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New Years Eve Traditions

What New Years Eve/Day traditons do we have?

Well only this:


ME: Feel a clean-up cold-gray day no matter what the day outside is like. It’s like a clear-slate, clean-slate, whatever one wishes to call it. It’s like a New Year … and it’s organization day. It’s not that I’m good at it or get much done, but it’s this time every year that I absolutely get anxiously on that train.

It really is weird, but if one can imagine what goes on in a Visual-Spatial person’s head, the outside is colored by what’s inside the head. I see, feel, taste, hear, the day as being Gray and Cold, Empty, Blah, Emotion-Robot-ish.

It sure makes sense in a bit, with FOOTBALL blaring all day πŸ˜‰

I used to like to watch football during the loooong drawnout season, and during holidays. I did it since he wanted me to and if he told me about players, stories about them, I got interested enough and rooted for this or that, yelling more than him most of the time.

Over the years I grew away from that though, even my own delight in Pro-Baseball waned over time. I have never liked Pro or College Basketball. I only like street ball, the kind that regular folks play for fun. I have a husband that is into Sports watching. It’s just a drain on me, but that’s life πŸ˜‰ It’s that I tried to like some of it with him. Did for a time, but just consider it “not fun” and “not worth the effort” and just a waste of time –for me.

So how does that affect my New Years Day tradition? Badly. I work best with the kind of stuff that needs done with helpers, partners. Etc.

So the bug has bit early, and I’ve been on the children’s case for the last week to get their stuff in order or lose it. But also it has bit DH and he’s doing a great thing, while watching sporty on TV in our bedroom he’s getting the horrible Master Bedroom of Messies cleaned out.

Oh we’ve done this before together, and he’s done a lot alone. I’ve done less alone. I just can’t stay motivated and my bones weary and tell my brain “Sit or die”.

So I’m happy that with the work he’s doing now, I can finish stuff up and put stuff where I want.

The hard part is keeping things off the floor. Putting things away. Finding a home for everything, even if it has no possible home. Keeping the children’s stuff OUT of our room. Keeping the LAUNDRY OUT of our room.

A big thing that needs homes is my Boyd’s Bear collection. It’s not that large, just larger than the average woman’s stuffed animal collection, probably. I mean by that, most women aren’t into “stuffed animals”, right?

I am! πŸ™‚

It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten a NEW bear, but my big hope is to have the funding to start finding custom made bears out of natural materials, and to get into making that and soft dolls as well.

So meanwhile, I have two large baskets filled with Boyd’s and stuffed to tightly. I need to get shelves in our bedroom somewhere. It’s only held up by the fact that boards and brackets don’t exactly grow on trees, and neither do we have the trees nor tools to cut shelves out of trees … πŸ˜‰

We don’t have the bucks to do it right. So they sit in these baskets and collect dust and get smooshed with more stuff piled on top and all that. Poor things.

I have dressed bears. Naked bears. Dogs. Cats. Cows. and a Rooster. Nearly forgot him.

I love my cows and naked bears the most. I’ve toyed with selling off the bears I don’t like as much, but I have them because I liked them originally and still do, just not as much as I like the classic naked look in a bear. So there’s a problem I see in what to do, how to display them on shelves and blah, blah, blah, it’s just easier to not think about it most of the time, since I can’t really put money to the solution process.

One thing I’m excited about is that if we can get the right amount set aside, we have closet changes coming in a few months. Lowes sells great stuff now. And with the addition of four items and some hanging bars, we’ll have a super closet, compared to what it is now. Right now it’s a mini-walk-in, with wire shelf on the right that’s a high hanging space for dresses, and to the left there’s a high wire shelf and a mid-hung wire shelf –both for hanging shirts, etc. Straight ahead in-between is a tall wire shelving unit with several shelves.

It’s the closet of monster-homes. It gets stuffed with anything and everything and clothes end up on the floor in mountains and it’s horrible.

Lowes has the magical solution in corner units of shelves, beautiful style, and we can fit one stacked (that’s two units on top of one another) in each corner, and bars between each set and between the wall and each set on the other side.

Our closet is like this:

| Inside |
| Closet |

So the back corners will get stacked units and the dresses can hang between them, and then shirts on the side bars will install in the little space left.

Most stuff can be folded and put on the shelves. But it’ll be an organizational dream, for me and DH.

What would happen with an organization pro coming in: They’d say: “Too much furniture in this room” “Too much stuff, you don’t need this much stuff” “Children’s stuff belongs elsewhere” “Collections belong elsewhere” and on and on and make us sort through things and throw away, give away and such piles. We can do that ourselves, but are limited to the “throw away pile” and throwing it away. And then the “stuff this elsewhere pile” and the “fix it later pile” and so on. πŸ˜‰

Everything in it’s place and a place for everything. Nice phrase.

Impossible in many homes, no doubt, like ours, not enough space to have a sewing/craft room. That’s just for starters. We made our “living room” into our “dining room” in the last year. It was way too small for a living room, mostly a fireplace and room for a table and stuff next to the fireplace, like bookshelve and armoires, and then the back side of it is really the entrance of the house, and then steps down and then steps up and then the kitchen right there.

So we have myriads of stuff in our “kitchen” now. Lots of books and lots of my computers stuff. I recently moved my laptop spot into the old TV armoire that’s in the dining room (TV downstairs now) and in it is the sound system, some games, books, and stuff stuffed in it πŸ˜‰ Before that my laptop space was in the kitchen on a small table that was “our first kitchen table” over twelve years ago now. It fills up with junk over a short space of time, being my “desk” and so it was a relief to move the laptop into the TV armoire where there’s just enough space for it and a cup next to it.

My big job tomorrow is cleaning off that old kitchen table, clearing out the short, long bookcase there, and the old black audio cabinet that is holding MORE of my computer stuff and pictures and such.

Then put together the NEW bookcase DH brought home today, and put the good books, literature, education related, paper for projects, etc. on those shelves and get the rest of the stuff into boxes or what have you and the pieces of furniture OUT OF THERE, to nowhereland. I have hopes of trying to re-invent parts of them to something more useful elsewhere.

I understand that my computer stuff and photos have no home, and just must put them in cardboard boxes until I can get shoebox photo boxes or plastic stuff to hold stuff … at least I do have a book to hold loose CD’s now, DH got me one for Christmas. That’ll be helpful, but not the total computer solution since it’s more than CD’s and CD’s in cases and not and all that … it’s much more. :rolleyes:

I already have my “main stuff” in a box. It’s got more stuff on top of it now, so I can’t get into it. It’s just a little explanation as to why it’s so hard to get things straightened out. I have my kitchen, schooling, literature, computer hobby all in one tiny space, and it’s not an office. At least a separate room would make it work some, but this room has no wall on one side and french double doors as the wall on the other side, and one long back wall, and the kitchen right behind it, it’s supposed to be the “dining room” but even smaller than our present “living room converted to dining room”.

I mean it’s not that small, just all walkways, that’s our main floor, it’s all walkways. Very frustrating and it’s what’s made me want to re-do the kitchen, flip the kitchen so that the garage and deck doors are near each other, and the kitchen can become a dead end with in and out of it, but no through-fair to anywhere else! πŸ™‚ It’s doable, we are partway there with moving a couple of appliances to better spots meantime, but we have to move plumbing and electric and cabinets. We’ll re-use what we have, cabinetwise, painting them differently, and building new ones to match as needed, and get new countertop, just cheap laminate bullnose kind. New sink and faucet. That’s all doable by us. Frank can do the plumbing, it’s all over a crawlspace. We just need to do it, and have the funds for some extra wood, the sink and faucet and countertop. It’ll come together this Spring, hopefully.

So tomorrows work entails for me the clearing out of that future kitchen spot of the kitchen and doing that will enable us to put tape on the floor to position out where we want things to transfer that onto a paper design.

New Years work.

Hopefully this new year will show forth my realized dreams of finishing a few things in the house, decorating and re-doing the kitchen to be much more cook-friendly.

With cooking being mentioned, then do we have any food traditions for the New Year holiday? No. We don’t. Tonight just making a beef noodle casserole that I found online in the last month that we have loved and made three times already. Tomorrow who knows. Surely not I πŸ™‚ In any case, maybe split pea soup, seeing as I have a nice Honey Baked Ham bone with generous meat left on it, from Christmas.

I’m baking bread right now, so we’ll have some nice bread with dinner and some with the soup tomorrow, if indeed that’s what I make.

I know some folks have traditions for good luck and stuff, to eat certain things. We don’t do “luck” stuff. We might have a tradtion just as a tradtion, but we don’t have a specific one, just a varied whatever tradition. And it’s not for luck, there is no such thing. Providence is what there is. πŸ™‚

May God’s Name Be Praised Evermore Than Usual Worldwide in The Year of our Lord 2005!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

It’s Christmas Eve, the tree is trimmed.

It’s just a little trimmed, it’s a little tree. 4Ft. Tall, it looks like a minature Christmas Tree, it’s like a Full Fledged tree, just small.

It’s also ALIVE.

Alberta Spruce, of some sort, it’s going to get a couple or so feet taller, and end up about 4 to 5 feet wide. We’ll plant it in our front yard somewhere.

It’ll be something in future years for us or someone else to decorate for the season outside. We’ve not really had anything to do that with before.

I have a long strand of cranberries on it, and mini-white lights, 1 and a half strands of those. Also a couple of other little things. Most of my Christmas stuff is just too big for that tree.

I made a paper star for the top. [It’s a kid’s site, but the star was the only online directions for anything that’d work for a tree that I could find]

I made two of them, pooked out the fold lines of the stars after cutting the folded paper, to give it more depth, then used a stapler to attach them together, bizarre, but I figured at night it’s not visible, and even if they are, in day or at night the tree lights will add sparkle, hopefully πŸ˜‰ At any rate that’s the only way I could figure to get them together with what I had available .

It looks alright, kind of nice. I have a light from the light strands inside of it.

The Gigantic Star atop our Huge Tree is nice. πŸ˜‰ That what it looks like if one doesn’t think about it being a minature tree in the first place. I don’t have any other large ornaments on it, just a few smaller things, but most of my stuff is in the garage. It’s just too much, too big and heavy for this little tree.

So that’s that. Tomorrow is Christmas Day. Presents to open. Then in the afternoon we have a present for the whole family, we’ll be going to see “The Incredibles” at the theatre. Last Christmas we did that for the first time, we saw Peter Pan, so it’s a new tradition that we will “try” to keep each year. We don’t have any family around here, so it’s just us and since we love movies and are visual, it’s a nice thing to do. I used to think it a terrible thing to go to the movies on Christmas Day. But after all I always didn’t like Christmas Day much past the morning, it was dull and boring. No more excitement. No mystery about what presents you might be getting, or about the ones you are giving to others. The pleasures were had and gone. They linger, not entirely gone, but the newness of it all wears off, and a little time together seeing something new at the theatre seems to get our attention off of the “Stuff” and onto enjoying the time together, without being sprawled out in front of the TV or something like that.

Since we hadn’t seen The Incredibles yet, it was the one we decided to do this year for Christmas. We are looking forward to it!

Christmas is closer, ready? Not us!

It’s Wednesday evening, well, still late-afternoon, but FEELS like evening, or has for the last half-hour plus. It’s 5:15pm right now.

We are into Winter now, but it was kinda warm today, up to the mid-50’s. The house moderated out the last few days, with a space heater in our upstairs (master) bathroom, that seemed to help the whole of the three bedrooms and hallway up there, for some reason, but that was coupled with having the fireplace going down in the “dining room” from at least 6am until 8pm, if not earlier and later. Today I felt fine dressed normal for Winter, denim dress, slip, silk shirt, cotton thick tights, and sneakers, so I didn’t light a fire … but by 3pm I was a little more chilled that desirable, so I set to making a fire, and it was nice. It roared, I sat down to watch it, catch some heat, and make sure it caught well once the initial rush to consume paper and bark and small wood died down.

I called “here kitty, kitty, kitty” a couple of times to invite the cats to enjoy the fire with me, and in short time I had a cat and a kitten on my lap, and Victoria sat down by me the other kitten and another cat climbed on her lap. I ended up with THAT kitten climbing over to my lap a few mintues later, and we all snoozed cat nappedly in the glow of the hot flames. It was nice.

But didn’t last, mind refreshed from short nap sitting up, I had to get up and had to interest the cats in leaving. A nudge here and there and they got the picture. I hate dumping a cat unceremoniously off my lap πŸ˜‰

The fire did the trick and warmed the dining room space fairly well, taking the edge off, that had been starting to get to me.

The temps out today were fine for no fire to be made, but since the sun didn’t make a good appearance all day, we lacked in solar heating on the South Side of the house, which is the room next to the dining room, the kitchen. So once moderate turned to bitey, fireplace is the nicest thing to be next to in the house, except for a warm bed, but even flannel sheets are warm when one first gets into them in a cold room! 😯

So it’s just a few days until Christmas.

We MIGHT be getting a LIVE tree. Might. Not sure yet. At any rate, we have no Christmas tree at this point. Frank’s been busy doing work stuff out of the house this week so far, and we’ve not been able to make any joint decisions about that and other Christmas Day stuff yet.

Maybe we’ll be able to get dressed up and go see what the Methodist Church around the corner is doing on Friday Night. Maybe we won’t. We don’t know if they are hosting anything. (Our church practices Regulative Principle of Worship and doesn’t do Christmas in the church, as Christ is worshipped each Sunday as His Birth, Life, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension are part of that in confession and creed and word.)

We haven’t done much Christmas, except get some gifts for the children already. But no tree, and no special events. I didn’t send cards, didn’t last year either. It’s just a job I gave up on. I used to send them, but you know, two years in a row not sending [maybe more!] we got the same amount of cards as always. Just the relatives who send cards, and a couple of friends.

I will send some kind of Season’s Greetings in return to them, if I can make myself do that! I’m so disorganized with all my writing stuff. I did used to be better with it, but the rubbermaid boxes I kept some of it in have broken and that messed the organization all up, as well as some stuff buried with other boxes … ho hum.

I need to buy something new to send anyhow. I used to make my own cards, on the computer, or that plus rubberstamping and embossing. My embossing things and stamp colors were *hrum* destroyed in series of unfortunate (for me) mishaps with children. Urg. But that’s that.

I still have my heat gun, and … well, stamps that aren’t applicable to what I’d do, always need new ones, you know? Maybe I can garner enough sympathy to get some new stamps, powder, stamp pads … and of course, blank cards.

OK, already made cards is cheaper and quicker.

I have holiday paper for letters, but it’s so gaudy I don’t know why I ever bought it. I mean, it’s definitely the kind of thing to print out a nice family letter at Christmas time, if one has good news to share. We don’t have anything particularly wonderful to say, and really me, I’d just drone on about the misery of losing a baby, dog, favorite cat, MIL and blah, blah, blah. Everyone knows the only reason to write a Christmas letter for mass mailing is to brag up the family members. That’s just not me in any case. πŸ™‚

Christmas is dull this year, and was last year. We tried harder other years. It’s just hard to make traditions alone, IMO. Christmas runs on my power in our household, I mean the “decorations” the “way it feels” the “way it sounds”. My disorganization has only grown as the children have grown, of course! Visual-Spatial people struggle with organization and I can attest to the truth of THAT!

We need to find outlets for cultural Christmas is we want to get revved up. We just haven’t done that. We don’t view Christmas in the way that many Christians do. So it’s an odd mixture of Celebration of Christ coming to earth so many years ago, but not only that also it’s a cultural celebration for the cold dark part of the year. It’s mostly that. We have our identity in Christ daily. We don’t put him back in the manger once a year, but have no problem in reading Luke 2, etc. It’s hard to explain, so I’ll leave it at that.

I’ll be putting Handel’s Messiah back in the CD player tomorrow. (I overplayed it for months on end the other year, and took it out finally, literally listened to it for hours and hours and hours for the better part of a year, most days. :veryshocked: ) The full story of the Messiah, that’s worth celebrating πŸ™‚ All Year Long, every year.

So, I am thinking for a tree, if we get one, I’ll make some gingerbread shapes to hang and we have a partial red/brown/green paper chain I had the children make yesterday and today. That and who knows what else.

A LIVE tree can only be in the house 3 days, the store people say. A cut tree is cheaper this late date. A LIVE tree would be planted outside to live and grow. A cut tree would become a leaning things for wildlife to shelter in and let it age until it crumbles to nothingness over the years. A LIVE tree is more money, a cut tree is less money, so a cut tree MIGHT be something to go for if I can go to, say Cost Plus and get some nice old-world ornaments … I love that store. Cost Plus is it’s name, but it has “World” and maybe something else in it too. It’s a neat import store, if you don’t have one that you can visit. It differnt IMO from Pier One, for instance. Cost Plus is an affordable store, for one thing, just different too.

Well the final about the tree is that a LIVE tree would probably live and grow to be a big tree in our yard somewhere. Frank looked at some today, but made no decision. A dwarf spruce something-or-other is available, 4-ft high, will grow taller, but also end up being 10-ft wide. Not too big, just nice, I think about 8-10 ft tall, maybe just 8ft. Anyhow, he liked it, said it looked GREEN. I couldn’t determine how green, if it is anything like I require [a blue-green, not anything lesser, yellowy, emeraldy, not me!]

We always, when we have had trees, which is every year since our marriage, Christmas of 1992 through 2002 we had a Noble Fir once, maybe a spruce once, but I don’t usually like those in stores. Every other tree was a Frasier Fir, and that’s my prefered look, High Victorian-ish, yet style with minimalist classic decor. I’ll see about gathering past tree pictures and post about what my ideal way to decorate would be, given my druthers of money and time and energy to gather the right ingredients together.

My tastes have changed over the years, but have been the same basically since marriage, but I haven’t had the means to explore and extract that dream in my visionary mind. I’m not very resourceful with no resources to exploit πŸ™‚

So for me, I settled on having a year ornament every year, since 1994 we’ve done that, minus last year. Black-hole Christmas that one was, in a way. Descriptive of how it was in some angles, not all. Just the dullest of all of them at that point.

September of that year we lost our cat Cinnamon suddenly, she up and died. That settled a fog over me, but it wasn’t depression. It’s lasted as well, since losing so many other things since then. But again, it’s not depression. I’m not depressed about losing the baby in March. I’m totally at ease with it, My emotions have utter loss attached to them forever though, and the dicotomy of that emotional-me/normal-nothing-wrong-me is distinctly super weird. I’m fine then crying, then fine, when faced with something that reminds me of the whole affair. My problem too is my vivid imagination has created indepth films and horror shows that no words could describe. So it’s a totally different me since the end of March, I’ve molded, I’ve aged, I’ve changed for the better, lost a little gloss but gained another type of gloss and glimmer over there. I’ve mellowed, I’ve grown an old soul where I thought I had one but must not have. I’ve learned much more and more than that, and have so much more to learn. Sigh. I’m just so different, and Christmas has suffered in the midst of it all.

Well I tried with making cookies, got one batch baked on Monday, and two fridge chill batches, but haven’t gotten them out yet. Too much cleaning to do that I can’t quite conquer. So yesterday the paper chain idea I got I implemented mid-afternoon, and that made a huge mess and continued into this morning. I let the children do it after a couple of hours of it yesterday, meaning, I let them do it all themselves and I did other stuff. They did fine, having never made one before. So today, they finished up the strips I’d made, and we had no more brown paper to continue the pattern, so that was all of the chain. They got more paper out without asking and started cutting other stuff out, and that led to me making “Crowns” for them all. Something I’d not done before. So this all ended up being a kind of creative time that I’d snuffed out for so long.

I also cut out some hearts joined, cut out of one piece to get several in a row, like any other shape you can do that with, people, stars, whatever. I tried pasting it on a ribbon, but they dried and ending up falling off. Dark Pink, I was going to hang it in Victoria’s room.

In any case, it awoke a paper decorating monster in me, and ideas are flowing to get wacky stuff made for our cheap decor, at least until we can get other “REAL” stuff going. In any case, it’s perfect for the children’s rooms to make paper decorations out of whatever paper we have. So that’s not Christmas stuff, but flowed out of a Christmas thang.

December is Here

Happy December! I find it funny to say that and then to say that today is warmer than the last day of November, so much so that on that day I wrote about how “chilly” things were.

All day yesterday I was chilly, so it was in the house. Last night it wasn’t so much as chilly, but not that noticeable, since I was SOOO very tired. At any rate I knew it might rain, and “felt it in my bones” or rather “in every bit of me” as I seem to be a total “human barometer” –plus I knew via the internet weather site I have on the side-bar here that it was supposed to rain maybe.

I awoke in the middle of the night, with the TV still on and right then it [DSS] started to brake-up, so I knew it was raining, and then I awoke more-so and heard it outside, then realised how “warm” it seemed to be. I was too warm in bed, acually, when the night before I was “cold” on night mostly, just warming up before morning enough to not feel chilled totally in my toes. Weird, yes, just the way it is for me.

So I got up and the bathroom was warm, just enough so to say “no shock” to do anything there πŸ˜‰ as it is when it’s COLD out. What a change it was, from mid-day that day to mid-night, totally opposite temps and airy things. No sunlight to warm the back of the house yesterday means that the front that came through had balmy air in it and it transformed the inside air to be nice and comfy — just a few notches up the temp scale is all the differents in the world, and the moisture helps too, of course.

But really it’s so talkable about since it’s that the house and me and the other family members were so chilly on Tuesday, last day of November and that night it became Spring again. This is so since we have NO A/C or Heat running at all for over a year. We have experience with nature out side as the “olden-days” folks did in their houses. I know others in the US live without A/C or Heat, but it’s just that this house, built in 1997, is not tight, like many modern houses are. It’s built crumby, IMO, and no air- system going makes that very apparent.

It’s the last month of the year. Just a few weeks until “Winter” is here on the calendar. Christmas is less than a month away, just 25 days and it’s here! And it’s Spring-y and it’ll be cold again, and then warm again, and just like the South as usual. Up and down, and then Spring and Summer again in full. Winter here is soft. It’s hard for a week at a time, or a day here and there. But balmy and nice most of the time.

Early and late growing seasons … with mild winters. Ice or Snow a few times on average makes it “just enough” for a nice Winter feeling. Then it’s time for Baseball Season and planting gardens. πŸ™‚

Happy December to y’all! We have it mild, others have it hot, others have it cold, wet, dry, icy, snowy, sunny, dark, cloudy … but we all live where it’s December πŸ˜‰

Turkey Scramble

      Turkey (Left-Overs) Scramble
  • Cubed Cooked Turkey, or chopped
  • Butter
  • Gravy
  • In large frypan melt butter and toss in the stuffing and move it around here and there until it’s hot, or how hot you like it: crispy or not, if you like it more crispy use more butter, or use less butter if you want, or no butter if you dare.

    Add the turkey to it and stir to mix well, heating the turkey, add some gravy to the mix, and when it’s all hot and mingled, serve and enjoy! With cranberry sauce on the side, of course πŸ™‚

    That’s the basics. You make it how you want. It’s a great alternative to all the “turkey recipes” out there, it’s easy to make, mixes all the good parts of the meal together, and is something to look forward to for the day after Thanksgiving every year.

    More Turkey Ideas

    Another thing to do with the Turkey then is to grind it in a food grinder, or chop it up fine by hand, or in a food processor. Mix that with finely chopped onion, garlic, sourcream, salt and some grated cheese like cheddar, or monterey jack [or another mexican cheese] make it a sandwich spread … or take it up a notch and make that an enchilada filling: [Put more cheese in the filling –if you want– for this version of the leftovers] make or buy small corn tortillas and make an enchilda sauce from a recipe, made up in your head, or from what you have in the cubord and fridge, or buy it. Heat it up, dip the tortillas in it as you fill each one like: dip tortilla, fill, roll, put in dish side-by-side. Pour extra sauce overtop. Bake in hot oven. Take out, put more cheese on top, put back in oven until cheese melts. Serve and enjoy! Bien! :laugh:

    Turkey Aftermath

    Dinner is over, left-overs put away, some of the dishes washed, some not. πŸ™‚

    It was a hard afternoon. I didn’t get the turkey in the oven until later than I wanted. It took until after 5pm for it to be done. Then it had to sit, of course, while the stuffing was taken out and put in a covered bowl, and the turkey had to sit to retain juices … and that’s also when the other stuff had to go into the oven since I had very little space for anything earlier.

    So I really don’t know when we started to have dinner. It must have been after 6pm. I’m bushed though. And we still need to have Birthday Girls birthday tonight. πŸ™‚

    We have pumpkin pies in the fridge, but won’t have it tonight, tonight it’s cheesecake for B-day. I’m not ready for it, I want to enjoy the cake! I’m too full from Thanksgiving Dinner still. At any rate, we’ll have the pumpkin pie for breakfast tomorrow.

    I’ve got the bones of the birdy in a stock pot with water, and by tomorrow some time we’ll have some extra turkey broth.

    The cats got the neck and such earlier. I simmered them for the broth to go with the gravy, then picked the meat off for the cats. Earier I gave them the raw liver, but Scarlet took that away for herself. Piggy that she was.

    Dog got plate left-overs and boy did he enjoy them. Piggy himself.

    We have lots of turkey left. It was a 19 pound young turk. Bell and Evans, the best we could do with this year. We had some of one breast and part of one leg. That leaves most of the bird for:

    Turkey Scramble
    and what-not-else.

    Turkey Scramble will be tomorrow. That’s another post. :laugh:

    New of the Holiday, and part was bad but better now

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    I have bad thing new too, though. Last night somehow Strider, my favorite cat, got missing. [Update: 4:30pm He’s found!]

    Around 4am I heard someone downstairs and the garage door in the kitchen then shut loud. Frank went down and was Russell that did it. Well, I couldn’t get back to sleep so I went down, and didn’t see Strider, so big deal as he offen is sleeping in the family room. I was in the kitchen. So then Dixie went over to the door and was scratching the bottom of the corner of the door, after that a bit I started to think about it, and then went looking for Strider, and didn’t find him. Not in our out of the house. He could be in the garage, we have so much stuff piled up on one side there is no way to know if he is there.

    He got out one other time during the night … it’s on this blog somewhere I would guess. Anyway, he was gone for days, and I was about to give up on him, we did go to the shelters and vets around here and put up notices and report him missing. So then the day we got him back, Frank was leaving early in the morning when it was dark still, and came back inside after starting to pull out of the driveway. He got me out of bed and told me that he saw an animal on the driveway as he was leaving and it ran into the garage …. so he then put the door down and came and got me.

    It was Strider, way down under stuff where I could not see him without lights shining there to reflect his eyes. He ignored me, and I could not reach him. I finally lured him out far enough, with food, so that I could grab him.

    Sigh. It’s just so horrid to have him missing again. Why him again? He doesn’t “Try” to get out ever any other time. So then, fresh memories of the other time leaves me feeling really bad since I had no idea where he was for days, and he never showed his face or meowed when “lost”. We looked like crazy for him, called him, called him very, very often. In the end it was just good timing that we found him. He wasn’t coming out.

    So it’s fustrating. He is my cat. My dear one. My sweetheart. He is so nice, so loving, so much of a great cat, and more. He loves me so much, loves belly rubs, loves, to sit on my shoulder, just be with me so much. Why did he disappear that time and not come looking to get in the house? Will he do the same thing this time? Is he around, just hiding?

    He could have done it this time since we have new kittens. He “seemed” to be doing well with them, not hissing anymore and eating with them, and sniffing them without hissing. The other cats are still wary and hissing at them mostly. So why the morely well ajusted cat gone? He might have been planning it, and took the first opportunity. Maybe he’s not gone, just in the house where we can’t find him, sick. Maybe, but probably not. It is sure that the door had been opened. Russell did that, but now says he doesn’t remember doing it. So what happened is not clear. But the cat could have gotten out if the door was opened and Russell was sleep walking, or not, just there going out to find something when he shouldn’t have, and a cat would just be able to walk out the door into the garage and hide instantly. πŸ™

    So I’m missing my dear friend. I am praying he’ll come back on his own, safe, and sooner than later, but sometime at the least if it must be later. Please pray that he’s safe and finds his way back inside or that we find him and he is alright. He was fine last night. I paid lots of attention to him last evening.

    So that’s that.

    The turkey is in the oven. I didn’t get to do it yesterday, as we had to go out. I have a few more hours of it before it’s done. I need the oven to bake other things too, and I have no room with the turkey in there. Blah. It’s not fun with a small oven. It’s not “small” just not “large”.

    I have to bake the rolls, and also the green bean casserole, and the sweet potato casserole.

    Pumpkin pies are done, cooling. I make mine from Norishing Traditions, that’s with spices as fairly normal, but with lemon peel, and sour cream, instead of the other “normal” dairy put in most folks pumpkin pies. I also put in JD Whiskey. Recipie calls for optional Brandy. So I sub my favorite!

    At some point we have to make this Victoria’s birthday, and I’m not sure when that’ll be. I’m pooped out already, being up since about 4am. :laugh:

    [Update] I went out the front door just a bit ago for “yet another” perusal of the yard, to call for Strider, etc. Immediately upon going out and calling “Here Kitty, kitty, kitty” I saw Foster bounding across the street straight at me through the yard … and as he got mid-yard something to my left caught my eye … it was Strider by the back wheel of the Montana. He was wary of me and I knew I couldn’t get him, so I fastly opened the house door and yelled for Frank to come help me with Strider.

    Frank came out and then opened the garage door, which was shut, for the “in case Strider is hiding out in there” in actuallity. He wasn’t though. I went out “just at the right time” seems. So then Frank came out in the front yard and Strider meanwhile went under the other car (Honda that just sits there) and up into the engine. So Frank had to go inside and get the keys to the Honda to open the hood … and did that and there was Strider right there on top. So I plucked him up and into the house we went. He is doing fine now, but at first was semi-wanting to hide here and there and a bit skittish, but I loved him up instead of telling him how bad he had been … and that seems to have worked.

    Same thing of nurturing children … love them instead of yelling … the hard thing to do at times πŸ™ So object lesson with the cat today hits hard … nurturing with love in response to bad stuff really does work. It works when the big person keeps with it, regardless of how the other acts. The other comes ’round eventually. That’s the tough spot for parents and children, when parent loses the cool they had tried to keep with the frustration of the non-compliant one. It’s that one needs to push through and keep at it, and love them, love them, love them. πŸ™‚

    Something I know, something I’m hard pressed to be good at mostly. So I guess I know the upper reason for Strider leaving today: teaching me to do what I know, do it, it works, but do it inspite of that, do it all along, even if it doesn’t seem it IS working. πŸ™‚

    Thanksgiving Eve

    Today is, as Russell desires me to call it “Thanksgiving Eve” since there is a “Christmas Eve” :laugh:

    I’m currently making Victoria’s Birthday Cake for tomorrow, a New York Cheesecake. It’s in the oven with less than 40 minutes to go.

    I’m seriously thinking about making the Turkey and Stuffing today, but I’m not sure I can. We have some more running to do for Birthday Girl, unfortunately.

    In any case, if I can’t do that today, I’ll do it early tomorrow. I’ll be chopping up the celery and onions and nuts and such for the stuffing ahead of time, and the bread too. It’s my signature stuffing: that and apples and raisins and butter, eggs, stock/water. Into the bird it will go. It’s devine!

    I have pumpkin pies to make too, and then the other things will be: mashed potatoes, gravy, cauliflower with cheddar cheese sauce, green been casserole, chill the cranberry sauce (I just used the jellied canned variety, I like the smoothness of it: Ocean Spray; a nice accompaniment to the other Turkey Delights) and hmmm. I have to get out my Palm and check out the menu again. Ah, yes, the rolls I’m working on.

    I made a French Bread dough yesterday, and saved part of it in the fridge. I’m taking it out on occasion and punching it down, and rolling it out and folding butter into it. By tomorrow hopefully I can affect some sort of croissant-ish rolls.

    For the dough it started out as a sponge of “unbleached flour: 4 cups; water to make it a sponge; and 1 Tablespoon of Active Dry Yeast”. Mix that up and cover, allow to sponge for several hours to overnight, or longer. Stir down as desired throughout that time. (Make sure you are using a large bowl!)

    When ready to make the dough, just stir 1 Tablespoon of salt, and then also more flour until the dough is formed, using a machine of some type, or by hand, and then knead it in the machine or by hand until elastic, adding in more flour as needed.

    Form a round and put it in an olive-oil-oiled bowl to rise, covered


    Take the dough and form it into the shapes you want, and let double then bake.

    If you let it proof in the bowl you can punch it down as long as you like until ready to make the shapes and baking.

    Put it in the fridge and take it out again to slow mature it. The more it sits around rising and being punched down the more French it is and good tasting cultured artisan-y.

    Bake it at 400 or 450 (F.) until golden brown. Put a pan of hot water in the oven with it, so that the oven is moist, the way to get crusty artisan breads that is easiest. To do it, put the hot water in a pan, put in oven that is turned on pre-heating. When over hot, put bread in quickly and let it bake for 25 minutes, then start watching it for doneness, as any bread you might. It’ll get a nice crusty thick crust the longer it’s left in. I love it very brown.

    So that’s what I’m doing now, messing around with dough for crusty melty rolls with dinner tomorrow, and baking the cheesecake, and wringing through thoughts of what else to cook today or not. πŸ™‚

    We have tons of rain, lots the last few days and lots more today. It’s been dreary, but the holiday is keeping me perked up. Usually this kind of weather really punches me down (no sun at all for days and days, just dark and dismal)

    Today we had Flash Flood Watch and Tornado Watch, yesterday just Flash Flood Watch. With the stuff today we have Severe Weather of heavy rain expected and gusts up to 60 miles per hour possible, and penny size hail possible too.

    We had some big gusts, but not that big. We had no hail. We had tons of rain. We had a river running down the side yard, under the gate to the backyard and forming a small lake that had an outlet beyond it’s vast expanse … water, water, everywhere, no where to go but UP. We are saturated. It’s a good thing though. πŸ™„

    Holiday and Traditions

    This week is a holiday week in our home, as it is for so many in the US. But for us, it’s a double-holiday on the same day, Victoria turns Six on the 25th. This is part and parcel of life for us since her birth, with her being born the evening before Thanksgiving Day, her birthday is right smack on Thanksgiving every few years, and right before or right after depending on the placement of the last Thursday of November. Not only that then, exactly one month to the day later, it’s Christmas Day. So Victoria’s birthday is a count-down-beginning time of sorts in our household.

    I’ve felt bad for birthday people born around Christmas … it’s tough. I know of people born much closer of course, and Victoria, on “schedule” would have been born the first week of December. Oh, the feel bad and tough part is only how the whole year is empty for them, and then Christmas and birthday crammed upon one little segment of the year.

    Why do I feel like that? Two things remind me of it:

    1. My birthday is in July and it was perfect placement, IMO all my young life. I never had to go to school on my birthday, and it was practially mid-point of the year between Christmases.

    2. I know that when we have week after week of nothing fun to do outside of the house, suddenly invites and times to do something somewhere else all pop up for the same weekend or the same day, and some thing has to be turned down… if only these things would iron themselves out to not clog up one time space, but spread out a few weeks to allow liberal time to be spent at home and out doing in leisure, instead of feeling cramped and missing out on things, and whirlwinding it every so often, and total downtime the rest of the month or two until the next whirlwind time.

    These two items have given me empathy for the last part of the year birthed ones. Silly, yes. Silly? No not really though. For I see how tough it is in our home to distinguish between birthday and Christmas gifts for our daughter, like she gets two stages of Christmas, a month apart. I don’t mean for it to be that way, but it’s the way it ends of feeling, for to get her something nice for her birthday and then something nice for her for Christmas is hard on the other children, I see how they see it. They can’t parse it out as adults and see that in other parts of the year THEY get that special birthday stuff. I do see it though that it’s a blank year with a birthday and Christmas just a month apart.

    Continue reading

    Whisper Mill Dead

    My Whisper Mill just died this morning.

    I was grinding Spelt [to make the bread I needed to make today], the WM clogged up the shoot, and instantly shut off itself, fuse throw. Fine, that happens sometimes with spelt. No biggie. It happens so fast.

    I cleaned the flour shoots all out, dumped out the grain left in the “hopper”, re-set the fuse switched, turned it on, voila, it worked only to within a few seconds start sending up black whisps of smoke and flipped off again.

    Or course this all happened in a split second time frame, hardly any time between things happening. No time to react any faster than the machine itself died as doing.

    I am totally deflated over this.

    At least I have enough flour for a couple loaves of bread … but I can only hope my lifetime warranty will cover what happened.

    I think, hope, hope, hope, it’s just the fuse.

    But it means sending it away to Utah to be inspected/fixed.

    This has reinforced the idea that I love my WhisperMill, but would love to have a CountryLiving motorized mill too.

    My old standby is a Kitchen Aide Grain Mill attachment. I am too spoiled to ruin my Kitchen Aide by grinding rough flour out of grain to make a measly small loaf in 100 times the time it takes to get enough fine flour to make 6 loaves or more with the WhisperMill. Grrr.

    I figured this day would come sometime. Just wasn’t hoping it would be so soon.

    Some people don’t seem to have trouble with their WM’s … well the old models seemed to have worked better, so I’ve heard. I didn’t get into the market for a mill until WM had changed manufacturing to Korea. I then waited until the supposed bugs were worked out of their new facility manufacturing of WM’s. So I’ve had it for … over 3 years, I think. Years are running together for me, and I can’t distinguish time periods of some things :veryshocked:

    It figures this happened today too, feeling so dull myself, full of words that I write and delete, rain, overcast weather, blahs.

    Post Election 2004 I

    I’m chomping at the bit for Peroutka numbers for Georgia. All the other states too. I see in my own county that there are just over 100 Libertarian Candidate for Pres. this year.

    Peroutka was a Write-In in Georgia, so who knows when data will be available.

    2004 Election Day – November 2

    I'm a Georgia Voter [Write-In]

    Today is Election Day in the United States of America, a.k.a. The USA, The US, and formerly known as “These United States”.

    Frank and I both voted this morning, with the three children by our sides. Voting has gone E-voting in Georgia this year. Touch Screen voting was easy. I sort of showed Russell what was happening as I was voting, and Victoria watched as well. Frank had Asa by him.

    This was my first time voting for a Write-In Candidate, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    We nearly didn’t vote. We were going to vote in the Advanced Voting last week, then didn’t. We have been frustrated with many things this election season, and all in all, it came down to the fervor of Election Day Morning trash talk everywhere spurring us on to the local polling place.

    Husband and I agreed to vote “No” on both ammendment refs. This was the main sticky point last week.

    Idea: Pragmatic to vote YES on the marriage ammendment, we both came to agree on that, as in: it’s a way to get Something Done to vote YES, but that isn’t the real goal. The Goal is to get the courts out of deciding certain things, and the real goal I have is for the State to get out of licensing “marriage”. So therefore we could both happily vote NO, and later reforendums could speak to correcting the wrongs.

    Voting YES on that would have brought about howling lawsuits and horrendous litigations in any case. So talking about it from that perspective shows that it isn’t the answer.

    We do not agree with “Civil Unions” per se either. So this is a longer kind of a road to lead down the right path as to what Marriage is, and what State Sanctioned Unions for Special Privelages are/is.

    Phew. It’s particularly a thing that we did not agree with Federally passing such an amendment either, saying it was within the States Rights to decide.

    From there we saw that the real deal is that it’s not for STATES to decide via License who can marry, or who can …

    We believe MARRIAGE to be something precious and State Sanctioned is not what we want, though we were married under a licensing of marriage program in Fl, we do not wish to see this the future for our children.

    We did many things in the past, pollitically connected, via stupidness. No one knew any better, seems.

    So we are now here in 2004 and seeing the future through Sunglasses. The future’s so bright, we’ve got to wear shades.

    It’s bright with sunlight filtering all in the further scenes, as well as bonfires interm.

    Tumultus times are ahead, no doubt.

    Proud Peroutka Supporter(s) and Peroutka Write-In-Voter-In-Georgia folk.

    Doing our Duty to honor God through voting for a Godly Candidate who believes in Limited Government.


    I Found my favorite bear on eBay!

    We bought a bear at Dillards years ago. A teddy bear, that is. I love teddy bears, but haven’t had many in my lifetime, up to then, that is.

    So we saw this teddy bear in Dillards and it was just classically my kind of thing. I slept with it, yes, as a married adult, for years. In the last year and a half, my poor bear has gotten misplaced, or lost or some horrid unknown has happened to him. I hold out hope that he’s in the garage with our amassed junk that needs to be gone through, toys, books, clothes, pillows, … in efforts to clean out other parts of our house to finish the basement, paint rooms, etc. the stuff has just mounted up and up and up … πŸ™

    Who is the bear? His name is Dink. He’s a Bears in the Attic bear, a Boyd’s Bear line. I didn’t know that when we bought him. I was “Boyd’s Bear unintelligent” back then. This bear slept with me, and went to the hospital with me when in labor to deliver our first child. I have a photo of me doped up on Dramamine, in bed in the hospital, when my water broke, but I wasn’t in labor, and my cervix was totally not ready for induction (it was supposed to get it ready, that Dramamine, but I really think it just made me feel goofily horrid instead all that morning, if I can dig up the photo, I’ll insert it here later, then you’ll see!)

    Dink was my buddy through life since purchase in 1994 or 1995. Three children came after him, and still he was my favorite bear. I also realized what Boyd’s Bears were during this time period, and began collecting various other Bears in the Attic, TJ’s Best Dressed, Artisan, etc. all Boyd’s Bears. Dink I didn’t know his name until I got a collectors Secondary Market Value Guide in 2000. I had lost his hang tag years before, not realizing it’s worth. So I never knew he had a name. I ID’d him in that guide book, and that’s when he became DINK, but still he was just “TEDDY BEAR” or “MY BEAR” to me πŸ˜‰

    My Dink is nicely worn looking, or rattily worn looking, however you’d choose to view it. I haven’t seen him in person for so many months now, and it saddens me. I have combed the internet looking for photos of him since at least January 2004. I actually bought a bear on eBay that reminded me of him, and was wrongly labeled on the auction as another bear entirely, it’s not Dink, but isn’t the bear that they said it was either — I have yet to get an ID of him. So now I JUST YESTERDAY! found a bear labeled as Dink along with Ace Bruin, up for auction.

    Yes, it looked like my Dink, but I can’t be sure until I get him in my hands. He is sitting scruntched up, and so I can’t see how tall he really is (he looks big, looking at his feet … as he should be). The auction was set to end 5 or so days later, and started at $2, with no bids yet, and there was GLORY BE! a “Buy it now!” price of $10 on the auction. My heart was racing after I discovered this. I ran to the phone, called my DH and asked him … and he said, “Get it!” Yippee! So, with shipping, it’s $14 for two sweet Boyd’s Bears, and one is touted to be my Dink, but even if he’s not, so what! He could be a twin of the other bear that reminded me of Dink that I got earlier on eBay. In any case, he’s welcomed here, but he sure looks great to me!

    Here is Dink and Ace Bruin, as depicted on the eBay auction I just got (they should arrive via parcel post sometime next week!):

    In the photo, Dink looks the right color, compared to my memory of MY Dink. I’ve read some things, on eBay, when I was able to search for past auctions and found some Dinks that had been for sale before I had looked πŸ™ They aren’t available to view anymore, and I hadn’t saved the photos there, stupid me. In any case, I found out that there are variations of dink, and older face, a newer face, and at least three different colors of fur … variation colors lighter, darker, etc. So then, my Dink is a certain Dink, and he is who he is, to me. This photo looks like I think my Dink looks. Crazy, I sure wish I could find my original Dink to compare my memory, pictures, and the coming in the mail Dink, as soon as possible. Sigh. Not so easy. I’ve searched and searched for dear Dink many times. I’m glad though to find one like him, hopefully it’s just like him, and one day I’ll be thrilled to find my original.

    Babyfour Update

    Please see the update on babyfour.

    St. Patrick’s Day

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to y’all!

    My Irish eye’s ain’t smiling yet … I’m too tired for that πŸ˜‰

    Maybe later, when we have Corned Beef and potatoes and a Beamish to drink. OK, now I’m hungry.

    (I LOVE corned beef!)

    I’m tired and feel so fat. But those are my worst “symptoms” so far. I’m going to find out if I really DO like corned beef today, I mean I know I like it, but will my body say yes to it is another thing entirely.

    a. I’ll be able to eat it and eating leftovers will be fine, and I’ll love it and get more to make until I can’t stand the sight of it anymore

    b. I’ll be able to eat some of it, but then be filled and wish not to see it again *ever* (which will change after the baby is born at the latest)

    c. I’ll smell it cooking and say “I’m not hungry afterall”.

    That’s how this pregnancy is treating me thus far. Desire for food or not, loving one thing until I don’t want anymore. Or plain just not liking some things from the getgo. I’m happy to say no nausea or vomiting, none so far. Intense hunger — yes. Intense tiredness — yes. Food aversion — yes. Get stuffed too fast too. I’m feeling so fat, so very, very fat.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! My heritage is partly Irish and therefore this is one of my favorite holidays, but it’s such simple one in how it’s traditionally observed. Maybe that’s why I like it most. Meat and potatoes kind of holiday. πŸ™‚

    Sun, Son, Sun, Son

    The sun is shining a bit today. Clouds and sun intermittently. It’s a joy to see sun. The irony of it is that in just a few short months I’ll be sheilding myself from it as much as possible. My fingers will then be too warm, instead of the too cold of nowadays.

    I love the 60’s. Degrees of temperature, that is, not the decade. I was born in that decade, but have no particular love for it πŸ˜‰

    Once temperatures rise to about 70 degrees F. I’m at the top of my comfort. As it rises higher by nth degrees I overheat by nth degrees. Not fun.

    I am a reptile. Hibernate when cold, sit in sun after too chilled, then go back to become chilled again. Simplistic way to describe it, it really deserves a much more complex description. I’m just filling space though, with some thoughts I’m having, to get the ugly green and red map sandwiched for the daily entries. I like it’s function, just not it’s looks!

    The sun is like that too. It’ll be a grand day when one day our glorified bodies can take the SON shining full strength for all eternity. Currently, in fallen-mode, I can take the sun in increments, the depth depending on supportive weather. Gratefully our spiritual outlook is such that with a regenerate heart Christ is always with us, shining inside. The glorification of our bodies will mean we can really appreciate that oh so much more on that day.

    Backyard Hawk

    I was sitting here looking at something on the computer, and felt a need to look out the window to the backyard.

    What did I see, I did a double-take. Red-wing Hawk sitting on the Box Tower, one end of the “Jungle” play set we have. I had a few frightening minutes looking for my camera, it wasn’t where I remembered putting it last. It was still there, the object it was on had just been moved [rolling cart island].

    I didn’t dare open the door, so what photos I got may not be so good. Also, I had my short lense on the camera. Figures. I did get my long lense on, but he flew away, said Russell. I looked up and he was gone. There was ruckus of BlueJays next door, aha, the hawk must be there somewhere.

    I finally did spot him in a large tree over there, and trying to avoid the BlueJays. He took off and flew over the few yards and houses then to the trees bordering the subdivision and a junk yard.

    Gorgeous thing, we’d never had one land, that we know of, in our back yard. I’m guess he’s interested in our chickens. They, as far as we know, are securely tucked in their pens. It wouldn’t be wise for any of them to venture out of any hole that appears at any time … as has been known to happen on high wind days.

    Well, my adrenalin was pumping in Highest-Mode throughout all that. It was very exciting. I love looking for hawks when we drive through the countryside. They perch on trees and wires, and some days are easy to find many. Usually they are flying way up in the open air.

    Ok so photos, if they are any good, they’ll be on my photo log later, much later probably. I have 10 pictures left on this role. They could go really fast. But there are 6 rolls waiting to be taken somewhere for development. Oh the expense of such a fine hobby.

    That Gorgeous September Moon

    I just went out on the deck with my Canon Rebel 2000 after spying the moon through the glass of the French doors.

    It was gorgeous, looks full, but not exactly quite. I took at least 3 or 4 photos with my longest lense, using a night-time mode. I sure hope they turn out alright. I’ve never really taken night body pictures. Only moon in daylight sky … when aiming at the moon.

    After I did that I came in and searched for moon phase info. Couldn’t find it easily on accuweather nor on I didn’t have the patience to REALLY search there. I found a naval site and found a plethora of info. So I got the most relevant data to me for now, and find that the moon is 99% waxing gibbeous tonight … πŸ™‚ It’ll be FULL officially tomorrow sometime after High Noon. Gorgeous pictures if they come out, of a waxing practically full moon, the best view of this September 2003 Full Moon that might be had perhaps. We can’t vouch for tomorrow nights sky conditions. At any rate the view in real life is simply wonderful. A yellow gauze of light around it, the man on the moon looks very cheesey tonight, and very happy too.

    Just as I was about to post this Asa came up and looked outside, and guess what he said “I saw the moon!”

    Which reminds me of his birth. Ah, I have a connection with the September Moon, [minus any mystical weirdness –it’s totally a romantic notional connection] I knew there was something drawing me out there with my camera.

    In 2000 I was overdue with our third child. The Full moon was approaching and the midwife and I joked about waiting for the full moon, or something like that. Well, the night I went into labor, the moon was waxing towards Full. Proof following:

    2000 Phases of the Moon
    Universal Time


    d h m d h m d h m d h m

    JAN. 6 18 14 JAN. 14 13 34 JAN. 21 04 40 JAN. 28 07 57
    FEB. 5 13 03 FEB. 12 23 21 FEB. 19 16 27 FEB. 27 03 53
    MAR. 6 05 17 MAR. 13 06 59 MAR. 20 04 44 MAR. 28 00 21
    APR. 4 18 12 APR. 11 13 30 APR. 18 17 41 APR. 26 19 30
    MAY 4 04 12 MAY 10 20 00 MAY 18 07 34 MAY 26 11 55
    JUNE 2 12 14 JUNE 9 03 29 JUNE 16 22 27 JUNE 25 01 00
    JULY 1 19 20 JULY 8 12 53 JULY 16 13 55 JULY 24 11 02
    JULY 31 02 25 AUG. 7 01 02 AUG. 15 05 13 AUG. 22 18 51
    AUG. 29 10 19 SEPT. 5 16 27 SEPT. 13 19 37 SEPT. 21 01 28
    SEPT. 27 19 53 OCT. 5 10 59 OCT. 13 08 53 OCT. 20 07 59
    OCT. 27 07 58 NOV. 4 07 27 NOV. 11 21 15 NOV. 18 15 24
    NOV. 25 23 11 DEC. 4 03 55 DEC. 11 09 03 DEC. 18 00 41
    DEC. 25 17 22

    2000 Moon Phases

    Here’s the exact time of Full moon on that day for us: Full Moon on 13 September 2000 at 3:37 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

    Asa was born at 1:57am approx. September 13, 2000. So it was full, like now, just not “absolutely officially”.

    It’s a nice moon, that September moon. The Full moon for September 2000 occured 12-something hours after Asa’s birth. The Full moon for September 2003 will occur 15-something hours from now, when I took the photos and felt the need to do so without prior thought of what’s written above. Interesting cooincidence. Close, not exact, but similar and my baby will be Three years old on Saturday! πŸ™‚

    These photos will be in the Photo Log eventually. Film takes awhile, and there are three rolls ahead of this one, which is still in the camera.

    Anniversary soon

    Time is sure flying. It’s already August 19, which means Frank and me are drawing near to our 11th anniversary. It’ll happen on August 22.

    We’ve nothing extraordinary planned … still in the throws of poverty πŸ˜‰ But climbing out soon, hopefully.


    Things are looking up for us, a bit. Frank has at least one, with more coming onboard soon, sub-contracts to work for people. This will possibly mean we’ll be doing better than before getting out of CMD, the company he worked for when laid-off-terminated in December 2001. We have lots of “catch-up” to play, but it’ll be nice to be able to do that, instead of have the “catch-up” get bigger and further away.

    We’ll be happy when that “catch-up monster” is long gone.

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