Weather up and down coolness

We had record, for us, coolness early in the month, we used the fireplace on Nov. 5th. We’ve had it in use since then, on and off.

November 5, 2021

Today it’s quite warm, in the low to mid 70’s for a high, very warm. It’ll be like this tomorrow and then a bit cooler again.

I love the cold days. Outside nice fresh air. Inside by the fire get warmed up, then go elsewhere in the house, put on a hoodie jacket, back by fire if too chilled … keep active!

By Maisy

Wife of one, and Mother of 4 whom are three adults and one teen. We believe in the old sense of the word "educate" with a Biblical Agrarian Worldview. We live on a 1/2 acre plot of land, not a farm, but it's an Agrarian worldview that I have, hence "pastoralfarms" beautiful land (garden), in other words. Hope for the future.

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