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Bluebirds, and other birds lately

It’s been a birdy last 1/2 hour. I haven’t “seen” my Bluebirds most of the Summer. They’ve been around, but the whole family hasn’t been sitting on the fences or anything like that. Tonight Frank saw one, and we started looking, there were 2 adults and 3 or 4 babies. At least one of the babies was an older one, it looks the right age to be one of the nestlings we had fledge this Spring. It was feeding the younger Bluebirds. Siblings will do that, from previous hatches they’ll help their parents with the next round, which was definitely happening tonight for us to witness.

We can’t be sure these all are “our bluebirds”, they very well might be. In the Springtime there are usually three or four couples in the area, seemingly trying for the nest box and area which our yard occupies part of. There seems to be one couple that hold the fort down though. Surety is not part of regular birding though.

Well, it was a joy to see the birds hanging out. They are so beautiful!

Also saw an Eastern Pheobe at the same time. This Summer has been hot, and birding hasn’t been that great. We’ve had some Gold Finches, Ruby Throat Hummingbirds, and Cardinals, that’s mostly what we’ve had. I’ve lately seen Carolina Wrens on the front porch, two of them. Carolina Chickadees have been around at times, sparse though. Myrtle Warblers [butterbutts] are sometimes around too.

The Babies have Fledged!

My Eastern Bluebird babies have fledged their nest. Yesterday they were in there, evidenced by their Mama and Papa feeding them, and the noise of the babies whenever their parents checked on them.

I’ve not been watching the nest box this morning. So, I was outside getting eggs and decided to check on the babies. Empty nest.

So it happened later yesterday, or sometime this morning. Drats. I really hoped I would see at least one of them go. I’ll be thrilled though, when I see them flying around like big birdies!

This was clutch number one for 2003, with this pair of Easter Bluebirds. 4 eggs, 4 babies, 4 fledged. Great results!

When they should leave the box …

Judging from my previous posts about the Bluebirds this season, these new babies will be fledging sometime after June 6. I’ve picked that day as –day 13– after their hatching, so then I can expect fledging at *about* 17 days, but from day 13 on out monitor from further away so they don’t exit the box too early.

We have babies!

I checked the Bluebird box today. My Mom and Els and Joel were here, so I wanted to show them the box and it’s contents. I thought I heard little squeeky sounds before I opened the door, and sure enough, there was a little fuzzy head with a wide open yellow beak!

All four eggs hatched, which is an excellent thing! Frank and the children were there too, and there may be a photo or two of the nest … Frank snapped the picture, so I can’t vouch for what to expect 😉

Mrs. Bluebird Sits

There were four eggs in the Bluebird nest the last time I was able to look at it without the Mama bird in it.

She, Mrs. Bluebird, began her sitting season a few days ago. So it’s four or five eggs in the clutch. I went that day to take a picture of the eggs, and when I opened the box, the bluebird hen was in there sitting, so I got a few photos of her, don’t know how well they’ll turn out, it was dark in there.

I saw activity this morning around the box, so I took the chance that it was she who might have left the box. But no, when I got there for a peak, she’s in there. It’ll take some major watching of the box to get a look at those eggs again anytime soon.

Well, I’ll be keeping an eye out on them in any case, as other birds fooling with them is not good, and if I can defend the nest, I sure will. I can’t always be around to help, so it is ultimately, which it is anyway, up to God to preserve the nest and bring those chicks to hatch and fledge.

More Bluebird news

Yesterday, Wednesday, I checked the Bluebird box, and in the nest were 3 beautiful blue eggs. I haven’t checked again today yet. I probably will later this evening, after watching the box for the parents a while.

Good news in the nest!

Our Eastern Bluebird pair have finally laid a beautiful blue egg! It’s gorgeous!

I just checked them, since they’ve been hanging around their box more today. They both left and went to sit on an adjacent fence. So out I trotted and found the nest NOT empty. What a joy that was. I’m pulling for them to successfully fledge the youngster that is developing, hopefully, in that egg. I also hope they’ll lay some more eggs. Last year they had three eggs at the most, but only hatched/fledged two from one clutch. The first clutch went bad due to other pesky interfering non-native birds.

Along those lines, European Starlings have been seen flying close by with nesting material. They appear to be nesting somewhere on the roof of the house next door. These birds are the most bothersome, and I’d love to be able to shoot them.

Safer Bluebird Nest

We got an extender tube for our Bluebird’s house entry today. It might or might not work, depending on how the pair accepts it, or not.

They’ve built a nest, but laid no eggs as of this morning. A man at the nature store we bought this at said it should be installed after the nest is built. The packaging of the thing says to install it when incubation begins. Hmmm. To me, incubation means eggs. So … I’ll have to do an internet search.

This device is to keep the nest safe from predators. European Starlings are our main predator around here. Last year nesting one failed due to missing babies and Starlings galore around the few days before. Nesting number two succeeded with two hatching/fledging and one dud egg. I scared off Starlings every time I saw them after the first babies dissapeared.

I sure would like to see two successful nestings this year!

Anyone with any advice, please feel free to comment!

Mr. Bluebird in April 2003


Mr. Bluebird sitting


Just seconds later … Mr. Bluebird diving

Bluebird fights

The Bluebirds are still working on their nest a bit. They are defending it also. Today the European Starlings were bothering them some.

There has been a Northern Mockingbird hanging around close to the house of late. It lands on the railing of the deck and walks back and forth sometimes. Today it did that, then flew to the Jungle, the children’s play structure, and sat looking out the top deck of that structure, in the direction of the Bluebird Box. A few minutes later, it flew to the box, and tried to land on top. Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird were there at the time, and immediately Mr. Bluebird attacked and down he went with the Mockingbird, to the ground.

Our grass hasn’t been cut yet this season, so it’s long, and I couldn’t see the two birds for over a minute. Mrs. Bluebird stayed on the roof of the box, then suddenly up from the grass the two differing birds arose. And they then all flew off into the yard, and the Mockingbird left them alone, flying to a neighboring yard.

It was a very interesting sequence to watch!

Nest in the Bluebird Box

I checked the Bluebird box today. There is a nest inside! I checked a few days ago, nothing but a few pieces of dried grass. The other day I did see Mrs. Bluebird come out of the box, in particular. I’ve seen them sitting near the box often enough, but not alot of actual “in the box” activity. So somewhere, out of my sight, they did their business. Yay!

I hear Eastern Bluebirds all around whenever I’m outside. It’s a lovely sound, a year round sound, but ever the more beautiful in Spring time, with the twitterpatedness of everything. I do believe the Bluebird population is growing here too. There have always been some around, but more and more and more each year. I’m glad to have helped get two new birds out there last year. The first nesting attempt was sabitoshed by some bird, probably European Starlings [dratted things!]. The second nesting attempt alotted three eggs, but only two hatched. I held one of the babies in my hand just a few days before they apparently fledged. I didn’t see them go, but they did seem to go safely. I hope they survived.

Well, I’m rooting for the Bluebirds this year in my backyard, to have two or three successful nesting and fledling launches.

Eastern Bluebirds

I saw my baby Eastern Bluebirds today! Mrs. Blue had both babies in our October Glory Maple, then they went across the street to sit on the gutter of that house. One of those babies I held in my hand on July 2. Oh how cute! They both fledged without me witnessing it. So nice to see them out and about finally!

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