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Baby Q Turns One

Well, Baby Q turned One Year Old on the 23rd of June. I forgot to post anything about it. I do suppose it was because I was busy with the birthday, then busy getting ready to go out-of-town right after.

Baby Q is growing up, not as much a baby, closer to a toddler now. I still BF him, he’s eating more food now though too. So poopy diapers are oh so much more different of late. :rolleyes:

Q is talking a lot now. Sure, only WE can understand what he says, but he says so much. Like a few days ago, he was being cute, running away from something, brother or something he was doing, and he fell down, and as he did that he looked up at me and his Daddy and said, “I fell down!”

One present we got him for his birthday is a Leap Frog musical table called the Learn & Groove Musical Table. It’s pretty cool, and he loves it. He makes things happen and stands there sort of bounce-sway dancing to the music. It’s a nice busy/learning toy that isn’t annoying to parents and siblings at all. We all love to play with him with it.

IKEA changing table TOP

On Thursday I wrote about the new “changing table” we got from IKEA, except for the fact that the “changing top” doesn’t come with it, it’s a separate purchase and that the store didn’t have them in stock, while it was assumed by the staff that there was at least one in the warehouse (self-service for the buyer) and there wasn’t one there at all when we looked.

So basically, I had looked online and checked availability for other stores, like Philly, Long Island, and such stores, just to see, thinking we could maybe gain access to one via talking on the phone to them and having it somehow shipped to us (the item is not available online to purchase, only IN the store itself.)

The thing about it all is, my Hubbie was going to be going to NYC on Thursday Night/Friday, and I told him that there was a brand new store in Brooklyn that IKEA’s website said had just opened the previous day or so. I had also told him that the Long Island store supposedly had availability of the product.

He wasn’t going to have a rental car, but be ferried around by a customer (usually he has his own rental car) and therefore didn’t think he’d be able to do anything about it, and didn’t know if there would be time in any case anyhow.

So on Friday I get a phone call from him telling me that they went to some stores looking for a couple of Wii things that no one around where we live has in stock, nor any online stores, he found nothing there in NYC. He was going to keep it a secret about what he did find though, and ended up telling me anyhow, thankfully, since surprises aren’t usually that good for me, it’s nicer to anticipate for awhile first, that’s half of the fun of something gifted or whatever you want to call it.

They went to the Long Island IKEA store, and said they had at least 20 of my desired item in stock, and that it wasn’t $20 as it was in ATL, but that price was crossed out and it was $15. So he brought one home with him from NYC to ATL (on the plane) and then to our home via our vehicle from the airport.

He got home late Friday night, actually Saturday, and so I got it out and put it together on Saturday morning. It’s very nice now, to have a REAL changing table that is nothing like I had for my other babies 7+ years ago. Baby Q has been changed on the bed and the floor most of the time, his whole first year, until just yesterday. I had originally bought a premium contour pad to use on our dresser, but that didn’t feel good and we just never used it, piled things on it instead, and used the floor on the main level with a travel pad from a diaper bag. Ugh.

I didn’t want a traditional changing table since it’s open to allow cats onto everything (we have cats galore compared to when we last had used a changing table.)

So we were able to get this changing table/dresser/chest thing from IKEA, minus tax, for $135. It’s a piece of furniture for now and the future. It’s nice. The only thing we’ll now do is change the hardware on the drawers, it’s a little fussy to use, LEKSVIK is the style.

I’ll find nice bin drawer pulls that will fit, I hope to, that is.

Ikea changing table

We went to IKEA the day before yesterday. We had a specific idea in mind: to get a small dresser to use as a changing table.

Once there we found a piece in the Leksvik line, that is small, but not too small, and has an additional piece to put on top that makes it into a changing table.

We liked it more than like. I’ve liked that series of furniture, I like the antique pine look, and the dark hardware, and the basic design of the pieces. We didn’t look any further since it was wood and would work and we liked it better than like.

If you haven’t been to IKEA before to buy something you might not know how it works, and also how frustrating it can be: You pick something out and get excited about it, even talk to the people in the departments about the items you are interested in on the Display Floor: then you go to the lower floor (in our case in Atl.) and search for the right AISLE and BIN for each product in the Warehouse. You find the right spot and … there is nothing there that you are looking for. It’s the right aisle and bin alright, but there is nothing of what you went there for.

Such was the case when we went down into the warehouse searching for the changing table top. It wasn’t there. Found an employee, they looked it up and said the computer says “1 in stock” … which in retail means, “there’s probably none.”

Great. Not. We got a dresser/cabinet specifically to work with that changing top. The dresser top isn’t large enough to use a changing pad, nearly, but the changing top is nifty and makes it safer to use. So if we could have, I’d have gone back upstairs and looked for something else to work, but it was close to closing, I had no time. I did like what we picked out, but there was no promise of ever getting the changing top there … they said the computer said there was no planned shipment of the product …

Here’s what it should look like

This is what we have right now though, the chest without the changing top:

My husband, at my request, asked if they could sell us the display that was on the floor. They said the department manager for that department was on vacation and only he could make that decision. :rolleyes:

I’ve checked online, other stores say THEY have it, just Atlanta doesn’t. So it’ll be a phoney solution for us, no doubt.

Yesterday I brought the package into the house, and put the dresser together. I had my eldest (12) help me some, and eventually had my Hubby help with screwdriver duty. It was a straightforward plan and went together with ease, for the most part.

Baby Q’s walking ability

Baby Q has been walking for a month now, very expertly in the house. Sometimes wobbles atimes, but is able to “walk at will” and “stay upright” 98% of most all situations.

He can walk fast, and could run, no doubt, but chooses to usually walk, walk fast. He doesn’t crawl much at all either now. Pretty much just walks.

We got him a real pair of shoes after he started walking, and they are very cute on him. White and navy “saddle shoe” type from Stride Rite. He needed a couple of wearings to ‘get used to them’ and then was off and walking fine in them. We got a cheaper pair of shoes at Babies R’ Us after that, they aren’t real leather, but man-made to look kind of like a suede, camel color. They are cool looking (I’ll get him in some pictures sometimes, wearing both pairs of shoes) and he walking right off the first time he wore these.

He wears shoes when we go out … not in the house, unless we are about to go somewhere, or just came home. Bare feet are best for walking, little baby feet getting shaped for getting older and doing more …

🙂 Strong feet take you places.

Baby Q is really taking off. He’s a pre-toddler, practically one, talking a mile a minute, very cute, very much my same baby as always, just growing up a big step-up this past month.

He’ll be One Year Old on June 23rd. Time doth flee us fastly!

Baby Q, Walking

Baby Q had been close to walking for a long while. It seemed “any day now” since 9 months, and finally, in this past week he started taking half-steps here and there, and after two days of that, he was ready.

So we now have a “walker” – a human baby, walking, stepping his way toward toddlerhood.

Mobile Baby

Baby Q is really, very mobile now. He’s been pulling up for a few weeks, but not everywhere, but for the last few days, he now can pull up on anything at all, and had been working towards that for over a week.

When we got back from our Florida trip, he was at home in his pack n’ play and he was crying, I looked at him, and there he was, for the first time standing holding onto the side of the play yard. He does that all the time now, just pulls up and cries standing there, “take me OUT of HERE!” no doubt is what he says.

Not just that though, he’s cruising with more and more confidence, and standing “look Mama, no HANDS!” occassionally too.

I know he’s seriouly into all this stuff just from one perspective: dirt. He’s not just dirty on the knees, hands, etc. It’s now his feet too. Dirty feet. He’s growing up.

He loves the kitties and is getting bolder with them, when they let him do so. The kitten, Clementine, just lays there sedate sometimes and lets him pat her and more. He loves it when they let him touch them. Imitates my petting them sometimes, with great delight.

He loves anything he can get his hands on, especially electronics. Not that he does anything with them but beat, shake, slap, and slobber over. It’s hard to work on my laptop with him around. His other move is this raking, scratching thing, just feeling everything and that is a nuisance with a laptop keyboard. Yanks on cords with great abandon.

In November, when he had just turned 5 months old he got ahold of his sisters birthday balloon and yanked that ribbon like a freak old train conductor yanking on the whistle cord over and over. More than pleased with himself. That’s what he’s like with ANY sort of cord.

He’s a big talker too. “Mama” and “Nigh Nigh” and all sorts of other sounds. He isn’t always talking, but he sure has a lot to say in some situations. Like right now, he’s pulling on my knees, wants me to put my computer down and hold him, so he’s “Mama, mama, mama …” over and over, crusing back and forth trying to get between me and this laptop. So I must end this post. He wins. 🙂

Baby Q – 8 Months Old

Baby Q is now 8-months old! He’s been progressing in his ‘crawl’ through the past month, and now just does the regular type of crawling, hands and knees.

A couple of days ago he was in the living area and I went upstairs to tell my DH something, and told A., the 7-year old, to watch the baby while I was gone. I was gone 2 to 3 minutes and did hear the baby crying pretty much right away. I went to go back down stairs then, and found my crying babe on the middle of the steps up … [big brother was missing. A. seems to have forgotten what “watch the baby” for Mama means…] so now he can “climb the stairs” and we have to watch him closely now, more than ever, he’s wanting to climb the stairs often.

He also has been “pulling up” more and more. He did that a long time ago, for the first time, and has done it more and more and now does it anywhere he wants to. He wants to “walk” but isn’t really trying to do it by his-self, you can see that he wishes to do it though. He’s just a pest now with the “pulling up” getting into everything. Writing this post, for instance, is really hard. I never had a laptop with a little guy around before.

Well, we were going to FL the other week, and canceled that trip because of illness. We are trying it again this week, and we seem to be OK thus far. We are still getting over the last part of the illness (the left over cough and congestion that lingers.)

We hope to see some Spring Training, though don’t know if we can see a game anywhere or not. Baseball is starting! 🙂

Diaper Covers

We got our new diaper covers on Saturday. They are nice. More later. When I can actually type and maybe post a picture of Baby @ in one. He’s fussing and I just can’t post more right now.

Baby Q – 7 Months Old

Baby Q is officially 7 Months old today. He’s crawling, has been “creeping” some since right before turning 6 Months old … he has not “mastered” crawling, but for all intensive purposes he gets where he wants to go when he’s on the floor. For him it’s more the hard floors that are keeping him from “full crawling” for now, while on my bed he’s very capable of fast moving-ness, more so the real knee crawling.

All in all, he is more mobile than any of his sibs were at that age.

He’s getting so big, nearly growing out of his clothing again, so it will soon be a needful thing to go get “more” stuff.

He’s not in his crib yet either. We just got a new hardware kit for it (the one we bought for our 2000 baby) and I need to clean off each piece of the crib and get it ready for putting back together. It was partly together since June, but never completed since a few parts were missing and some things were loose and would need replacing.

It’s a necessity to get the crib done so that I can put him there night or day when needed. He needs a full size crib. He’s no little baby any more 🙁 But that’s alright. He’s cute still 🙂 Of course. Growing up so fast. Sigh.

More Tiny Tush Diapers

We ordered more of the blue diapers that I posted about in December. They arrived on Tuesday, finally, with that “finally” meaning it took a LONG time for them to arrive. Sent “Fed Ex Home” … we ordered them ‘last year’ and they didn’t arrive until the 8th of this NEW year.

A funny way to look at it, of course it wasn’t THAT long, just too many days long. My hubby ordered them via the internet and we thought he chose Priority Mail for shipping, which in fact seems it would have been faster (from the sending to receiving of the package.) Anyhow, one diaper is on backorder, so that is one thing about the order that wasn’t straightforward, so perhaps there is a reason for the shipping difference. Not that it matters, or that I need to know or am asking to know, no. I’m just rambling on about it since I thought they’d arrive during the first week of the new year, not a full week, or plus that.

I now have enough decent diapers for Baby Q – !!! 🙂

Next in line: new covers.

I also need to re-lanolize the two in-service wool covers I have. I don’t have any lanolin though, just the eucelan stuff, which isn’t doing the “trick” I need to be performed.

I have two old Mother-Ease Airflow covers that fit, and a few others in larger sizes for the future as Baby Q grows, which he continues to do, of course.

The wool covers are Stacinators, I really like them, but the ones I have don’t really fit over the Mother-Ease Popolino’s I do have and use along with the Tiny Tush one-size, and also some Mother-Ease Sandy’s (Large). Baby Q isn’t “big enough” for the Large Sandy’s yet, but is. If that makes sense.

Overall I am thoroughly impressed with the Tiny Tush diapers though. The old Mother-Ease diapers get soaked so easily. The Tiny Tush’s hold so much more liquid, and don’t feel “sopping wet” in any situation like the Mother-Ease diapers would be sopping wet. That means, Tiny Tush wins hands down, better for baby, and for “covers”. Happier Mama.

6 Months

Baby Q turned 6 Months Old on the 23rd of December. He’s getting so very big and is so very active as well. He’s almost crawling, he is wanting to be “on the go” and has been inching closer to that possibility since not long after turning 5 Months Old. The last week or so he’s really ramped up in ability and is moving around in circles the broaden out ever so slightly, so if he’s on the floor he does move out of the area that one has put him, but it’s not “crawling” ability movement — yet. It’s coming fast though. Any day now. In fact, when I nurse him, he gets done and squirms from my lap to get on the floor, and it reminds me so much of my firstborn, how he used to do that, when he was older and walking though. He’s growing up so fast!

We ordered more of the Tiny Tush One Size diapers that I wrote about getting in the previous post. They should be here sometime this week, I hope. That will put us into the “have enough diapers that fit and are easy to use” category. Diapers that are simple enough to put on a squirming baby-crawler-flip-over-type, and will stay put once on. 🙂

Tiny Tush diapers arrival

The diapers I ordered on Saturday came in the USPS [mail] today.

Here’s a link to the manufacturer’s site [a photo] of the exact diapers we bought: Tiny Tush Trim One-Size Organic – Blue

They are gorgeous and full of snaps to fit my dear boy until he’s out of diapers, whenever that is. I do want to get more of these, as long as they “seem to work out” as I think they will, knowing what the Mother-Ease diapers we have are like, how they fit my previous babies –the comparison to our new 5 dipes is mind-boggling.

I have the diapers in the washer for their first wash, then it’s to the dryer, then the washer and back and forth a few more times. Then it’s try on time!

Of course I really don’t think I can let them go into the washer for a second-run before I just do a dry try-on run with Baby Q.


New Diapers – ordered

We ordered some new diapers today. Organic snap cotton, just 5 of them (but pricey … we could have gotten a ton of pre-folds for the price, but want the convenience of snap diapers — they are “Organic Tiny Tush Trim One Size – snap closure” diapers.) adding to our old collection of what were called Popolinos when we got them, now just called One-Size — from Mother-Ease.

Baby Q just doesn’t fit those smaller infant pre-folds, it’s a chore to get them pinned now-a-days, and the 12 Popolinos we have are getting a heavy workout therefore.

It’s been something we’ve known would happen, the diapers for pinning would be too small sooner or later. Sooner is here. Maybe it’s actually later than I initially had thought out, previously, but we’ve stretched and stretched as much as we could and that’s that.

I wanted to get some new snap diapers earlier, but we just couldn’t afford it, now we “can” but moreso are “forced” to do “something” and to pay for them is better than getting more pre-folds that still require more tediousness that usually involves me having to do it mostly all, or even all since I usually, not always, but usually, have had to “re-pin” anything DH has pinned.

DH doesn’t like pinning. I kind of like it, but really wouldn’t mind not having to do it since Baby Q is more active, and I’m more active too. I do like pinning, it’s nicer when the diapers are way wider than the baby, of course, a luxury I haven’t had much of in a couple of months … and when thinking of it on this side of baby’s birth, give me snap diapers!

Now, or in the future, the prefolds we have will work out to be doublers, mostly when Baby Q is bigger. We have large Sandy’s from Mother-Ease in our collection. Not a ton of them, but it’ll add to the amount of snap diapers we have to use when Baby Q is nearer to 20lbs.

What I like about the diapers we’ve just ordered is that they are terry cotton inside, but with cotton flannel on the outsides (meaning: the terry is encased in flannel) … and are very adjustable and have that cute “paperbag” sort of style. The Sandy’s are adjustable, but only from 20lbs. up … and are the “paperbag” style, the Popolino’s are adjustable from about 8lbs. up but are a very slim trim sort of style. Both are from Mother-Ease and are not 100% cotton, some percentage of poly for “keeping the diaper in shape” (they do offer organic 100% cotton nowadays but I haven’t wanted to order any more of those ME One-Size style) and the diapers are all cotton terry, which I find doesn’t wear super well all over. Some diapers have the terry loops missing here and there. I have used the diapers on two previous children, and so this is the 3rd baby we’ve used them on, but they were like this after the two babies before that used them. The diapers still work fine, it’s just not nice to look at the missing terry loops. I’d also just like something different, so it’s the sizing, and the style, and the outer finish, and since these new diapers are available in other colors (rather than just ‘white’ or ‘unbleached’) we got ‘blue’ … they are low-impact dyes, btw.

Here’s a link to the Tiny Tush diapers that we got.

Once they arrive, are washed and on Baby Q, I’ll see about some photos of him in them to post. I’ll also post about how they work to put on and how well they absorb pee and poo, etc.

Edit: 5:10pm … oh, I “searched” this blog for “diapers” after I published this post … and found very few entries about it, except for preparing for this current baby … and was delighted in that very emotional way that is bittersweet to find this post from the past (Feb. 13, 2003, infact!) that was the very first post I used the word “diaper” in on this blog. Hope fullfilled. 😥 🙂

39 Weeks + 4 days Counting Down

I’m 39 + 4 (wks + days) today … we did go out last night and get a few things. I am still in need of a changing table pad and cover though (something very important to me!)

We got the stroller/infant car seat combo as well as the Pack ‘n’ Play at Target which I wrote about previously (Classic Pooh “Graco” ‘Hundred Acre Wood’ series.) There is a swing in the series, and that is all that there is in the series … and I’d like to get that eventually. I have found the swing idea for little babies to be super-duper, personally. Sans a swing won’t be so cool when the baby is a month or so old and I’m up and about.

Another item I need to get is a bouncy seat. I love those just about as much as the swings. Too bad there isn’t a nice “Hundred Acre Wood” version, but that’s alright. I just need to peruse the baby sections of stores and find a decent design/color. The sort I like are fairly “cheap” in price, not much of anything but a metal frame with fabric.

We got the Classic Pooh Sage Baskets at Target … they are so sweet. They co-ordinate with the crib sheet I previously had gotten, which is exactly the same fabric as what’s in the Classic Pooh Sage crib set, which we will get eventually (sooner than later.) The baskets will aid in the organization of diapering things on the dresser/changing table top, and also in drawers –if need be.

We also went to Costco last night, and I figure it might be the last time I’m there for at least a month, unless we go back fairly soon, during this pay period. That’s a significant milestone, to me 😉

I’ll be able to order some more diaper covers online today, and that is a blessing indeed. That will set me up for the first couple of months, diapering-wise. I’ll also get some diaper pins since I can’t find more than one or two of my old ones. The items I will get I am getting from here: http://www.punkinbutt.com They have a curved sort of diaper pin, which looks like it will work much better than the straight sort I’ve used in the past. The diaper covers I’ll get are the Stacinator stretch wool covers, which I got two of via FedEx a week ago. I’ll see about getting a couple of colors, maybe, or just stick with “buff” for all of them (I love that unbleached look, natural paper color … which is natural is so many natural products, creamy, buff, tan, light brown, etc.) One of the colors is that “sage” color of the Classic Pooh crib stuff I’m doing … but it all comes down to: size. Will this be one of my chunky babies, or more petite overall, or start out more petite and get chunky sooner than later, or later than sooner?

R. my first, was big from the start.

V. my second, was not so big at first, and took off after a month or two in chunkier-ness.

A. my third, was smaller overall than the two above and was pleasantly plump enough though “normal” sized, an anomoly compared to the two elder siblings, he fit into standard things at standard times, while they were way ahead in sizing by far.

Today with them older, the eldest is 11 and isn’t baby plump at all, just a thinner taller than his size sort of boy. Thank goodness for Osh Kosh with waist adjustable tabs and Slim fit in their jeans line!

V. is 8 & 1/2 years old, the only girl thus far, and she is bigger boned, thicker all around, more like her Dad’s body type. She’s in Dresses and Skirts only, and I am glad, she’d not fit into “girly pants” — it’d be a nightmare. She’s ahead in sizing, she’s just a big girl, not fat, just big, and not Slim at all.

A. is 6 & 3/4 years old, a boy, and he’s wearing 5/6 sorts of things now, but still can wear many 4’s. Many 6’s or 5/6 things are swimmy-a-tad-or-more-too-big on him. He’s moreso “petite” like, but not “delicate” if that makes sense. He’s into Slim Osh Kosh stuff too, but it is quite different on him than his 11 year old brother. 11 year old is sprouty-weed tall, while youngest, for now, is a nice compact young plant, with potential for “normal” height and body while the eldest is likely to be very tall, compared to the rest of us, and most likely always slim-ish.

So will this new baby be a body type like one of the three above were at birth, or something entirely different? If it’s a smaller girl, that would be different, if it’s a boy … well we shall see. So I have to decide again, how many diaper covers in the smaller size, and how many in the next size up?

I do suppose I need to take very, very good care of the covers and sell them on eBay after they are grown out of, or not. Oh bother. Decisions aren’t always easy for me, and at this stage of pregnancy, it’s nearly a joke. :veryshocked: I have no problem deciding something if there is an obvious something about a situation which I can easily make up my mind on whatever it is. But when it’s a swirling mass of things, like sizes for an unknown size, guestimation only, as in a menu that has many things that might be good to eat, but you just can’t decide (my bane of existence, and often not liking any of the choices on a menu in the first place.) Most especially etherealness where it’s just not possible to know what to do (never having eaten at a place with many choices to pick from.) This is the point of wool diaper covers that I’m at. A soaker would be easier to figure out, but they are pricier and not what is best under clothing for daytime anyhow, in my view.

I could write and write about that all day long, but it’s not helping me, just confluxing my mind on the issue more. :rolleyes:

So then, on today’s agenda is to get the towels I need for the birth all washed and dried and bagged up appropriately to await there appointed time of use. Find all the sheets we have and get the right ones ready for the same appointed time. I also need to go over my birthing kit and supplies and see if I’m O.K. or missing something. That all will set me more at ease, at the least, a needed respite in these last days.

I do also need to get the refrigerator cleaned out and process some things for when I won’t be in the kitchen, to make it all easier on the ones who will be cooking (hubby and the children.) Veggie stuff particularly, chop, dice, slice, bag and freeze what can be frozen, make airtight what needs that in the frige, and so on.

Like garlic, chop some, some just whole and peeled — but get the whole big bag of cloves processed so they can just easily use it, and so it won’t go “bad” sitting out fresh, as it is now. Same with Vidalia onions, red bell peppers, and other assortments of onions, root veggies, and more.

I need to get my Nutrimill out and grind a bunch of Spelt and Kamut and set-up some ziplock freezer bags with the right amount to soak for pancakes, make this or that …

Then my mill needs to be boxed up and sent to the folks that fix that brand … it doesn’t work right since they fixed it when it when KAPUT last year. That fix was a “new computer board” and then it worked … but ever since throws fine misty flour all over via every crack, crevice and air outlet. It’s therefore no fun to grind and something we’ve avoided doing anything about, but recently hubby did contact them and we have a return authorization and label to ship it back now. Good timing if I’ll be down for awhile, so I need to just grind away today and deal with it. Then it’s bye-bye until later Nutrimill, and please come back healthy!

I hope I have the energy to do this stuff entirely today. Plus make meals. Hmm.

We did look at Baby Name type books at B&N last night and got overwhelmed fast. We did decide to stick with the girl name we had previously thought of with #3 — and it’s the boy name that is hard, as it was for #3 it was so hard to pick and agree, and it’s what we needed when #3 was born, a boy. So is this a boy too? I feel it likely is, though it surely could be that it’s a girl. FWIW we’ll just know when the appointed time comes. I’d like to locate that book I have that we bought in 2000 … it’s familiar and will aide us better. It was floating around this year, then a month ago, disappeared seemingly into thin air, no one can find it since.

Since writing the above I’ve tried looking on the web at baby name sites and that is not very helpful for us right now. I perused several sites and we just can’t find much of anything in the way of a boy name that “seems OK” even. I have some ideas, he has some ideas, we don’t like each other’s ideas, and we aren’t “sure” of our own ideas anyhow. 😮


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