I installed a new plugin on this blog today: “Yet Another Related Posts Plugin” … to be exact. (Referered to as YARPP)

I had been thinking of finding some such plugin for some time, and finally went hunting for one today and am very pleased with this one, how it’s working, the ease of use, etc.

It is fun for me to see what posts are called up as “related” for different topic-ed posts, gets me looking at past content from a different perspective and that will help me with “tagging” some of them finally, no doubt.

I worked on the Sandbox theme I’m using too. I fixed up some code and now my blog is more fluid for resizing

I also just spiffed up my laptop, on the outside a bit. Nothing fancy, just cleaned off the dust and dirt and so it’s shiny black again, and finally removed the big sticker from the left palm rest area — a very faded HP sticker. I saw no reason to remove it before now. I’m the sort of weirdo that leaves plastic stuff on new things too, the clear film stuff that protects different things, I leave that on whatever until it’s ugly as can be, then take it off and the device is new looking underneath. Sort of a “screen protector” sort of thing, though it’s never a “screen” that’s covered, and I don’t do it to it, just leave on the original manufacturer stuff.

Let’s see, like the bread machine, the stove, the washer, the dryer, radios, etc. The sticker on the computer was a different sort of thing, sure, but similar enough to me, it looks so very nice there now.