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Hens and dog again

I just moved the Leghorn pen, the slow way, inch by inch, pull this side, pull that side, straighten that part, pull again … etc.

I checked for eggs there this morning, much earlier, and noticed dirt next to the pen, and a hole right there. There were no eggs in the pen. Victoria had said yesterday that there were 3 eggs in there. I hadn’t gotten them, they should have been there today. But they weren’t, and I can venture to say what it was. Not really a guess, just a “didn’t see it” but evidence is high enough to understand it.

Doggie ate baby bird today. Doggy must have dug next to and under the hennie pen to get those eggs. They don’t have a nest box in there right now, so they’d be available if they were near to the side of the pen. Doggy has never done this before. Dug, yes. Dug into the pen? No.

There are several white feathers all over the pen. It’s my guess that he did the deed earlier this morning, he was out loose all night. He had been in his crate all afternoon because of the thunderstorms, so I let him out last night to run free, didn’t put him in his own pen out there. I should have. He just must have scared the whities, and some lost a few feathers in fright, they all were there, and looked aright. [yes, that’s it, “aright” not a mispelling!]

I just didn’t realize that the baby birds would be out of their nest so soon, or that the dog would dig to get eggs ever. Dumb me. I knew previous to yesterday that I wanted the dog put away from about then on “because of the possible mocks out of nest soon”. Kick myself a bit there.

So I finally decided it’s best to move the hens further from that hole the dog made. I moved them a bit, then more, then figured since I was doing it inch by inch and I’d done that much, it’s not much harder to just keep going and move them out to totally fresh grass. I’m bad about it when Frank’s not here and I don’t feel well. So now that I’m thinking on it I do need to give them a box again. I’ll try and get them one a bit later, the sun is brutal at this hour still.

I did get one egg from that pen this afternoon. The A-frame biddies haven’t laid a thing in a few days, and just one egg before that, and very little before that. They look fine. Nice and red combs and all that. Figuring it’s time to turn on a light for them. Already. I don’t know, and don’t feel like looking it up, how much daylight we have this week each day, or how soon it gets down to much lower. All in all, the hens have laid when they’ve wanted to, in their second year, and don’t go by conventions sake at all. God knows why, but we don’t. πŸ™‚

So when it comes down to it, those three eggs the dog got *most likely* really add up to be missed at this time of the year, especially seeing as the A-Framers haven’t contributed to the pot at all recently.

The Dog and the Storm

It’s raining very hard right now. It wasn’t raining awhile ago, but I thought I heard the rumble of thunder in the distant WSW. I looked at my accuweather email for the morning and it didn’t mention any thunderstorms. So I went online and looked at the radar and sure enough, there was a nast line moving towards our area from the west south west.

I had also looked out the window, went onto the deck and looked, and it was definitely darker, more gray than black, in those directions. So it was obvious a thicker storm was moving in, but not obvious that it was heavy or thunderously filled.

The radar confirmed my hearing and other senses though. I can feel these things coming. I love them too.

So I then went to the front door to stand on the porch, the dog, Lothar, was behind me and I figured he’d run away into the house somewhere since I was going to the front door. Of course that was not HIS plan. I’ve been training him more the past few days, and had wanted to start training him to come with me to the door, in the event of me wanting him by the front door for any reason in the future.

So in split second timings this was all happening as I opened the door, and I reached down to grab Lothar’s collar and zzzippp he was out the door and whipping across the front yard to the street and beyond. Whoaaa Boy! Nothing brought him back. So with imminent falling rain and lightning bolts not too far away, I had to go running after him.

It may not be known to all readers that Lothar is a super speedy pup. He’s over a year old, but still puppy-like. In anycase, he speeds around the yard like he has a fire on the end of his tail. So knowning that about him, I was sure I couldn’t catch him.

My best hope was for Frank to come out and help, and the children had ran in to find him. I ended up having to run all over the place in our little part of the street, four houses involved, ours the two on either side of us, and the one across the street. Our lots aren’t tiny so it was a lot of ground to cover and very hilly one part goes uuup and the other way is dooowwwwn. Takes a great lot of energy reserves to do such running. I am not one with much reserves. I can output the needed energy, but then I’m tuckered out and shaking for the rest of day.

I called that dog, whistled for him, sweetly called his name, slapped my thigh called “here boy!” and clapped my hands … nothing did he attend to. Nothing did he even stop for and look at me.

He was nuts. He’s never done this before and all I can figure is that something weird happened in his brain when he saw the front door and could feel a storm coming.

Well he marked this and that place, and that other place and on and on. I just couldn’t get him, a centimeter from his collar, or tail –I got that close and just couldn’t make a grab on him anywhere. Huffing and puffing I was running and trying to shuttle him towards the house and he was way ahead of me and turned at the same place he’d been time and again on his crazy tour and just went in the house. Dumb dog.

I can use exercise, sure. But that sort isn’t helpful. If he got like that daily I’d have to seriously ditch him or pay to have it trained out of him. See animals in our area get hit all the time. Our neighbors dog got out of their yard recently and was wandering around. It was a digger, and with our chickens and our dog we coudn’t keep it in our yard, it went away anyhow. So we found out later that it had gotten hit by a car and was dead.

A free running dog is not legal either, leash-laws. I have no desire to have my dog running around the neighborhood as others have been doing since this subdivision went up.

So our Lothar was in the house, and he knew I was not happy. He was non-hyper and totally the opposite of his previous adventurous self. Into his crate he went.

I’ve had some good times with that dog the past few days, thinking I was making progress with him in paying attention to me, coming when called no matter what, listening to my commands to come, sit, stay, with help, but he was doing great compared to anytime in the past I’d tried to work with him.

I guess he had pent up rebelliousness from training and the pending storm not far away released his emotions. I am guessing.

So anyhow it’s been raining since then, pelting rain, then lulls and then more rain, then pelting, pelting rain. Crash, rumble, flash, flash, flash, rumble, crash, crash, flash, crash … ahhhh.

Dog training in session

These two photos are from the other day. Dog is now being trained to stay inside.

Previously he has only been crate trained and stayed outside mostly, in his 10×10 corral and running free in fenced in backyard.

So he’s new to the inside during daytime nice weather, not in crate. In these photos he on the dirty kitchen floor, with his leash wrapped around the table leg just so he’ll stay put. He’s not depressed. He just looks like this when laying down with leash on or off. πŸ™‚

So yesterday I had him in the house off-leash.

Today he’s been in off-leash.

It’s working out alright. The cats are wary of him, well not exactly.

Scarlet and Strider both like the dog. They go right up to Lothar and rub on him. Strider even licks Lothars head some. The Think Blue Count Two duo sit several feet away and watch the dog. They don’t want to be put near him, they pop and hiss if you try to make them. They have no problem running right next to the dog though to get onto my lap. πŸ™‚

So this is first phase of “Get this dog ‘better’ trained”.

He’s over a year old. It’s just now that the first anniversary of his sisters death is at hand. πŸ™

Turkey Aftermath

Dinner is over, left-overs put away, some of the dishes washed, some not. πŸ™‚

It was a hard afternoon. I didn’t get the turkey in the oven until later than I wanted. It took until after 5pm for it to be done. Then it had to sit, of course, while the stuffing was taken out and put in a covered bowl, and the turkey had to sit to retain juices … and that’s also when the other stuff had to go into the oven since I had very little space for anything earlier.

So I really don’t know when we started to have dinner. It must have been after 6pm. I’m bushed though. And we still need to have Birthday Girls birthday tonight. πŸ™‚

We have pumpkin pies in the fridge, but won’t have it tonight, tonight it’s cheesecake for B-day. I’m not ready for it, I want to enjoy the cake! I’m too full from Thanksgiving Dinner still. At any rate, we’ll have the pumpkin pie for breakfast tomorrow.

I’ve got the bones of the birdy in a stock pot with water, and by tomorrow some time we’ll have some extra turkey broth.

The cats got the neck and such earlier. I simmered them for the broth to go with the gravy, then picked the meat off for the cats. Earier I gave them the raw liver, but Scarlet took that away for herself. Piggy that she was.

Dog got plate left-overs and boy did he enjoy them. Piggy himself.

We have lots of turkey left. It was a 19 pound young turk. Bell and Evans, the best we could do with this year. We had some of one breast and part of one leg. That leaves most of the bird for:

Turkey Scramble
and what-not-else.

Turkey Scramble will be tomorrow. That’s another post. :laugh:

Strider and Dixie

Photos of two cats
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Gretchen Buried, and life continues

We buried Gretchen in an old part of the garden. We had dug it out a few years ago, but it had all kinds of house building junk buried there, so we didn’t use it for veggies. I did plant wildflower seed there, and packets of particular flower seed, but nothing much grew and nothing seeded that did grow, and really no flowers bloomed either, so it went to weeds, of course. Well it’s been wet enough the past months that the ground was diggable, but it was still hard work.

Russell helped dig some, we then took a break for a few hours, then went back out and actually buried Gretchen. We’ll be planting perennial wildflowers there this Spring.

I haven’t seen anyone from the house behind ours, and neither have I seen their dogs that did the deed. Maybe they got rid of them right away, that remains to be verified though, of course.

No one worked on the hole, filling it, unfortunately either.

Lothar is very different now that Gretchen isn’t around. I’ve taken him out on the leash several times, and he’s more willing now, than he was last week when I tried to faithfully get him leash trained again (we had stopped using a leash and just let them be in the kennel for awhile, or run around the yard, or be in their spot in the laundry room in the house. Leash training had just never taken, so we gave it up for the time being.)

Lothar seems to know his sister and buddy is gone, but who can tell what he really is thinking or knows. He’s happy to eat, and happy to get “luvins” as we call it.

Now what to do with him is a bit of a dilema, for neither he nor Gretchen, before, liked to play with toys that we gave them. They had balls and a squeeky stuffed white fuzzy thing shaped like a “man” gingerbread-kind-of-shape. So now that stuff is all Lothars, but he is just not interested in the least, same as always, for now.

How to get a dog to like a ball? Chase it, or retrieve it, anything, carry it around, chew it up. Anything at all. But no, the nice size balls for their, oh it’s so hard to stop with the plural dog things … nice size balls for his mouth are purely ignored.

Yes, I need to get some other toys, but mostly I’d like to see if there are any we can make from around the house stuff. Any ideas, anyone? I’m open to suggestions!

What does Lothar like?

  • Food, anything to eat (he eats raw, and does that well)
  • Looking at me in deep love
  • Sitting by me begging head rubs, and begging for more of them
  • Trying to frequently lie at my feet on his back, and give his “belly rub me” bedroom eye looks (belly rub fiend is he)
  • So there you have it, he’s a mushy mush of love. Toys for that? Something besides me? Please, help y’all! He was like this before, but always had Gretchen around to compete with, if I had one puppy head in my hands for luvins, another would be thrust in there within a few seconds … now it’s just the one, and he’s loving it to pieces even more.

    The nice thing is, with him inside, in the laundry room, without Gretchen, I can keep the door opened. Gretchen would climb out all the time, as soon as you turned your back if you left the door open and just the baby gate left in the doorway. I don’t recall Lothar ever doing that, so this first day of trial, he’s proved thusfar that he stays in. He loves to put his paws up on the gate and get attention, but that ‘s it. No climbing out. So he’s more a part of the family with way. Nice. He’s to be a inside trained dog, but so far we’ve had to totally keep him (and before, Gretchen) contained due to the rummaging constantly for anything they could find on the floor, racing around the whole time too, whenever they’d be free in the house. Mostly it was always something they weren’t supposed to be doing, but we hadn’t found a way to train them to stop it yet.

    Puppies that they were. Puppy that Lothar is now. I had Lothar on a leash by my side here while I was on the computer this afternoon, and he stayed on the floor and laid in the sunshine streaming in. (My ‘puter is back in the kitchen by the French Doors to the deck since it’s warmer suddenly and Spring is a-coming.)

    So then, Gretchen’s death was a horrid thing, and very much a loss. BUT there is a bright side to it, and now I think Lothar will be more trainable and we’ll have a companion dog sooner, instead of two companion-dogs-maybe later.

    Gretchen and Lothar

    Here’s the latest photo I have of Gretchen and Lothar together. I don’t have one of her alone, or a decent shot of her as far as I know. What’s on undeveloped film is another thing though πŸ˜‰

    This was taken on January 19, 2004, the day after our new pullet had “disapeared” and so I took this photo as one in a string of “evidence”. I have a page devoted to that elsewhere. I have it linked in a post here, but I’ll link to it again later here, when I’m up to finding it. Right now I can only stand to type a bit, not find othe stuff. Emotionally I’m done for, for now.

    I got the digital camera to work (surprise!) yesterday, and thought I’d taken a picture of Gretchen, well I didn’t. I had tried, but the way digital’s work, it’s a pain … she wasn’t in the picture by the time it was snapped.

    I got the camera to work again today, after it not working for awhile last night … it needs to be sent in for repair or replacement, still in warranty, so I’m hopefully going to get a photo of Gretchen before she’s covered with dirt.

    I got a couple of Lothar a bit ago, in the laundry room, getting attention over the gate in the doorway. Poor lonely guy. Those photo’s later.

    Death. It’s what we expect

    My puppie died in the night. It’s such a beautiful morning, and she’s curled up in her outside basket with her head hanging over the side. My worst realizations came true.

    I was so tired last night, and could barely keep my eyes opened, so I could just kick myself for this whole thing, I couldn’t be with her. Oh the poor thing.

    She must have had internal injuries, I just have no way of knowing what happened. The guy behind us did come talk to me last night, and he didn’t seem to know what happened in his yard.

    Well I have chickens in my yard, so if anyone wants to come and help me dig a hole they just can’t, as then it’d be something on the table for discussion. We have a beautiful sunny day in the 60’s scheduled for today, and another for tomorrow.

    Oh for the anonimity and mourning of overcast skies and pelting rain. (Digging mud is easier when you are talking “clay”) The house is a mess, and the last thing I need to do is get someone over here who’ll see the house. I have to dig a hole big enough. I can use the Mantis for some of it, maybe. If it’s ready to run. Haven’t used it since last Autumn.

    Well I’ve cried buckets since arising this early am. Not too surprising to feel a migraine coming on, I had two bad nights in a row, sleep-wise.

    Last night I dreamed of Gretchen a lot. Reasoning dreams, that she was alright, and would be wagging her tail brightly when I went next to check her. As I awoke this am, I had the sinking feeling that she was gone. I got ready, went out, and that’s that.

    Oh, the tangled webs we weave. If only they were better trained, if only that guy didn’t have mean dogs, if only they didn’t dig, if only he filled in the holes, if only my DH filled in the holes, if only his dogs were locked up, if only my dogs would have just peed and come back, as usual. If only.

    Recourse, what is there? The things that are recourse are what need to be fixed already, and what the guy said they will be doing: fix the holes, and get rid of the dogs. There’s no interest on my part for anything more.

    So 5+ months old Gretchen, thawrted death as a little pup, and found a home with us, with her brother. Only to go on to her death 3 1/2 months later via the resulting injuries of some mangly dark night interlude with two mean dogs in the yard behind ours.

    I know how badly the children reacted when Cinnamon died. Now it’s their puppy Gretchen. They’re still asleep. Today is the day their Grandma Meints is being buried. Where is Grandma now? In heaven with God. Where is Gretchen right now? Gone. Will she be in heaven? Child, I have no clue what really happens to our dear animals. It’s one of the mysteries of life.

    Can you imagine if all pets of Christians would go to heaven? Now that’s a lot of animals, do stock farm animals count? Chickens, horses, dogs, cats, etc. Well this is a pandora’s box. I’m not going any further. πŸ˜†

    So now is the first day of Lothar as our only dog. When will he understand. Poor guy has lost his buddy.

    Dog Fight, or what?

    Oh boy, I’m freaking out.

    I asked my eldest to let the dogs out to go potty, as usual, just a bit ago — probably the last time for the evening. Seconds later, horrid barking and people screaming began, and Russell ran inside yelling that the pups were in someone elses yard.

    What to do when the house lights for the backyard barely penetrate to the swings, let alone the whole length and breadth of 3/4 of the back yard? Where’s the flashlight? Who knows. Mystery. Daddy’s tool, messy guy, he not here, we have no flashlight. So I’m clapping, yelling, calling for them pups and snarling is going on, barking, crazy, crazy, crazy … it was so inept. Finally Lothar came back through that dratted hole under the fence, and Russell took him inside, well who come running back minutes later … Lothar … so I picked him up and hauled him inside myself.

    Come back out, Gretchen is still not back through the hole. I could hear the guy that lives in that house trying to get his dogs enclosed. Finally Russell said Gretchen was coming, but something happened, sometime, somewhere I have NO IDEA what … for the fence is way taller than me, privacy solid wood panels … so the guy says he’s watching the baby alone, and that’s why he didn’t get out sooner … and that he thought the dogs were locked up … well I know for sure they were roving their yard alone all day … I first saw them at 7:10am from my bedroom window, where me and my cats lay in bed and watch the birds first thing most mornings … they were both out there licking the dew off the permanently parked vehicle on the side of their yard.

    Today our pups ran over to the fence barking several times, but NEVER tried to get through, and we had the hole clogged up with stuff on our side … the hole is actually on THEIR side, from THEIR dogs, and he’s promised to fill it in, since the last freaking out time HIS big dog came into our yard and scared the crap out of me near midnight, as it barked like a hound out of hell below our bedroom window. Eek.

    So now, Gretchen was through, and Russell was holding her or something, I went and grabbed her, and she was limp in my arms, but awake. Weird. The guy might have seen something happen, but he didn’t tell me, just says “Is she alright?” I said I suppose so, maybe she’s just scared, I’ll have to check her over …

    She has about three spots of blood, around her neck, throat, but nothing deep. Her back and side towards the rear were wet. She was NOT acting like herself, she’s droopy, won’t drink or eat anything, just stands there if stood up, lays in a heap eventually, or lets you position her however laying down. Her eyes are open, obviously stressed, but not making sounds, not soundling like in pain, nothing seems apparent …

    So, was it a tramatic rape? That’s all I can imagine. She’s …5 months old. She was full of vigor this morning, this afternoon, this evening. She’s the sibling of Lothar, and the victim of his dominating eating habits. She started to look thin … and so I’ve been feeding them with total watchfulness, and giving Gretchen extra stuff, and she was responding beautifully, but still not fat enough yet today … so she looks horrible tonight, all droopy and oh I hope she doesn’t die … she has that look. All from going under the fence instead of peeing like she was supposed to do, and does every night, every night but this one.

    It’s horrible for I have no one here, Frank’s not home, he could get more out of that guy than I could … I’m not about to persue “Your dog …” without my husband home. I have no vehicle, and no recourse with a vet anyway right now. If she lives, she lives, if she dies, oh boy, oh boy. Last time a pet died was September, and Frank was out of town then. I had to bury Cinnamon, our cat, and did a pitiful shallow job. Like I can do any better with a dog many times her size. Frank won’t be home until LATE Sunday night.

    So… based on all that, anyone who will pray for us, pray that Gretchen will live, that she’ll be OK, or that AT LEAST she hangs on until Monday … πŸ™

    I’m so upset about this whole affair. This is a nice dog, due for more training, and was receptive to much love. It’s a mystery what happened, and my hands are tied as to knowing what it was, finding out, or doing anything about anything but petting that pup and washing anything I find needing washed, and tempting her with milk and meat.

    I have her outside in the pen. It’s a mild night, and she is better off there than in the laundry room. I insist that she and Lothar be separate, and he’s better off contained in the laundry room. One last thing about Gretchen, I could hear her guts gurgling like crazy, so I was wondering if she was massively stressed and getting diahrea from it, so having her outside is also good in case of that … πŸ˜‰

    Sigh. I can hardly believe this is happening. But since there’s no one to talk to about it, at least I can write about it, this is helping make a bit more sense of things, and at least I’ll have a coherent record of the evening thus far.

    I’ll be sure to update.

    Friend or Foe, what it comes to

    Cats and puppies: A listing of friend or foe

    Cats – 6

    Samantha — 11 year old petite black cat. Not interested in the puppies at the least.

    Princess — 11 year old big fat tuxedo [black and white] cat. Will watch the puppies from a distance, as long as the pups are in their kitchen pen, or crate.

    Strider — 2 1/2 year old gray/silver subtle striped cat. Will walk around the pen when the puppies are in it, rubbing the sides, walk around the top of the pen, get inside the pen and look at the pups. The pups and he smell each other and tolerate each other in there. Victoria sometimes likes to get in there and hold Strider and he stays and purrs up a storm, and Gretchen mostly will interact with Strider. They had a near startup play session today, but I nixed it, so that no one would get hurt.

    Dixie — 2 1/2 year old darkgray/gray subtle striped cat (Strider’s litter-mate). She wants nothing to do with the puppies.

    Scarlet — 1 year old tortiseshell/calico mix cat. She rubs seductively all around the pen when the puppies are in it, sniffs them through the holes in the pen, sometimes she jumps in and drinks from their water bowl, or just sits there washing herself, and looking at the pups. The pups just look at her.

    Foster — under 1 year old brown black tabby cat. He’s petrified of the pups. Want to see a cat tail bloom? Just drop Foster into the pen with pups. Voila! Out Foster will fly out of the pen with tail fully extending in wild bloom.
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    Puppies “First Walk”

    We took the puppies for their first “leash walk” this evening. Gretchen was fairly good with it, happy to do it mostly. Lothar was loath to do it. I walked him at first, and it was more like a steady pulling him is what I did. Frank took him then, and eventually Lothar did some better.

    Victoria took Gretchen most of the way, and then I took Gretchen the last few houses home. She was walking willingly, sniffing the road as she walked along at a nice clip.

    Neither would do “their thing” in the front yard. We had to take them out to the back yard for them to do that. Well, one thing trained πŸ™‚ But we won’t always be near the back yard, so … πŸ™‚

    Well, today on them for the first time was their new collars. They weren’t too happy about them, but took them anyhow.

    Also new for them is the Dog Kennel. The chain-link 10×10 that we got years ago for another dog. It’s been lying dismatled for a long while. The other dog we tried to make a nice one, but couldn’t, had messed it up terribly, so I, and Frank, worked on it and got it up securly. We can let them in it alone for times we are away. They’ll stay in the house with us most of the time though, and have free play in the yard at times. We’ll get a tarp over the Kennel, and perhaps a house for them sometime. As it is, they can be kept inside, crated for some of our outings where they won’t be coming with us. We intend to have these pups well-trained, companions, not dogs that live in the yard alone. They’ll go places with us eventually.

    Well, I can see, that for a day at least, the pups see a change, having to grow up a bit. Collars, leashes, chain-link Dog Kennel, all in one day. But this is a great thing. It’s happier times for them and us, if they are given good borders, so that no one yells and gets upset, this way the dogs can express such good things. Being well-trained is cool. A well-trained mind, can capture the body motions, and make for a well-behaved hound or human.

    Puppy Photos

    See our puppies first photos starting here.

    or alternatively, click on the photos below.

    Our Puppies — Update

    Our puppies weighed 16.6 and 15.5 lbs respectively at the Vet, that’s female and male order. Gretchen is the female, and Lothar is the male.

    The vet estimated that they were about 9 or 10 weeks old, sticking closer to 9. That’s about what I thought, giving them up to 3 months, but thinking they were closer to 2 months old.

    As for their mix, who knows. I can tell they are shepherd mix, due to the markings. As time goes on we can tell more. Their ears are the right shape for a shepherd, and have until about 6 months of age to stand up. Some shepherd’s ears don’t stand up fully ever though. Many mixes I’ve seen photos of, shepherd mixes, have ears that stand up, or don’t. So it remains to be seen what happens with the ears. I hope they do stand up, I like how GSD’s look.

    Also GSD markings change as the the pups get older. Right now, both pups are very black on top and all the way down their legs 3/4. Comparing both of them, their fur is different from one another, with Gretchen being short-coated, and Lothar having longer short-coat, still smooth against his body, but nearly wavy in places — which reminds me of a Rottweiler’s coat. So, according to photos of pure GSD’s, these pups fur isn’t purebred GSD fur. But their markings are classic, IMO. With the exception of Gretchen having creamy white at the end of her nose and paws. She’s lighter in color overall. Lothar has red/tan fur where as Gretchen has tan/to light tan to cream fur. Both have some silver flecking in the neck area, and Gretchen has more on her back in the black fur, whereas Lothar is purely black on his back.

    Their coat colors changing over the next many months is of high interest to me. I’m anxious to see the changes, and to document it with photos as time goes on. IF they change, that is. From what I’m guessing, they will. I’ve spent myriads of minutes searching the net for photos of shepherds and shepherd mixes. My two pups, and particularly the male, fit right in with the looks of all I’ve found. The female looks just like the male, only her colors are fairer … and the whitish color at the end of her muzzle has made some people, namely the Vet, say they are part “beagle”. But that’s just not what I see. She is exactly the same in color pattern on the head, just different color structure, the patterned lines are the same on she and he.

    That all said, I am NO expert on dogs at all, and so it goes to say neither am I on any particular breed or mix. There are clues that I would have no way of interpreting, so growing up and exibiting characteristics in coat and action is all we can do. So waiting patiently is the name of the game.

    Our housetraining is going along fine. Three nights in a row they have had no accidents in their crate, and gone all night the last two nights … getting up at 6:30am on Sunday, and 4:30 on Monday [and going back into the crate for awhile after going potty], and that’s good news!

    I started this out getting up every couple of hours to put them out and have them go potty, then put them right back into their crate. They had their nights and days mixed up. After two nights of that, they were on track for day being day, and night being night. What a blessing a quick learing couple of pups is!

    They stay in their Superyard penned in area in the kitchen during the day, or out in the yard they can roam freely, when I let them out to go potty and play for a bit every once in awhile.

    When I let them back in, they automatically, 95% of the time, go right into their pen area. When I open the pen to have them go outside, they walk right out to the door. It’s nice to see them go in and out so perfectly.

    Well, Gretchen is a leader. Lothar is a lover. He follows her lead. Lothar wants lots of belly rubbing from us. Gretchen likes belly rubs too, but not as much as Lothar. If I give Gretchen attention it makes Lothar jealous, he barges right in to force the attention on himself. The one place he’s aggressive is when there is one piece of food. He won’t share. He grabs it and is very mean and nasty in sound and appearance if Gretchen tries to share. It’s not as if she’s trying to take it away, mind you. So when their dinner is a big something, I must split it in two, or feed them separately, so that one can tackle it for awhile, then go outside while the other comes in to tackle it for awhile themself.

    I’m enjoying having pups. They are nice, sweet, and love to bark at the cats while the cats are eating. The cats eat slowly, the pups eat fast. Makes for puppies wanting what the cats have. But the cats just ignore the pups, since the pups are all bark, and no bite, being penned in.

    I’m looking forward for having well trained, sociable dogs.

    My biggest problem now is wanting to begin a rescue organization. Just today there was an adult dog with 4 puppies roaming the street. It’s not a dog we recognize as belonging to a neighbor, and it seemed they were roaving up and down behind houses, looking for stuff. The pups looked like they were about 8 weeks old, but neither they nor their supposed Mama would come near me when I called to them. Stray and dumped dogs and cats around here are becoming a huge deal. So, it’s sad that I can’t do what I’d like, have the ability to pick up strays, fix them up and house them until new homes could be found for them. Someday, maybe. For cats too.

    Dog Days of Summer –in November?

    It’s been hot the last week. Very “un-November-like” Add muggy to it yesterday and today, and understand that I might as well be in a jungle, minus the tropical zap. This kind of hot and humid just is icky and make ones cranky. We are without A/C now too, so that just makes it nearly unbearable for me. I like a nice medium-dry 70 degrees, on the nose. This is anything but that. Plus the house doesn’t get good cross-breeze, not even one good example of it exists here, but one semi-cross-breeze situation exists IF there is a steady wind. πŸ™‚ but really πŸ™

    OK, that’s part of the situation. We also had some visitors show up on Nov 1, and they are still here. Two pups, and they go to the vet this afternoon for a checkup. It’s been “fun” to say the least. Heat and pups and a house that is still not organized sufficiently.

    We had cleared out the “basement” family room of all junk, so that the pups could be there. Well, it’s not working out. I can’t be there all the time, so accidents aren’t always pre-empted. Night time we crate them. It worked fine the first night. Second day through yesterday there was poop in the crate with them in the morning. After the first time of that, I checked them during the night whenever I would awake on my own, or hear anything out of them. Well, whenever I checked they’d pooped already, or hadn’t pooped. So in either case I sent them out in the yard, and cleaned up if the crate needed cleaned, then put the pups back in the crate after they’d done whatever they did in that dark big yard.

    In the case of finding nothing in the crate, wouldn’t you know it, there’d be something there by first light. I have found no way to figure this one out as of yet.

    Well last night we had no crate for them. It was really smeared on inside, so I took it outside to hose it off and soak some spots. It was there when it started to rain, and I left it there. It never stopped raining so that I could get it cleaned and dried … so the pups weren’t crated last night. And they wouldn’t sleep at all. They made a racket a few times, and I went down and sent them out to go potty, but they came back quickly. At 3am I went down and stepped in a pile. Ugh. What is it with pups! Ample opportunity to do it outside at night, and they don’t. Well, with two of them, it’s just a bigger bunch of stuff to clean. I see them doing there thing during the day. They are full of it, from all appearances.

    We are feeding them raw, but don’t know what they’d been eating up to Saturday morning. They love the chicken and fish we’ve given them thus far. We are geering up for a broader knowledge of raw feeding pups and dogs. We already raw feed the cats.

    So today we will get them to the vet to be checked over for health, and hopefully we can determine an age, and to see what they are. They are Shepherd pups, but what kind of a mix, I have not the eye to tell.

    I had the hens out in the yard divided by breed. The four Wyandottes were in the Superyard with corrugated metal roofing panels for a lid. The events of last night have brought me to put the Wyandottes back into the big pen with the Leghorns, and bring the Superyard into the kitchen for the pups. I need to keep them by me all day. And they’ll be in the crate all night. They can go into the yard for free time and when they learn to only “do their thing” outside, we can expand their freedom inside bit by bit.

    Dogs and Children — obedience training is the similar. We get the lesson from a better point of view this time. These are young pups, just don’t know how Old-Young they are. The children love them, and I look forward to seeing them grow into beautiful adult dogs, good companions. The children too! Having a pup to take care of is stimulating to the environment … gets projects underway to fix things, that push is a welcomed one.

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