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Original Source: November 5, 2004

Floating around the ‘net, apparently, though I’ve, thus far, only seen it on blog.

What does this have to do with Jesus? Well, seems that many think that Religious Folks are the ones that voted for Bush, and the Non-Religious are the ones that voted for Kerry, based on the Electoral votes accrued by each of those candidates.

What is Jesus to you? An incorrect view of whom Jesus is will lead one to create and love and believe in the above graphical representation. It’s just a sad day to see such a thing, knowing that the so-called Religious have so few morals, and that the so-called Non-Religious see the so-called Religious as having too many morals, when the so-called Non-Religious just have a few less morals than the so-called Religious in the first place.

That map is all hooey phooey.

Post Election 2004 I

I’m chomping at the bit for Peroutka numbers for Georgia. All the other states too. I see in my own county that there are just over 100 Libertarian Candidate for Pres. this year.

Peroutka was a Write-In in Georgia, so who knows when data will be available.

2004 Election Day – November 2

I'm a Georgia Voter [Write-In]

Today is Election Day in the United States of America, a.k.a. The USA, The US, and formerly known as “These United States”.

Frank and I both voted this morning, with the three children by our sides. Voting has gone E-voting in Georgia this year. Touch Screen voting was easy. I sort of showed Russell what was happening as I was voting, and Victoria watched as well. Frank had Asa by him.

This was my first time voting for a Write-In Candidate, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

We nearly didn’t vote. We were going to vote in the Advanced Voting last week, then didn’t. We have been frustrated with many things this election season, and all in all, it came down to the fervor of Election Day Morning trash talk everywhere spurring us on to the local polling place.

Husband and I agreed to vote “No” on both ammendment refs. This was the main sticky point last week.

Idea: Pragmatic to vote YES on the marriage ammendment, we both came to agree on that, as in: it’s a way to get Something Done to vote YES, but that isn’t the real goal. The Goal is to get the courts out of deciding certain things, and the real goal I have is for the State to get out of licensing “marriage”. So therefore we could both happily vote NO, and later reforendums could speak to correcting the wrongs.

Voting YES on that would have brought about howling lawsuits and horrendous litigations in any case. So talking about it from that perspective shows that it isn’t the answer.

We do not agree with “Civil Unions” per se either. So this is a longer kind of a road to lead down the right path as to what Marriage is, and what State Sanctioned Unions for Special Privelages are/is.

Phew. It’s particularly a thing that we did not agree with Federally passing such an amendment either, saying it was within the States Rights to decide.

From there we saw that the real deal is that it’s not for STATES to decide via License who can marry, or who can …

We believe MARRIAGE to be something precious and State Sanctioned is not what we want, though we were married under a licensing of marriage program in Fl, we do not wish to see this the future for our children.

We did many things in the past, pollitically connected, via stupidness. No one knew any better, seems.

So we are now here in 2004 and seeing the future through Sunglasses. The future’s so bright, we’ve got to wear shades.

It’s bright with sunlight filtering all in the further scenes, as well as bonfires interm.

Tumultus times are ahead, no doubt.

Proud Peroutka Supporter(s) and Peroutka Write-In-Voter-In-Georgia folk.

Doing our Duty to honor God through voting for a Godly Candidate who believes in Limited Government.


Voting 2004 Election

Map of Peroutka’s up-to-dateballot access

We are considering “voting early” as we can do that in our state the week before the election … that is THIS week, but not the day of or day before the “actual” day of election voting. We will be looking into it tomorrow or so.

For me I prefer not to have to go into the Public local elementary school to vote …

That old political saying goes: “Vote Early and Often”

We just might do part of that for the first time, “Early” πŸ™‚

We have verified that Peroutka is a valid Write-In in GA. Check out your Sec. of State website to find out who is Write-In valid, and what other voting options you may have. Searching in Yahoo or Google will pull up the info you’d be looking for. Some of the links for GA are below.

Georgia Secretary of State :: Elections :: Voter Information

Georgia Advance Voting Locations PDF

I used to believe that Voting Day was the day to vote and that’s it, with Absentee ballots the only exception. I have changed my tune due to so many things: one of which is, I don’t believe the day is sacred in and of itself, and my true blue political heart has grown-up a lot the past 4 years: disenchantment with government as a whole, big parties as one, and my life long belief in Limited Government coming to realize the futileness of achieving that through D. or R. and the need for grass-roots to grow to bring about the change, and that takes years. Great fertilizers are what we need. Not chemically made ones, but natural — like the natural real dung of animals. Yes, that’s what we need politically.

I’ll vote for Peroutka, and so will some others. Others will vote for B. of the Libertarians, and others for the several+ other so-called “Third Parties”. Most people of the U.S. that vote will do so for either of the two nasties on the extreme sides of the Big Tent.

In what ever way it turns out, K or B will be elected, and fraud will be called out very likely, horrid days ahead. I hope for a broad range of poopy stuff to develop so as to fertilize the Grass-Roots-Growth.

Burn-out from TOO much fertilizer is possible. But then the possibility of a few good outlying areas of wonderfully healthy grass spreading into the decimated area is a grand idea for the future.

We vote for Peroutka as in Honoring God with our vote. No candidate is perfect. No voter is either. No man is perfect, but the God Man, Jesus Christ was perfect. He is perfect. He always will be so. We live for Him, under Him. Our vote counts as obedience does.

Cornell Third-Party Debate (Peroutka)

Today our pastor is away in Chicago speaking at the church that had a conference this past week at which he also spake, so we had our pastor-filler-John_Carrick, whom comes often when our pastor isn’t there. Today’s message was on “The Glory of Creation” Gen. 1:1-31. Very lovely.

In any case, we aren’t going to this evenings service, which is someone else speaking, but will stay home since FIL is here. As well the Peroutka third-party debate is airing on C-Span, and I wasn’t able to download it from the Peroutka site, I tried many times the past day or so. Errored out after a slow download of practically nothing for many minutes, in both IE 6 and Firefox, on two different computers. In any case we are looking forward to seeing how it went, and how Mr. Peroutka presents himself and the issues he stands for and against, as well as seeing the other major third-player candidates.

Find an update below, whence it is ready!

UPDATE: [10-11-2004] –Watched the debate last evening on C-span. Mr. Peroutka was good, held his ground, answered well. No arguements ensued. Mr. Socialist Party was funny, not a serious candidate IMO, Mr. Libertarian Party was good as I agree with many of that parties stances but surely not all of them by far …, and Mr. Green Party was obviously rabid against big corps and disgusted me with his talk about things as them being a “world wide” party. We don’t want a “world wide” party in the White House ever. In any case, Mr. Peroutka brought up Instant Run-Off Voting, and said that he had just learned of it via Mr. Green Party. This is where Mr. Green Party redeemed himself, and they all agreed, all four of them supposedly but I didn’t take it as gospel that Mr. Socialist Party agreed — he seemed rather not-into-it either by disagreement or non-understanding or some-such-thing. Mr. Green Party gave a good short descrip of what IRV is, and it’s something I’m familiar with for a long, long time, since sometime back in the 90’s at the least, I think. At any rate, it’s exactly the thing … but to get that to happen would be a joke, as the Big Tent party that visually is split into two oarts called Democratic and Republican, respectively, would have to die first, and for the Tent to be flattened would mean … ? People bowled over with understanding and change of heart … ? Doable, but in God’s way only, and that is a mystery and not something MAN can bring about.

The secondary thing is that one student in the audience asked about Abortion, and ONLY Mr. P. is Pro-Life. No other candidate there, or in the Big Tent is Pro-Life. None of those three, and neither the Big Tenties too.

Mr. P. went first in Introductions, then Mr. Green Party. Mr. P. said “God, Family, Constitution”. That seemed to make Mr. Green Party upset and he said in HIS Intro that he was going head to head, basically, in his Intro with the Constitution Party … but rattled right on into Green Party Avocado Dip Recipe instead … Mr. Socialist Party then took C.P. phrase above and laughed and showed examples from his life experience of WHY we don’t need to use that phrasology … a total joke that was. Mr. Libertarian Party stuck to L.P. politics. Good for him. The two funny pieces are Green and Socialist, they felt the need to defend themselves from C.P. That’s good. So Libertarians get the most votes after the two biggies, I understand that. It makes sense. C.P. is the rising “conservative” group. I don’t go all force into their platform, but it’s a God Honoring platform overall, and that’s why it’s God Honoring to vote for Peroutka.

It was a nice debate, not fiery, not boring. Just a good casual debate. Refreshing, actually. Mr. P. spoke on many issues, and gave info, didn’t give emotional outburst, or passionate speeches. He simply told the truth of what was what. πŸ™‚

Crashing the show about Crashing the Parties

PBS was supposed to be airing a show last night or tonight, depending on location and station, called “Crashing the Parties 2004”. Hmph, it didn’t air on any of the stations we can get. We have DirecTv again now, and at least two local PBS stations.

It irks me since PBS has it online as a feature being aired, but no DirecTv aired station is showing it EVER! It’s the ONE show on a political theme I was looking forward to seeing, and the ONLY ONE I had planned on even looking at on purpose.

“Hmph” is the best word to describe how I am feeling about it. It’s pretty much like the ballots in GA, totally OUT of my control. Totally NOT having what I want on them. My choice being limited to bad and bad, nothing at all related to what I’d choose. Hmph.

I’m really, really getting frustrated over the politics this year. I support Peroutka, and encourage y’all to vote for him too. He’s not on the ballot here, and local TV won’t air a special about the third-parties and their impact on the election. Hmph, hmph, hmph.

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