Month: April 2012

On Taco’s and Farmers Breakfast

We are having Taco’s for dinner tonight. I’m not making them, the children are. I have recipes on this site, things I make up, and they use either that, or a printout of it to make dinner.

This is the recipe link …

We still make it the same way, only I have a preference for pure ANCHO chili powder instead of “any old mix of chili and spices that is sold as ‘chili powder’ ” Ancho is a type of chili, not a brand.

I also put a healthy dose of Tabasco sauce in for a bit more zip. As time goes on we’ve grown to LOVE Tabasco sauce in Taco’s as well as in a breakfast that I call “farmers breakfast” which I am not sure if I’ve written it down in a post here or not. — I’ll have to write it down, it’s not something I’ve posted the recipe for (though I know my son did on his blog πŸ˜‰ )

It’s something that my eldest son and I enjoy having every so often, not every day, nor every other day. Basically something that many would have a problem with: potatoes, onions, garlic, olive oil, butter, sea salt, tabasco sauce, eggs, cream, tabasco sauce, tabasco sauce, and cheddar cheese. So it’s something we really like, and others would think “How strange for breakfast, garlic?!!” Yeah! πŸ™‚

I’ll post a link here when I write a new post for it.

Spring Report

It’s April now. Spring is moving on. The Apple trees have already finished blooming mostly. They are our last spring blooming trees every year. Both the Yoshino’s and the Apple trees were very early this year. Usually the Apple trees don’t START to bloom until sometime in April.

The Yoshino’s usually last until nearly April, so they were very, very early since that was so long ago now that they had blooms. πŸ™

My Peonies are setting buds and getting bigger (peonies regrow the bush every spring, btw)

First Peony Bud

My Knockout Roses are really getting full, setting a ton of buds, with many opening and already open and already spent already.

Here’s one photo I have on Flickr of one particular … with many more photos there … go ahead and click through them all by clicking on the photo which will take you to Flickr, find the Set and comment on any you wish to there.

Shy Beauty

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