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I installed a new plugin on this blog today: “Yet Another Related Posts Plugin” … to be exact. (Referered to as YARPP)

I had been thinking of finding some such plugin for some time, and finally went hunting for one today and am very pleased with this one, how it’s working, the ease of use, etc.

It is fun for me to see what posts are called up as “related” for different topic-ed posts, gets me looking at past content from a different perspective and that will help me with “tagging” some of them finally, no doubt.

I worked on the Sandbox theme I’m using too. I fixed up some code and now my blog is more fluid for resizing

I also just spiffed up my laptop, on the outside a bit. Nothing fancy, just cleaned off the dust and dirt and so it’s shiny black again, and finally removed the big sticker from the left palm rest area — a very faded HP sticker. I saw no reason to remove it before now. I’m the sort of weirdo that leaves plastic stuff on new things too, the clear film stuff that protects different things, I leave that on whatever until it’s ugly as can be, then take it off and the device is new looking underneath. Sort of a “screen protector” sort of thing, though it’s never a “screen” that’s covered, and I don’t do it to it, just leave on the original manufacturer stuff.

Let’s see, like the bread machine, the stove, the washer, the dryer, radios, etc. The sticker on the computer was a different sort of thing, sure, but similar enough to me, it looks so very nice there now.

What Poetry Form am I?

My #1 Answer:

I am, of course, none other than blank verse.
I don’t know where I’m going, yes, quite right;
And when I get there (if I ever do)
I might not recognise it. So? Your point?
Why should I have a destination set?
I’m relatively happy as I am,
And wouldn’t want to be forever aimed
Towards some future path or special goal.
It’s not to do with laziness, as such.
It’s just that one the whole I’d rather not
Be bothered – so I drift contentedly;
An underrated way of life, I find.

What Poetry Form Are You?

and if I am not that, this is my other Answer:

If they told you I’m mad, then they lied.
I’m odd, but it isn’t compulsive.
I’m the triolet, bursting with pride;
If they told you I’m mad, then they lied.
No, it isn’t obsessive. Now hide
All the spoons or I might get convulsive.
If they told you I’m mad then they lied.
I’m odd, but it isn’t compulsive.

What Poetry Form Are You?

Hmmm … can I be both? πŸ™‚

Quiz found via Kelly (BadgerMum).

Middle of the Night Stuff

I woke up at 3:30am –being pregnant –this is happening a lot, I sleep a few hours and then … (of course, normal times I, often enough, awake during the night, being an NT, a Night Owl, INTP, with my mind going a mile a minute, but being pregnant for so long now, it’s a bit different.)

Sometimes I just go to the bathroom then try to actually sleep again, or read, or just think. This time my mind stirred before I was even out of bed to go to the bathroom. (I often actually awake sometime after 1am, so glad to see I got a bit more sleep this time!)

I had taken a roast out of the freezer on Saturday, to put in the crockpot that night, with some water, on LOW to have for Sunday dinner (today). I put the roast in the fridge in the AM, and promptly forgot about it.

I was recalling that at 3:30am, along with the fact of knowing that the crock pot wasn’t ready to “just throw in a roast”. I wished it was so, but knew that the dishwasher didn’t get everything out of it last time, and I needed to scrub it a tad to ready it. I had meant to do that beforehand, a few days ago when it was first discovered, actually, but I never did get to it. So here I am now, I’ve gotten that scrubbed out, and the roast is nestled in water on LOW in the crock pot. I’m on the couch roving around the ‘net and now it’s more than an hour ago that I awoke and got out of bed.

I do try to soak my pancake/waffle batter ahead of time, Nourishing Traditions methodology. I meant to do that earlier on Saturday and it totally slipped my mind as well. And so, I busied myself after the roast with getting some Spelt and Yogurt together in a bowl for Sunday morning waffles. It won’t be a 12-24 hour soak, at least it’ll be a few to a few more hours than none though. πŸ™‚

I usually make my pancake/waffle batters with Kamut flour, but I had some spelt ground up, and no Kamut here in the middle of the night, so I used the spelt, which is a-ok, I just usually prefer Kamut for batters, and I wasn’t about to get out my grinder at 3-something AM.

Well it’s a new month once again. Happy April! I have no “April Fool” to use and usually don’t. I do appreciate a clever version from others, but find myself too serious to actually wish to fool anyone else (though maybe I was moreso free to do that when I was much younger.) I despise the versions of “April Fool” which are emotionally hurtful, and THOSE are the type that most people utilize, which is probably why I just do nothing for these last many years.

With the new month comes 2 more credits for me — I don’t always use them up first thing, but sometimes I do. I’ve, a couple of times in past,  forgotten about them until it was just a day late and lost my precious credits. Lesson learned, but sometimes it feels down to the wire. So this brings to mind that I will have availability of 2 new audiobooks sometime today, and is there anything I want, or do I need to rack my brain to come up with something. The latter is what I have been like the last few months. I troll the site and look and search and wonder aloud and ask DH for suggestions, and finally just get something else πŸ˜‰

Which reminds me that I have so many audiobooks that I haven’t listened to yet, and wonder at why it’s so hard, I love the idea and don’t use them for me much. I did try to listen to something when we were in FL in February, but I’m so visually oriented it’s hard to “listen” to something atimes, even if you WANT to.

Like even putting music on, headphones or through speakers. I listen, but then miss “intelligently heard” this or that from what I played. Spoken audio is easier for me to listen to through speakers than headphones. Via headphones I drift miles away and continue hearing the audio, but not really. Sometimes I sure can multi-plex my thoughts and listening all together, but not always. I find it pleasant to sit down, shut my eyes with headphones on, and that’s not too useful for audiobooks you want to actually listen to, since I’d then drift to some semblance of nap-nap-ness, that works better with well loved music instead.

I say all this because I’ve been contemplating putting my audiobook player (My little Sansa M230 is devoted to audiobooks only, and I have two others for my two eldest children, who actually DO listen to audiobooks I put on theirs, ah, to be young and technologically advanced … I dreamed of having my own taperecorder from when I was very young, and never got one,  and to listen to a “book” meant to listen to a Vinyl LP of stories. πŸ™‚ Not very mobile. Not something I could do in my room, it was dedicated to the record player in the family area. And we had no literature on LP, just stories from some Christian company, I can recall something about a Raindrop named April, and visually I have memory of those things, vivid images from my childhood, things conjured up in my mind while listening to Vinyl LP stories. πŸ™‚

My mind is the same basically, only clogged up with adult responsibilities that make leisure listening so difficult to attain. It’s not just that, it IS precisely wired into those like me, and my family of P’s, that our audible-ness isn’t our strongest ability, and “in one ear and out the other” is a phrase that means a lot to us, we “Hear” but don’t always “HEAR” … we “See” and do usually “SEE” though. πŸ™‚ To “See and  Hear” at once is to “SEE and HEAR” absolutely. :LOL:

To be young and not bogged down brings about a more leisure ability to put on headphones and listen to literature read, and look at the images in your mind and not drift away as much as adult-me is prone to (with so many other things floating around my head at the same time.) So that’s my thinking on listening to audio in bed, if I bring my audiobook player up there, I’ll listen some, and who knows where I’ll leave off and stop listening, and then have to re-charge the battery, and re-listen to find the spot I have some sort of re-call to and hope that I can stay “actively listening” and gain some time with the audiobook for real. I have long been a book reader, and the idea of audiobooks is great, and I love the accessibility to great classics via audio, but it’s just so much easier to say “I’ll read it” than “I’ll listen to it.” But I don’t have all the books on paper that I have as audio, so I can’t “just read” them. Oh, I could go on and on, but maybe I should just grab that little blue and white device and give it a try. It’s nearly 5:30am now, time sure flies when you are making a blog post about too much, here and there and everywhere. Perhaps a trial of focus is worthy after such. :rolleyes:

Hiatus Over

This is my first post on this blog since late 2005. I closed it down, intending to move posts from here to my other blog, not all, just some, and started working on it via a MySQL text file, but became thoroughly worn out by the enormity of the job that I quit and kept promising myself to pick it up again … but haven’t at all.

I’m re-orienting some things on my websites, getting ready to upgrade to WP 2.1 soon, and decided to do a quick update of WP 2.0.7 here first, and get this blog situated with plugins and theme, etc. again, whether or not I’ve moved posts out.

In my work I deleted the theme folder that was my default here, accident of stupidity, so I’m working on seeing if the theme I’m using right now, Basic2Col, will suffice to be built on how I wish.

I had pages with their own templates and so they are lost, not the pages, just the special set-up of them.

I’m trying to go through things and decide how to align, and what to include, what to delete, and such

Photos on this blog are a big mess. I’ve used more than one method to include them over the years. Sometimes just uploading one to the server here and including it’s img src path in a post, sometimes just like that, or sometimes with a “div” around it (and this ‘div’ way is proving troublesome for this current theme.) I also used the Exibit plugin for awhile and want to undo all that, and also used PicAsa plugin which I don’t mind, and just didn’t use it much. I do have Flickr now, and did post something via the “blog this picture” interface, but not much, if more than one photo here.

On my other blog I usually just put the url of the Flickr photo into a post now. I think that’s the best way, moreso a permanent (as long as Flickr doens’t go under!) way to not have to re-mess with any picture posts. Occassionally I have put something on a site like imageshack(.us) and linked to that, which is also permanent (as long as that site doesn’t go under as well!)

I see that while looking through the last few pages of posts on my blog front I used to post a lot more than I do on my other blog, which is what I’ve used to post on since stopping posting here. I have always meant to have the two with distinct differences of myself used for each. That didn’t always work out, I felt, but do think it did somewhat overall. Right now I’m re-thinking in my introverted self way, and trying to untangle the mess of how my blogs seem to be to me. I used to post here a lot more often than I did the other blog, when they were both running at the same time. That other blog was my first, hosted firstly on blogspot, then moved to my own domain ASAP. I started this blog not long after I started that other one, but this one was also a blogger post, and not hosted here, but on my ISP website which I then had. I moved this to my own domain when I moved the other.

So anyhow, this blog seems to have been my more social-online version of me, and the other the moreso T part of me, but not that I left T me off of this one, but far. I guess I have felt more comfy on this one, and tried to be more T-oriented on the other, but didn’t much show it.

I’ve had info on this site besides blogs in the past, but don’t have that content online anymore (my previous host was someone I knew who hosted me for free, but that didn’t work out well, and I seem to have lost much of my content when I moved my hosts, since that person took the server offline for awhile and then never gave me my stuff on disc like they were supposed to (as I requested and was told by someone that it would be alright,) then finally months later let my husband know I could download the junk, and it was just too much to download in a few hours and I couldn’t get it done, and then my access was lost when it all went offline again, and haven’t ever heard back about it.)

I had a photo blog, and that content is lost, how I had oriented it. Sure I have pictures elsewhere, but not the way I had arranged them and commented on them, and such.

I also had pages for my children, picture of them, pictures they drew, and other content of interest to them or me about them.

I had some articles on Agrarianism hosted here, then moved them to a new domain but never got that domain up and running, losing steam on the project.

I had lots of stuff about my hennies here too, and other stuff.

I had started a secondary blog or two about Education and something or other else that I can’t recall, but then thought I’d be abandoning that format and putting it into this blog with the advent of Page in WP and I just didn’t do that.

So it goes, I have so much re-do for this blog to think over and implement, I’ve nearly talked myself out of doing anything much more here as I’ve written these words. πŸ™‚

I’ll try to do more. I really will. I have already, in the form of Theme and Plugins, so I will try to keep up with moreso Social posting at least, and see how WP 2.1 is about aiding me in moving out some posts to my other blog more easily than taking my post’s SQL file and sifting through it.

A side project is Categories. Here they are a huge mess, and on the other blog I have very few and some need changed out for others, and more added. I used to be more “gung-ho” about making links to things on my sidebar and categorizing things to the nth degree here. I’d like it to be more simplistic and have to think about that as well, for both blogs. Ugh. Overwhelming.

Now then, I still need to move my custom blue Smilies to this blog, they are here, no doubt (I hope! or else I’ll have to download them from my other blog and upload them here first and then will), just need to re-add them to the WP file that codes them.

PalmSync for Thunderbird AB

I got PalmSync to work (a Thunderbird extention to work with MozAB) today.

I had tried and tried it when I first got my (Palm) Zire 31 not too long ago. I gave up. I tried it on my DH’s laptop as well, and Nada … so I gave up totally.

Today I got it in my mind to try again. I read so much on it in the past that I couldn’t stand to read another word about it, just try again.

So I searched for the .xpi of it and came up with several page links.

This is the one I pulled the .xpi off of [just try the ones there, right-click and save linked … to get the file, it’ll save as palmsync.xpi, but which one I have, I compared first lines to the ones there, to backtrack and point y’all to the right one, and durn it if I know now. Sorry!] The past time I used many versions of the install .exe and the .xpi extention, don’t ask me if this one I used successfully is the same as any of the past ones. Don’t tell me I have to put ContactsSidebar in as an extention. I did all the “right stuff” before, with zilch being synced to or from the AB.

Fact is, I had ContactsSidebar installed in Thunderbird previous to ever trying Palmsync. From things alltold that I read, I should have had success immediately when installing it. I didn’t, and went through ring after ring (jumping through hoops) to try and make it work. I unistalled and reinstalled that CS extention, restarted TB, restared the computer … over and over. So I gave that up entirely.

In any case, this time, today, I installed the extention in TB. It installed, then threw some error about not being able to access some file to finish. So I just shut that down and went to Program Files/Mozilla Thunderbird/ and found the .exe file for PalmSync in there and clicked to run it. That installed fine.

So I synced, changed the options in HOTSYNC appropriately. Nothing worked. So then I went in Thunderbird, Extentions, and UNINSTALLED ContactsSidebar … closed down TB. Synced … nothing happened with AB, but then I synced again with AB open and VOILA! It worked.

But my AB’s in Thunderbird were all renamed and a mess.

I had done a Desktop overwrites the Palm option.

In any case, I just fixed the names again in TB AB … on the palm they were categorically name right. So I then synced again, this time Palm overwrites Desktop. My personal address book had appeared empty on my TB AB … and I was forced to close down TB right then … so there was some sort of error. I didn’t check into it, just reopened and there were my things in the Personal Address Book.

I have to verify whether or not I can do a SYNC of the records and make changes on either or both, might get duplicates or deletions where I don’t want that to happen … I’ll see.

DH will be testing this out too with the Palm Vx. I did get it to Sync after I got mine to sync. It must be something magical in the .xpi file I used, or I don’t know. It just wouldn’t work before when I did try, I tried every single thing I could, over and over again. This time I determine to try and had it all working in short order, comparitively. (I got the .xpi’s from some other trunk on some part of a mozilla site before where they are archived, older and newer). I am running Thunderbird 1.0.7, btw. 1.5 beta-2 is out, but since I now have Palmsync working, I’ll stay with the current as it is until full release 1.5 is out.

In any case, you can get an .xpi on mozilla’s site from the Thunderbird 1.5 Beta 2 Release Notes page. Look for “palmsync” down the page a bit.

Dual Obsoleteness

Courtesy of: Tamara.

I took this quiz twice, four of the Q’s I answered the same as before, but otherwise not.

Following are the Two-Sides-of-Maisy: (fairly accurate of who I am, the divided me πŸ˜‰ )

QBASIC screenshot
You are ‘programming in QBASIC’. This programming
language (of which the acronym stands for
‘Quick Beginners’ All-purpose Symbolic
Instruction Code’), which is so primitive that
it cannot easily be used for any purpose
involving the Internet nor even sound, was
current more than a decade ago.You are independent, in a good way. When something
which you need cannot be found, you make it
yourself. In writing and in talking with
people, you value clarity and precision; your
friends may not realize how important that is.
When necessary, you are prepared to be a
mediator in conflicts between your friends.
You are very rational, and you think of things
in terms of logic and common sense.
Unfortunately, your emotionally unstable
friends may be put off by your devotion to
logic; they may even accuse you of pedantry and
insensitivity. Your problem is that
programming in QBASIC has been obsolete for a
long time.

What obsolete skill are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Songs of Innocence, Introduction
You are ‘regularly metric verse’. This can take
many forms, including heroic couplets, blank
verse, and other iambic pentameters, for
example. It has not been used much since the
nineteenth century; modern poets tend to prefer
rhyme without meter, or even poetry with
neither rhyme nor meter.You appreciate the beautiful things in life–the
joy of music, the color of leaves falling, the
rhythm of a heartbeat. You see life itself as
a series of little poems. The result (or is it
the cause?) is that you are pensive and often
melancholy. You enjoy the company of other
people, but they find you unexcitable and
depressing. Your problem is that regularly
metric verse has been obsolete for a long time.

What obsolete skill are you?
brought to you by Quizilla


I’m trying out FLOCK. Find it at

What is FLOCK? It’s a tool to use with blogs. It’s a browser too, built off of Mozilla. I use Firefox and love it. FLOCK is not a replacement, it’s still in BETA. It’s a way to aggregate posting of your blogs, if you have more than one, like I do.

This is my first post using FLOCK.

I will be attempting to use this and love it. I am hoping to get the functionality of the spam tool used at wp . com … and am awaiting an invite there. [update: if you have FLOCK, just go to wp . com {wordpress dot com} via FLOCK and there will be the link to signup, you have to go there via FLOCK though. The link won’t show up in another browser. You will be signing up to have a wp blog on that site, and there you can find your API to use with the Akismet Plugin for your standalone wp blogs.]

What is FLOCK? Is it like a flocked Christmas Tree? LOL. I hate those. Hopefully it’s something nicer.

It appears to be so. I used to have movable type, before the big upidy-doo, when I switched to WordPress. Back in the MT days I tried some blogging tools and didn’t like them. I do like this part of FLOCK so far, it’s a familiar format, clean-cut MOZILLA! πŸ™‚ I’ll know better when I publish this as to how much I like it. I’m willing to work out the bugs.

The one thing I don’t like, this line and following is an edit in WP itself, is the code squished into FLOCK posts. That’s what I didn’t like about those old blog utilities …

Also, FLOCK doesn’t have Categories choosable, it uses your default category.

So be it. For now.

My Bookpile Contest Entry

Library Thing’s Bookpile Contest

A note about this photo: I was on the LibraryThing blog and read the post there about the contest. So I briefly thought about it, read the contest “rules” aloud to my husband, while he didn’t listen very closely, then immediately got up from my computer seat and went to my books and began pulling them, one by one sometimes, in chunks other times. I made a big mess.

I didn’t use my left brain at all in doing this, I went with my visual-spatial self, what pleases my eye, what statement is made that the visual right brain will absorb when viewing the stack.

I looked at what I had after a bit, not long really, I went manic into this πŸ˜‰ and saw that I could get a few more books there, and wouldn’t it be nice to put Calvin dearly-loved and dogeared books there on the side, with a cat?

So snap, snap, snap, snap … I took many photos … Strider, one of our six living cats, got into the frame a few times, not in any good way though. The non-living cat I had placed on both side, for different snaps. The one above is the one I liked the best. I cut it out of the background too, not having a good pure background available to me easily at that time. Besides, I love playing in Photoshop. πŸ™‚

When I was done, I was pleased, but not entirely. As is typical of myself, I critiqued it and said, it’s not quite right, and I surely won’t submit this photo.

A couple of days later I revisted the photo. I opened the file and said “WOW! I love it!” and the rest is history. I immediatley sent an email with the photo to the contest, and then a bit later created this post.

The books I chose are varied older and newer … from grains to birds to fantasy fiction old and new, to classics, and visual-spatial topics. On top is an old small book, William Cullen Bryant poetry, which I obtained from I-have-no-idea. It’s interesting to look through it, I love reading the inscription dated 1887 inside the front. It’s old, not quite antique, in good condition … and the oldest thing in the picture. A fitting cap, I think.

I lined the books up to the right … and stacked them by size vertically … but not perfectly. I wanted them nearly perfect, not exactly and didn’t even think about it, just did it. It’s my methodology for photography, just do it. I don’t wear anything Nike either πŸ˜‰

The light streaks on the stack I don’t mind. Photography does that on books, without extra set-up of lighting to dull the issues. I find the flashes on stacks of books attractive, myself. It adds a bit of mystery to photographs, IMVHO. It part of the appeal of my picture … it clear, yet not, the colors dance before my eyes and I know of myself how Introverted I am, it must have embarrassed me at first, and that is why I didn’t send it in right away, but waited, and made the decision later, when I was comfortable enough to appreciate it as my style to show others. FWIW

Je suis français

Found thanks to Tamara:

You Are French Food

Snobby yet ubiquitous.
People act like they understand you more than they actually do.

J’aime ΓƒΒͺtre français!
[thanks to Google Language Tools! — I didn’t take French in school, only know a few phrases … I couldn’t have written that without Google. πŸ™‚ The TITLE of this post, I got myself, just checked it via Google. :)]

Run FF from removable media

Firefox Help: Tips
Run Firefox from removable media

This advanced tip makes it possible to run Firefox from removable media, such as a USB memory stick. This will allow you to run Firefox with your personal settings from any computer, even those that don’t have Firefox installed. It has only been tested on Windows XP/2000. The basic instructions are as follows:

1. Copy the Firefox application folder and your profile folder to the removable medium. In this example we will use R:\Firefox for the application folder and R:\FFProfile as the profile folder, assuming the drive letter for the removable media is R:.
2. Create a simple batch file called R:\Firefox.bat with the following line:

start \Firefox\firefox.exe -profile \FFProfile

3. Optionally, disable the disk cache to reduce the amounts of file writes to the removable storage by entering about:config in the address field of Firefox and set browser.cache.disk.enable to false.

The reason why a batch file is needed instead of a simple shortcut is that a shortcut uses absolute paths, and since the actual drive letter for the removable media may change depending on which computer it is plugged into, the relative path used in the batch file is guaranteed to work anywhere.

This is a useful tip for FF that I want to employ sometime. I have an external hard drive, the one from my old dead laptop, and this way I can use it to surf using it — My Settings — take them where ever my little drive will lead me. πŸ™‚

I’ve read up on this sort of thing before, but they were complicated versions of using FF on a removable drive with an older version of FF. That was awhile ago, and I don’t recall actually running into this very simple fix before. It’s one of those things that makes me go hmmmm … is it really that easy now?

Also then, I know I read about having FF installed on another computer or removable drive and keeping them in sync with your stable home setup … so like you have a work computer and a home computer, keep the browsers in sync, or you have a home computer and a removable drive, keep those browsers in sync.

THAT’S the ultimate thing for me to want to do, so this post is just a tip to myself to do some more looking, and to pass on a good tip that is right there on the FF pages that are easily accessible, not a special search, but kind of blend in, in my estimation.

Library Thing

See my previous post about my eye, UGH, read the comments to see how it was resolved. πŸ™‚

This post is about Library Thing.

I signed up on 9-11-2005. I wasn’t sure how much I’d like it, since I’ve wanted a bar-code scanner and software for several years now, since I first read about it so long ago, being available, whenever that was.

So when I signed up I was in that mode of thought. I loaded up a few books, then not many more until the other day. I went berserk and have amassed over 160 books into my account up to this point. πŸ™‚ Not many to go and I’ll have to become a paid subscriber. That’s no big deal though, or rather it is. It’s just $10 for a Lifetime membership. Up to 200 books is the limit for a free account. That’s plenty to see what Library Thing can do for you.

For me it’s like audioscrobbler, only it’s different, it’s books. You don’t digitally listen to books, you have to read them physically. Audioscrobbler aggregates the data from the music you listen to on your computer. It builds a huge database of interactive information on your tastes and gives you suggestions and other options to find other music.

Library Thing is different since it’s a book thing. You have books at home, or you borrow books. Use it how you want, to build a database about what you own, or what you’ve read, or both.

It’s easy to load up your books. Just grab them and type in the ISBN number, if your book has one. In most cases if your book has one and you have the number πŸ˜‰ the right book information is found by the Library Thing searching function. Just click on the link to the right book to insert it into your Library Thing account. It’s zippety doo dah fast, sometimes you have to wait while it searches, but ususally not long at all, and sometimes you have to wait after clicking on the right book until it finishes inserting into your account, but usually it’s fast, fast, fast.

You can manually add your books in also, if you can’t find your book in the Library of Congress data or Amazon. The initial search is based on either ISBN or words you enter, title, author, whatever might help finding the book. If you have the right ISBN it’s generally spot on easy. Sometimes there are other version of the book with the same ISBN, or sometimes when you put the right ISBN in, you do click on the seemingly right book but then if you go to look at the “card” in your account for the book, it’s not quite right. In those cases I’ve found that the ISBN number isn’t right, for some reason it bait-n-switched on you. So I just edit it right there, easy to do, replace the ISBN and save.

Library Thing gets images of the books, thumbnails, from Amazon. The above ISBN switcheroo thing makes for the right image to load. Like a few times the wrong ISBN, but the right book is there, but there isn’t an image. So editing the ISBN gets the image to come in. πŸ™‚

Sometimes there is no image for a book. I wish there was a way to upload those ourselves. Amazon allows that and does have customer uploaded images for more obscure books or books with no image for whatever reason. BUT those images aren’t pulled into Library Thing … which is too bad.

With Library Thing you can make a Widget. It’s just a fancy techy word for code that does something. You can make it do what you want, within the allowable constraints. On my sidebar, to-date, is the output from a widget I created on Library Thing. It pulls out 5 random books from my account, and lists them with links to my account page for whichever book, and a small image. I have the widget allowing me to style the css how I want. I’m not done, only letting it be there a bit softer in look for now, until I tweak it more.

The thing about the images, not having one for every book, is precisely bothersome about using a widget on your blog. Also, a non-standard size of the images really messes up the layout without enough space between book items.

This though is what is nice about an online service to get your library database into. You can display it online, different facets of it in different ways. Nifty.

Another thing on Library Thing is “Similar Libraries”. You can find others with the same books as you, or “Similar Libraries” as comparing data four different ways produces four lists to look at for each user.

Also when you view someone elses catalog of books, if you have any of the books that the catalog you are looking at has, they’ll be the first books, with noticeable graphics on the side letting you know, you and they have the same book.

When you vist anyone’s profile on the right-side info will display that you have no books that they have, or list the books that they have that you have, right there. Also, there is a short list of users and the number of books they share, in that area. It’s connected to the “Similar Library” function, in a way. It’s just obvious, they are the top 15 or so users that share some number of books with whoever’s profile you are looking at.

For me right now the top number of shared books I have is (21) with one user, the next is (14) and so on down in numbers.

These things all change every day, minute by minute, hour by hour, depending on who is loading up more books into their account.

I have more books, but they are buried in boxes in the garage where I can’t get myself. I’ve manage to drag out as many as I can though πŸ™‚ I’m not loading EVERY book at this point, there are some I have out that I haven’t. I’m just trying to load up the ones I like, or that are books I care about in some fashion or sense. Basically, books of consequence. Usefulness, now or before or future.

What it’s done though is make my book passion just burn brighter and higher. I now want to be sure and read some things over again, make sure some things are out and available at all times, get more shelves that can hold the books. We did buy book cases from Target, a few the other month. They are a Thomasville put together nice variety of bookcase. But hold books they do not. The weight is an issue. You have to be careful. So most of the books we planned on having out got put back into boxes. The shelves bow really fast under the weight of real books. So now I have some books out and reinvented the use of the shelves to be book and nicknack and kitchen items shared. I just have to watch for bowing and flip the shelf in question over if it does. Then it’s humped up high in the middle for awhile until it straightens out then eventually is bowed down again. Vicious cycle.

Don’t buy cheap bookcases. $60 can be a cheap bookcase. Buy real wood. But MDF, but don’t buy pressed put together garbage, looks nice, holds fluff, not real books.

Our true aim has been to build nice pine bookcase built-ins around the fireplace. We are hopefully closer to doing that, this winter at the latest. I have to get a good design though, to go floor to near ceiling and have a lot of space to load up books, display the nice ones on top and load up deep shelves behind doors below mantel height. My thinking is to get shelves below that pull out on smooth rollers, european sort of thingies, so that they can be deep, hold a heavy weight, and pull out to access everything easily. All behind cabinet doors. Up top will be book shelves that are just deep enough to hold any book we can throw at it, or collectibles, with lighting, and opened or behind glass doors. Not exactly sure or all the details yet … those are the rough ones.

So it’s Library Thing that has gotten me jazzed up though to start munching through books more than I had been.

I have several books being juggled right now. A few I’ve been juggling without touching for months, but consider them open on my agenda still. Now that Library Thing has got me gathering my things from the four corners of my world, I have the books in touchable space to actually read for sure now.

I was in the middle of reading all Jane Austens works when my hubby brought home a DVD for the one I was reading. I watched it and couldn’t continue reading. I was struggling in the middle of the book in the first place, and the movie only made that worse for me. I will be smacked for saying it most likely, but I liked the movie. The book I found much more dry and not easy to be drawn into like Pride & Predjudice, Sense and Sensability, etc. Yes, I was reading Mansfield Park, and the movie is the version that most everyone that likes Jane Austen books deplores, and says the book is her best book. I say, whatever. Really, I do. I much loved P & P as a book. I love the A&E adaption of it on DVD too. Book is better. I like the DVD of Sense & Sensability too, but not as much as P & P, but I love the book for S & S, really loved that one much more than the movie. So I’m stuck there, in Manfield Park. Stuck in the rut. And I will try to get out.

Mansfield Park is the book on my plate that’s been there the longest, unfinished.

I started to read the Dirk Pitt novel “Sahara” before we were going to see the movie of it. I read all the Dirk Pitt series back when they first came out in print. So I was only re-reading it to be able to highly critique the movie. Well I got several chapters into it and then put it down and didn’t pick it up again, then Frank got the DVD. So I watched it and was able to super-critique up to the parts I had not long before re-read, but after that I wasn’t in super-critique mode since it’s been a long time since I read that portion. All in all, the movie was horrible. It doesn’t resemble the book in the slightest. Character choice was poor, for starters, and they left out major portions of the story in the beginning, middle, and end. They invented some things that weren’t in the movie, a few were in the true spirit of Pitt, but moreso things were not Pitty, and the other characters were really off-par as well. Really, a southern syrup boy is NOT what Dirk Pitt is, if you know Pitt, you know him well if you read all his books, and Matthew McCaun…whatever-his-name-is-spelled-like just ain’t the man. So I have half a mind NOT to re-read the rest, but it’s nagging me that I’m in the middle of it, so maybe I’ll get to it.

Sahara is a re-read that is on the agenda maybe, partially re-read and need to finish it.

The Hobbit I had planned to re-read now, but after reading the first page I fell asleep and never picked it up again. I read Eragon in a day, and Eldest in a day, but couldn’t stay awake for The Hobbit right before. Oh well. Now I’m reading:

The Golden Compass, by Phillip Pullman. It’s a trilogy, so I’ll finish up them since they are new material, then plug into The Hobbit again.

I also have a few Lemony Snicket books that I was supposed to read before Russell gets them. I’ve not even started them, but htey are on the agenda and should be read, are supposed to be for sure. They are easy enough to do. I read the first few that the movie was based on first, and so did Russell, then we both went and saw the movie. I guess that turned off my reading machine for Lemony Snicket. The movie was good, in the spirit of it, and all that, but changed enough for me to say WHY!?? No need to change the story and timeline and who did what and leave that out and make that up. The books were good and good enough and would have made a wonderful movie if the screenplay could have just stuck to the book logicalness and kept all the pretty stuff in line with it and had a more successful movie, IMVHO. Anyhow, there are scads more books after the 6th one, that’s all that we have. Someday we’ll maybe get to them, maybe.

I have a few other books I was planning on getting into, but I won’t go into that here. It’s just that I have so much to read, and often just stare at the TV instead. Eragon broke that chain for me. I often at night am tired, too tired to read, reading puts me to sleep, then I wake up and can’t sleep and can’t read, just blah zombie awake. I find that I do watch TV either that or a DVD in all night, and sleep more, than if I try to sleep or do go to sleep usually without TV on. Nutsy, yeah, just part of my nightowl wierdo self, and getting older.

I have a task light by my bed, it’s not the best for reading by, but is that good Ott-Lite sort of light, which is true light, like sunlight. It feel glorious and looks good. If I have a good enough book I can stay awake long enough to read it a bit at night, if I try to read using the Ott-Lite, which is curiously hard in the task light sort of form it’s in. In any case, I find that if it’s a good book, as Eragon was, I could read it in the day and get into it deep, and then read a bit in bed at night and fall asleep with that Ott-lite on and sleep soundly all night under the Ott-Lite, and wake up feeling pretty good. It’s weird. That light is like yummy magic to my silly sleepy-lack there ofs.

Anyhow, I sometimes have turned it on and just lay there by it and sleep more right than not under it. It’s better if I had a book that I was really deep into though. So if I use Library Thing, it is inspiring me to try to read at bedtime and to try to read what I meant to, and inspire me to read old friends again, and to take good care of my books, get them where they are useful once again. Long ago we had our books out. But the bookcases were ugly. So I tried to spray paint them, and so they are now in the garage holding tools and junk in a half-painted status. They are a plain cheap sort of bookcase. Anyhow not good quality, just a heftier put together sort than the Thomasville nice looking ones we now have inside. Anyhow, in the day, we had them and most of our books out on them and another bookcase we used to have (but don’t anymore). Book collections do grow though, and so … time marches on. I have more reading to do for myself, and need to do pre-reading for Russell, and have to get back to read-alouds, which have pretty much slipped away, due to allergies all summer, groggy crackly voice after one or two pages, and so I nixed it totally. I was never as good as it as I wanted to be anyhow. I have good ideas and fail miserably at it. My singing voice is great and goes on and on, but my speaking voice for read-alouds just goes froggy fast. Also, that yawn thing, I have. Some others I’ve seen on an email list get it too. Yawning when reading aloud. Not yawning when talking, only “read-aloud” times. It’s annoying, and unkickable for me. I’ve tried different things, and continue to have it less or more but always some.

In all this then is the cost of getting books. I like books and don’t get many due to price of new books and not having the ability to go shop rumbling for used books much. It’s something I’d like to correct. I’ve sometimes been able to get stuff on eBay, but mostly I haven’t gotten many books, that’s better for my Cordwainer Smith collection, or buying music, and other things. I have bought a few lots of picture books. That works. I buy Economy Co. Phonics series there too, old workbooks and teacher tools from the 50’s through the 60’s. I had that in my first grade school year. Dot and Jim and Tag. We moved though and my new school in second grade had nothing notable that I recall. I’ve been highly interested in collecting what I can from the series though, and found an interesting sub-plot to the whole thing. The books look different a bit through the years, colors brighter later on to a degree, and graphics same, but changed in details in later years.

Take a 1952 book and a 1967 book and compare pages, covers … you’ll see a white kid in the ’52 book, but same kid is just turned into a black kid in the ’67 book. It’s not the features, only the “skin” color. It’s really obvious and embarrassing, I think. They’ve changed the color of the skin only, and then changed the names of those children too.

It’s an obvious educational ploy to change race ideas in the young years of classes. All in all, it’s not something done well, it’s something I’ll get here in picture later, I’m planning on scanning a lot of these books into my computer and I’ll post a few examples here soon, if I can get them done.

OK, so now that I’ve changed the subject, I’ll just change it again. I like eBay, but want to get books in bookshops, find old books on the shelves and feel the pages before buying. There’s a store up the road a few miles that Frank goes to to exhange paperbacks, they have mostly used books on the shelves and some new. I’ve been there a few times, but money is tight when I have been there. Gotta change that! So Library Thing has lots of my books in the database now, and it won’t be too many more until I hit my limit for the free account. I’m happy to say I’m sure that $10 won’t be a problem and is well worth the price.

Eragon Character Quiz

You are most like SAPHIRA

Like the majestic dragon, Saphira, you are brave and ferocious in battle but also deep in ancient wisdom. You think before flying headfirst into battle. You prefer the solitude of the wilderness to the populated cities of Alagaësia.


The quiz is fairly meaningless if you haven’t read “Eragon”, but you can answer and get a result, of course, like I said, it’s just pretty meaningless if you haven’t read the book. πŸ™‚

I’m glad to come out as the beautiful blue sparkly dragon Saphira, I like her a lot. πŸ™‚


Eragon – EHR-uh-gahn

Saphira – Suh-FEAR-uh

Alagaësia – al-uh-GAY-zee-uh

Homeschool “Hundred Acre Wood” style

You are a Tigger Homeschooler. Tiggers jump into
homeschooling with both feet, as a grand
adventure. Everything is about learning, and
their days (and houses) show it.

What kind of Hundred Acre Wood Homeschooler Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Sure, I knew that already. Woo! hoo! hoo!

Just a cute quiz to take, maybe someone will get a different answer and let me know who they are/what their result to the quiz is/let me know if it’s accurate to their model of life if I don’t know what their’s is like.


We are Tiggery, we have no schedule, bounce all over the place and have fun … but don’t always have something visibly going on, it’s not a “physical” Tigger Home Education we have, but a Visual-Spatial anything mind or body sort of thing. Kind of like how the Pixar movie “The Incredibles” can be viewed as an allegory about Gifted Education … and translates beautifully to the entire gamut of “gifted intellectually” or “gifted physically” or “gifted creative artsy” types. In the movie the “gifted” are the “natural super-heros” and the guy who has no “natural super-hero ablility” does have what would be considered “giftedness” in our world, but in the movie it’s “fake super-hero” stuff, creative, sure, but not what makes a “super-hero” in the movie. So to align the creative guy in the real world with what he’d be around the “natural-super-hero’s” which are “naturally gifted” would be to make him out to be a clever system to make regular folk appear to be as smart, creative, physical as gifted folk, but really aren’t aside from great tools that make them mediocrely successful.

In the real world, great tools work MAGIC with gifted folks using them, and only make mediocre stuff out of non-gifted.

Like take art, music.

Put a gifted singer in front of a mic and let her rip
Put a wanna-be-singer in front of a mic and let her sing and let the studio make her rip.

The real singer is good on her own
The other ain’t, but is marketed.

So what.

That’s me. I don’t record, sure, wish I could, but that’s beside the point. I haven’t not succeeded, so what. I wish to, but haven’t pursued it. The only point I’m making here is that the singers out there being played are mostly not good naturally, and there are some of us out here that are naturally good, so they [the recorded ones] should all be happy we live in a world that Cindro created. πŸ™‚

It’s just an example.

OK, so I am keeping my children with me, and it’s natural, and we are bouncy and plan to pursue all things that crop up. I’m not a bouncy person though. I’m as slow as molasses in person, quiet, reserved, crazy in my mind, racing around and having a million thoughts at once. To some I might be loud, but they don’t know the real me. I’m a nut in some cases, I can be really loud and forward, but normally I’m what I am: an introvert and glad to just watch and race around in my own head, that has rich worlds in deep layers inside.

This goes to me thinking then, how does a non-visual-spatial-introvert live in their heads, what’s it like? If they aren’t pictoral in thought, how do they introvertedly be reflective in the introvert-ish way. See there, now I have some new knowledge to pursue. That’s sort of what it’s like in our home educationally. One thing sparks a new idea and we or they or I or the one goes off and finds something else that brings them to that other thing, then sparks a revolutionary thought that opens up a whole new something else.

La dee da da day, normal day for us.

Society of Books

I posted this quoted material on Carmon’s site

I got a “Spam Karma” warning: two links, and a different email address, no doubt, pegged me for a spammer :veryshocked: :LOL:

What book would you use to escape?

I prefer to curl up with any of the Cordwainer Smith stories … here is a link to an Illustrated Bibliography, on a site run by one of his daughters.

I also love to sink into Little House on the Prairie series at times, but my preference runs to read Farmer Boy time and again. That’s my favorite, Little House in the Big Woods is second. I’ve been reading these (Little House) since I was 8. πŸ™‚

Then put into a category: Chronicles of Prydain & Lord of the Rings Trilogy — they are pure lovely escape at other times. In this category will be a new entry, the second in the Inheritance Trilogy just came out. I haven’t read the first or second, but know that, from reading ABOUT them, the tradition this writer comes from is bound to be richly portrayed in the pages … Eragon is the first book, Eldest is the second and just came out mid-August. I have them sitting on my desk … just need the time to dig in now.

I love good literature written for children, it’s never outgrown πŸ™‚

Marysue (Maisy)


Frank got a desk for himself and a desk for me this past week. I put mine together the other day, it was easy, I just needed help with the glass for the top, carrying it over to be installed, then flipping the entire unit once built.

I’m in the torn-apart kitchen with the new desk. Last time I was “up here” at all with a comuter was with my old laptop. This is different though, I have a nice glass computer desk now. I’m behind the stove, but able to be around all the goings on in the kitchen/dining/living area. I had been relegated to the downstairs office, way out of it, for me.

The freedom came when we ditched the ethernet connection and got me a wireless pci card. πŸ™‚ I stayed down there in the office though after that, since I didn’t want to figure out where to put the table … the small casual dining table that’s been my ‘desk’ for a long while now.

The glass desk was a bonus for me. (Frank’s was planned moreso than mine was) So I’ll have those tables (he is using my bigger old casual dining table) back eventually for kitchen, learning, etc. use. Both new desks are from Staples. We looked at all the major office stores last week and in the weeks before. The point being we were looking for cheaper slim solutions. We saw plenty of nice big office desks, computer oriented versions and whole suites, but they are all out of our realm in this house. Pricey too. So what we saw at Staples were a few different desks in a certain product line. Mine is glass and metal, very solid, blue tempered glass, a wide desk area, keyboard drawer below, and two shelves below that to hold the computer, and other things. On the desktop is an elevated shelf to hold the monitor. In the “table” setup I’d have little room left on the surface to write, or store anything, with just a monitor, the computer, and the keyboard and mouse right there on the one surface. This new desk affords me super-duper space. It’s all open and lovely. I like the glass look. It’s very modern, moreso than our house is. Well think on that a second, our house is in torn-apart status. Modern glass furniture is sort of bizarre in here. (wall 3/4’s torn apart, moldings torn out, flooring torn out, living on subflooring, cabinets partly torn out and sitting against the other wall.)

In any case, it’s functional, and puts me back in the thick of things. I can do things on the computer and cook, and do this and that, and the other, more easily now. Before it was that I was down in the “basement” and that takes me away, and I can’t jump up and go do things and do any sort of computer work that way, I had to just sit down.

This desk is mine, but meant to eventually be the children’s computer desk. Once the kitchen is moreso underway in construction, I’ll have to move, and whenever I can get a laptop again, I’ll have the option of getting a lovely wood writing desk that will fit into a small space better. That’s no time soon, hopefully the kitchen work will be soon, and I’ll find a corner to squish into. πŸ™‚

This is all just a lesson in organization. Modern computer equipment is quite unruly in how it has all those cables and needs for electricity. I good desk that can manage all that is worth it. It’s the “gadget” that helps one to organize well. Previously we had an organization attempt in a small computer armoire, and we didn’t like it much after we got it. It closed us in and was a nightmare for organization. It had doors to shut it away, and papers piled up and things got put in it, it wasn’t fun. It was a magnet for disorganization. That was a long time ago though, we haven’t used that in a very, very long time for a computer. Victoria has it now for putting things into. More suitable for that.

For me, I need to have my things out in the open to understand them. Work related things (which is kitchen, family, education, hobby) for me need to be visible and accessible. So this desk is a dream for me. Glass see through-ness, my computer is visible, but not in my way physically. I can access the buttons on it easily. If I have a problem with it, it won’t be so hard to get it up on my desktop and work on it, either.

Frank’s desk is still in it’s box. It’s a maple-laminate and metal sort of desk. It’s not the usual cheap laminate desk (what I think about when I think about put-together cheap furniture.) It has a slim appearance, but lots of horizontal space for all that active paperwork he’s involved with. With this desk he’ll be able to be more organized as well.

It’s all good.


It’s mid-morning in the USA now, and Audioscrobbler’s site is still only showing the “new site” message, but the magic behind the scenes must be working, the plugin I use is connecting and submitting now. It wasn’t earlier this morning. Progress!

Update: [1:52pm] The plugin only connected to send in three or four tracks, but that was something, more than nothing. Activity. Connection. Still waiting for website to change … and plugin to connect again … πŸ™‚

Update: [3:05pm] The plugin connected again, and tried to send in some tracks, but then got an error “200” message in the log file, and then it tried to connect several more times and it downloaded “style” and “html” code stuff instead of doing whatever it was supposed to. So I shut down WMP and opened up the log file and deleted the garbage in it. Then I restarted WMP a few minutes later and the plugin connected and sent the cached tracks in and has since sent in OK the last track I just played, and is logging the current track, and seems to be connected. Submission is based on if the plugin can connect at the actual time it sends the data, of course, but the thing is: there is progress still happening. Behind the current though, what is going on? We are anxious for the exact timing of the show beginning, when is the curtain call? :shrug-I-don’t-know: but content to wait for my dear friend audioscrobbler to come out and play.

Update: [3:45pm] loaded. Whoopee! It’s nice and red/cranberry. I logged in. It’s got my info, icon, it’s crawling though … sloooowwww but it’s in now, it’s logged my recent listenings and it’s so different! Way to go guys (Russ, etc.) I first new something was different when I hit “refresh” and it slogged and didn’t load that “new site” page. So I canceled and just tried, so now I’m trying to load my audioscrobbler profile. It’s in. It’s It’s mirrored. Hmmm.

.: technorati: :.

Audioscrobbler Updating

Audioscrobbler has been down for site maintenance. I got hooked on using them in, uh, May I think, or some such timeframe near to that. In July I had my computer, the Vaio GRV-550 laptop that died, it’s what I used to listen to music up in the main floor area of the house, connected to a 2.1 digital speaker stand-alone set. I had ripped a bunch of CD’s into my computer, and played what I wanted to out of all the tracks, made my own odd playlists, listened to whole albums often though.

Audioscrobbler got me more interested in listening to precisely what I was in the mood for, as is my actual methodology for music listening, but Audioscrobbler helped me fine-tune my habit, and I also have found new music to start to like through them. Needless to say nearly, it might seem apparent to some of you, when my laptop died, I was in withdrawl a bit. It wasn’t a bad habit and therefore something I should have stopped, it was just that my computer was playing music so much of the time for me, and I loved the interactive lists that audioscrobbler had available of aggregate info. All the sudden having no machine to play music on like that … was very hard.

I couldn’t listen to music on the desktop at first, as I was sharing that with Frank. Then he got his laptop, and I could quietly listen to music while I was at the desktop, seeing as it’s in Frank’s office … but just a few days into that phase is when something unknown went haywire and I was without computer entirely again. Finally we got the new hardware that we bought interm to work, and I have a computer to work on and listen to music on again. But it’s still in Frank’s office. It’s wired into the network, and this is the only place to do that currently. So I’m stuck here.

Frank is out of town, so it’s a good time to actually listen to music louder. I hadn’t been on Audioscrobbler for weeks, then I was on and listened to some during two different weeks, then I layed off and didn’t go there the last few days. I checked it out yesterday and … it’s offline. New Improved site coming soon.

Today same thing. Then just now I went back and it says “new site
Tuesday 9th August.” That’s tomorrow! πŸ™‚

I would hook up my good speakers down here if I could, but I can’t. I am realizing just now that we took them on a trip with us, when we went to Charleston, in case we would watch a movie on Frank’s laptop in the hotel. We didn’t. When we got home Frank brought stuff in the house, but never brought in the speakers. I saw that a bit later, and didn’t make a move to bring them in. I knew it since then, and just didn’t do anything about it. Now they are in the airport, that’s where our van is, and I can’t get to them at all. :rolleyes:

I’m a bit excited to see what audioscrobbler will unveil tomorrow!

Plugins and Uprades: Troubles

Working through issues, I’m not sure what’s what.

I have been using CG-Referrer as a logging program and nasty combatant. I had WP 1.5 running since moving Hosts, and meant to get another WP running, but didn’t until yesterday. All along since updates to WP have been out I meant to upgrade, but didn’t, until the night before yesterday.

CG-Referrer stopped working on this site when I upgraded to WP, the first upgrade I attempted. The upgrade worked fine, but CG-Referrer didn’t work right. So I went and found the most recent CG-Powerpack. I deactivated the old version in plugins, deleted all the files, and then uploaded the new stuff. I activated it in Plugins. I went to the admin functions of CG-Referrer and saw how nice it was now, quite nicely upgraded to pull out more data and function friendly-like.

But then I saw, over time, the new CG-Referrer wasn’t working to log info at all. πŸ™

Yesterday I installed a brand new copy of WP on my other site, for a new blog. I installed CG-Referrer there, and it does the same thing as this sites version.

So it’s not any old file I kept here causing the problem, and not something funky in how I did it all, I downloaded a brand new copy of both WP and CG-PowerPack before installing the new blog.

My last ditch effort will be to connect to my site via FTP instead of SFTP and see if uploading all these files will work.

The last thing is that I use DreamHost as my Host, and they do have things different than what works with some PHP, I am learning. So maybe that’s what this is about.

I had WeatherIcon2.0 installed on this site, and today it suddenly started to throw errors at me. It seems to be connected with what I read about url_fopen stuff, not sure exactly what it is, but I had this ugly error sitting there on the side of my page, extending the width of my page, ugly, ugly, ugly. So I took it out and kissed it goodbye. It doesn’t really make sense, it worked alright the whole time since the upgrade, until just today. It’s not just my station, it’s ANY station I tried. So like I said, “smack-pooey-ooey … goodbye!” :veryshocked:

I have other plugins too on my other site, the older install that is still WP 1.5. I have three different plugins to get recent comments and entries and top commenters there. I have found that the c2c_top/recentcommenters plugin doesn’t work. Oh, but it does. Call it up in a plain php file with wp-headers that are at the top of wp pages so that the info will work with plugins and such in that WP install, well in that case, just the headers and the php function call to get_commenters of the right variety, it works!

I also tried it on a WP 1.5 Page, I put the call in a template in my Theme, and then created a page based on that template. That page then is linked on the side bar. Click the link for that page and voila! The page loads and the info for that plugin is right there fine and dandy.

But try and call it up on the sidebar, forget it. It’s doesn’t do anything, no errors, just doesn’t do a thing.

This has been that way since I started that blog on DreamHost. I just haven’t tried to fool with it until now. So using that thought process which began since all this drama, I looked into my plugins here and saw I had two old “post and comment” sort of plugin lying around, activated but not used. So I made sure they were unused and chucked them. The actual plugin I’m using for sidebar reflection of activity is “c2c customizable postings” – a terribly complicated post recall plugin that you can customize up to your hearts content, I guess. I have it filtering through recent comments and recent entries only. Maybe it’s capable of doing the top commenter bit role. The reader may have noticed that I referred to the top/recentcommenters plugin above, the one on my other blog that I’m having trouble with showing up on my sidebar … it’s a c2c plugin, just as is the one here that’s the fussy-optioned one.

So I’ll do a test of both on both of the blogs and see if I can get what I want going. It should all work, I use the same host, same account for goodness sake. That’s the c2c plugin.

As for CG-Referrer, it also does run on my old blog on the other site, the WP 1.5 install that I’m talking of that has the c2c problem. It’s the older version of CG-Referrer, and works fine. I’ll maybe upgrade that plugin first and see if THAT works on WP 1.5 on my dreamhost hosted sites.

Also I’ll note what I did today as well: I sent trackbacks and pings back and forth to my three blogs. Trackback or Ping to and from the blogs worked. Trackbacks worked to and from 1.5 and Pings would go out from 1.5 to, but not received into 1.5 from I think. I may be flip-flopped on that last stat. In not out, out not in, one of those. It’s that the blog that sends the ping rates it as sent, but the receiving blog doesn’t post it. So sends it to a 1.5 and the 1.5 doesn’t get it, but the did send it. At least that’s how mine is acting. Ok, that’s enough techy for now. πŸ™‚