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An update on the children’s progress

Asa is really growing! His face has filled out considerably of late, he’s looking more “boy” than baby, actually baby is nearly gone. He’s 2 years, 5 months old.

He can answer the first three children’s catechism questions:

1. God

2. All things

3. For His own glory

Those are the answers. Mix the questions up and he still 98% of the time gets them right.

Currently, as I type this, he’s playing “Reader Rabbit Toddler” on the other computer. He’s in Bubble Castle, letting all those animals out of the bubbles, and then when the right amount are release he gets a song played. He’s singing right along with them, and in particular doing quite a good job with the Alphabet song.

We sing songs in the van or just anywhere in the house, and he’s really picking them up all of a sudden. He used to watch the other two on the computer on occassion, but not do well without help, now he doesn’t need help. He’s got many mouse-moves down.

Now, it’s Victoria’s turn: She’s 4 years, 3 months old.

She’s a young lady. She is learning her letters. She can name most of them. She can spell out signs when we are out, for instance. That’s one utilization of our surroundings I use to show them learning abilities.

She loves to write on paper. She copies things I write, or things out of books. She’s memorized her name, how to write it, and sometimes she doesn’t get it totally correct, but it’s close. Usually it’s just one-letter-wrong. Something flip-flopped or left out.

She “reads” “This little Piggy Went to Market”. Russell read it to her one day,and she memorized it instantly and follows the words on the page of the book, as if she’s reading. She’s mimicing Russell and everyone else who actually reads.

She’s raring to go! It won’t be long now.

She can click with the mouse with the best of them, very “professional” 🙂 She play Toddler and Pre-School versions of Reader Rabbit, and they are just fun, not a real challenge. We have BUZZY the Knowledge Bug CD’s too, and the JUNGLE one Russell has been playing, and now Victoria is playing it too. They both are constantly chattering about this and that thing in this or that jungle, etc. when they play with that CD. It’s full of great activities, and it’s neat to see Victoria starting to do things that Russell is already doing on the computer.

Russell is reading everything. He can read outl oud very well, but usually doesn’t do a good job, his attitude needs work. He’s very intelligent, and of course, rather bossy, being the eldest. He’s losing his front top teeth slowly, they are looser now, but still there. He lost two bottom ones, but is still frightened about losing the top ones. He’ll be a typical 6-7 year old soon, with that big gap. Just not so typical in other ways …! Russell will be 7 the end of April.

He’s a very sweet boy, energetic, and very much more full of energy than that!

I’m going to get Russell to type some information for his web page soon. And that will introduce him to web design and HTML coding eventually. We’ll start with a list of books he’s read/reading.

A big boy

News I forgot to put down is: Asa is potty-learned! He’s been there for over a week now, and is just now a month shy of being 2 1/2 years old. Way to go Asa! Now there are no more diapers to be changed. I’ll put them away until they are needed, hopefully, again.

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