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Thanksgiving Prep and more

    Tuesday before Thanksgiving:
  • Breastfeeding ‘letdown’ started to come back in the middle of the night, and improved throughout the day.
  • I got bread made, chopped it and other things to make the stuffing for the Turkeys, and got one of the turkeys stuffed and roasted, and sliced, then vacuum sealed (much thanks to Frank for this), and the skeleton into a big pot to make stock and have that simmering with some extra celery overnight.
  • Have suffered with a migraine since a couple of hours after getting up. I did remark to my hubby on Monday that I wouldn’t be surprised if I either Woke up in the middle of the night with a migraine, or Woke up in the morning with a doozy of a migraine, or Got a migraine after waking up. Why? I had a weird feeling in my head for awhile, a definite ‘tightening’ – something I do notice before a migraine, but not always do I notice it, depending on what’s going on, and such.
  • The stress of the weekend before was fully a part of the migraines beginning, I do think. I don’t always get migraines that frequently, or in any sort of pattern really, that I can tell, but there are ideas as to why this one or that one came along, after the fact.

    I did have the migraine under control, it isn’t my worst sort, but sickening when it is ramming itself into whatever I am doing, not able to ignore it at all. So in other words, Excedrin helped me during part of the day, but now it’s the middle of the night (Wednesday 4:30 am) and I am still awake after Baby Q woke me up at 3am to eat, and feeling so very, very ill. And I can smell that turkey stock simmering. Ugh.

    • On Wednesday proper I plan to:
  • Organize all the side dishes on paper, as to when to make what, and assign helpers to different tasks.
  • I want to get pie crusts made and put away for pies on Thursday.
  • Other than that, right now, I’m pretty much over-the-top feeling horrid with this migraine to think further about food or work. πŸ™
  • Go figure

    Go figure, the last post I wrote yesterday, I felt much better. My throat felt better. Big deal it was! Really. But by the time it was nearing bedtime I was aware of the truth. I was only going downhill. I have a cold. I am now miserable. Bad night, awoke with the clock by the other side of the bed showing: 10:07am; :veryshocked:

    I stumbled downstairs and there were all three children, watching Roly Poly Oly (disney childrens animated show – cute stuff.) And Russell was just helping himself to a cup of coffee :rolleyes:

    “Where’s your Daddy?” I managed to push out through my very cloggy voice box.

    “Oh, at church!” they all replied in unison.

    Then they swarmed around me and into the kitchen all yapping at the same time saying different things though. It was caos! They were only telling me that their Daddy had left one more toaster tart and one icing packet for me. They apparently were charged with telling me that when I arose. OK. Sugary tart for breakfast, feeling bad, icky cold symptoms. No thank you!

    I usually don’t buy such things. Frank does sometimes. He does it to help make things easy. Good intentions, the children love it, I like it sort of, the product, but inside know it’s junk and wouldn’t buy it myself, and … blah, blah, blah I could go on, but won’t. πŸ˜‰

    I was just surprised at how late it was when I awoke, and that my husband left and went to church leaving the children all there. If charged properly it can work, our eldest is 9, but it’s not always a kosher thing to do. All in all, Frank must have just left when I awoke. It’s probably what awoke me. But when I made my way down it was obvious that he was totally gone, and the children wouldn’t be able to say exactly when he left, or estimate it very well. We had talked the night before and he was going to take one or two of them with him, but must have chickened out when the time arrived, and I was still abed. Yes, better to leave them all then to leave only Asa with me still asleep. But that’s an ethereal situation, not what happened. Activities of a higher nature, getting the other two ready, would have awoken me anyhow. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    Well this Cold-virus is not a fun thing. I avoided the ickies for so long, only to finally have it come slamming down on me right when Frank is poised to go on a week long trip for work. Ugh, ick, yuck. That’s how it often is with me, it toys with me and I guess I get my army defending well at first, then I start to feel sick, then better, the army is defending well. That then brings another rebel-army to the door, and my army defends again, and again. Then a new marauding army comes to town and barges in and flattens my army posted at the gate. It gets in. Full Body War begins.

    It’s probably just a mutation-ish thing, these dumb viruses hit the children, they’ve never had them before, and the virus does it job. The whole time it’s looking at me and saying “I’ve seen you before” and somehow changes itself to become a worthy virus for me or beckons another passing virus to join in the cause. Thanks a lot.

    The Heat is Here

    It was cool last week … well, let’s see, the week that was the last one in May. My time is messed up a bit, we’ve been HOT and sick and generally those two aren’t so good together, if you know what I mean.

    Temps in the house have been 85 degrees F. or higher at the worst, close to 90 degrees F. often enough. That’s too hot for me. To make it worse though, it’s heavy heat, you know, the sort with too much water in it, otherwise know as “humid air”. It’s not just that though, it’s the lack of breeze, the dead air.

    The month of May was nice. It wasn’t too hot, and the hotter days did have breezes. We have fans in some windows and everything was great in May.

    Enter June. June, she be nasty. So we sweat and suffer. I don’t mind it as much if I don’t HAVE to do much for anyone else. This is the sort of weather we had last year when my relatives came by and I just couldn’t function and be myself. So I zombied my hosting and crashed otherwise, and it was also “mental recovery from miscarriage” then too. I look back a year ago, with this heat and don’t know how I survived then. Anyhow, this heat isn’t the bad thing. It’s just that it is here. We live with it. We need a few more box fans, and some replacement screens for our windows that don’t have screens anymore, but there isn’t anywhere to ‘just pick them up’ or even ‘just get them shipped to us’ — they seem to not exist in the marketplace.

    So I was really sick last week, and had allergies and such. The children all seemed to suffer with something too, allergy like. Yesterday Frank began getting “sick” and had to fly somewhere today just for the day, and is on his way home now, but sicker he says, over the phone. For me it started Memorial Day (Monday the holiday) evening. We had a picnic with our church families. I got a headache near the end, a whole head headache, which is odd for me, I get “migraines”, that sort of headache is partial parts of one side or a whole side, but never a band around nor whole head … so I knew something was up. Before we got home I was in deep pain, my head was cloudy and I was urgently needing my home bathroom :-0 It “could” have been the alchohol that I had drunk, but I doubt it, I wasn’t “drunk” or even a bit “tipsy” from any of it, it was just three or four beers over the coarse of the day. So I was really sick that night, and had a miserable hardly any sleep night, rushing into the bathroom and then just staying there for a long time. The next day I was weak and felt so much better, but continued to feel nauseated and not hungry at all, the headache was gone, but then a migraine set in later.

    Figures. I didn’t have a “hangover” either. I’ve gotten sick from ‘drinking’ only twice … and it was from hard liquor, never beer. I mean, drinking a lot and getting drunk and THEN being sick … what I had wasn’t that this time. I don’t overdrink since the last time I did, oh, 10 years ago, and when I did, it was only after I was married and only a handful of times. I do believe in moderation of drink. What I did before was silly young married person stuff. OK, so now, beer stretched out throughout a day, should make me so ill. But if it was alchohol related it would have produced a bit of “hangover” at least, seeing as I was so sick that night. But it wasn’t sick like when I got drunk sick, it was very different. It was “virus-like” absolutely.

    The kicker is that the next day I did feel much better, so much, but I still felt ill in my guts and tummy a bit. My migraine took over for a day and a half then it went away and I was left with allergy symptoms runny nose, itchy watery eyes, and a stuffy ear and sore throat. I took Claratin and then decided after a couple of days that I was even worse, so stopped taking that and it seemed to clear up my throat and my eyes and stuff weren’t so bad as before. But my throat then got worse, the whole thing got raw and sore and I had to get Cloraseptic spray to eat anything. I didn’t feel at all like eating though. This whole thing drug out all last week and over the weekend. I felt tired and just falling apart. My guts kept bugging me and well, it wasn’t fun. It wasn’t that bad, only I felt constantly nauseated, as if I was pregnant, but I wasn’t, I’m sure.

    I had my first hunger pains in over a week yesterday evening. Then today this afternoon those unfamiliar pangs hit me again suddenly. I had gotten so used to not wanting to think about food, it was weird. I also had super-bad heartburn that whole time last week through the weekend. Just the other day it seemed to lighten up a bit, and has gotten better ever since so that today I only took one TUMS, which is quite a few less than I had been taking.

    So I’m the only one that got so very sick. The children have been stuffed up sounding off and on. That’s all. But Frank, he’s been sounding funny and yesterday said he was weak and felt horrible. He had to go on the plane today though, and seems to be having a rough time. Typically, if there’s a virus going around, I’ll get it first or last. So this time, I got it first. His symptoms are very similar to mine, just the timing of it is different. I think my body did a zoom-zoom-zoom with the virus when the aventageous picnic environement surfaced, drinking a bit more than I normally would on a given day, and having a virus trying to get a toe-hold, well, it’s an engraved invitation then. I couldn’t have known.

    So when we are dragging, not as much gets done as is wished. Sometime we’ll get more fans and screen doors and get the stuff more out-of-the-way organized for better tolerance of Summer Weather (clutter and heat are just so bad together, aren’t they?)

    I’m glad to not feel so ill and food-hating, but I’m not happy to have to pick up and try to move with my still not quite up-to-par self and do stuff to make food in this heat. I have to stop typing. Some mosquito seems to have found her way into the house and is biting me, urgh! Outside it’s the ants. At least they are on the ground, can’t fly up and bite your hands and wrists as you type in the dark. They just bite your toes and feet and well, that’s more tolerable, though it hurts like the dickens and is so gross, but it’s not that itchy itchy itchy of mosquito poison. :veryshocked:

    Spring Colds

    A few days ago Asa sounded kind of sick, then he started sneezing and was listless for a day or two (nice in a way since he didn’t get into the usual trouble he does … he’s still at that age … 4). He coughed up some chest congestion Saturday night and so with that going on and the occasional sneezing that was still happening, I stayed home with him, and Russell began sneezing a lot that morning so he stayed home too. DH and Victoria when to church in the morning.

    DH is out of town today now. I woke up not feeling right. Just that feeling, you know you are coming down with something. It’s a high-pitched-sounding-feeling. It is a floaty-heavy-loss-of-energy feeling … just a bit. Anyhow, I got down in the kitchen and spoke my first word and that’s when I knew how bad it was already. My voice is really low and thick and gravally. I do know that for me it’s not just sickness, but a combo of that and regular spring allergies. Russell too. Asa hasn’t showed any allergies yet, I have hopes for him not to since he was a natural baby, no shots. Victoria shows signs of allergies and is just different. Russell’s are more in the forefront. I know for me and him then, a cold on top of allergies is just more of what we are used to, with more bothersomeness added to it and just no fun.

    So this morning Victoria is also sneezing and acting a bit more grumpy than usual.

    Things usually go wrong when Daddy is away. Already it’s been harder than usual, and I’ve had to clean up some stinky paint that V. got into. I do not understand how children do not understand not to do some things. They know to do or not to do something, but don’t seem to know that it should or shouldn’t be done. Urgh. Asa is feeling better. He’s getting into everything and going nuts.

    Top off the colds and the allergies with a HOT day. It’s supposed to get to 81 F. Earlier this morning it was already 73 F. outside. The house slowy heats up and there is nothing you can do about it if it’s that hot out. The night is cool enough for the house to cool down overnight, and the morning is alright, but the afternoon to early evening is hard to deal with on days like this. We have a better thing going with the lack of French Doors on the back of the house now. They were a great source of heat via sun growing as it goes though the glass, and hot air flowing into the messed up seals. Just removing the doors and a piece of plywood in that place has made it better.

    Upstairs, bedrooms, it’s much hotter though in the warm months. It’s too hot for me already today to be there. Living floor, kitchen/livingroom/dining room it’s coolish, but slowing ramping up to hotter. There is little air flow on such days as this. Flowing hot air isn’t very nice anyhow, except in the oven. Our house being an oven is not in my best intrest. I cook faster than some folks do.

    It’s just a not as nice day to have it be the hottest of the year, the first really hot day. Being just under-the-weather with a light-cold, a spring-cold with allergy counts high … and this hot air thing, very sunny and hot, and V. played with the stinky oil-based paint and so it’s stinky and getting hotter in here. πŸ™

    Asa is full of energy and I feel like something the cat dragged in. Not THAT bad, but close enough. Asa has a head start on the cold, he was first and that’s not in my best interest. His either. But I’m the only one who cares about that. He sure doesn’t. πŸ™

    Winter and Spring doing their thing

    I’m up just for a short while. It’s tiring being up, but also tiring being in bed, though it feels good to stay there, my mind wanders far from it and forces me up now and then. Whatever that means!

    So I was looking at Accuweather’s 15-day Outlook, and it seems to me it’s going to be a frustrating early Spring. Last Normal Freeze is March 15. Temps between here and there look fine, as all things go with keeping temps above freezing.

    March 17th though, they are forecasting freezing temps, and frosty temps the next couple of days after that, hovering right around there for lows at night. Grrrr.

    We are still 10-days away from that, so we shall see.

    Otherwise we currently have Sun that’s going away, with light cloud cover coming in, well actually it’s sliding in as overcast, that’s the edge, I see clear blue to the east and those white fingers reaching out that direction and just plain old overcast behind it back towards the other directions. Possible Thunder Storms later this afternoon, and rain and temperatures falling down to the be at the most 49 tomorrow. Today it’s supposed to get into the high-60’s. So that’s a big temperature change coming our way, again. Up and down, it’s that way most winters, but seems more uppy and downy this year.

    Frank’s off to Savannah again today. He’ll be back tomorrow night. Bad timing, but could have been worse if my illness waited until today to hit instead of yesterday! In any case, I AM feeling better than I did earlier this morning when I posted. I posted that and went pretty directly back to bed. I’m getting towards starving feelings now, so that’s a good sign, and figure that a nice 2-egg scramble on cast iron pan in butter with sea salt sounds devine.

    I must take it easy though, with three chiluns full of energy, I can’t smash every bit of my energy now, so I must post this and make that egg and rest again.

    So Spring is coming, trees are still putting out their buds and such. Our Weeping Willow is still greening up and our other trees are getting close to opening buds … but not yet. Other’s trees have bloomed, but only here and there. The Cacophony of Spring’s Triumphal Entrance is still a ways away. I am glad it’s not here now, with me under the weather, I want to be out there when it’s time, drinking it in getting my hands nice and dirty.

    So I am guessing it’d be best to bide my time and wait until April. We have lots of indoor painting to do anyhow. So if I can get some energy back this week it’ll be painting time. I love painting! Really, I do! [plus there’s decontruction and figuring out what to deconstruct and where and what and moving things and re-constructing to do!]


    Yesterday morning I prodicted that maybe I would be next, that before wasn’t the whole thing.

    How right I was!

    Late afternoon I was so tired. Frank was up, but dragging around, had to go out and pick up something, so when he came back I said “I need a nap!” and he agreed that we both did. πŸ™‚

    So a little later I went upstairs and Frank was watching a movie on TV, so I watched the end of it, then another came on and so we watched that. I can say I see clearly how bad I was then, now. I didn’t see it then.

    So it goes on that later that evening I felt that I was struggling with it all, and was and had to rush to the bathroom.

    One’s worst enemy wouldn’t wish that on you, would they? Well, I wouldn’t!

    I could describe the whole thing here, but I won’t grace y’all with it. It was just bad. And this morning I am dragging and hungry. I am wanting to go back to bed. πŸ™‚ The worst is over, probably. I thank God for bringing us all through this sickness, and showing us again how precious life is, and how bad sin and sickness are. One day we will be without sickness forever more. Amen!

    Expanding Sickness

    Sickness has expanded to all members of the family now. Asa and Frank went down last night.

    That leaves me having gone through a super mild version of whatever it was earlier … so I got off light, or else more is coming to meet me … :veryshocked:

    Sickness Grows

    Russell just got sick. He wasn’t until he had breakfast. πŸ™

    Frank is gone today, doing some work with one of his clients. So a Saturday is not a good day when it’s a Daddy-gone-day and things go bad.

    Sick time, just not a good time, of course. It’s worse though, for he threw up in the hallway. Yuck. It’s sub-flooring, so not a BIG deal as it would be with carpet, but still yucky. I know it’s hard on people who are sick, but why is it they can’t get it where it belongs? :rolleyes:

    So I’m hoping this is a time for Russell to learn that it belongs in the bathroom — or in a place that can get washed down easily. He said he wanted to lay down and nap, sometime after breakfast. He said his “tummy was a bit …” I’m not sure what words he used, it wasn’t alarming though. So laying down might have helped him, but he should have been a bit more on the ball about how bad it was.

    It’s just a fact of life for him, he’s had little training on this, not having many sick throwup times in his nearly 9 years of life. Victoria has been the one with more. But even she has less than MOST families I hear from.

    Anyways, throwup sickness is what has gone around church, but really worse than what we have had here the past few days. So God knows what’s going on. We just have to surf through it.

    Tomorrow is Church, eat at church Sunday no less. I don’t think we are going, after all. πŸ™

    Victoria seems OK. She hasn’t done anything since the last reported stuff. But she also didn’t eat her breakfast. That’s fine. Don’t eat if your body says “NO!”. She had dinner though. So it’s wishy-washy as to her status, but so far, no more throwup. Now that it’s 2-down, #3 will have to be watched closely. :rolleyes:

    Thursday awlfuls turn to Friday good

    Last night I wrote that I wasn’t feeling well, and Victoria was sick too.

    So I went to bed at 6:30pm and just layed there, watched TV and rested. Frank went to the store and got TV dinners for the children, and some mac and cheese from the deli and a ham slice for me. He warmed them up and it was a good dinner. In bed. I stayed there and it was good to do. I had chills the first couple of hours under the covers, but that went away eventually. Eating was devine, I had a big appetite, but exhausted, so it was good to have simple food prepared and served by someone else. I hadn’t been hungry, without realizing it, in a couple of days. πŸ™‚

    So this morning I woke up feeling fine, except for the obligatory allergies of Spring.

    Victoria woke up in the middle of the night, well, actually it was 10pm a bit thereafter πŸ˜‰ and threw up again. Frank helped her.

    So that’s that. She seems OK now. So do I. πŸ™‚ Hope it hold out. We are going out to do a few errands, and see The Pacifier if all goes well. πŸ™‚

    Started out Cold, ended up Chilling

    It’s been another chilly day — and harder to deal with today, as the sun hasn’t been out and shining on the back of the house all day as it needs to in order to warm up inside on a day like today, that starts out very cold and warms up to over 50-degrees slowly. The sun has been out, but not all day, mostly it was an overcast morning, and that’s when the sun is at the back of the house, to the east is to the left when looking out the back, and the sun then travels around to the right all morning, bringing warmth if it is visible. In summer it’s TOO hot. In winter it’s totally welcomed!

    It’s actually, minus the breeze outside, warmer feeling in the backyard than in the main floor of the house. Colder in the downstairs on the slab … warmer upstairs, and as I said, just plainly too chilly on the main level (crawl space underneath).

    It’s not cold enough for a fire, we don’t have much firewood right now anyhow, and I’m not feeling up to keeping up a fire anyhow. I’ve had an odd headache all day. It started out a migraine and then became a whole head thing which is abnormal for me. It’s either a migraine or not usually. So well, it’s actually fading now, finally, but it was much worse most of the day and getting worse all afternoon.

    I guess it could be a virus. Guess who just threw up? Victoria. She’s been complaining about not feeling well, off and on today, but only mildly and had no “particular” complaint when pressed for one. So just a bit ago she went upstairs and said she was going to lay down, her middle wasn’t feeling good. So finally she had a particular complaint! Then shortly afterward she came out crying and yelling alternately that she threw up in her bed and was still throwing up as she talked and walked and yelled and headed for the bathroom throwing up there still. Ugh. Well, Dh is home and he dealt with it, not wanting me to get sicker. Thank you Frank!

    I am feeling chilly, but it’s really not THAT cold in here. Last night I got under the covers and was freezing, it wasn’t THAT cold in the bedroom then either. I then had the chills. I didn’t have a headache then though. So today I did start out with one and it just got annoying and worse and I’ve had chilly feelings and now feel actual “chills” again. Oh boy, guess it is something. I’m glad to know my headache has a probable cause. It makes sense now.

    I do know that viruses attack families differently, one member is very ill, throws up, etc. Another just feels off-kilter, another gets a fever but doesn’t feel that bad, another just doesn’t want to eat, another has to go to the bathroom a lot. Not that it’s that here, I’m only referring to past events. It’s just me feeling headachy, chills, and blah. It’s her throwing up and complaining mildly all day.

    At church there has been horrid virus stuff being passed around. We weren’t there this past weekend or the one before. Executive order by hubby, to stay healthier, to avoid that illness, since we’ve had enough colds and such these past months.

    We did go and see The Incredibles the other day. We had to go on a couple of errands and by Costco there is a cheap theatre. $.99 matinees … so we went and saw The Incredibles on a whim that day. We’ve seen it before, and really like it, one more chance to see it on the big screen before it comes out on DVD.

    So we had popcorn. Popcorn and me don’t always agree. I like it, but it don’t like me later. πŸ™ So I had too much. I didn’t feel good later that night and felt super bad in the middle of the night, achy middle. But better by morning. But … maybe this and that are connected. I don’t always feel that way after theatre popcorn. In December for Christmas we saw a movie and that night Russell and I were miserable too all night. It’s the sort of thing that you associate with something particular, but you get it other times too, unrelatedly, and other times you do the same things and don’t get it … so.

    It’s probable that coincidence reigns here, and that popcorn and fake butter make me sickish, and that all things being favorable for sickness, if there are germs around, that’s when they pounce, when at a popcorn aftermath time.

    For me, sickness usually hits me and I can feel it in the top of my head down to my toes, a wonky whoosy echoey feeling. Dull thuddy, wuddy, muddy. It travels down and you can tell when it hits your intenstines. How? Not that. No, it’s HUNGER! Hunger finally strikes. It’s let go of the grip on the tummy and gone lower, beckoning for food, which only lures you into it’s trap, eat too much and feel worse again as that goes through your system.

    It’s an adult “has a good enough constitution to not be throwing up” sort of thing and so the virus just travels la-la-la along until it’s out of you.

    I sat down to write a post just to write, and so started writing about it being chilly, and realized due to Victoria’s ill effects that I’m actually not cold, just chilled from the chills. Realization of being sick, through blogging. If I hadn’t blogged about it I mightn’t have thought about it this way. πŸ˜‰

    Worse Cold of the Season

    I’ve had some sniffly sore throat things this “winter season” but nothing like the one I’m enduring now.

    Yesterday was the worst day since symptoms started, with it culminating with me hightailing it to bed just after 7pm. Too miserable to sit in a chair anylonger. Too miserable to stand around. Just needed to chill out in bed.

    So it’s warm outside, but I’ve got a cold. Yuck. My throat is alright now, but my nose it’s a running, sneezing, stuffed up, and my chest is congested as well. It’s not THAT bad, just MISERY. It’s just the kind of thing you get out of bed after a restless night, and it’s good to get out of bed, then you drag yourself around and do some things, and feel yucky so sit down and surf the web for a LONG time, then do some more, up and down, and by darktime, it’s too miserable achyish to do more than dream of laying down.

    So calculating how these things go, yesterday and today are the Zenith positions of the event, I estimate. So it should get better a bit later today, maybe, and tonight not be as miserable, and so on.

    On Friday it’ll be cooler, and that night getting cold again. So I hope to be much better by then. A cold in summer is no fun, a cold in the spring is no fun. A cold in the WINTER is even worse, in my opinion.

    What will transpire in this next “cold snap” of the weather? The 15-day outlook has some cold temps, but no ice or snow, thus far, is expected.

    So I have my worse virus cold right now, and MAYBE the worse weather cold is coming … we did have some very cold temperatures in December, for a little while, but that info is foggy in my brain, this warmth washes it all away to distant lands. πŸ™‚

    Virus/Cold and stuff

    I’m feeling miserable. Asa was first in line. A few days before his birthday he sounded kind of stuffy, and worse each day, and is now doing better. I, on the other hand, began feeling weird a few days after his birthday, and have been drowning in it badly since Saturday. Initially I only had a bit of a scratchy throat and maybe it was an allergy, it felt. But then I was feeling that itchy thing in my chest, just lightly tickly, bad news. After that is when my sinuses went under, and though I’m breathing, you could fool me into thinking I was breathing under water, like in a swimming pool, nearly.

    So I’m tired and dragging and super under-par, but not goodly so enough to go to bed. Bed is the worse place of all, sleep is hard to come by with draining tickly sputtery coughy suddenly overwhelmingly visitingness — when it feels like it popping in. I finally fell asleep last night, well this morning, sometime after 3 or 4am, and awoke just before 9am. So I did get some heavy sleep to sleep that late, just not much of it beforehand, so it wasn’t “extra sleep” that sleeping late brings other folks. That’s the way it usually is with me anyway, getting to sleep between 10pm and 2am regularly, so sleeping until 7 or 8:30 is not sleeping late to me.

    So in spite of feeling horrid, I updated something on this blog. I installed a plugin that “guesses” one’s country, for those that leave comments. It uses the IP to guess. So I have it displaying a Flag of that country, with the name of the country reflected in the title that mouse-over pops up. Glad it didn’t take rocket science to figure out. I did have to mess with some php coding to get it to show up how I wanted it too.

    Secondly then, the other day I attempted to install another plugin, but it’s incompatible with the preview feature I have installed for comments already. It’s a threaded/nested plugin, that’s really nice, I just couldn’t figure out making it work right with preview installed. I can say that another day I’ll tackle it again and succeed, I just wasn’t doing well enough, with this cold, to piece the right codes together, hacking the plugin and HACK together, in essence.

    Well I hope to be feeling better soon as I have much more online work to tackle as well. I need to re-do my church’s site, re-vamp and create new stuff too. It’ll take top mindform for me to do though, and in that task I’ll include getting rid of every last vestige of Movable Type on every one of my sites. Yippee! Good ridance!


    Well my illness is progressing nicely. My right ear is burning and stuffy inside, my sore scratchy throat of yesterday was a different scratchy this morning and had become totally just a SORE PAINFUL RIGHT-side of my throat burning swollen horrid thing by Noon. Now it’s only worse. I just took some Excedrin, barely could swallow it. I can’t bare to swallow anything, ugh, 7 days from now looks mighty nice. This is day three of symptoms.

    I predicted this morning that I was getting larengitis, well, not yet, but this current throat situation isn’t so far removed from larengitis, it’s close to my vocal cords and I imagine they are posting track backs to one another, my vocal cords and my throat, that is. πŸ™

    Chased down again

    Victoria and Asa have had loose congested coughs after awaking each time the last week, nothing major, but noticeable. Also, Victoria does do some coughing during the day, but only occassionally. Neither complains of any illness. Asa also has that runny nose deal … it’s clear, which means nothing to me anymore. I’ve had cold and allergies and always was told “if it’s clear it’s an allergy, colds produce colored stuff”. Not in this family πŸ˜‰ So dear three-year-old Asa has that clear sticky mess between his nose and his lip, and often that thumb is in his mouth, which means he ingests more of that stuff than if he didn’t suck his thumb.

    So there’s a clue, he’s is sucking his thumb more lately, that’s for comforting himself, so it’s a silent symptom response. Too he’s not eating much, so there’s why … booger tummy halts desire to eat real food. Poor dear.

    So, I had a bit of a scratchy throat when I woke up today, and it hasn’t gone away. I started to think about it just now finally, as I sit on my bed (where my laptop is when it’s cold out) and realized “I feel like a lump of …” whatever. Just ugh, don’t want to get up, feel heavy, you know — sick. πŸ™

    I felt alright the last few days, and with the other two exibiting symptoms, it didn’t get me motivated to do anything preventative in the rest of us. I’ve been dull of mind in this chillier time of year this year. πŸ˜‰ Well, not really, it just sounds good.

    Break out the Vit. C!

    I’m planning homemade pizza for dinner, and with this scratchy throat, I’m balking. But I’m already committed to making it … πŸ™

    Finally sick, figures.

    We’ve all had colds, light ones, since a day or so before Christmas. Well, they progressed to just drippy and sneezy and scratchy throat off and on for us, but for me, it’s gotten worse since Saturday. That evening I was feeling worse, and also had felt allergic more than sick, so I took some Benadryl for those symptoms, which was fine since I ended up having to eat something for dinner than had had mushrooms in it. My swollen tongue from that was bad, but minimal in comparison to past encounters. So I woke up Sunday morning dragging, and just Frank and Victoria went to church. Asa has had a clear dripping nose constnatly, and Russell having more symptoms than Victoria or Frank. So I felt much better later, but still not great. Then I felt feverish late afternoon, and I was sort of flush faced. It wasn’t raging fever though.

    Well, today I’ve stayed in be all day, I just feel a bit achy, it’s cold downstairs and I didn’t feel like getting dressed for it, so I stayed on my bed. My throat hurts today worse, actual hurt instaed of scratchy. And I feel feverish again since 2pm, chills on occassion, and my forhead and nose feel beadingly moist from the heat.

    Laptop computers are a wonderful thing in this case.

    I have two cats curled up on my lap sleeping, and another one handing out right at my side, bathing, and my computer is beyond that lower on the bed, with my keyboard and mouse by my side, wireless. My ‘puter is always on wireless networking as well. Just not wireless for power πŸ™‚

    I’ve been doing stuff over at Rotten Tomatoes while I’ve been ill today, and some on previous days too. For the fun of it I started a journal there purely for movie reviews. I have plenty of other places for journals or blogs, it’s just that this one has a community of movie stuff, and I can keep all that movie stuff over there. Rotten Tomatoes is a place with lots of collected info on reviews and movie, game, DVD, info, etc. and the USER stuff is nice, for making journals, groups, forums, on topics, on particular movies or celebrities or just any topic, like someone could use it as a regular weblog or topical on something, anyway, it’s free, and just a new thing to play with.

    So please pray for my recovery soon. I don’t know what to call this. I never was one to know what is a cold, what is flu, etc. This is day 6 of whatever it is, and it’s only gotten worse since 4 a bit, then more on day 5 now more even more on day 6. Just a general achy-ish feeling, achy throat, flushed feeling, chills off and on. Definitley NOT that “run over by a truck” feeling— yet.

    I haven’t done anything for this yet, but Frank is going to get me some Vit C, tomato soup, and cough drops for my throat. I’ll go nuts with the Vit. C. believe me. Maybe some garlic too. Tomato soup is always my favorite, particularly when sick. It cures every ache and pain. Nearly.

    If there are typos in this, please forgive and overlook them. My computer is actually further away from me than I’d prefer, with all these cats, I can’t quite get the right foucs on the screen for good typing as I go, nor oroof reading. Oh well. Later I’m sure I’ll care enough to get that done. πŸ™‚

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