Days of Summer are beginning. Hot more often than not. Sun strong, not quite as light as late as it was in July, but this side of the sun’s courses through the cosmos are the hot-dog ones, whereas May and June are just wanna-be’s.

I’m so glad our A/C was changed, it makes all the difference, but it does struggle. The “zones” (digital) are finicky and I have to go check each thermostat, and sometimes (a few times a week) turn every one off, then turn on the upstairs one for awhile alone, then turn on the main floor one later, and leave the downstairs one off until the next day or longer, if it is possible to feel comfortable with that (sometimes yes, sometimes no.)

Why does this have to happen? I’m not sure what it’s doing, but the main thing is, the SUN. It comes up in the East and blasts away at the back of our house all morning and into the afternoon. Our bedrooms are on the top floor. No tree cooling up there. Master bedroom is at the back of that whole area. It gets so hot in there. Without A/C it’s 100 in there in the middle of the night.

With A/C the thermostats are set to 68/69 everywhere. When the system has been restarted with my methodology, which is turning everything off, then turning ONLY the Master Bedroom thermostat on, then the bedroom starts cooling down ever so slightly, then more. Overnight it returns to it’s “schedule”. The Main Floor thermostat does well then, turn that on and it quickly brings things to right.

The basement area is then the question, the “office” (my craft/computer area) is decent, the hallway is where the thermostat is. The big area at the back of the basement, behind interior french doors, is much warmer always. When the thermostat for the basement is turned off, that big space gets too warm (for my tastes) while the other rooms are OK for the most part.

When I turn that thermostat back on the air in the big space gets better, but still, it’s ALWAYS much warmer in there compared to my office, or the hallway.

After 1 or 2 days like this then, the Master Bedroom thermostat really starts struggling. Lets put it this way, the first day after resetting it all, it starts out with the thermostat keeping things OK until somewhere around 2pm it’s behind 1, 2, 3, 4 or more degrees. As the day wears thin it gets closer to the scheduled temperature, overnight rights itself. Next day or the day after that is when it gets too thick, warm not good in my bedroom early in the day and never recoups, so if I haven’t been up there, I go to bed and oh, bleh, blah, no!!!!!

We are talking it is supposed to be 68 and the thermostat registers the temp at 78 or more when it gets to the place where I HAVE to turn it all off, then slow on.

It’s not like 68 is too heavy of a load. It’s not that it has to be “68” but that is what the thermostat has to attempt or else this entire process is TOO MUCH for me to live with. To get rid of humidity, must run A/C, A/C only runs when it needs to cool based on it’s goal temperature. If the temperature is set to 72 that’s too warm. It’s like letting it all get it’s toes in the doorway, you think the door is closed, but it’s not, and the thing you mean to keep out is coming in.

This all means so much to me since I get so miserable easily when the temperature climbs about 70 degrees much. The further it goes in that higher direction the larger the impact it has on me. So, 68 is my primo position of a trade-off, I’ll let it go that high for you others. I’d much prefer to live in the North Pole.