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Spring Report

It’s April now. Spring is moving on. The Apple trees have already finished blooming mostly. They are our last spring blooming trees every year. Both the Yoshino’s and the Apple trees were very early this year. Usually the Apple trees don’t START to bloom until sometime in April.

The Yoshino’s usually last until nearly April, so they were very, very early since that was so long ago now that they had blooms. πŸ™

My Peonies are setting buds and getting bigger (peonies regrow the bush every spring, btw)

First Peony Bud

My Knockout Roses are really getting full, setting a ton of buds, with many opening and already open and already spent already.

Here’s one photo I have on Flickr of one particular … with many more photos there … go ahead and click through them all by clicking on the photo which will take you to Flickr, find the Set and comment on any you wish to there.

Shy Beauty

Common Orb Weaver

Common Orb Weaver

Originally uploaded by CrazyMaisy.

I wrote about this spider the other week. I’ll load up more pictures and write about it more later. Go ahead and click the picture, I have a few more pictures loaded now on Flickr … which you can access via the picture’s link.

New Black Oil Sunflower

Canon Digital Rebel – July 6, 2005

Notice the beautiful swirls, the pattern is gorgeous, shows God’s handiwork wonderfully. Such order, beauty, but no true straight lines involved. πŸ™‚

Device Updates

I’m excited about something on eBay … Dh let me bid on a Canon Digital and I got the high bid (won) this early AM! It’s the elder Digital Rebel, not the new 8 megapixel but the first sort, the 6.3. It’s a super upgrade for me, and what I have had my eye on for as long as it’s been around the marketplace. This one is used, but “as new” as can be, supposedly. I don’t mind that at all. It’s a pricey product in the marketplace new, $799 is the higher price it goes for, and can be found for a bit less some places, but less places now that they are out with the newer model at the old DigReb6.3 price of $999.

The current digital camera I use is an Olympus something or other, just an auto point and shoot little thing that is a frustrating camera, for me, to use. It’s good for simple pictures, but not an SLR at all. I have a film Canon Rebel, just don’t use it right now since I have so many rolls of film I’ve been waiting to have developed for a very, very long time. So with the new one, when it arrives, I’ll have cousin cameras, A film Rebel and a digital Rebel. I will be able to go nuts, finally, taking pictures in how I like and have good results film wise or digitally. I love this whole thing, I’ll have two bodies of cameras to use EF lenses, swapable. I’d like to one day upgrade to bigger megapixel model, but to start with, the 6.3 is fine.

Happy early birthday to me! (is how I’m viewing this … sort of …) Thank you dearie Frankie! πŸ™‚

Frank has a business expense device coming soon, a laptop we got on eBay, and so then I’ll have this desktop, which we are sharing for the time being, computer to myself at least. I will need to have a ‘puter at my disposal to load the new camera pics on to fiddle with at any time I wish to have the camera be a great thing of fun for me. Recall if you read the few things posted in June 2005, I lost my laptop use when four-year-old recently got juice all over the LCD screen and the backlight fritzed out between then and when I discovered the “accident”. If you didn’t read that before, you did now, the short version.

This desktop is running pretty good now as well. We did get Memory for it, a full Gig in dual-channel modules (Corsair 3200 512 x 2 ), the night that my laptop died. We were buying that memory, out on other errands as well. Came home with total expectation of having the desktop running better after memory install and had no pre-understanding that my laptop was going to be dead to my use. What a defaltion that was for me. But as for the desktop, the Abit board is running the memory in dual-channel mode and there hasn’t been a single BSOD ever since taking the old Kbyte 512mb 2700 module out. Before the memory switch, there were those bluey thingies oftener than not. So the ‘puter opens big stuff faster now too. Nice.

The processor is running at slower speed though. I can’t make it rack up to what it really is. I guess I ruined it running it at a lower megahertz as long as we’ve had it … it was on another board before with that Kbyte memory. Moving to the Abit NF7s board it wouldn’t run right at it’s fastest processing speed. I had to put it down to 100 mghz. It’s an Athlon 2100+. So now with the new memory I can’t get BIOS to load processor real speed or antything BUT 100 … urgh. It’s wickedly weird, from my limited experience with processors and upgrading and such I haven’t had a “stuck” processor. My real desire was to take the processor off and reapply it when I installed the new memory. I didn’t do that. I should have. But I need to find my Artic Silver and also wait until Frank’s newer laptop comes, slated to be delivered July 11. I’ll also have to wait to do it until I can convince Frank to buy a new processor IF THIS ONE flips out when I re-seat it. So I’ll leave it alone until a new one could be afforded. I’d just get a new one that’s out there somewhere, that could be overclocked if I want … if I can find one, so faster than Athlon 2100+ but not much. Newer ones are locked, can’t overclock those. My very own 2100+ seems to have locked itself at a lower speed, even though it’s recognized as a 2100+ in the system. I re-set BIOS even. Just didn’t re-seat the processor, as I stated above.

So anyhow, this is all hope for the future to have a great little desktop that is fairly powerful and useful for family use of any kind; and I will *hopefully* get a laptop sometime sooner than later. (I used to take my laptop into the bedroom, in the van, into the kitchen, outside, anywhere. I only lost functionality of it because of small-children-being-bad-to-it when I wasn’t in the room and they were; two separate occassions, but never any other times, as it was unattended multiple times before and after, just two separate one-time things killed it slowly.) I miss my laptop-ability of all sorts. I miss having the computer at my fingertips just any old time I think of something to do or look up. It’s a real kill to my listening to music now too. And looking stuff up for the children as I was gearing into my Summer Fun Educationalness Time with them that relies heavily on the computer and internet (looking info up, printing stuff).

It’s July 2. It’ll be July 11 when Frank’s laptop arrives, so by July 12th the desktop will be free for me to use anytime, that’s 10 days away. I don’t like to wish time away … but … I don’t want to, really. I would like to stay 38 as long as I can, don’t want to push closer to 39 too soon, nor push Frank into 40 faster. He’ll be there on July 10. That’s a big event. Every day is one to savour, not wish away, and especially when you get older. Oh the days I can recall just wishing to be out of my childhood and … I am and it’s something I know a lot about now. Do not wish life away, it goes too quickly as it is. πŸ™‚

Deep Pink Peony

This is one of two peony flowers to open up already. It’s early. The other peonies are still growing. This plant is producing dark pink flowers. My other peonies produce light pink flowers. This seems to be the first-time for this plant to blossom. There is at least one other that should be a first-time blossomer this year as well.

Sunrise after a night of Thunderstorms

Last night we had major thunderstorms come through, including earlier in the day as well. After dark we had the worst of them, harder pounding rain and pea-size, and some a tad larger, hail. Lots of Lighting, cloud to cloud mostly, it was wonderful to watch. The sky was filled with the flashes and glowing of that sky only electricity.

Here’s a photo I took this morning as the sun was coming over the horizon. The ground was misty, light fog that would soon burn off once the sun was higher.

Photo taken with OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA February 22, 2005

Dog training in session

These two photos are from the other day. Dog is now being trained to stay inside.

Previously he has only been crate trained and stayed outside mostly, in his 10×10 corral and running free in fenced in backyard.

So he’s new to the inside during daytime nice weather, not in crate. In these photos he on the dirty kitchen floor, with his leash wrapped around the table leg just so he’ll stay put. He’s not depressed. He just looks like this when laying down with leash on or off. πŸ™‚

So yesterday I had him in the house off-leash.

Today he’s been in off-leash.

It’s working out alright. The cats are wary of him, well not exactly.

Scarlet and Strider both like the dog. They go right up to Lothar and rub on him. Strider even licks Lothars head some. The Think Blue Count Two duo sit several feet away and watch the dog. They don’t want to be put near him, they pop and hiss if you try to make them. They have no problem running right next to the dog though to get onto my lap. πŸ™‚

So this is first phase of “Get this dog ‘better’ trained”.

He’s over a year old. It’s just now that the first anniversary of his sisters death is at hand. πŸ™

Some Icy Pics

Icy Pictures from January 29, 2005 (morning). Ice Storm hit the SouthEast part of the US.
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After The Rain

Bethlehem to the West

Bethlehem to the East

Bethlehem to the South

Wikki Stix

Wikki Stix are cool, fun, made in the USA and cheap.

We have only come into contact with them physically at one place. Ted’s Montana Grill.

Wikki Stix from Ted's

Wikki Stix are available to restaurants, and other businesses from their website. Restaurants usually have crayons and paper things for children. Do you know how argumentative that can be in a restaurant? “She has blue and yellow, I only have red and green. Make her give me the blue crayon.” Pout. “No, I don’t want your green crayon.” “Mama I don’t want to color.” “Mama play tictactoe with me” Wikki Stix is the wonderful alternative that I wish MORE places would utilize.

Yes I love to color. But no I don’t like the arguing it brings forth, with different places having a good coloring sheet and nice crayon colors, others pathetic waxy crayons that barely color but have a good sheet to color, but most are that or a combo of that and a bad sheet, or a sheet and crayons and no where to write on it at all (really, the exist!)

Also, tictactoe is no fun when everyone knows how to play it, KWIM? Mama and Daddy like to talk in a restaurant as we “wait for the food” to come to the table. That’s a long enough wait for the children to need something to occupy their hands and minds and keep them from desiring to “run their mouths”. So Wikki Stix are really perfect. They are a creative thing that children love and Mama and Daddy won’t mind helping with during that time and later, in most cases. Interactive for the whole family there in the restaurant, and the children can do stuff all by themselves with Wikki Stix as well, not bothering Mama or Daddy if the parents wish.

Wikki Stix are the answer to that boredom of waiting –the youngsters who must keep still and quiet to some degree of difficulty in restaurants. And they are just so good for the whole family, so good for 3 and up in particular, yes all the way up to Grandpa.

They come in that plastic bag (pack) with eight 6-inch Wikki Stix and a design sheet.

Ted’s in fact has a numbered dot-to-dot on the back of the design sheet, of it’s mascot.

Wikki Stix are available online for sale as well, and in some retailer’s establishments.

Here are some things we did with Wikki Stix on Wednesday in our home. (Just using the Ted’s packs)

Asa with Wikki Stix
Asa creating something … trying to copy Russell

Russell with a Wikkistix creation
Russell’s own creation

Victoria with a Wikki Stix creation
Victoria’s copied creation

Wikki Stix are re-usable, and let a child’s imagination run wild. For that matter, adults too! πŸ™‚

On the Wikki Stix site they have their catalog of products for sale. One item is marketed for Adults as a stress reducer. Believe me, this is worth while for everyone to get some Wikkistix and see what they can do with them. They are great, and cheap, as toys go.

It’s just yarn and wax in nice bright colors. But it’s a unique patented wax and it’s not messy. It’s all so truly re-usable multiple times.

I downloaded some number-dot-to-dot pages to print out from the Wikki Stix site, and there are some other things at the craft section as well.

Here are what the children did with some of these:

Russell did this Bunny Number-Dot-to-Dot with Wikki Stix

Victoria did this Butterfly Number-Dot-to-Dot with Wikki Stix

This is Russell’s “Ted’s Montana Grill” Number-Dot-to-Dot with Wikki Stix

This is Victoria’s “Ted’s Montana Grill” Number-Dot-to-Dot with Wikki Stix

The Wikkistix in use above are a few weeks old. They’ve been used three or more times as well. (I keep them up on a shelf and take them down for special play)

One of these days we’ll get more Wikki Stix. The website has many products, and one that is sold under the Educational section are called workboards . These are white boards, a nice shape, perfect for Wikki Stix play in the car, home, or out and about. Not only that, as white boards they are writeon/wipeoff boards. πŸ™‚

Other things on the site are different colors of Wikki Stix and different lengths, special occasion things for holidays, and kits and more.

Perfect product for a homeschooling family, or anyone else for that matter. Good for a classroom too. (we don’t do classrooms in our homeschool, and for children in classrooms/schools, I’d be happy to know they at least had Wikki Stix in school …)

Some Pics of the Occupied Pen

I got outside earlier to take some pictures. I did it as fast as I could, the wind chill was something! Also, Lothar was acting WILD and really being a pest for attention and all I was out there to do was take a few pictures of the new pen and hens inside.

Here’s him looking in. I saw him later run up to them on that side and try to scare the hens, as well as actually go on the other side and jump right at the door and that scared them AND me!

I got him right into his own pen rigth then and there.

Lothar the dog

Here are some others then:

A view of the Australorps in their new digs

Here’s the Cypress-Side all done and occupied, as you can see the A.’s in it.

Here’s the egg collecting side, with the big door on the right, egg next door on the left. Panel of plywood next to the big door on the right, meant to be another door in time for spring. (with storm coverings for bad weather, as we can tell before it comes πŸ˜‰ )

The Australorps from inside the pen. I put the camera into the pen through one of the doors.

And here are the part of the Wyandottes. One and a half, precisely. That’s Pointsettia on the right, and Trinity’s back side to the left. They and Hawklady will be going into the A-Frame soon, I hope.

New Hen Pen coming soon!

It’s a fine day, sunny with a few clouds, supposed to get up to 59 degrees F. So the day is come that Frank and I will finish the old project for the “new hen pen” which began last Spring, and fell away to do-nothing-status as it became a giant that I couldn’t move anyhow, and was just “overkill” IMO.

So we are now fitting it out with finishing touches for Winter use, and plan on making it so useful as to be more “modular” friendly, a super proto-type for future better building practices.

I did some work the other week, and I was well pleased with it.

I made a lift of side for the back of the A framed unit, out of our fence extra pieces, cypress.

Click here to Popup Larger Image

Click here to Popup Larger Image

Click here to Popup Larger Image

The Cypress wall is only over the top half, and below that is ugly chicken wire, bulking out, not flat. πŸ™ I couldn’t get it right all by myself that day, but it’s just there and can be taken off and made better in the future. Over that we’ll be putting a metal roofing panel for Winterization.

I also fitted on a piece for a door to the egg laying nest area. It’s hinged.

Click here to Popup Larger Image

Click here to Popup Larger Image

Here’s the big door into the unit, the other side of the A frame from the cypress “wall” I made. It’s hinged.

Click here to Popup Larger Image

Click here to Popup Larger Image

We still have to trim out some pieces inside to cover gaps by the doors, and also make another door-like structure to fill in the space on the other side of the big door.

Complicated sounding, moreso that it really is.

Here are the two ends of the untit. First this one is the handled side. It’s not totally done yet.

Click here to Popup Larger Image

And this end is the side with the wheels. This is the side that will be changed to have a “hatch” to mate it to other pen pieces. It’s only temporarily sectioned off for winter.

Click here to Popup Larger Image

Don’t be impressed, it’s a mishmosh of everything. I’m only proud of it by the standards of it actually WORKING soon, and being better than what we have done in the past. πŸ™‚

Some of the future residents, the Australorps today:

Click here to Popup Larger Image

Bad photo of them … they are much prettier than that! The lighting and angle were both bad, I just stuck the camera inside the pen under the roof and chanced it.

We may divide the middle to put ALL the hens in the pen but not mix them. I want to get them all in there somehow. The Australorps were laying again, but the last few to four or so days they haven’t laid a thing. So I want them in there with a better laying area, and protection from the elements, and someplace where we can run a light out to them easier.

The side with the nest area is where I want to put them. And the other side I just want a door there where there is nothing currently, so that I can put the other birds there in a sectioned off area and get to them for feed, water … eggs? Yes I want them to lay!

It’s a winter thing, just want to get them in there so we can rip apart the old pen and make something new out of the remains. And reclaim the Super Yard for some chicks in the spring too.

I have many ideas for making modular pieces of A-Frame and rectangular shaped pieces, merging them together modularly as desired. Just getting them working is what we need to do.

Yes, there are plans for pens out there. But they all come about from people doing what they need to do. That’s what we are doing. Not really re-inventing the wheel, but using stuff we have for proto-type usable things, and making things as custom as we can to really work, and make that something to market sometime, hopefully. With cheap products … fancy looking, but not really fancy to make or expensive to buy, tools to use general tools. My desire is to make things that are ergonomic, esthetic, and fun to use (for people and birds). All within an Agrarian, Conservationist mindset of principles.

This A-Frame isn’t put together as the basic parts of it, as I want future A-Frames to be made [I didn’t build this, DH and FIL did] . It’s too heavy and just redundant use of big pieces of wood. It should be light, and that makes it movable, and it should then be able to be staked to the ground, hooked onto other pieces to increase weight as a sitting product, but unhookable for moving to another spot on the grass.

I think from the prospective of being small and a woman, in need of moving things myself, which would mean that younger folk could also move what I would be able to move. I am what is generally refered to as an average 12 year old’s size … in height. That makes for challenges in a giant world. Making something to the highest denominator means it’s out of my class, whereas lowest adult denominator in our family means it’s accessible by all adults and older children πŸ™‚

Edublog posts listed on sidebar now

I figured out how to get post title links automatically on the sidebar from my Edublog, so all one needs to do is look over there to the right and see the titles and click if they would like to read them.

I have my recent posts (entries) from THIS blog first (well, THIS blogs recent comments first, THEN the posts …) , then the Education recent posts … which I’ll probably “rename” soon enough, but in any case, they will be there and you will be able to tell which is which, most likely.

So with that, I won’t be pinging this blog with Edublog posts. Which is nice, since I was not wanting to do that any way, just started it since that’s the one and only way I could figure to get it going.

I kept thinking about it today, and thinking of MT and how I did things there … and thought about the beginning of each index here and how that would work to post any info on a blog … but would it work to include it on another blog …. YES! It works! πŸ™‚

Fine findings … I’m happy, since I think I can get things going with a Photo Log now with WP, since I am now thinking “outside the box” better with WP. Keep things separate, but make them work with other blog pages, not just their own. πŸ˜†

Weather of late

December 8, 2004 brought this interesting effect, low lying fog burning off so visually appealling as it moved toward the sky:

As well as this glorious BLUE above the fray!

First lovely blue sky in so long, it seemed.

Only to have that late night turn cloudy then to rain by early am, and the rest of today rain, rain, rain, rain, rain …

Here are the stats for the last three days:

from normal

Also this for December thus far:


And compare that to November:


We’ve had a lot of rain lately. This month on Day 9 1.53 inches so far. But previous month we had 7.95 inches. These are approx. for our area, but really just the readings about 20 miles [East] away, so we may have had more or less. I say more, based on what kind of storms passed over, the amount of rain on the ground, and how soggy it’s been relatively forever at one degree or level of something or other somewhere in the yard the last month plus.

In the last 12 days of November about 5 or so inches fell. So add 9 days to that and you have closer to 7 inches in 21 days, which is almost more than November in total, which means — we are in a very rainy season.

Plus the last few days, as documented higher above, have been Spring Warm to the umpteenth thinking. I mean, warm, barefoot warm inside and out. We haven’t had a real “cold snap” yet. A few nights of lower 30’s, but barely, just getting down there the last two hours of dark or right at sunrise.

We’ve had times when the house has gotten chilly, but only due to mid-lower temps coupled with overcast skies, and a few rains that have been COLD RAIN. Most of the rain storms have been very warm rain.

I’ve remarked here before about being chilly with the very day of chilly getting a storm come through that brought super balmy temps and air humidity overnight, I mean, during the night it transformed the inside the house temps to “just too hot for even one blanket” when we went to bed wanting that blanket.

Some predictions for the Winter Season I saw on The Weather Channel on TV some weeks ago, had the South being Wetter than normal, not warmer though. So far the pump is being primed for wetter indeed. Any additional rain we get seems wetter, as it has very little place to go, being so saturated. I forsee a cold winter, as has been somewhat predicted to occur in the South. We will see about that. It just feels to me that this ultra warmth coming in again and again is a predictor itself of chilly air and maybe some interesting snow/ice patterns. Last season we didn’t have snow and ice really, I re call that the actualities of it was FIRST big storm: February 2004. Absolutely weird. Snow of some variety in December is usual, with temps cold enough for fireplace usage by the end of November mostly, with odd days off during the winter for warmer into the 50’s days of full sun.

But we are almost 15 days to Christmas, and it’s not been fireplace weather yet. It’s gonna hit sometime and that sometime is coming. “Avg” temps are supposedly around 58 the first few days of this month for highs, gradually lowering to the low 50’s by mid month and beyond, and hovering just above freezing for lows. That’s only “average” though, based on more than I would consider as wanting to base comparisons on. I like to compare ACTUAL data from the last year or two to the same time this year. Since I don’t collect data from year to year, though I mean to, I never do so I don’t have that data, not wanting to subscribe to any PREMIUM services online for weather data either.

Some things about these late autumn storms, we are having lightning from them, something those Tropical storms that passed through earlier this season lacked entirely.

Think Blue, Count Two

I’ve been reading Cordwainer Smith stories and aggregating the stuff that I have, stuff coming, and what I still need to get for a full collection of at least all his stories.

So this has combined to be part of the saga of the kittens names.

Cordwainer Smith and cats go hand in hand, as do me and cats and Cordwainer Smith literature.

So the kittens have no official individual names. Right? Right. It dawned on me the other night that they are — and it’s now their official title– as a duo:

Think Blue, Count Two


It fits as the scenario that they are cats, two that are blue, and that they have helped to avert emotional turmoil and who-knows-what-else-worse for me this Autumn … if you know the story, you know the similarities of the story and what I am saying. Otherwise, if you don’t know, just trust me πŸ˜‰

Think Blue, Count TwoThink Blue, Count Two!


Cats, cats, and more cats

On Saturday we went out on errands, shopping, of course, and Frank surprised me at Petsmart [where we go for the kitty litter we get] and told me I could pick out a kitten if I saw one I liked. πŸ™‚

There were some young kittens, and several older kittens, as well as a few adult cats. It was adoption time, of course, as Petsmart doesn’t “Sell cats or dogs”. Pet Adoption agencies come in on various days with animals from shelters and rescue services, etc.

In the past, we got Strider, Dixie, and Scarlet in this manner. When we got Strider and Dixie we were there to look for a kitten. We ended up with the dynamic-duo instead. I saw them, and didn’t look further at them since they were older kittens. I was looking for a little black kitten then, I think. Frank pointed the 7-month old kittens out to me and asked if I wanted them. Both? Well, let me see then … and the rest is history. They were the best pair of cats, sigh. Still are.

We got Scarlet next, looking for a kitten again, and the people there didn’t let us take a young onethough they had several then. [actually, we had gone to Petsmart and didn’t see much of anything, so then we tried PetCo which was just a few blocks away –holding adoptions, it was at PetCo we found Scarlet.] We ‘weren’t trusted’ for some reason. Usual pet adoption people fall in love with us for adopting any of their cats. We got Cinnamon in 1998, when I was pregnant with our second baby [Victoria]. It was a great experience. We got Strider and Dixie a few years after that. Super Great Experience. So Scarlet then, was a not-so-great-experience in that we lucked out in getting her at all. We stood around waiting for more cats to arrive then, and she showed up finally, and was just old enough for them to reluctantly so OK to us about. She’s a nice little cat, very petite. She was 3 months old when we got her. Strider and Dixie really took to her and loved her in her growing up phase. They still all like each other a lot, just that the “young” phase was greater.

We got a kitten from a family we know next, Foster. He’s over a year old now, and outside, as he just wouldn’t fit in with our family. Really a royal pain, much nicer as an outside cat, though that’s not my usual medium of caring for cats. He’s needing neutering still as well, but that means $ in the case of what needs done to allow them to do him [shots …] and then the scolding that would follow about him being an outside cat, blah, blah, blah. Frank says we’ll give him a trial inside deal. I’m not sure we will though, as he’s just a big, strong, opinionated cat.

So with all that has happened in the past year-plus, we have four inside cats and one outside cat, until this weekend.

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This morning: Looking East

Bethlehem Sunrise November 6, 2004 06:21:06
Bethlehem Sunrise November 6, 2004 06:21:06 To the right

Bethlehem Sunrise November 6, 2004 06:23:20
Bethlehem Sunrise November 6, 2004 06:23:20 To the left

Cutie Cat

Here’s the latest cutie cat in our midst:

He’s much cleaned up-like now, but the camera is in “tempermental mode” again. He’s what I have hopes of getting “fixed” soon. He is very sweet, very, very, sweet. He started hanging around nearly two weeks ago, or more, and was injured looking. His nose, you can see the darkness in the photo, was all crusty scabby in bigger and smaller areas, as well well as an older injury on his side that looks like it is healing, but was nasty and untreated. Beyond that I was feeding him after a day or so of him hanging around, and Foster, our cat I HAD to boot outside, was becoming a bothersome creature, as the visitor kitty was seemingly more “at home” and Foster acting as “visitor”.

I sat down with the new kitty one day last week and saw some pinkish color on a front paw, and upon further investigation found that his right-paw-left-claw [thumb] was declawed … freshly in a wounded way … ugh. Poor thing. So that sealed my thought process, and in he came.

He a gentle boy, perfect candidate for grown-up male cat to be neutered and house-catted. If we can get him checked out at the vet soon-ish, he’ll be fixed up and introduced, eventually, to our current-foursome of Princess, Strider, Dixie, and Scarlet.

His name is Vivaldi.

He’s gentle, but oh so catty, needing attention, and singing and performing to get it. But his name isn’t for those reasons. It’s because of something else. My love of Vivaldi music and … any guesses?

Vivaldi is a pale tabby-pattern on top, actually a bit paler than the wonderful picture of him portrays. His front feet are white socks, his back feet are white short boots, and his tummy is all white. He has a beautiful white bib too. His nose is pink and his chin and such are white. White whiskers as well.

I gave Vivaldi a bath after I got him inside. He didn’t like it much, but neither did he fight me. He sure looked a ton better since that bath! He’s a beauty, I estimate him to be not very old, but grown-up.

Scarlet the Acrobat

Scarlet up in the ceiling joists

I took this photo on September 25, 2004. Our slab basement [the house is tri-level so the “basement” is really a slab walkout right next to a crawlspace that is on higher ground] isn’t finished yet, and the cats love to get up in the ceiling area and jump from joist to joist …

A series of End of August Asa


Here is Asa, wearing a new outfit. It’s part of the HUGE eBay Lot I got for him. This series of photos was taken the day it arrived. He was anxious to wear something out of it. The socks are the only thing visible that we already had. πŸ™‚

The shirt has a graphic of a monkey holding a banana, that’s what that blob is.

Asa is nearly 4, but still three years old. He’s getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger! He has a hard time posing though. Most of these were the response to “Smile” or “Cheese” or “Just look at me” or “turn around” He’s the cog in the wheel for group pictures with his brother and sister, usually. πŸ™‚





Proverbial baby of the family. [which has it’s sad points for me, as I knew it would before writing this. It’s true he’s a clown of sorts. So how does that figure into me having another baby, still in the future, or the baby that was due in Oct. but miscarried early. Sigh, it’s a confusing mortal thing.]

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