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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Frank, happy birthday to you!

Frank is 38 today. That makes him 2 years older than me, for 8 days. 🙂

Good Things going down

See my first post for today on my Eggreport. Something different happened when I first checked the hens today.

Then see my second post for today on my Eggreport. Something really big happened today, and something cool too. Which is which? Interchangeable, I’d say! Post comments here and there, or anywhere!

New kitty in our house!

We picked up our new kitty yesterday. It’s a 7 week old brown, black, and tawny stiped male. He’s so cute. Curtesy the Greenewald family of our church. Out of Bloomer, he’s one of a litter of 5. One female that looked similar, though more tawny than black, and three male versions of red (orange) kittens.

We haven’t dubbed our new addtion with an official name yet, we are working on that. His first name from his birth home was “Tigger”. It’s a good name, but we always re-name all animals when we get them, if they had previous names.

Let’s see, to remember a few of them: Our red tabby female “Cinnamon” was called “Margaret” before we adopted her. Our previous youngest who’s a tortie with a hint of calico look was called “Galaxy” before we adopted her. We renamed her to be “Scarlet”. Strider and Dixie were known by other names as well, but I don’t know what they were. They were 9 months old, brother and sister, when we adopted them.

That’s our adoptees … Samantha I picked up from a garage that had a cat with kittens in the back alley. She was tiny, feisty, and so much my little sweetie from the moment I got her home. Princess was a feral born under our next door neighbors pool deck. We caught her when she was 4 months old, so we were her first human contact. Neat cat. That’s the role call for what we have right now.

Yup, 7 cats, from 11 years old down to 7 weeks old.

Click the above photo for a the first of a series of eight bad photos, taken with our CHEAP digital camera. New kitty and some of our others, eating their meal of raw chicken carcass. We switched the cats over to raw food a few weeks ago. They are doing well. Much better than they used to be on commercial kibble.

Ladies Tea Party

We had a Mother and Daughter Tea at our Pastor’s house today. Victoria and I attended. It was her first-time to a “tea party”. The little girls all had Raspberry Tea, and the “older girls” had a choice of at least four. I drank Irish Breakfast. I can’t recall the other names … so if anyone reading this was there and knows, please feel free to fill in these missing details via “comments” below!

It was a very nice time, good fellowship, and excellent delicacies to eat. 🙂

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