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  • Compassion

    COMPASSION, n. 1. A suffering with another; painful sympathy; a sensation of sorrow excited by the distress or misfortunes of another; pity; commiseration. Compassion is a mixed passion, compounded of love and sorrow; at least some portion of love generally attends the pain or regret, or is excited by it. Extreme distress of an enemy […]

  • Homeschool “Hundred Acre Wood” style

    You are a Tigger Homeschooler. Tiggers jump intohomeschooling with both feet, as a grandadventure. Everything is about learning, andtheir days (and houses) show it. What kind of Hundred Acre Wood Homeschooler Are You? brought to you by Quizilla Sure, I knew that already. Woo! hoo! hoo! Just a cute quiz to take, maybe someone will […]

  • July sure went by fast

    I know time goes fast when you are having fun, but what if it goes by fast when you are definitely NOT having fun? 🙂 Time has flown for me the last few years, and this last month, July 2005, has been quite the fastest, by far, in my estimation of historical events in my […]

  • Another little Quiz

    I found this via Kelly’s blog. It’s pretty right on, with me being an INTP with a quarter E thrown in, but most ENTP descriptions fit me fine with everything, exeception that I gain energy from being alone, internally which is Introvert, as an E gains it from being with others which is Extrovert. That’s […]

  • Wikki Stix

    Wikki Stix are cool, fun, made in the USA and cheap. We have only come into contact with them physically at one place. Ted’s Montana Grill. Wikki Stix are available to restaurants, and other businesses from their website. Restaurants usually have crayons and paper things for children. Do you know how argumentative that can be […]

  • Edublog posts listed on sidebar now

    I figured out how to get post title links automatically on the sidebar from my Edublog, so all one needs to do is look over there to the right and see the titles and click if they would like to read them. I have my recent posts (entries) from THIS blog first (well, THIS blogs […]

  • Redesign and Update on Edublog

    I’ve done some re-design to this weblog, though it may not be apparent to the eye much, the colors have changed some, and the graphics too. My main reason for writing today is to point out something else though. On the side bar, that’s to the right, I’ve moved the “recently commented on” section to […]

  • Edublog

    I’ve recently begun a home schooling blog, it’s under education on this site. See the link on the left right under “On-Site Links” as well.

  • Homeschooling, what we are

    Salvador Dali Melting clocks are not a problem inyour reality. You are an unschooler. You willtolerate a textbook, but only as a last resort.Mud is your friend. You prefer hands-oneverything. If your school had an anthem, itwould be Dont Worry, Be Happy. What Type of Homeschooler Are You? brought to you by Quizilla Ha ha […]

  • Movies for Family

    Elizabeth G. asked me about movie suggestions in the comments under Updates and Rambling Talk. So here goes: For Elizabeth G. and anyone else who may care about this! In our home we have several Disney movies, mostly the “older” ones, Toy Story, The Little Mermaid, and the ones before that. I’ve been alright with […]

  • A New Pledge, and other ideas on learning at home

    I’ve been reading different things about education lately … hence these ideas: I haven’t liked the term “Home School” or the answer to the question: “What grade are you in?” or “Are you ready to go back to school” and the myriad of others that abound. It didn’t bother me always to use the term […]

  • Fireflies

    We are expecting it to rain anytime, accoring to the radar it should be raining 😉 At any rate, it’s after dusk and I was outside and noticed a few lights flashing here and there around the fence in the back yard, under the Locust Tree. Sure enough, it was Fireflies! Sounds like a silly […]

  • Three New Items Added

    Yesterday I had Russell and Victoria make new pictures to scan for the web. Here you’ll find: Our House by Russell, and the flip side of that page: A Train Named Choo-Choo-Chug-A-Chug, also by Russell. Here you’ll find: “Paperdoll” by Victoria.

  • Victoria’s Art: A Scene, front and back

    Page 1 There’s a link to page two on page one.

  • School-time

    School is beginning in many places very soon. We homeschool, so nothing much is changing for us. We don’t do anything formal yet, in the way of education. Our oldest is Russell, and he’s 6. He’s learning to read, count, and how to learn. He’s exploring and expanding in knowledge. Well, the same goes for […]