Month: August 2017

EW30EF65GSA Oven Door Glass Replaced

I had ordered 1 inner glass, thankfully I only needed 1. There aren’t only 2, there are 3 bleeping pieces of glass in that oven door. Not counting the front glass even.

The new piece of glass is where the old one broke. The one that faces the oven directly. It looked cracked, but taking the door apart the middle piece of glass between the cracks was floating free.

It was torture, but mostly because we couldn’t get the door off, then worked on it while on, but then couldn’t close it and couldn’t remember how the hinges worked, took it out to figure out but didn’t until I found and finally watched some video about putting a pipe on the hinge to move it, oh goodness priceless. I felt so powerful at that point, floop, floop, each side down and push lock up, slide door in, push down lock thingie on both sides. Door closes right. Wow. So much trouble could have been avoided but “now we know” exactly how the dumb hinge works on the oven door.

Also, no more self-clean cycles. No thanks.

EW30EF65GSA Troubled Again

I did a small cleaning cycle in my Electrolux (EW30EF65GSA) main oven last week, and the inner glass cracked. Ouch. I could have used it still, but I have enough problems with racks in it, I wasn’t going to deal with it until I could replace the glass.

My glass replacement is out for delivery, I’ll be fixing the door today, fingers crossed that it goes well.

Both my glide racks are messed up. They don’t slide/glide at all, I can barely get them into the oven or out of it sometimes. I worked on one the other day, and made it work to put into and take out of the oven smoothly. I have to keep looking at the side piece with the spring on the right side the oven has felt too hot, and that is the side of my one rack that is overly browned and stuck, the other side is still silver and smoothly working. The glide doesn’t work because of, yes, that same right side.

The cost to replace these glide racks is too high. Just getting them insert/removable is all I can do with my old ones, so that’s that.

This stove has been driving me crazy. It’s too modern, glide/electric everything, motherboards, and all I have ever really wanted is a good enough gas standalone stove/oven.

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