A/C Sensor Bad

A/C guy was here yesterday. He checked everything and finally told us “it’s this sensing module that is bad”

The basic long and short of it is, I don’t really know why we need it, guess it’s a fine tuner, making everything work well no matter what temps you put in or something. He said that MOST systems will run OK without it but don’t go lower than 68 or 67 or 66 on your thermostat settings without the module installed.

Bottom line: Our house cooled down and the humidity level slowly went down. Upstairs kept constant temp. Downstairs in livingroom constant temp. Basement, in my office, constant temp (still an issue with the other side of the basement.)

The humidity level is still an issue, but not quite as bad as it had become (nothing worse than cold wet air inside the house! well, yes there is: HOT WET AIR!) Right now it’s 49% H. in the living room (only place I have a sensor for such a task) but the A/C isn’t running a lot since it’s nighttime and there no heating issue from outside. Seems reasonable. Also I am guessing our missing module would help, I hope. I truly do hope.

The part is on order, maybe it’ll arrive tomorrow, was the idea given. For now, things are cooler in a more stable way, thus far.

Nothing looks frozen with the equipment that is outside. I noticed the air coming on during the night (sometimes I wake up at night for awhile.) It’s great that this is being solved finally. Was the sensor bad all along? Back first night it was installed, it was hot in the house and it was “finished and on” for hours and hours and hours before it got cool enough not to sweat at every move or while sitting still. I wasn’t impressed with it the next day either. So not impressed as days went on. How does that sound now? Sounds like the only thing that is the problem right now is the module. Once that’s replaces, must tackle the “does it work NOW” possible problem. If it answers more questions than it makes, awesome!

Trane makes a wonderful new thermostat, it’s so very awesome. I’d love that sort (man though, 3 of them? Ouch!) There are other possible things I’d like added on to the system, but it’s so hard to make it do-able. To make others see why it would be right to add it to The ‘have to move this to the top of the list’ List.

So regarding temperatures, right now it’s a wonderful 57 degrees F. outside, with 70+% humidity. Feels wonderful! Forecast has our area going to 79 degrees F. today. That’ll be a nice little test, especially seeing as it’ll be MOSTLY SUNNY! [it’s been sooooo cloudly of late]

August Begins

August begins on a Monday this year. It’s so ‘school’ feeling. 🙂

That’s odd. We homeschool. It’s not anything we don’t ever do, totally. I’m getting a few super-lax weeks souped up today. I set it up as a plan last week, and this is the day.

New Era. I’m using my calendars (google, of course) to be the glue that holds this all together. It’s not that I hadn’t ever had calendars and planning and such, but I’m going from being relaxed about it, doing it that way. I’m trying to MAKE things happen before too much time goes on, MAKE life happen, then have things done instead of me having to say “Did you … yet?” to each person, and get the “nah, not yet” answers.

It still is summer though. We are in a hot southern state and summer isn’t the same for us as many others. We are in A/C with some outdoor ability, but no pool or anything. We are more outdoor oriented in the Autumn and Winter. That goes over fine for me, being the sort of person I am, with husband not around most of the time, we just hang out together and wander the property looking at whatever there is to look at. Some running, mostly not for me, just the younger 2 children, and the Cedar Works structure we have just sits dormant, needing a new swing ladder probably. New swings too. It’s a sad testament to what once was, and what should be, and speaks loudly of what will never be.

I hear you loud and clear climbing structure … all hope is gone. (I’m holding out hope though, for something to happen sooner than later!)

HVAC Countdown

One more day, after today, to get through, then it’s HVAC start up! I hate “wishing time away” I so hate it. I’m so familiar with it. More than I even want to think about. Anyhow, here we are a few days after having 4 guys (seemed like a ton of people!) traipsing through and then giving us quotes. It’s been hot, even hotter than hot.

We haven’t had good air in this house ever. What we did have only worked for 6 years, maybe, then started having problems. Did we ever have it overhauled, or have it gone over to fix anything? No. It had no maintenance all along (maybe recharged once years ago.)

So we are getting a Trane, 3-zone system. More thermostats, more returns, more vents. Hopefully it’ll go well. The thing is we have lots of drywall to fix and install still. This job of installing the HVAC may enlarge the drywall job. But that’s OK. Air is important. For me it’s very important! I’m not so special. I think it would be important to any human or animal. Like right now, the air is thick and blah, I feel like I can barely breathe. That’s what my main house has been like for year after year, after year. For a long time the upstairs bedrooms were moreso the cool rooms. I’m just waiting to see what happens, I like fresh cool dry air all the time, I don’t like it cycling on and off and pretty much run the ‘fan’ all the time. I don’t know what the zones will be like, and how it’ll work out. Maybe we’ll have cool air in the cathedral ceiling living room, not get baked out of the kitchen. Huh.

So this morning the countdown is at 3. Tomorrow it’ll 2, and Wednesday it will be 1. And whenever they get here … Blast Off!

It’s a New Year, a week in already

The first week of the new year (2011) has gone quite fast, yet seems slow as well. The new year started with warmer weather, and that lasted a few days, then back to cold enough to start a fire in the fireplace again. It’s not terribly cold, just normal cold for The South where we live.

There is a weather system that is supposed to form over the The Gulf this weekend, and bring a winter storm to us through Tuesday. It isn’t our first, we actually had snow on Christmas Day, though it started late in the daylight hours and continued through the night into the next day. We had a few inches at least, over 2 for sure. The snow lasted that day then, the next, starting to melt, but on our property we had a lot of snow the day after still, then only in spots, then none at all. Then it was warm, early spring warm. We had fireworks to shoot off on New Years Eve. We were outside with barely light jackets at 9pm through to midnight when we shot our two cakes off.

We didn’t get enough wood to burn before the season, so we were glad for the warm-up some. We stocked up with more wood after 2011 started, and have enough for awhile, and will get more when we get paid again. We did get a nice wood rack to setup outside, an arched bridge sort, it needs to be assembled still. Once that is put together the wood will get stacked neatly behind the garage and really look NICE!

I haven’t written a lot on this blog, more on my other blog, but not much anywhere. I’m trying to do things to make myself do more, get more done, more creativity, which spawns more posts here and there.

I did make a Christmas Card this year. I had a hard time getting a picture for the inside, finally accomplished that quite late, and got them printed on my HP printer (got it new this past autumn, it’s awesome to have a color printer that can print great photos!) trimmed and removable glue dotted into the card (so the photo could be easily taken out by the end user if desired.) I only sent out 10 cards in the end. I was going to send more out, but then canceled ever getting ANY out when the photo shoots I took made for nothing good to use. I was not happy, but just couldn’t get any card out without the plan of the photo for inside. It was a totally handmade card, lots of effort put into making it. Anyhow, the radio was on when we were out doing some shopping one of the last days before Christmas, and they said “get your cards to the postoffice by Noon so they’ll arrive before Christmas!” and that sunk deep into my head and the next morning I had the 10 cards ready and off to the postoffice they went. So maybe a tad late, but not entirely, and at least they went out. That was a sucess, partially. I mean, I had so many others I could have sent cards to, and didn’t. FWIW.

Anyhow, I feel sort of stuck in some ways right now. Things are sort of tight, still not done enough (the house) and trying to work through getting some of that done sooner than later. We actually moved our kitchen back to the start of where it was in 1997. I hate it. It’s not permanent, thanks be to God for that. I can’t live with it like this and we will change it again, to where it works better, basically flipping it on end. It’s do-able, and we need to do a few extra things to make it work out to be permanent and done right, and get everything installed that is supposed to be installed. This all will work to make a better place to live, even though it’s still small and will always be smaller as my family is growing.

My eldest is now 14. He’s way bigger than me now. So in essence it’s like having 3 adults in the house now. Two years ago it wasn’t. Now it sure is.

Status Quo

We had a mini-vacation by going to Charlotte for CKC there last week. Hubby had business there too (made the trip useful for him to be able to create appointments since we’d be there.)

It was nice, in some ways. Hard, in many ways. Nice to get home. Not nice to get home.

Home is static. Flooring waiting to be installed. Stuff waiting to get sorted through. Never enough energy for the latter. Never enough help to gain such energy (by shared effort.)

My kitchen is a sore point. My living room is a sore point. My basement “family room” is anything but nice. Junky couch (really a partial couch) and not enough seating for my family unless bringing in kitchen chairs if we watch a movie together.

Anyhow, I’m just tired thinking of it all. Same old, same old. There are other things to do, always. So we live with it all. Going away just makes it more painful to live with again when returning. It’s like a wound, scabbed over, the wound is there, but covered with scab. Going away it seems like the scab falls off, wound healed. Coming back it’s just like the scab was just masquerading as healed, and it’s split wide open with the effort of going back realized.

It helps to write about it. Hopefully my hubby and I can get some things done in the house now that we have no “trip” that’s coming up. If only he’d be able to be motivated. Oh, then there is the long summer grass. It’s getting longer every day. That takes up so much time. I hate grass. It’s the enemy of household renovation, of weekend fun. It’s a slave driver. I’m full of cheerful thoughts today, aren’t I?


My kitchen is partially better now. We moved the refridgerator to a new spot, close to where it was originally in the house, but down a few feet. It will be the anchor for the island someday. We’ll build it into a closet like structure, and that way put in a small pantry & also a media area for the network. The island will be next to that … hopefully the countertop will be made from at least Corian, or on the other end Granite.

We also put the stove where I had put it before, which is exactly opposite from it’s original position in the house. Well not thoroughly exactly, but opposite and in the configuration of cabinets it is over some inches to feet/foots, being somewhat centered on the 10 foot wall, which on the other side of the house, opposite, there is a door into the garage which hogs much space. Moving the kitchen down to the other end of the 20 foot long room enables 10 feet of kitchen space on one side, and 10-to-12 feet on the long side, with the island nestled into the area.

We had tried to come up with a double-L layout, but it was just a bit too tight in how it felt. We like the L with island much better now, but there is more work to do. We do have decent counters on the whole way around (didn’t for awhile) and it looks nicer. We still have to get the flooring that we want put in. It’s horrible vinyl tiles right now, and they are cracking and awful where the floor is uneven, it’s a mess to me, looks OK if you don’t look hard.

Once we install the wood flooring we can hook everything in completely and see about getting the final counters when $$$$$ allows. All in all though it’ll mean the cabinets are locked in, level, the floor level, the island ready to be finished, everything much better.

We do have a new sink/faucet installed, but no dishwasher for now. We were using a portable dishwasher, but can’t use it with the setup we have now … so it’s handwashing everything until we get a dishwasher in. But the sink is so enjoyable. It’s a Kohler white castiron smart divide “Langlade” style. The faucet is brushed nickel, very nice. We are having some water dripping down from the spray connection, and will have to figure that out soon. We have to keep a bowl under the faucet to catch that mess, it’s alot, but not much, if that makes any sense. It’s purely an annoyance at any rate since it’s part of the faucet that comes pre-connected, it’s not something we tightened on or anything. It’s not going to be easy figuring it out by getting under the sink, it’s really back there, up there …

So we have progress. We have more sitting in the garage. A very nice glass/stainless steel hood for the stove, and a sliding glass door. The door has been there for years now. The hood just for weeks. I wonder how long it’ll be for either at the end.

Transitioning again

We moved the big TV down to the “family room” again finally. It’s more finished than before, but still needs some work but is live-able now.

It’s been a fight to figure out what to do with this house. Really the main floor is so small & it’s use-ability is pretty much decided from there. For a small family it might work, but not for a medium size one like ours. 4 children & 2 adults in a less than 10×10 area for all meals? No way. So the “living” part of the main floor as it’s “supposed to be” has been less than work-able for us as the years have gone on.

We moved here in November of 1997 with one child, 1 1/2 years old. By one year time in the house we had two children. By two years after that we had three children. We had different furniture then, and got different things here and there, but all in all it was that every couch or couch-like thing we got just felt too big, but wasn’t big enough for us.

We ended up getting a 2×2 corner couch from Ikea finally. It was pretty much large enough for us, but even it’s smaller feeling type of big couch furniture didn’t feel right in that space. We had that couch in that room and moved it to the “basement” and back up and down I don’t know how many times really. But all in all it was nice for awhile, but it got raggedgy eventually and we never got another slipcover set for it, and the arms broke down and one seat fell through nearly, so I took one of the sections and threw it out so now we have a very long couch with one flattened arm and the other side isn’t an arm, but the old corner’s back. We’ve lived with it in this “living” space for a few months & it always felt just too much. Everything has been just too much since baby #4 has come to be, & is getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger … while everyone else is getting bigger too.

So now that monstrosity is in a better ready for us basement family room, ugly as it is, it’s OK for now. There is another thing, an Ikea chair to move down there, and an end table, then the “living” area will be re-organized as more of our “dining room” –which I did do some time in the past once, the area is a glorified entry/sitting room, not suitable as a true living room or family space for TV, games, etc.

Our kitchen is STILL in transition, and eventually MAYBE we’ll have a small eating area on the side of the kitchen opposite where the old eating area was. We had a small 4-person seating table when we moved in here and it fit fine there, adding a larger table was uncomfortable and it’s only ever felt right since that purchase to have it in front of the fireplace. The entry for our house leads right into that space directly. There is no wonderful entry hall of any sort. So having a larger family is just too much for this house. I’ve known it for years, hubby has known it too, but I feel it more, no doubt, since I’m here a ton more than he is.

We need to build shelves and such next to the fireplace. We have a wonderful space on both sides to use to make a very classic built-in flanking thing and I’ve had many stylistic ideas and my non-natural-handyman husband struggles to see how easy it is to build nearly anything we want with just some good old fashioned work with the tools we already have and the wood & MDF and such we can get at Home Depot just a few miles away.

One of these days we’ll have the money for me to say, “this is what we’ll do this weekend,” and just do it.

Cooped up and Projects

Things are greening up massively outside, Spring is here. I feel so cooped up though, with little access to the back yard, only through the dark hole like downstairs, which I despise to go through. It was supposed to be our “family room” but has just become a place where I don’t go, it’s dirty and junkier than I can stand. The children go down there and watch TV and spend time there, and just make the couch all dirty and make a general mess. We have things boxed up there too, with no storage in the house to speak of, so it’s a cramped space at best, and there is little light, so it’s a dark hole to me. It’s a concrete floor as well, so I do not care to try to make it seem nice, it just wouldn’t be for me and the baby, no matter what, for now.

One of these days we’ll get a new deck built and the sliding doors in the kitchen, then I will have back yard access again. 🙂 And sometime later hopefully we’ll have a patio by the deck, which the downstairs “hole” will open up out onto, and a new door there as well, to let in more light.

We have indoor projects to get done too though, getting a new floor laid for the main level and completing the floors upstairs (which are partially put in) and then all those floors will need sanded and finished (a true tung oil finish.)

Then getting the kitchen cabinets “installed” and countertops ordered and installed, and more …

There is so much inside that needs done, and outside, including the house needs painted in and out. All these things are big deals, take $$$$ and hard work together, which are not anything I can affect myself, so I feel cooped up. Living with the not yet.

Speaking of that, we are super watchful of the baby since he can crawl and cruise, he’ll be walking anytime now. We have to retrofit the stair areas so that we can install gates. It’s been so long since we had babies to baby proof for, and “back in the day” it was a nightmare getting the stairs “gated” and it just won’t work out this time to try without re-building parts of things.

Baby has to spend more time in his play yard now, which he just ain’t happy about. That’s the price he has to pay though, so he doesn’t tumble down any stairs. It really feels more like MY price to pay, since I have to listen to the wails of “let me out” for 70% of his play yard stays. He’s content to play on the safe floor for awhile, then remembers the stairs to up … and off he powercrawls and starts to climb, and after him I have to go to get him off the stairs. Then it’s play yard time, or sometimes baby swing time, or crib time.

Play yard time is wailing time, but crib time is wailing an screaming time, and oh boy that just never changes. He wants to be with me, free to hold onto me if he wants, not separated at all. He’s so active though, as well, and that makes holding him impossible, even when he seems to want to be held, so it all goes in cycles, hold, put down, play nice, then crawl to stairs, into my arms, too squirmy, into play yard, or swing or crib, cry, cry, cry, or add in screaming, stay there awhile, come out and start it all over again. Getting the stair areas gate-able will really help me out. So that, I think is the one thing we must tackle. It really should cost $ or at the most $$. It’s necessary, but we can’t do it until we have the money to do that, and we are going out of town when we next get paid, and so it’ll be us living with this for another week, then leaving for a few days, then coming back to this and hopefully having the money and energy to tackle the project.

Just that alone will be a reassuring thing, safety is important.

Allergies and house stuff

Goo … I feel miserable. My “normal” allergies have just been la, la, la all along this Spring, until about a week ago. They ramped up, but even moreso this week.

So here I am, 36+3 (wks+days) pregnant and it’s hard enough to get the energy I need to do stuff … forget it now. 😉

It’s my eyes, they feel big and swollen and red, just the rims look it though; my nose is goopey drippey stuffy, not dry, very, very wet; my throat is scratchy, it’s getting more sore on one side, as it does in heavy allergy times (like in my earlier years in Florida); my nose is itchy as well. I’m sneezing off and on and always, always dripping.

Hubby is coming home tonight and so I hope I can get some Benadryl soon. I have a small amount of liquid Benadryl that I have started to take itty bitty bits of here and there since yesterday. I only take small amounts of it in the first place, as a “usual dose” knocks me out or over. I take a child’s or even a half-child’s dose and it’s bad enough.

I need to get the house A/C filter changed out again. It’s an allergenic sort, with a high value for use, but this house is full of dusty dust blobs, so it needs to be changed out more often than it might in another house. It’s not as big a deal when allergies aren’t high, but when they are … it’s a huge deal to get a new filter sooner, way sooner than usual.

Today I’m getting all the bedding washed and changed, I hope. I need to. One problem I have is changing the bedding, it’s difficult for me usually, being smaller than most “Normal” folks, as well as now being bigger bellied 🙂 Another one is that our bed is a Queen size. We had used this one for awhile, then got a King size, and over the years the Queen size was rarely used, and the King size wore out, so we are using the Queen this past year or so again … hoping to get an entirely new setup ASAP from IKEA. As well, we have King and Queen sheets, and the labels are all worn down and so it’s like “Which size is this one?” and if hubby puts the sheets on the bed, he puts whatever on. If it’s a King bottom sheet, it’s too loose width-wise and comes off easily, which I dispise entirely. I am also realizing that the most sheets we have purchased in the last 5-years or more are flannel King sheets for the previous King size mattress set we had.

The other thing is that there is one sheet set that I know is Queen. The bottom sheet I have on the foundation. So it’s unavailable (the foundation looks hideous and needs covered.) I don’t have a dust ruffle for a Queen either, and as well the foundation rests on the floor, we took the old H-frame out a few months ago, it was so rickety and I knew it’d be easier for me to get in and out of bed with it on the floor anyhow.

So yesterday I was in the hall closet looking for pillowcases & sheets, and found one ugly dark green sheet (which I had for a Queen futon “couch” that we don’t have a futon mattress for anymore) and one pillowcase for that, and another pillowcase from a nice white pair with a pretty eyelet thick edge but I have one covering a window.

I need more than that, and it comes down to looking and pondering and knowing that there must be more somewhere, but where. Ah, some are worn, ripped, or just hideous (as in “why did we ever buy that color, pattern, etc.”) and are probably in some of the stuff in the garage, or in the laundry room, buried.

Our master bedroom has no finished floor and is supposed to be quite the opposite by the end of this holiday (Memorial Day) weekend. This should aide somewhat in the dust and blech in the house. (The other thing is to get the basement ceiling finished!) We have 8″+ wide unfinished Heart Pine. It’s so pretty. We are going to do all 3 bedrooms eventually, as well as the hallway, but will just do our bedroom and the hallway for the time being. The children have Pergo currently and that is sufficient for the time being (though it’s not very nice IMO.)

That is that –for now. 🙂

36 Weeks today

I’m 36 wks + 0 days today …

I’m getting much closer, and time seems to be going faster and faster …

We ordered our Birth Kit yesterday, and hopefully it will arrive before our Home Visit on June 4th (when I’ll be 38 wks 0 days.) We also need to get some other supplies for the birth together still (and have them ready for the HV also.)

My midwife gave me a nice chart listing all the days of my pregnancy and the week+day information for each day.

Here are two links to the same OB Calculator which will list your weeks+days of pregnancy in a chart, according to the information you provide:

Last Menses + day cycle, or
Date of Conception, or
Due Date



Both calculators are the same, but the first link is to one that is customized for a midwife (so has some text added, but just an extra title on the chart produced) and the second link is a plain calculator (and no extra title on the chart produced.)

Hubby is out again this week, and has promised to take off Friday and start getting the flooring installed and finish it that weekend. It’s a holiday weekend, so we’ll see what can be done. It’s just our master bedroom and the hallway we are going to do the flooring on, and plan on doing the other two bedrooms on the same floor of the house later.

Also my garden has never been dug out, hubby wanted our eldest to aide us and get the grass layer off of part of the area so that I could get a few of my plants in (the ones that are still alive, I’ve lost several that we bought, urg!) but DS balked and wouldn’t do it, and hubby didn’t do it, so now I have another week to see if I can keep the few remaining plants alive until planting (which will be when?)

I do have space in my whiskey barrel, to put a few things, but I wanted to get that moved to another spot before playing with it, and the plants that have died are mostly herbs that I bought for the barrel, not all though, and the only ones alive are a couple of bell peppers, and one herb or two, and a tomato plant which wasn’t happy but is re-growing where it did seem to be dying before.

Most of my intended plants are still seeds, and I still am glad I’ve never gotten them started in their little peet pot tray thingies … since I have no way to transplant the many things I would have started. I also have beans and a few other things that are best planted straight into the ground. I was going to get at least two teepee hills of beans planted yesterday, but alas that didn’t work out because of the lack of garden dug out-ness. 🙁

I really want that garden fully planted soon though, and need for that to be completed before long, before the baby arrives for sure!

The Water Heater

My previous post has been fulfilled. We had the water heater installed Saturday morning (April 14, 2007) and my –it’s been a long time since we’ve had HOT water … we just have been Reverse-Frogs (you know the idea about frogs, put them in a pot of cold water, and slowly heat the water up and he’ll sit there and get cooked eventually.) Fortunately, being human and not some actual frog species, we finally did realize that our water just wasn’t as hot as it once was, that something was amiss in how much hot water we had, that it ran out really fast, but not until we got that brand spanking new water heater installed and working did we realize just how horridly we’ve lived for how long, we aren’t sure how long.

One can turn on the hot water tap now and must be careful to mix in some cold water to avoid that “way too hot” feeling. Oh the joy! My poor nearly-11-year-old was washing his hands yesterday afternoon in the bathroom as I was walking past, down the hall to the master bedroom, and I heard him yell “OWWWWW!” –lesson in progress. I told him about the cold water, how useful it is to mix with the hot to achieve the desire temperature. He had obviously grown reverse-froggy along with his parents.

So now we can have baths and showers, wash dishes by hand or in the machine, and wash clothing on Sanitary (Very Hot, very long setting) or the regular Hot settings, mix and match some of those things and have enough hot water to do them without “running out” of satisying or needful hot water too soon. Our water heater is a 50-gallon-er so it’s even better in that respect, more capacity for hot water than we had before, and hotter water and more hotter water overall compared with that old-40-gallon-er that was acting so very geriatric at 9-years+ of age (went into service in November 1997.) Our dear children can each have a bath, one after the other, absolutely now, and the dishwasher can run simulaneously. That’s exciting. 🙂

Read up on water heaters (online) and you’ll find out that water heaters don’t have a long life expectancy. Like so many other things in our world today, the axiom, “They don’t make ’em like they used to” applies here. They just don’t last like old ones did. They are more “energy efficient” and such, but just can’t live out a long life of decent service.

Also, our water heater now looks beefier, not just the fact that it’s a fatter one than the previous, but codes have changed since our house was built, and so we have an expansion tank above the water heater and copper pipes coming out of the water heater for several inches before joining into the PVC of the house system.

Water Heater to be replaced

Our hot water isn’t so good lately. Actually it’s been declining for awhile, and recently took a big leap downhill. We have a new water heater scheduled to go in on Saturday — and if that takes place … hot showers again (I mean “just hot enough” for “as long as one likes” within reason.)

It also means, enough hot water to wash out three cast iron pans in a row in the kitchen.

As well it means that we can run hot and sanitize type loads in the washer again.

Running the dishwasher will be better too, it needs hot water and when that is running, you can forget about having any hot water from any other room. I do not mean you can’t get any hot water in any other room, but if there is any, you’d be stealing it from the dishwasher if you did use it.

As it is there is some hot water if nothing has accessed it for a bit. Here’s the deal, in garden tub terms: to fill up my tub it should be that I could load a nice warm bath as deep as it can go and not run out of hot water, even have a decently hot bath — at least a totally soakable enjoyable experience right away. It should be possible for something else to be using hot water from the tap at the same time, within reason.

Now how it is: Turn the tap on and the hot water starts, and it’s hot, no doubt, but it’s not too hot to stick your foot into. Let the hot water run into the garden tub by itself until the water turns to cool. What you are left with is a few inches of water that you can sit in. (Ladies who have given birth particularly will know this as a “sitz bath”)

It’s purely not much fun, being pregnant and wanting a nice warm bath takes over a half-hour to attain soakability beginnings. One must wait about 15-20 minutes, if no one else is using hot water, to get enough warm enough water to fill the tub the rest of the way. At no time is one even having to use the “cold water” tap in the tub, the water is never “too hot”

Like in the kitchen sink, the furthest faucet from the water heater, one turns on the hot water and waits a bit for it to come and when it does, it’s just straight from the hot water tap to rinse out something, wash ones hands, etc. No cold water is used except for when one wants plain cold water. Warm water is attainable by running the hot water for just a short while.

It’s like we have a “5-10 gallon warm to very, very, very warm water heater” :rolleyes: .

Our current tank is going on in age, it’ll be 10-years-old near the end of the year. It’s a 40-gallon tank, which isn’t quite enough for our family size. A much bigger tank would be preferred, but just some bigger is better by far. We are getting a 50-gallon tank installed.

Both hubby and I are interested in tankless water heaters, but we don’t get gas service here, don’t have a propane tank for the house. 🙁 I sure wish we did have that ability, then we could have a gas stove as well. 🙂

So when I speak of stoves and water heaters, I am talking “electric” from the “no choice” arena, not the “preference arena” nope.

Kitchen Layout changes

The other day we decided to re-do our layout of the kitchen. It’s in “planning” stage still, but now we have it knocked out as to best functionality of it with space considerations taken.

We decided to move the refridgerator so that it’s the first thing on the left when entering the kitchen via the left enterance, the one near the steps to upstairs. Actually not the FIRST thing, but a small broom closet will be there first, THEN the refridgerator, in actuality. We moved it there and put the 70″ length of cabinet that we have right next to it for now, with a 15″ space on the left of the refrigerator for the “broom closet”.

One of these days we’ll have new cabinets to install into the kitchen and all the old stuff will be divided between going into the laundry room and garage and junked.

We’ve planned a Double-L-kitchen for awhile, but now have decided to do an L-kitchen with a square or rectangle island floating next to it.

We’ll get a slide-in stove and that will be on the island, facing out into the living space, the sink behind it to a degree down, looking out the window into the backyard on the long L portion of cabinets, and the fridge will be on the short L portion of cabinets. We’ll do the “L” firstly, and get the island built afterwards (it’s the most expensive part of the proposition, with the functionality of the kitchen being alright without it, but being exceptional once the island is put in.)

The biggest deal about the whole thing is countertops. We don’t know what we’ll be doing. I know what I would do if we could, but doubt we can do solid surfacing. I’m almost thinking of doing tile on the long L where the sink will be, and an oak counter from IKEA on the short L. But then as for the island, I don’t know … but it’s all up in the air in the first place … nothing nailed down about it until we are at the point to be able to get things going to make a countertop decision.

In any case, just moving the fridge as we did the other day has made the kitchen feel the best yet. The refridgerator has never lived there before, and it makes more room for how the middle of the kitchen feels, and keeps a nice triangle work area going (once the sink is installed in it’s final place.)

It’s also great to have a dishwasher that works. It’s easy to use, just have to hook it up to run it, it’s an easy click on hose deal to the faucet, and plugin to electricity. It works well, isn’t noisy like our old one was, and well, it’s just something nice to have to convince DH to stop using paper plates (as he was in the habit of doing since we both hated hand washing dishes, and couldn’t keep up with the masses of dishes …)


Rainy Monday

Frank is out of town today. He’s got my cold now too, just the headcold part so far. He doesn’t sound so good over the phone. He says he’s feeling OK though. I, for myself, am not feeling that bad, but I had another bad night last night, that’s three in a row. It’s this virus-cold thing. I’m just bothered by it enough that in the day it’s just blah and not bad just blowing the noze and sneezing off and on, and feeling a bit tired, more tired when I sit down, but at night, I’m tired, very tired, in bed I am just achy blah, not comfy, not totally horrid, just not comfy at all.

I’ll be glad when this thing lifts.

I’m a bit yuckied at this though, since I was planning on painting the hallway upstairs, with Frank not here. But I’m feeling bad enough not to undertake that job. Well, I do have to get the hens moved outside. They were moved yesterday, but Frank was going to move them for me today before he left, and forgot. It’s been raining, so it’s mucky in their pens already. It’s like that. If it doesn’t rain it’s alright to leave them there a day or two. With rain it’s best to move them two or three times a day. Rarely do they get moved when it’s raining though, so the white hens get really muddy and terrible looking. The other hens are all dark and look fine in any sort of weather.

The last few days the hens haven’t laid as much as they had been doing. Don’t know why. It’s just the way it is sometimes. So off I go to slosh through the wet grass, it’s very soggy underneath it all.

A/C has helped

Life in our house since getting A/C Window units has been better, some. Yes, nicer, not sticky and overwelming any more. Thoughts of Fall are on me … the unit in the Kitchen Window blocks most of the morning light that we have had coming in there since living here. In the Spring we took out the French Doors on that wall, and that cut out most of the light we were used to having in there, so the only light left for daytime was that window … so now with even LESS light … it seems like Fall-Time with the cooler temps and no bad humidity. We have lived “natural” for two years, so I’m used to the “natural” progression of weather … myself is fooled then, in the home where I spend most of my time, into later in the year weather that would mean it really IS later in the year, when infact is IS NOT! 🙂

We had a virus in the family the last week or so. If not for that we would have some painting going on. I’m gearing up to paint the upstair hallway and main bathroom. I’m hoping to get started today on clearing things out of there and getting the walls preparded … in that way I finally broke down and bought “Mr. Clean Magic Erasers” the other week, and I now know what I was missing. Drawings on the walls have been my bane. Now they are easily wiped away. :rolleyes: They are so useful too in other jobs, dirt you have to scrub comes of with little elbow grease, when I am used to really having to dig in and apply that grease. So that just means I am more able to clean and motivate to clean, with a gadget that works well.

After we bought those “Mr. Clean” things I saw a commersial on TV for them, and one part showed someone wiping the grime off vehicle wheel hub covers. So I got right up and took a Magic Eraser out, and tried it on our van wheels, just one, and WOW! It works to get that junk of right away! That’s a big deal, since those wheels haven’t really ever been cleaned since we bought the van in 2000. 🙂 We now have clean looking wheels all around the van. They now look better than the rest of the van. 🙂

So my work to get painting in the house will deal with those pads, I can get all icky marks off the walls easily. So then I need to fix some holes and tape up a few things. Then it’s blue paint time. I have paint that I was going to do the kitchen with. We’d matched the color to a color in a countertop sample that we thought of getting. We probably won’t do that type of counter, and since the kitchen is not far enough along to paint any wall parts, I will use it up in the hall and bathroom, where it will be nice, bright, clean and go well with that Monet picture I wrote about sometime in the past month. I had it in our bedroom, and moved it into the hall, and it seemed to go great there, finally a place for it and inspiration for what else to do in the hall.

Other than all that, the children are all in various levels of coughing out the last of the virus. It’s breaking up and they are getting more energy back, but still whining off and on, not feeling 100% –but getting closer. I did seem to get the virus, DH too, but it didn’t drag us down. Thank you dear Lord for keeping us on our feet! 🙂

I am feeling very itchy though. It’s the weather, the bad air out there, in past years I’ve felt that too, even with A/C. My voice gets worn out and I feel all itchy allergic. We had nice rain not long ago, just when I wrote about it and asked it to come, it did. Now it’s needing to come back again. Smog. Ugh. I’m really sensitive to it. Russell is usually too (he’s my blonde hair blue eyed sensitive boy) 🙁 So I’m glad to have the A/C units at least, so at least we are cooler and not sweaty and under Smog full grossness. It’s filtered, at least. 🙂

Upgrades to Computer and House

Consensus of the computer situation led us to just get a new motherboard and processor.

From what I read it’s probably the processor that died. Not for sure though. So it’s on to a new build of computer for me 🙂

The Athlon processor world has changed dramatically over the last few years. Our now “old” processor is an Athlon XP 2100+ … at Fry’s, where we get most of our computer stuff now that they are in the shopping area we do go to often enough, they don’t have the XP series of processor. On pricewatch.com that processor series is still available in online stores, and I’m sure it’s available elsewhere, but I came to the conclusion earlier today looking on pricewatch that we didn’t want to go with a Socket A processor necessarily.

Sempron has replaced Athlon XP … they are afordable. They run on a 400mhz bus. I didn’t like them much by looking at them. I wanted something good. The Athlon 64 series is more a multitasking processor series.

So we ended up going to Fry’s and looking at their stock and looking at their ads on products and putting 2 and 2 together came up with 5. 🙂 We did upgrade to a board that runs an 800mhz bus, but it’s still Abit and we got a three year warranty with Fry’s on it, extra, so we could deal with them directly if it goes fritzy on us.

Fry’s was running a deal in their ad for that board and the Athlon 64 3000 (OEM) processor for less than buying them seperately.

Now I have to put it all together and make the hardware all play nice with each other. I am hoping the PSU will be good enough. If not, it’s back to Fry’s in the next few weeks, or online, to buy a different PSU. The one we have is a Vigor 500W, made by MGE company. It’s not that it’s bad, just don’t know if it’s superbly good enough for THIS new board.

The memory we got recently should work great in this board. It can run at full speed with this better processor.

So it goes down to this: Already, before, we wanted to upgrade the video card still and get a new hard drive to add to the system, and a DVD burner.

Now it’s back to square one, no new video card even 🙁 But eventually we’ll get one. I’m left with either the old processor dead or the old motherboard dead. Whichever one it is, depends on what we’ll do.

We’ll get a cheap case and get that board running right, and find another Socket A processor to put in it, run the old stick of memory that was cheapy and made it not run right, if we get a new PSU then the one I have currently can go on that board. If it’s the board that is the trouble then we can get that fixed via Abit for fairly cheap, not having to worry about turnaround time if we have another system running.

So what this all means is we’ll be trying to get two desktops running, that old board to be a backup system in case of problems with bigger desktop. It’ll be a testing ground too, and a place for spare parts to hang out. It’s a good board, NF7-S … just that the processor isn’t as highly powered in the Socket A series. So we have a new better board in that arena and I am biting my lip awaiting the time to get going on it, it’ll have to wait until Monday.

I’m up in the middle of the night typing this. I awoke after just a little bit of sleep and can’t get back to sleep. I watched some TV, watched HGTV “reDesign” which is one I’ve seen before, but I didn’t mind re-watching it tonight/this morning since it’s one that I really liked what Kenneth Brown did, custom wall builtins, drawers to hold vinyl records in that. An eastern beach sort of theme. It’s not disimilar to what we want to do in our “dining room” just with different color scheme, to get builtins flanking the fireplace, which will hold dishes, TV, audio, books, other kitchen stuff, and more.

Next on HGTV was “design on a dime” and they did a makeover of a large kitchen for a family that used it alot, using a “tuscan” theme, and did a lot of furniture building … it fit into the theme of what we are trying to accomplish here as well, just not “tuscan” but “country, french country, arts and crafts movement”-ish.

Before all that was a “designer finals” episode which I had never seen before. It was a studen designer doing a room as a “jazz lounge” theme for a couple with a love of Jazz music, two dogs that love the bay window in the room, and they also needed it to have a desk and computer. The student designer really did a great job, and it was inspiring to me. I felt like getting up and painting and sawing and … all that.

So I eventually did get up. I hung a picture in the hall. There was a little wreath there and other hanging things under it from something that used to be there. I have a large poster in ornate frame of a Monet painting. It used to hang in our bedroom and had been sitting on top of something in there since we moved furniture around and didn’t have that space for it available anymore. I looked at it, and thought about it and got up and put it in the hall. It fits. I’ll rehang it on Monday a bit higher though. It’s inspiration to me on how to do that upstairs hallway. Light blues and creams. 🙂 It’ll brighten the space up considerably. Hurray for that!

So my mind is racing around with many ideas tonight and I just can’t sleep. So I sit here at Frank’s laptop on the dining room table, a glass of Sweet Tea by my side, and three of the cats lounging around on the table with me.

Yeah, the cats are on our table. Can’t really keep them off. I shoo them off if it’s clean and if we are working on it with food and all that. It’s hard to keep them off it though. Cat’s go where they want to when you aren’t around anyhow. So that’s that. They love the table. So do I. 🙂

Speaking of the table, I made a list of all our furniture that I love and want to keep. It wasn’t very large. I wanted to see what pieces we had that are valuable to us. This table and chairs are one of the big things. We got them from Costco online some time ago, Italian made Scandinavian Pine. Not fancy, just simplistically beautiful. Thick ladderback chairs and thick farmhouse legs on the table. It’s bigger than the other tables we’ve had for eating on. It’s not expandable. I’d like one that is, but I also know how to marry other tables into the setting when need be, so it’s not crucial. I don’t have plans to replace this table, and don’t want to even do it. It could be a nice island in another kitchen someday though. 🙂

Household Changes

I re-seated the heatsink on the desktop mb this afternoon. I had wanted to do this for awhile, but since my “stuff” is in such disarray, I hadn’t looked hard enough to find my Artic Silver, which I’d be needing to do the job. So I motivated to find it today. The computer yesterday started fritzing out, not erroring, just “freezing” suddenly and not unfreezing.

It got worse today, restarts would work, but a minute or so into Win XP the freeze would hit. Then I couldn’t even work in BIOS after that, it froze immediately after entering BIOS. That told me the truth of it, HARDWARE. I wasn’t sure, since a bunch of Win XP Auto updates occurred in the last few days … and I’m suspicious of those any good old day of the year. [it was a dh “ok” on some windows message to change to automatic updates sometime in the past, I don’t like them and wouldn’t have done it, and had little to do with this desktop the last several months … so it happened when I was not on guard.] The case is though, it’s not software, so that was alright to understand.

I thought it was probably the processor. (I’m sure it was.) I took it apart and it looked awful stuff under the heatsink. So I scraped it up where it was left (yeah, it wasn’t much protected) and then reapplied some Artic Silver and put the heatsink back on top and snapped it down. Re-connected all the other hardware/cables/etc and cleared CMOS, then booted up into BIOS. The system recognized my processor and let it default into 2100+ real settings. That was way cool. I fought with it a few weeks ago when I installed new memory, and WANTED to re-apply the processor stuff right then, but wasn’t really able to, so didn’t and tried to get the system to take the better processor settings since I had more memory of much higher quality finally. Before the new memory I was never able to run the processor at full speed either. That old memory was junk to this board, abit nf7-s vs.2 We now have a GIG in dual channel mode, 2 x512mb sticks.

I’ll see how this lasts, right now I’m monitoring via MBM 5 and the temps are staying in the 40’s. It’s not a cool room, it’s Summer, and it’s a first re-application of the heatsink/processor relationship with Artic Silver since a long while. That means the temperature should decrease if the application is a good one, and in a few weeks it’ll “gel” more, fully only meaning it’ll become a good install situation and become more stable of temperature over time.

Frank’s laptop (from eBay) came on Monday, it’s a Vaio PCG-K13. It’s nice. Practically brand new, but didn’t come with recovery discs or the original factory OS stuff on the hard drive. It has Win XP Pro, but no Pro disc or license #. Only has a Win XP HOME license on the bottom of the laptop as they are sold that way. So for now I just went with the Pro install and will get the recovery CD stuff from Sony eventually, and just downloaded the drivers Sony has for the K13 online. It’s pretty nice, a Pentium 4 and that’s a full processor and needs to be watched so that the laptop doesn’t overheat, so a cooling thing underneath is fairly necessary. Different manufacturers make them, Targus being one main stream company. It’s something else we’ll get for Frank’s laptop.

I now have the Desktop to myself then. I’m glad for that. We have to get “the office” cleaned up and move stuff around, then I can have a better area to work with, in Frank’s office. It used to have the extra Queen bed in it. We just took that out recently. We put our King foundations under each twin mattress in the children’s rooms. They are really longer twin foundations (sold in pairs for King sets). We had the Queen futon on top of our King Mattress set, arranged that in January 2004, I think it was. It increased the height of the bed. We also have extender legs on the frame. So the bed was high, and had a mattress ledge on each side of the Queen futon on top, due to sizing differences between King and Queen.

We took the King Mattress out and are discarding that, it’s too not comfy, too broken down inside (why we put the futon on top of it originally). Then we made the frame smaller to fit Queen size and put the Queen set on top, and the Queen Futon on top of that. Ah, it’s better than before. I don’t have that ledge anymore, lost realestate, but I am getting used to it. We’ve been on a Queen Size for a long while now, so it’s not sleeping getting used to that we have, just the ledge missing that makes it different, a level to hop onto from the floor, a place to put a book, remote, etc.

The room has a bit more space too then. I still have to get the dustruffle washed and then resize it with pins and install it again. I use two – one made for the high leg extender size, and then another on top of that to give it “oomph” – weight, thickness to the eye looking at it, etc.

This whole thing frees up room in the office then, and it can get “re-office-ized” and be the best office area, better than it’s ever been before. I may have enough room to “scrapbook” here or maybe elsewhere, when we are done. Oh, it’s been so very way too long.

We got a bunch of ‘photo’ boxes at Michael’s the other day, on sale for 1.99 each. I am going to find ALL my photo’s and arrange them in them and get started organising them even better than that in the boxes once I start going through them. Most from when Frank and I married to current are in sleeves from processing, good little things that hold them well, but they need to be in boxes. Some are, but most are not. Then I have many loose photos from Frank’s Dad, and lots of loose photos from my past life, before Frank. I can organise many of my scrapbook stuff loose things in these boxes as well.

My stuff has been messed up, thanks to Asa, who just is into everything so much more than either of the two before him every were. He’s a piece of work, that’s for sure. I have had this sort of stuff under the bed in plastic storage boxes and they get opened, blah, blah, blah, boxes broke, stuff all over … :rolleyes:

Asa is 4 and soon enough will be 5. Time to grow up and stop messing with my stuff! I haven’t done anything with it since I’ve had no place to work with stuff. I hopefully will get to do something soon. My stuff is early scrapbooking Creative Memories stuff. I see the things in stores now, and melt. Ah, so nice! But I have plenty of my plain stuff, which is my style, to a degree any ways. So then there’s my Rubber Stamping stuff. Asa totally messed up all my ink pads and embossing powders … so to get back into that I must get new stuff. I love stamping. I love embossing! It’s been a long while since any of that too.

With area for me opening up I can get my creative juices running fuller and get going on lots of stuff. Outlets. God bless such things! With outlets I am a nicer me to everyone else. More outlets, more nice me. 🙂 I’ve been redused for too long. I hope this computer works fine for me, and that sometime I can get a laptop to fill out the niches. I have my digital Canon now, and that goes hand in hand with all this office stuff, since I can do much more with photos now with a good digital camera, and this is all part of scrapbooking and all the rest.

We still have to get the kitchen done. It’s a long way off. The paint on the cabinets that I did before, a couple of doors were sticking, and just this last week stopped that finally. Like when they are shut, open them later and you have to pull them, the corner of the door on the frame, the paint, sticks. So that’s done. Now I know it’s a better time to try to sanding and re-painting of them. So when it’s cool enough, I’ll get the paint out and see how much more I need, and get that done.

The “island” needs to be created, and a new stove bought. I want to do the countertop on that island myself, tiled, and have a manufactured countertop on the areas around the room with the wall cabinets. The base of the island we hope to make ourselfs and have no idea exactly how we want to do that. The right ideas and things will come in time. The wall cabinets are a butter yellow, and the island I see as being, most likely, dark blue below, with some nice natural colored tile on top. The butter yellow cabinets will have “we do not know” as a countertop. That’s one of the things to think over still.

We have talked about the “dining room” the wall with the fireplace on it we plan to have “book cases” flanking each side. The space is just right for that treatment, with the fireplace jutting out into the room and having equal spaces on each side then. I want a wood look, pine sheets of wood veneer facing the room, stained to be similar to how our table is, a pretty color, not light nore dark. Shelves fairly high, lighting included in the space. There may be a panel door sort of bottom to each side, that juts out to meet the fireplace depth dimensions from mantel height, or chair rail height.

We are in agreement that the “dining room” is first thing to get done, it’s easier, no moving of pluming or electric, well not much electric just a bit for lighting the bookcases. This whole thing will include the fireplace surround. We have black slate there now, and will keep that. It had ugly molding built around it to make it look “traditional”, it was put in by the builder, and we never liked it, it was a bad job of it. I ripped that off the other month. It felt good to do that. We have just the stone on the wall now, and drywall and a couple of lumber pieces that were the nailers for the old facing.

Things are shaping up a bit with Frank’s work, so these things can start up, get going again, etc. I really hope we can get that main floor, the kitchen/dining/entry area done before year end. That includes a new window and new doors in the kitchen to the backyard. The deck is not something we want to keep, and it’s not useful where it is any way, with the French doors gone. The new doors will be down the other end of the room, and that’s not the deck there at all. A better spot for the deck, so if we can get it done, well put in a new one there later, and just a stoop and steps to the yard for the time being once the doors are in. The doors are one of the last things we can do, so they will wait a bit, until other things are moved and set up in the kitchen, that’s plumbing sort of things, which mean countertop too. 🙂 All things must wait their turn, so it’s dining room first. It’s nice to be thinking of it and writing of it again, knowing we are set to do something sooner than later now. 🙂

The Kitchen: We have the fridge

The fridge I had written about not too long ago, but I took those words out of the posts before it came, was brought over a couple of days ago finally.

It’s nice. Nicer than our regular fridge, so it’s now our primary refrigerator. It’s a side-by-side, probably 25 cubic feet space inside. It has an ice maker, and ice and water through the freeser door … but that stuff isn’t hooked up yet. The fridge is in a temperary spot, and wil not be hooked up to water until the kitchen stuff is moved that needs to go, then we can do the plumbing that we need to do.

The color of it is white, and it’s just like our other fridge in that way, it’s that bumpy white finish. The housing for the ice/water on the door is discolored, and a bit cracked on one corner, but that’s rather “normal” in wear … plastic stuff like that goes ugly eventually in different ways, looking bad. The door could be replaced, for $400+ … ha ha ha. No way we NEED to do that. It’s not as clear whether or not we could replace just the housing for that area … but it’s fine the way it is, over all.

We also took out more of that wall we are removing. Piece by piece, slowly “just in case”, but it’s rather mostly sure that it’s not a load bearing wall. It’s just part of this whole remodel, slow and some here, some there, and by and by it’ll all get done. The cabinets I painted before may be far along now to be sanded and repainted now. That will be tested this coming week. Once I get that done it’ll be that the upper cabinets there will also be painted, and we can get things measured out and hang those there and get some electric done and a few other things moved too.

The wall by the steps that hugs the one end of the kitchen is a partial wall, and it’s loose … it moves too easily. We were going to make it a full height wall … so seeing how it really is it will be needed to be torn out and replaced totally. No big deal really.

So things are moving along. Slow, but moving. We have electric that we have to do, then plumbing … then it’ll really be moving … plumbing is the biggy … the thing that means we’ll have to move the sink, or get the bar sink and that inner L counter built and installed … or some configuration so that we have water and a sink to wash with there.

Right now we have nice opening in the wall though, we have two ways to go into the kitchen, so when I am at the stove I don’t have to have people going past me … everything isn’t in place as it’ll be later, but this set up is more like it than not … I’ll have the stove there abouts, and there will be that other way of coming in and out of the kitchen area down near the door to the garage. It’s coming together and even though it’s all in chaos, it’s so much nicer than when we had vinyl flooring and everything in it’s place and a little tiny living room with carpet right next to it with that wall between.

We have a dining/living space now with a large opening to the kitchen, no large wall between. It’s like there is more space now, and we will have more when it’s further along. It’s all about how things are in a room. What place they sit in means a lot. I don’t do that chinese FS stuff, but what I do know about it seems to have “common sense” in some of it. Flow and light and air, they say the energy flows or doesn’t based on what’s placed where, how the room is built, etc.

Our front door opened and right there the house went right back to the french doors, it felt like everything went right out of the house, right away. We took those French Doors out and a board is there now. That’s the place where our kitchen is moving to, it feels so much better. There is no “right out the door” feeling there now. It’s cosy. That’s just one of the things that I felt interesting to mention, it’s just regular “how space feels” that you can figure out without mystical religious symbolism 😉

I have to download pictures off the camera tomorrow, then I’ll take some pictures of the new fridge and get them up here.

Cabinet Hardware etc

I hung the doors on the painted yucky cabinets. It looks nice, the color is great, just up close it’s too ridgy, and a few spots got mussed up in the hanging anyhow, so it’s best that I have to re-do some of it in the first place.

The cabinets originally had the doors hung differently. They are four doors, and were hung with the opening side facing in this order:

Right, Right, Left, Left

The upper cabinets that originally were above them are the same, but the doors are taller and have the catherdral routing in them. The lower cabinets that I’ve been working on have smaller doors and they have a plain routing around the door, in both upper and lower it’s an inch or inch-and-a-half inside from the edge. Both upper and lower were hung in that order.

I didn’t like it. Some years ago I changed the upper doors to face this way:

Right, Left, Right, Left

That made more visual and usage sense to me.

I hadn’t changed the bottom ones, or if I had I can’t recall … I took the doors off the lower cabinets so long ago now it seems, and I really don’t know since I painted the face of the cabinet then too. In the paint you can see the outline and holes of the old hinge positions. I saw none in the middle where there would have been some if I had changed the positions before. I can see that I wouldn’t have changed them back when I did the others since they are lower doors … not as noticeable and all that. In the place the cabinet sits now they are more prominent and that makes it noticeable that they hang a certain way or a different way. I saw immediately when I went to hang them that they truly belonged Right, Left, Right, Left. I only have two drawer fronts finished and with those two drawers installed, one can see the beauty that is beginning to show. The old countertop sits on the cabinet … just sits there, not installed anymore. It looks ugly now. It doesn’t go with the butter yellow cabinets and weathered wrought iron hardware!

I’ll get the other two drawers done today and then take a photo of the outside of the cabinet section at least. Ignore the junk on top of the counter if I post the picture here, where I most likely will do so.

I have to also put all the stuff inside so that we can get the other side of the kitchen cleared up. We’ll be taking the upper cabinets down too maybe and moving them to sit atop the counter of the lower cabinets for now. We have that new/old fridge coming tomorrow, so HAVE to make room 🙂

I’m ok with the re-do of the paint on the cabinets I’ve done so far. I have the right stuff for the re-do now, just need to do a few go-overs in a couple of grits of sandpaper and then a new coat of paint with the little cute rollers, but not for 7- 10 days. It’s just a wait to do it, and then I can fix all the little things that I have to and want to. 🙂

With the upper cabinets down on the counter top it’ll make it easier to work on them too (rather than have them on the floor).

So I have to go to work and move all that stuff now! Pictures here later!