Going on and on

My children are getting older. Of course they are, but it’s the anniversaries of events that mark such growth coming up that make me think of it. My eldest is turning 13 on the 29th. My youngest will be 22 months old on the 23rd.

I’m working on birthday stuff for the 29th. Elections for birthday breakfast and birthday dinner have already been made. I need to decide on what cake to make, and finalize presents. I’ve purchased some decorations and have some presents, need to get some other things accomplished in that vein.

Baby Q is getting so big, and talking more and more, and really understanding vastly more than ever. He’s really cute and quite a ham at times. He’s still my baby, but branching out more towards others. He’s a full fledged Toddler. He gets into trouble a lot too. We have a gate that is frustratingly not a good one though it should have been. I have to re-install it, he gets it opened and goes downstairs and opens the door to the room where the cats are when they aren’t supposed to be out … anyhow, he loves cartoons and “gets mad” if you turn the channel … and some other things make him mad, so that’s the big thing I have to work on with him, and also the others, as they get on each other and it’s just worse right now, with Spring kicking into high gear and things needing done and birthdays coming up and … on it goes.

Travel for business and baseball

We are in Tampa, as I have mentioned here – in a hotel that isn’t as nice as the one the night before, but that’s that. Embassy Suites in Tampa by the airport is really, really nice. We are now by the bay and it’s a different kind of place, very Florida and a crash pad.

Separate bedroom is tiny. Living room small, with balcony, cruddy but OK kitchen. The nicest thing here is that the bathroom has obviously been redone. [Now that I’ve written that I recall walking around the maze of outside corridors yesterday and passing some new appliance boxes in front of a couple of rooms. Dishwasher, Refrigerator, etc.]

There’s also a pullout sleeper couch and two narrow bunks intalled in a niche one on top of the other, of course. Plenty of places to put each of our 6 selves, but the bright spot in dealing with it all is the glass sliding door to the balcony. So many rooms don’t have a balcony, and many that do don’t have anything much worth looking at outside.

In this case there is water that sparkles as the sun moves overhead, it’s low tide, then high tide and the changes that brings. It’s interesting at least. Since it’s the Gulf side of Florida it gets too sunny and hot in the afternoon. Yesterday we got here in the afternoon. It’ll be nice to see the balcony all morning this day.

I have some schooling stuff with me, and that’s slated for this day as well (hubby is here for business, so we wait while he works.) We are also preparing for a birthday at the end of the month when my eldest goes from being a tween to a teen. :eyesroll : There’s some manners information we must all go over and practice again. It’s not just my eldest, he’s not as bad right now as some of the others really … and being stuck in a hotel room it’s not so long before someone is crying, another is sassing, another is screaming, another is … you get the drift.

Yesterday we were at a baseball game and today we go to another. I love baseball, and it was nice last night to sit by my eldest, he’s taking a higher interest in what’s going on in the game. Baby Q was a cutie too, but not interesting in the game, just showing off his toddler self to whomever would watch, particularly the row behind us.

I’m still nursing Baby Q at night and at home during the day every so often. I’ve not nursed this long with my others, it is just right for this one. Of late he’s picked up a new word to refer to me when he wants to nurse, ‘dink’ … so last night at the game he kept pulling at me ‘dink, dink’ … ‘Mama, dink!’ and I didn’t let him but awhile later I didn’t feel so “whatever it was” about it and he nursed and was that cute showoff from then on. Little stinker. 🙂

Moving On

Well today is Friday, the last Friday in February, so that’s nearly 2 full months in 2009 already gone by …

Accomplishing a lot has been my goal forever, but rarely do I see that happen, or feel like it has. Right now I’m a bit bogged down, the weather is dreary today (rainy and gray) and my cycle is near the end (a really bad combination.) The house is just so small for us, and things are so disorganized and our main living space is clogged up with baby toys, things that need to be put elsewhere (but where?) and a huge couch that is so depressive due to being dirty, broken down, and I just can’t stand it anymore, haven’t been able to for a long time, but I’ve made myself live with it, but I’m to the point where I’d rather take the cushions off of it and put them on the floor and throw the rest of it away.

It, the couch, was an IKEA purchase and it was the right thing at the time, but not bought for where it is right now. It was supposed to be in our “basement” and because of things here and there it has been moved up and down a couple of times and has been ruined by jumping children and things piled on it while it sat dormant in the basement for awhile in the past, and just basically the covers are needing replaced. No biggie really, to “refresh” this is not a bad thing, IKEA makes it to be laundered and also replacement covers in many colors and patterns are easy to get, not the price of a brand new couch. Unfortunately I could never convince my husband to get a different set of covers, so these are worn out, stained, the body cover is ripped where it connects to the couch with velcro, and because it was a pain to use since it got older (all the covers) it just sat in the basement and had full abuse from the children and stuff sitting on it and one arm is totally depressed/loose and the seat next to it is sunken, no support in the middle. The lack of support is bad, but the lack of the body cover staying on is way worse, it slides down into the front and pools on the floor, and seat cushions slide forward and hang over the front too far and it’s like a giants piece of furniture (sitting on it with feet to the floor is impossible, it’s too far “out”) and so the whole thing needs to be reset, and that is nearly impossible with the body cover, and any work put into it is wholly defeated once a round of sitting on the couch happens by the family. Not taking into count how dirty it gets, how washing the cushion covers only is nice, but they still look blah, and the body cover is past being able to be washed, so gets worse and worse and the cushions get so dirty so fast that washing them is just not what I’ll do anymore. So now that I’ve given up that for good (crossing my fingers behind my back) I’m having a hard time looking at the monstrosity in my “living room” and navigating around it, onto it, and blech, touching it. :rolleyes: I had tried to revive it by washing the cushion covers again and again in the last month, but when I got everything done and right away it was bad enough that one or two needed it again, and doing just those and getting them back on and then again more and more and again, and again, well, that is enough, no more.

We had considered a new couch from Costco, in the warehouse, and talked about it and talked about it, but ended up going with something else for our daughter instead, she needs furniture in her room and they had just a few of something I’d had my eyes on and so often that happens, when I see something I like there, and we don’t get it, when we do decide to get it, then we go and it’s gone. So I was seeing those things and hoping our chances weren’t going to run out, so it came down to “couch or daughter furniture” and we got the daughter furniture. The next time we were there, the couch was reduced and we hemmed and hawed over it and decided to forgo it, it would have been crunch to do it, and I knew it would mean we wouldn’t get it, and sure enough, though we were there again just the next day or so, it was gone. It was a couch that had grown on me, the style being so very modern compared to the things we usually have had. It actually made me think about redoing how I was approaching the living room, and so I probably will go ahead and try to find something similar in the future, and the hard part of that is the waiting and the “what do we do in the meantime” — sigh.

We had another couch years ago that we got rid of, it got ratty, but looking back, it was so much nicer, in many ways, and that feels like heresy to write. That’s how bad this IKEA couch has become.

All of this has just become so urgent feeling because the baby is growing up, time is moving along and four children in a not even 10’x10′ living room is outrageously annoying, and even a couch and wall mount TV seem to be too much there, let alone also having baby toys, an end table, and toddler table for play, Wii system, PS3 system … and all the junk that accumulates … it’s just too much. A couch that is just a couch is one thing, but in this case its a corner+2 couch, a corner with two seat on the right and two seats on the left. It’s a huge thing and I can’t take it anymore!

For the Birds

I haven’t written much of anything lately, mostly because of my baby/toddler (16 mo. old) keeping me busy and away from my laptop, or him away from my laptop (that’s rather the real thing) and also the desktop being a problem now that the baby/toddler is so much more toddler oriented and picking up anything he can get his hands on. We lost a mouse because of him. Bought a new one, and he got hold of it and broke it. In this process of mouse elimination the mouse pad got eliminated somehow, and now we have two other old wireless mice from other use-age, that are in different states of derelictness and sans mousepad, it’s a nightmare to work on the desktop, plus having little hands reach up constantly to pull on what you are doing … I’m in bed right now, with my laptop, and baby is asleep. Usually, as soon as I pull out my laptop in bed, baby wakes up. I’m fortunate today.

I wanted to write about birds this week, and now that I’m actually writing, I’ll make this post about it, briefly.

A few days ago I looked out on the front porch area through the sidelight to see the temperature on the thermometer and saw something moving out of the corner of my eye. I turned and looked and there was a pretty Carolina Wren with a piece of tissue-looking paper in it’s beak. It hopped around and then suddenly another Carolina Wren hopped onto the porch and immediately a male Northern Cardinal flew into the brush right in front of the porch, so I had these three birds super visible right there, where I usually don’t get such a treat of even one bird in view. It had a special quality about it, that event did.

A couple of days ago I was in the kitchen, me and the children were eating and I was actually standing up at the table and saw something out on the Bluebird box, and looked and there was a diminutive woodpecker hanging out.

I got a good look at him to memorize his features, then ran to get my Sibley guide and found that it was a Downy Woodpecker. I had never seen one in my life, and it was really cool to spot one so close in range. Of course I didn’t get any really good photos, my camera wasn’t around, and the other one that was around is a newer little Fuji digital that just doesn’t have the ommph in the bird photo taking department that my old canon digital rebel does. I’ve yet to download the pictures, so we’ll see what I get.

The Downy Woodpecker pecked around the Bluebird box, then got into the box and stayed inside for several minutes, then started peeking out, then finally came out, walked around the box again for a short time, then flew up into the maple tree that’s nearby and was near the top pecking on a branch then suddenly flew away towards the distant line of trees on the other side of the subdivision.

The next day I saw my supposed Eastern Bluebird couple checking out the box. Mr. Bluebird got in for a couple of minutes, while Mrs. Bluebird waited on a branch of the tree. The usual spring/summer sight, as they get ready to build a nest, except right now it’s November. I guess they are keeping tabs on their nest box and knew they’d had a visitor.

It’s noteworthy also that we see Blue Jays around frequently enough, in the front and even in the back more and more. (So many folks say they don’t like Blue Jays, but I think them beautiful and useful birds, feisty sure, but worth having around, and really, really handsome.)

I hadn’t had a decent birding day at home for so long, and I must say, it was a very decent birding week this past week. 🙂

I need to get a big bird feeder, like we used to have in the backyard, until it fell down in a thunderstorm and fell apart in a not worth fixing state. I love seeing the birds come to the feeder in the Winter, and also like supplying them with the food they seek/need. It’s been a few years since I have done so. Birding became a great passion of mine when we moved to this house in 1997. I hadn’t lived anywhere with much bird watching ability in my adult years.

Baby Q News and Pics

Something we’ve learned about Baby Q of late, don’t give him anything to eat with sour cream on it. Just give him a blob of sour cream instead. :rolleyes:

He’s getting more into our meals, table food, family food. He loves some things, but nothing like sour cream. He won’t eat anything of substance if there is sour cream involved, he just wants the sour cream.

I’ve given him plain yogurt before, and I should do so more often, like every day, but I haven’t thus far.

Anyhow, here are some photos of him enjoying the yogurt, from July 5th (2008):


  1. Baby Q


Baby Q Turns One

Well, Baby Q turned One Year Old on the 23rd of June. I forgot to post anything about it. I do suppose it was because I was busy with the birthday, then busy getting ready to go out-of-town right after.

Baby Q is growing up, not as much a baby, closer to a toddler now. I still BF him, he’s eating more food now though too. So poopy diapers are oh so much more different of late. :rolleyes:

Q is talking a lot now. Sure, only WE can understand what he says, but he says so much. Like a few days ago, he was being cute, running away from something, brother or something he was doing, and he fell down, and as he did that he looked up at me and his Daddy and said, “I fell down!”

One present we got him for his birthday is a Leap Frog musical table called the Learn & Groove Musical Table. It’s pretty cool, and he loves it. He makes things happen and stands there sort of bounce-sway dancing to the music. It’s a nice busy/learning toy that isn’t annoying to parents and siblings at all. We all love to play with him with it.

Baby Q’s walking ability

Baby Q has been walking for a month now, very expertly in the house. Sometimes wobbles atimes, but is able to “walk at will” and “stay upright” 98% of most all situations.

He can walk fast, and could run, no doubt, but chooses to usually walk, walk fast. He doesn’t crawl much at all either now. Pretty much just walks.

We got him a real pair of shoes after he started walking, and they are very cute on him. White and navy “saddle shoe” type from Stride Rite. He needed a couple of wearings to ‘get used to them’ and then was off and walking fine in them. We got a cheaper pair of shoes at Babies R’ Us after that, they aren’t real leather, but man-made to look kind of like a suede, camel color. They are cool looking (I’ll get him in some pictures sometimes, wearing both pairs of shoes) and he walking right off the first time he wore these.

He wears shoes when we go out … not in the house, unless we are about to go somewhere, or just came home. Bare feet are best for walking, little baby feet getting shaped for getting older and doing more …

🙂 Strong feet take you places.

Baby Q is really taking off. He’s a pre-toddler, practically one, talking a mile a minute, very cute, very much my same baby as always, just growing up a big step-up this past month.

He’ll be One Year Old on June 23rd. Time doth flee us fastly!

Baby Q – 11 Months Old

Baby Q has been 11 Months old for three days already … :veryshocked:

He’s growing up so fast now. He’s not an expert walker yet, but is walking most all the time he’s on the floor in the house, moving around. He rarely resorts to a crawl since the day he actually starting really walking, not just taking a couple of steps, as he did for a couple of days, then was off. (Mid-10 Months.)

On Saturday we were out shopping, it was a hot day, and it was really hot in one store we were at, and then going outside into our van it was even hotter for a long time. I, myself, was over heating, and for me it’s a serious issue when that happens. Our van A/C doesn’t work right, and only the front air works at all, the rear air only blows fresh air temp (we’ve had it looked at but no one, thus far, knows what is wrong.) The front air works, sure, but doesn’t put a dent in the “hot” days in the middle and rear sections of the van, and barely cools the front down “enough” to suffice.

So I wasn’t sure on that day whether or not the heat was affecting the baby, but on the way home he did get sick, Thanks be to God I had only breastfed him that day. He threw up a few more times in the next couple of hours, but then finally slept, and then seemed a lot better. I skipped one feeding, about one, and gingerly let him eat later when he seemed to want to, and he only nursed on one side, then about half an hour later, the other side, and didn’t throw up again. He was tired, obviously not feeling well, but not listless, just didn’t feel good.

He didn’t have a fever or anything, it was just curdled milk throw up, and never dry heaves, not seemingly dehydrated either. It wasn’t a full day event either, so, we are just glad he’s OK. That evening, after I’d finished nursing him he wanted to continue being held, then perked up and became his normal “aren’t I a cool and active baby” self

Baby Q continues to be a big talker, and he’s saying very clear things, to us, “brother” is a big one of late, referring to either of his older brothers. He calls them, greets them, and so on. He says many other things, I should write them down. Of course I wouldn’t expect anyone outside our immediate family to be able to understand what he says.

It’s “summer” here now. May is almost over, and it’ll be June, and then not long after that, Baby Q will be One. It’s less than a month away!

Baby Q, Walking

Baby Q had been close to walking for a long while. It seemed “any day now” since 9 months, and finally, in this past week he started taking half-steps here and there, and after two days of that, he was ready.

So we now have a “walker” – a human baby, walking, stepping his way toward toddlerhood.

Baby Q – 10 Months Old

Baby Q turned 10 months on the 23rd of April. It’s been so busy, I haven’t had the time to write anything online …

He’s getting bigger, really advancing, so very, very close to “walking” but still “cruising” instead of actually taking own steps. He does pull up to standing from a sitting on the floor position, he can stand for a couple of minutes without losing balance and going “boom” — he’s just content to do all this and not “walk” … which is going to end at any time, sooner than later.

He “talks” all the time. Actually intelligible to me and some of our family here. It’s not really English, but close, getting there. Absolutely he mimics things I say often, and also says things for himself. He loves exploring sibling faces, with his fingers, and of course Mama and Daddy’s faces as well.

His [acronym title=”Papa”]grandpa[/acronym] was here for a few days this week, just left yesterday evening. He was very shy the first day, and the second day he was A-OK with him. He saw his Papa the first time when he wouldn’t remember, he was just barely a month old, and this last meeting was his second, but a first for Baby Q the near-toddler.

That’s all I can write now, I’ll publish this so that I put something up, and hope to finish it more fully later.

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Cooped up and Projects

Things are greening up massively outside, Spring is here. I feel so cooped up though, with little access to the back yard, only through the dark hole like downstairs, which I despise to go through. It was supposed to be our “family room” but has just become a place where I don’t go, it’s dirty and junkier than I can stand. The children go down there and watch TV and spend time there, and just make the couch all dirty and make a general mess. We have things boxed up there too, with no storage in the house to speak of, so it’s a cramped space at best, and there is little light, so it’s a dark hole to me. It’s a concrete floor as well, so I do not care to try to make it seem nice, it just wouldn’t be for me and the baby, no matter what, for now.

One of these days we’ll get a new deck built and the sliding doors in the kitchen, then I will have back yard access again. 🙂 And sometime later hopefully we’ll have a patio by the deck, which the downstairs “hole” will open up out onto, and a new door there as well, to let in more light.

We have indoor projects to get done too though, getting a new floor laid for the main level and completing the floors upstairs (which are partially put in) and then all those floors will need sanded and finished (a true tung oil finish.)

Then getting the kitchen cabinets “installed” and countertops ordered and installed, and more …

There is so much inside that needs done, and outside, including the house needs painted in and out. All these things are big deals, take $$$$ and hard work together, which are not anything I can affect myself, so I feel cooped up. Living with the not yet.

Speaking of that, we are super watchful of the baby since he can crawl and cruise, he’ll be walking anytime now. We have to retrofit the stair areas so that we can install gates. It’s been so long since we had babies to baby proof for, and “back in the day” it was a nightmare getting the stairs “gated” and it just won’t work out this time to try without re-building parts of things.

Baby has to spend more time in his play yard now, which he just ain’t happy about. That’s the price he has to pay though, so he doesn’t tumble down any stairs. It really feels more like MY price to pay, since I have to listen to the wails of “let me out” for 70% of his play yard stays. He’s content to play on the safe floor for awhile, then remembers the stairs to up … and off he powercrawls and starts to climb, and after him I have to go to get him off the stairs. Then it’s play yard time, or sometimes baby swing time, or crib time.

Play yard time is wailing time, but crib time is wailing an screaming time, and oh boy that just never changes. He wants to be with me, free to hold onto me if he wants, not separated at all. He’s so active though, as well, and that makes holding him impossible, even when he seems to want to be held, so it all goes in cycles, hold, put down, play nice, then crawl to stairs, into my arms, too squirmy, into play yard, or swing or crib, cry, cry, cry, or add in screaming, stay there awhile, come out and start it all over again. Getting the stair areas gate-able will really help me out. So that, I think is the one thing we must tackle. It really should cost $ or at the most $$. It’s necessary, but we can’t do it until we have the money to do that, and we are going out of town when we next get paid, and so it’ll be us living with this for another week, then leaving for a few days, then coming back to this and hopefully having the money and energy to tackle the project.

Just that alone will be a reassuring thing, safety is important.

Baby Q – 9 Months Old

Well, I was writing a post the other day, on the 23rd, in fact, since it was dear Baby Q’s 9-month b-day … but I wasn’t able to finish it at the time, but didn’t “save” it, having to shut my laptop instantly (Baby Q sees me with the laptop open and makes a beeline to grab and grope it. :rolleyes: ) It’s so hard to be able to read anything online as time goes on, let alone WRITE anything.

So Baby Q is now 9-months old and growing ever so much as usual. Physical and mental. He’s power-mobile, crawl, cruise, and is testing out “look ma, no hands!” more and more the last 4 or so days. He hasn’t taken any steps like that, but in his crusing-pulled-up mode he lets go and stands straight and true, for a few seconds. He doesn’t hold on tight anymore either, just a light feather touch is all he needs.

He talks often. He actually does repeat words here and there, and also has his own baby gaga stuff. He loves music, and does truly sing with some things, though his styling isn’t in keeping with any of it, of course.

He’s sleeping on my lap right now, and my laptop was within reach without disturbing him, so I finally am writing a semblance of what I had wanted to on Sunday.

Baby Q is a lot of fun, but so very much in need of holding/being held as much as usual. I’m his prefered holder. Daddy is second. Siblings rank as playmates mostly. I can’t so much as go into the next room without him wailing and coming after me if he can. In this way he is very different from his siblings, compared to when they were babies. He’s just the “I want to be held, and if I’m comfortable, don’t change anything!” guy. This isn’t anything new, it’s the same old, same old, with Baby Q.

Nighttime he sleeps all night with the exception that he awakes and I feed him a couple of times a night. He goes right back to sleep. This is different, compared to my first three babies. 1 & 2 slept through the night at 7 and 9 weeks respectively, with my aide at training. 3 was born a natural sleep through the nighter, I tried to un-train that days 1 & 2 but he prevailed, and I accepted it. Now Baby Q is just so different from any of them and it’s been something I recognized from the start, there would be no fiddling with his nighttime, he will sleep through sometimes, and other times he wants to eat. That’s that.

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Mobile Baby

Baby Q is really, very mobile now. He’s been pulling up for a few weeks, but not everywhere, but for the last few days, he now can pull up on anything at all, and had been working towards that for over a week.

When we got back from our Florida trip, he was at home in his pack n’ play and he was crying, I looked at him, and there he was, for the first time standing holding onto the side of the play yard. He does that all the time now, just pulls up and cries standing there, “take me OUT of HERE!” no doubt is what he says.

Not just that though, he’s cruising with more and more confidence, and standing “look Mama, no HANDS!” occassionally too.

I know he’s seriouly into all this stuff just from one perspective: dirt. He’s not just dirty on the knees, hands, etc. It’s now his feet too. Dirty feet. He’s growing up.

He loves the kitties and is getting bolder with them, when they let him do so. The kitten, Clementine, just lays there sedate sometimes and lets him pat her and more. He loves it when they let him touch them. Imitates my petting them sometimes, with great delight.

He loves anything he can get his hands on, especially electronics. Not that he does anything with them but beat, shake, slap, and slobber over. It’s hard to work on my laptop with him around. His other move is this raking, scratching thing, just feeling everything and that is a nuisance with a laptop keyboard. Yanks on cords with great abandon.

In November, when he had just turned 5 months old he got ahold of his sisters birthday balloon and yanked that ribbon like a freak old train conductor yanking on the whistle cord over and over. More than pleased with himself. That’s what he’s like with ANY sort of cord.

He’s a big talker too. “Mama” and “Nigh Nigh” and all sorts of other sounds. He isn’t always talking, but he sure has a lot to say in some situations. Like right now, he’s pulling on my knees, wants me to put my computer down and hold him, so he’s “Mama, mama, mama …” over and over, crusing back and forth trying to get between me and this laptop. So I must end this post. He wins. 🙂

Baby Q – 8 Months Old

Baby Q is now 8-months old! He’s been progressing in his ‘crawl’ through the past month, and now just does the regular type of crawling, hands and knees.

A couple of days ago he was in the living area and I went upstairs to tell my DH something, and told A., the 7-year old, to watch the baby while I was gone. I was gone 2 to 3 minutes and did hear the baby crying pretty much right away. I went to go back down stairs then, and found my crying babe on the middle of the steps up … [big brother was missing. A. seems to have forgotten what “watch the baby” for Mama means…] so now he can “climb the stairs” and we have to watch him closely now, more than ever, he’s wanting to climb the stairs often.

He also has been “pulling up” more and more. He did that a long time ago, for the first time, and has done it more and more and now does it anywhere he wants to. He wants to “walk” but isn’t really trying to do it by his-self, you can see that he wishes to do it though. He’s just a pest now with the “pulling up” getting into everything. Writing this post, for instance, is really hard. I never had a laptop with a little guy around before.

Well, we were going to FL the other week, and canceled that trip because of illness. We are trying it again this week, and we seem to be OK thus far. We are still getting over the last part of the illness (the left over cough and congestion that lingers.)

We hope to see some Spring Training, though don’t know if we can see a game anywhere or not. Baseball is starting! 🙂

Diaper Covers

We got our new diaper covers on Saturday. They are nice. More later. When I can actually type and maybe post a picture of Baby @ in one. He’s fussing and I just can’t post more right now.

Baby Q – 7 Months Old

Baby Q is officially 7 Months old today. He’s crawling, has been “creeping” some since right before turning 6 Months old … he has not “mastered” crawling, but for all intensive purposes he gets where he wants to go when he’s on the floor. For him it’s more the hard floors that are keeping him from “full crawling” for now, while on my bed he’s very capable of fast moving-ness, more so the real knee crawling.

All in all, he is more mobile than any of his sibs were at that age.

He’s getting so big, nearly growing out of his clothing again, so it will soon be a needful thing to go get “more” stuff.

He’s not in his crib yet either. We just got a new hardware kit for it (the one we bought for our 2000 baby) and I need to clean off each piece of the crib and get it ready for putting back together. It was partly together since June, but never completed since a few parts were missing and some things were loose and would need replacing.

It’s a necessity to get the crib done so that I can put him there night or day when needed. He needs a full size crib. He’s no little baby any more 🙁 But that’s alright. He’s cute still 🙂 Of course. Growing up so fast. Sigh.

More Tiny Tush Diapers

We ordered more of the blue diapers that I posted about in December. They arrived on Tuesday, finally, with that “finally” meaning it took a LONG time for them to arrive. Sent “Fed Ex Home” … we ordered them ‘last year’ and they didn’t arrive until the 8th of this NEW year.

A funny way to look at it, of course it wasn’t THAT long, just too many days long. My hubby ordered them via the internet and we thought he chose Priority Mail for shipping, which in fact seems it would have been faster (from the sending to receiving of the package.) Anyhow, one diaper is on backorder, so that is one thing about the order that wasn’t straightforward, so perhaps there is a reason for the shipping difference. Not that it matters, or that I need to know or am asking to know, no. I’m just rambling on about it since I thought they’d arrive during the first week of the new year, not a full week, or plus that.

I now have enough decent diapers for Baby Q – !!! 🙂

Next in line: new covers.

I also need to re-lanolize the two in-service wool covers I have. I don’t have any lanolin though, just the eucelan stuff, which isn’t doing the “trick” I need to be performed.

I have two old Mother-Ease Airflow covers that fit, and a few others in larger sizes for the future as Baby Q grows, which he continues to do, of course.

The wool covers are Stacinators, I really like them, but the ones I have don’t really fit over the Mother-Ease Popolino’s I do have and use along with the Tiny Tush one-size, and also some Mother-Ease Sandy’s (Large). Baby Q isn’t “big enough” for the Large Sandy’s yet, but is. If that makes sense.

Overall I am thoroughly impressed with the Tiny Tush diapers though. The old Mother-Ease diapers get soaked so easily. The Tiny Tush’s hold so much more liquid, and don’t feel “sopping wet” in any situation like the Mother-Ease diapers would be sopping wet. That means, Tiny Tush wins hands down, better for baby, and for “covers”. Happier Mama.

6 Months

Baby Q turned 6 Months Old on the 23rd of December. He’s getting so very big and is so very active as well. He’s almost crawling, he is wanting to be “on the go” and has been inching closer to that possibility since not long after turning 5 Months Old. The last week or so he’s really ramped up in ability and is moving around in circles the broaden out ever so slightly, so if he’s on the floor he does move out of the area that one has put him, but it’s not “crawling” ability movement — yet. It’s coming fast though. Any day now. In fact, when I nurse him, he gets done and squirms from my lap to get on the floor, and it reminds me so much of my firstborn, how he used to do that, when he was older and walking though. He’s growing up so fast!

We ordered more of the Tiny Tush One Size diapers that I wrote about getting in the previous post. They should be here sometime this week, I hope. That will put us into the “have enough diapers that fit and are easy to use” category. Diapers that are simple enough to put on a squirming baby-crawler-flip-over-type, and will stay put once on. 🙂

Tiny Tush diapers arrival

The diapers I ordered on Saturday came in the USPS [mail] today.

Here’s a link to the manufacturer’s site [a photo] of the exact diapers we bought: Tiny Tush Trim One-Size Organic – Blue

They are gorgeous and full of snaps to fit my dear boy until he’s out of diapers, whenever that is. I do want to get more of these, as long as they “seem to work out” as I think they will, knowing what the Mother-Ease diapers we have are like, how they fit my previous babies –the comparison to our new 5 dipes is mind-boggling.

I have the diapers in the washer for their first wash, then it’s to the dryer, then the washer and back and forth a few more times. Then it’s try on time!

Of course I really don’t think I can let them go into the washer for a second-run before I just do a dry try-on run with Baby Q.


Under the weather

Last week Baby Q wasn’t feeling well, and neither was I, as well as two of the older children coughing a lot. The coughing seems to have come from a previous “cold” that was in the family … residual leftover maybe from when we all had a cold a few weeks ago (from now) … so then it was that the baby was very warm for a couple of days in a row, I didn’t take his temp. actually, he wasn’t THAT hot, just very warm and bothered, and I realized during that one evening that I wasn’t feeling very swell either, slightly warmer, feverish, not fevered though. So we were both fighting something and then the third day, no more “fever-ish-ness” at all. I’ve had “sinus” issues here and there and baby has been crankier than normal, ever since. Over the weekend we were just dragging mostly, though feeling much better.

But DH has had a problem he gets every so often, not for sure every year, but when he gets it, it is the same as other years, nasty sinus/headache thing that goes on and on for a couple or few weeks, then vanishes completely out of the blue. Right now it’s in the middle of it, and it seems like it won’t ever stop. History says it will though.

So, it’s December, the weather is up and down, and it’s definitely late Autumn in how we are doing. Blah, blah, blah, not enough sunlight, and blah gray weather all day long some days, which makes things so ugly to me. Even on the days when there IS full sun, it just doesn’t seem enough. That’s partially because of the way our house is, the “front” is so dark, even though it’s now connected to the “back” on the main level, but there in the back we don’t have outside access yet, just one window looking out. We are supposed to have a sliding glass door there, we have it, but it’s not installed, still. If it was installed we’d have much more light on the main level finally (since some time ago we removed part of a wall, so with that gone and the double sliding glass door behind, ooh the light that will finally flow to the front. 🙂 )

As for how it is now though, it’s so easy to feel so blah when the weather is just too warm to have a fire in the fireplace. Especially when DH is out of town, which he is off and on. When he’s home we do go “out” occasionally and THAT gets us more sunlight, driving around just offers that so much more than staying in the house.

We’ve had to go out, even feeling so bad, just to “get stuff” we need to get. Today I was really feeling yucky, and did what I normally don’t do, took 2 Sudafed tablets close together, in about a half hour’s space of time. 2 is the “regular dose” but I only ever take 1, since 2 make me feel so loopy it’s not fun at all. This morning I was so bad off though, with the sinus issues I’ve had it’s like I have tons of stuff (but I’m not “clogged up” in my nose) I have icky stuff I can feel in my sinuses, hard, scratchy, drippy, choky as some of it starts to go down my throat … but mostly it just sits there bothering me. One Sudafed often “does the trick” to rid the nighttime icks in the morning, but today it was worse than usual, and so I was “out of it” all morning, but my sinus cavities did feel so much better, I must admit. We had to get a few things before my DH leaves for a trip, so that got me out of the house in the afternoon, and that helped.

I just so dislike these “colds” and other “viruses” that leave one feeling so icky for days after the other symptoms clear out. I do have allergy troubles year round some too, so couple that with leftover illness, and it sure can be hard to feel like getting up, or staying up all day. But with children, and especially a new baby, one has to get up anyhow. That’s just the way it is. 😉