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  • Thanksgiving & Next Day Birthday Over

    Thanksgiving Day went well. It was chilly but sunny in the morning, warmed up but not too much during the day, staying Sunny all day. We had dinner later than I had wanted to. My hubby got me playing Warhawk in the morning and I quit when I realized it was 12:08pm and got going […]

  • Travel for business and baseball

    We are in Tampa, as I have mentioned here – in a hotel that isn’t as nice as the one the night before, but that’s that. Embassy Suites in Tampa by the airport is really, really nice. We are now by the bay and it’s a different kind of place, very Florida and a crash […]

  • Baby Q – 7 Months Old

    Baby Q is officially 7 Months old today. He’s crawling, has been “creeping” some since right before turning 6 Months old … he has not “mastered” crawling, but for all intensive purposes he gets where he wants to go when he’s on the floor. For him it’s more the hard floors that are keeping him […]

  • 40 Wks +2 Days – 1

    I am +2 days “overdue” today. I had contractions yesterday, which I mentioned in the previous post, and they did peter out and come back a couple of times last night, but the key is, keep coming back. I slept better last night too, really relaxed. I did awake a couple of times, but was […]

  • 40 Wks +1 Day

    I had a bad night last night, very uncomfortable and couldn’t sleep from 2am to 6am, basically, just snooze a bit, read and listen to music. I took a bath sometime right around 5am and was out at least 10 minutes before 6am, and then was able to sleep for a couple of hours after […]

  • 39 Weeks + 4 days Counting Down

    I’m 39 + 4 (wks + days) today … we did go out last night and get a few things. I am still in need of a changing table pad and cover though (something very important to me!) We got the stroller/infant car seat combo as well as the Pack ‘n’ Play at Target which […]

  • 37 Weeks

    Today I am 37+4 (wks+days) along in this pregnancy. I’ve become more and more uncomfortable as the days go on … the end is near! Sleep is difficult, getting comfy in bed is super-difficult. It’s hard to get up from lying down, and hard to get up from sitting on the couch, and hard to […]

  • 36 Weeks today

    I’m 36 wks + 0 days today … I’m getting much closer, and time seems to be going faster and faster … We ordered our Birth Kit yesterday, and hopefully it will arrive before our Home Visit on June 4th (when I’ll be 38 wks 0 days.) We also need to get some other supplies […]

  • 35 weeks Midwife

    My pregnancy progresses … I’m at 35 weeks now, and officially by the calendar, just a “month” from my due date, with it being June 18th. It sure has gone fast! I had a midwife visit the other day and things were O.K. I measured right on, 35,  –but the usual late pregnancy rearing it’s […]

  • Cloth Diapering #2 (baby)

    I wrote about diapering baby and my supplies not being known if they were OK or not, basically. Yesterday DH cleaned out the garage. It was really clogged up due to many different reasons, and it was a known thing that IF any diapers were in there, they were in the corner, which was not […]

  • Cloth Diapering (baby)

    I used cloth diapers on my last baby (#3), and on baby #2 after she turned 1 year old. I wanted to use them with #1 at some point, but cost prohibitiveness kept me from being able to do that the way I wanted, I did have a few samples and liked them, but that […]

  • Silly Mispronunciations

    Overheard just moments ago: “Where’s my leap pad?” asked Asa. “It’s downstairs under the fruiton,” answered Victoria, matter-of-factly. :rolleyes: 😆 The mysterious “fruiton” is only a basic, quite normal, “futon”. 🙂 Asa is 5. Victoria is 6 .. soon turning 7.

  • Praying Mantis

    Last week Russell called me from the backyard to come out and see something. He saw a Praying Mantis, he said, and wanted me to see it and verify it, basically. So out I trudged and sure enough, on the blue fabric roof (Sunbrella fabric) of their play structure there sat a fairly large brown […]

  • Happy Birthday Asa!

    Five years ago we had a sweet little baby boy at home right now. All the activity had calmed down, and we were alone with our baby boy again. I say “again” since he arrived before any of our attendants did. So when he was born, we had him for several minutes, all to ourselves. […]

  • July sure went by fast

    I know time goes fast when you are having fun, but what if it goes by fast when you are definitely NOT having fun? 🙂 Time has flown for me the last few years, and this last month, July 2005, has been quite the fastest, by far, in my estimation of historical events in my […]

  • Hens, Lights, and ears

    Well it’ s rather wet and dreary and chilly again today. Yesterday the hennies gave me a white egg, then three brown eggs, and that was it. Today it was exactly opposite. First a brown egg, then three white eggs, and nothing more so far. It’s funny to look at the eggs in their prospective […]

  • Wikki Stix

    Wikki Stix are cool, fun, made in the USA and cheap. We have only come into contact with them physically at one place. Ted’s Montana Grill. Wikki Stix are available to restaurants, and other businesses from their website. Restaurants usually have crayons and paper things for children. Do you know how argumentative that can be […]

  • Merry Christmas Everyone!

    It’s Christmas Eve, the tree is trimmed. It’s just a little trimmed, it’s a little tree. 4Ft. Tall, it looks like a minature Christmas Tree, it’s like a Full Fledged tree, just small. It’s also ALIVE. Alberta Spruce, of some sort, it’s going to get a couple or so feet taller, and end up about […]

  • Turkey Aftermath

    Dinner is over, left-overs put away, some of the dishes washed, some not. 🙂 It was a hard afternoon. I didn’t get the turkey in the oven until later than I wanted. It took until after 5pm for it to be done. Then it had to sit, of course, while the stuffing was taken out […]

  • Me Big Eyed!

    😀 Oh it was funny! Just a minute ago, I’m sitting here reading something on another site, and Russell came up the steps from the basement and was standing there and tried to get my attention. I looked at him, he proceeded to show me how to do a loop. Shaked his body back and […]