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New Photo Log

I’ve been working on a new Photo Log. I’ve imported most everything into the new setup and now have it in the place of the previous one. Referrers on it are new, they didn’t transfer, so page views and referrer links are starting from scratch.

This photo log is just the same in how I use it to load things, but it displays totally differently. The place I got the templates from is linked on the pages. I’ve tweaked it heavily though, changing the colors as well as integral parts of size and how it works in certain instances. I could have done the whole thing bottom up, but since someone else had done work on a similar style as to what I wanted to do, and has the templates available, I went ahead and used those.

Most photo weblogs in MT utilize ImageMagik (a server-based image manipulator) when creating entries. My server doesn’t have that available, but even so, I find it easier to create thumbs of photos myself in Photoshop, and then upload the photos and thumbs via FTP, then just code in location into the message template, avoiding the whole “upload file” thing.

If I have a few or more to do at the same time, I can create an import file, and use that to easily add many new entries at once.

They are easy to create, just a text file facimile any “export” one can create inside MT’s weblog interface. If you use MT but haven’t ever imported or exported, look that info up and give it a try. It’s a good way to back up your blogs entries and comments. It will give you the right template to use to create new entries, as I do for multiple new entries.

Using this import/export feature, you can move entries around to different blogs, entire content or partial.

I have a little work to do with my photos. I’m changing the way Portrait photos display. I’ll have all thumbs 100×67 and that means portrait thumbs will be cropped. Portrait photos will display individually at their length in contrast to the width of 500px. All other (landscape) photos will display at 500 x 333px. So any portrait dimensioned photos that are blurry, haven’t been reloaded yet, and the thumbs if they are portrait shaped (bigger than 100x67px) that also means they haven’t been reloaded yet. I’ve done some, but not all. as of yet.

Let me know what you think of my new Photo Log layout and how it works!

Changes on Weblog and Photo Log

I’ve done some work on this weblog, as well in my Photo Log.

In this weblog, I’ve done some coding so that when I write a post, fully typed out links are autolinked as hyperlinks to open in new windows, and the same for anyone who posts a comment — just type out from http through to the end, with no text touching either side of the URL, and post. The system will hyperlink it for you! Nice.

This solves the problem of “knowing how to hyperlink” for those that don’t, as well as saving typing for me, and for those that do know how to encode properly. Also it solves the pop-up window problem of links opening in that little window, instead of it’s own new window. Most links that are in posts here, or in comments, would be off-site links, not always would someone want to gravitate away from this site when clicking on a link here, so this is the default behavior (overridable by some browsers)

On my Photo Log I’ve changed the previous and next behaviour on the indiviual archive pages. You can find them via the main page — by clicking on any thumbnail image you’ll go to it’s individual page … on that page then you’ll find the previous and next navigation at the top of the page, with images and the title of that images post underneath for each. Navigation is by date entered on the site.

In the future I can also code for previous/next in category … but I’m not doing that yet.

I’m toying with how to overhaul the Photo Log. I’m certain I want to, but certainly uncertain about how to go about it, at this time πŸ™‚

I have pictures to load up to it, but I’m just not getting to it. I hope to get to it soon. I have pictures to scan, and other to get ready for the web. We just got a new battery system tonight, for the digital camera, so hopefully that will enable me to use that device better. I do have three photos of Victoria on Christmas Day, as we were about to leave for the theatre to see Peter Pan. She’s in a red dress and her “new” coat. Cute. They’ll be the first new ones I’ll load, tomorrow maybe.

Photos from September

There are new photos being added to my Photo Log. Take a look.

Here is one from Asa’s birthday, 1st in a series of 10, his big present [click the photo to go to this series on my Photo Log]:

Asa's New Bike: 1 of 10 photos

I have some cat pictures already there, and more to be scanned and loaded in the next day or so. Plus, more birthday pictures from September 13 coming as well!

Backyard Hawk

I was sitting here looking at something on the computer, and felt a need to look out the window to the backyard.

What did I see, I did a double-take. Red-wing Hawk sitting on the Box Tower, one end of the “Jungle” play set we have. I had a few frightening minutes looking for my camera, it wasn’t where I remembered putting it last. It was still there, the object it was on had just been moved [rolling cart island].

I didn’t dare open the door, so what photos I got may not be so good. Also, I had my short lense on the camera. Figures. I did get my long lense on, but he flew away, said Russell. I looked up and he was gone. There was ruckus of BlueJays next door, aha, the hawk must be there somewhere.

I finally did spot him in a large tree over there, and trying to avoid the BlueJays. He took off and flew over the few yards and houses then to the trees bordering the subdivision and a junk yard.

Gorgeous thing, we’d never had one land, that we know of, in our back yard. I’m guess he’s interested in our chickens. They, as far as we know, are securely tucked in their pens. It wouldn’t be wise for any of them to venture out of any hole that appears at any time … as has been known to happen on high wind days.

Well, my adrenalin was pumping in Highest-Mode throughout all that. It was very exciting. I love looking for hawks when we drive through the countryside. They perch on trees and wires, and some days are easy to find many. Usually they are flying way up in the open air.

Ok so photos, if they are any good, they’ll be on my photo log later, much later probably. I have 10 pictures left on this role. They could go really fast. But there are 6 rolls waiting to be taken somewhere for development. Oh the expense of such a fine hobby.

New Photos coming soon

I recently found a stash of photo’s … something that I put away. I’m seeing these photo’s as if I’ve really not seen them before. The year 2000, December. Cute little children. So I’ll be getting them ready … I just have to decide which are what, since there are two rolls, both not developed until March 2, 2001. They both have Photo CD’s, so obviously I thought these rolls important when they were taken in for developing. It feels silly, not remembering stuff, and having to guess about your own life, not so long ago. I truly mean to write a log when I take photos, I just never do. Immediate memory thinks far memory will be no problem. I should know better. I guess that just is something we can’t always convince ourselves about.

Well, since there are Photo CD’s that means I only have to take them into Photoshop Elements, what I currently use, and resize them for the Web, and make thumbnails. Easy, easy, easy to do. When I have them done, I’ll get them on the Photo Log.

The biggest star of these photos is of course Asa. He was about 3 months old then. So cute!

That Gorgeous September Moon

I just went out on the deck with my Canon Rebel 2000 after spying the moon through the glass of the French doors.

It was gorgeous, looks full, but not exactly quite. I took at least 3 or 4 photos with my longest lense, using a night-time mode. I sure hope they turn out alright. I’ve never really taken night body pictures. Only moon in daylight sky … when aiming at the moon.

After I did that I came in and searched for moon phase info. Couldn’t find it easily on accuweather nor on I didn’t have the patience to REALLY search there. I found a naval site and found a plethora of info. So I got the most relevant data to me for now, and find that the moon is 99% waxing gibbeous tonight … πŸ™‚ It’ll be FULL officially tomorrow sometime after High Noon. Gorgeous pictures if they come out, of a waxing practically full moon, the best view of this September 2003 Full Moon that might be had perhaps. We can’t vouch for tomorrow nights sky conditions. At any rate the view in real life is simply wonderful. A yellow gauze of light around it, the man on the moon looks very cheesey tonight, and very happy too.

Just as I was about to post this Asa came up and looked outside, and guess what he said “I saw the moon!”

Which reminds me of his birth. Ah, I have a connection with the September Moon, [minus any mystical weirdness –it’s totally a romantic notional connection] I knew there was something drawing me out there with my camera.

In 2000 I was overdue with our third child. The Full moon was approaching and the midwife and I joked about waiting for the full moon, or something like that. Well, the night I went into labor, the moon was waxing towards Full. Proof following:

2000 Phases of the Moon
Universal Time


d h m d h m d h m d h m

JAN. 6 18 14 JAN. 14 13 34 JAN. 21 04 40 JAN. 28 07 57
FEB. 5 13 03 FEB. 12 23 21 FEB. 19 16 27 FEB. 27 03 53
MAR. 6 05 17 MAR. 13 06 59 MAR. 20 04 44 MAR. 28 00 21
APR. 4 18 12 APR. 11 13 30 APR. 18 17 41 APR. 26 19 30
MAY 4 04 12 MAY 10 20 00 MAY 18 07 34 MAY 26 11 55
JUNE 2 12 14 JUNE 9 03 29 JUNE 16 22 27 JUNE 25 01 00
JULY 1 19 20 JULY 8 12 53 JULY 16 13 55 JULY 24 11 02
JULY 31 02 25 AUG. 7 01 02 AUG. 15 05 13 AUG. 22 18 51
AUG. 29 10 19 SEPT. 5 16 27 SEPT. 13 19 37 SEPT. 21 01 28
SEPT. 27 19 53 OCT. 5 10 59 OCT. 13 08 53 OCT. 20 07 59
OCT. 27 07 58 NOV. 4 07 27 NOV. 11 21 15 NOV. 18 15 24
NOV. 25 23 11 DEC. 4 03 55 DEC. 11 09 03 DEC. 18 00 41
DEC. 25 17 22

2000 Moon Phases

Here’s the exact time of Full moon on that day for us: Full Moon on 13 September 2000 at 3:37 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

Asa was born at 1:57am approx. September 13, 2000. So it was full, like now, just not “absolutely officially”.

It’s a nice moon, that September moon. The Full moon for September 2000 occured 12-something hours after Asa’s birth. The Full moon for September 2003 will occur 15-something hours from now, when I took the photos and felt the need to do so without prior thought of what’s written above. Interesting cooincidence. Close, not exact, but similar and my baby will be Three years old on Saturday! πŸ™‚

These photos will be in the Photo Log eventually. Film takes awhile, and there are three rolls ahead of this one, which is still in the camera.

Classic 50’s

Here are two photos from my Mother. She sent them via snail mail, and I recieved them this morning. They were taken in the early 1950’s in NE Maryland, a farm, and a cow posing for my Mom.

I scanned them in at a high resolution to get a larger online version than the original paper photograph is. Both images were 3×2 inches, approx., originally.

New photos on My Photo Log

Check out today’s Photo Log entries.

I was able to load up my May 1999 photos of Victoria. She was a sweet little baby back then.

I’ve added “Daily” archives to my Photo Log, which is what kind of page the link above is. I haven’t added it into any of my “archive” indexes yet though. Feel free to go back to my Main Photo Log page, or any of the Categories … to see what you may have missed!

New Photos online

I’ve added several pictures to my photolog. Here’s a sampling:

Gerber Daisy

Flowers … and …

Mrs. Bluebird

Mrs. Bluebird, and some other birds, all from this month of May 2003.

Check it out here. Scroll down to the bottom for the most recent pictures. Feel more than free to leave a comment here, or there by any or all photos!

New Hen Photos

New photos of the hens. We have four new hens.

Click photo to go to the category page for the Henny-pennies.

I add the pictures today, May 12, 2003. They were taken [today] with our cheap digital camera, so aren’t particularly wonderful, but they are utilitarian enough to be useful to look at.

Our new hens are Wyandottes, very pretty. Take a peak.

Iris, the photos

I have the photos of the Iris that bloomed, our first iris blooming. It’s since faded, of course, but this was just the other week. Beautiful!

Click “track back” below this post for the links.

Photo Log

My Photo Log

I have a new place for photos. Check it out. I’ll be loading all my photos there from now on, and will have references to them here from time to time [and some actual pictures], with links on the right-hand side of the page as well.

I’m categorizing all things by year and month, and then other general categories, like: vacation, bird watching, children, hens, gardening, etc.

One picture can and will have more than one category assigned to it. I have the date archiving turned on, and so when I load things, my main page shows them according to the current date loaded. The Category Archives are the best way to view the photos overall, but utilizing the date archives, you’ll see what’s “newly loaded” once you are accustomed to visiting the site and just want to see “recently added pictures”.

I’ll be tweaking it all more in the coming days, and of course may do more of an overhaul at any given time. I’ll not remove anything, just make it more functional.

Here’s a teaser.

Click for a new window to open up to the Children’s category in the Photo Log.

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