I need ideas for more meals. I am in a rut. Always the same old thing. I’m really picky as to what to have though, not usually having much energy to actually make much of a meal for dinner anymore either. I want simple from scratch things, no mushrooms. No fish or seafood.

Not that I haven’t changed things up at all. I have. I have done some different things over the years, making something new of something old, finding something online that inspired me to make something else from something else as well.

I get sick of chicken breasts and ground chuck.

Sometimes I have whole chickens to roast, but that’s just once or twice a month. Otherwise it’s just ground up beef or boneless chicken breasts. Occasional bone-in pork chops, as well as cubed steaks (which always require a fussier amount of time to prepare, the 3-ways I use them.)

So I’m totally bored with food of late. It’s troublesome, considering we have to eat every day.