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Travel for business and baseball

We are in Tampa, as I have mentioned here – in a hotel that isn’t as nice as the one the night before, but that’s that. Embassy Suites in Tampa by the airport is really, really nice. We are now by the bay and it’s a different kind of place, very Florida and a crash pad.

Separate bedroom is tiny. Living room small, with balcony, cruddy but OK kitchen. The nicest thing here is that the bathroom has obviously been redone. [Now that I’ve written that I recall walking around the maze of outside corridors yesterday and passing some new appliance boxes in front of a couple of rooms. Dishwasher, Refrigerator, etc.]

There’s also a pullout sleeper couch and two narrow bunks intalled in a niche one on top of the other, of course. Plenty of places to put each of our 6 selves, but the bright spot in dealing with it all is the glass sliding door to the balcony. So many rooms don’t have a balcony, and many that do don’t have anything much worth looking at outside.

In this case there is water that sparkles as the sun moves overhead, it’s low tide, then high tide and the changes that brings. It’s interesting at least. Since it’s the Gulf side of Florida it gets too sunny and hot in the afternoon. Yesterday we got here in the afternoon. It’ll be nice to see the balcony all morning this day.

I have some schooling stuff with me, and that’s slated for this day as well (hubby is here for business, so we wait while he works.) We are also preparing for a birthday at the end of the month when my eldest goes from being a tween to a teen. :eyesroll : There’s some manners information we must all go over and practice again. It’s not just my eldest, he’s not as bad right now as some of the others really … and being stuck in a hotel room it’s not so long before someone is crying, another is sassing, another is screaming, another is … you get the drift.

Yesterday we were at a baseball game and today we go to another. I love baseball, and it was nice last night to sit by my eldest, he’s taking a higher interest in what’s going on in the game. Baby Q was a cutie too, but not interesting in the game, just showing off his toddler self to whomever would watch, particularly the row behind us.

I’m still nursing Baby Q at night and at home during the day every so often. I’ve not nursed this long with my others, it is just right for this one. Of late he’s picked up a new word to refer to me when he wants to nurse, ‘dink’ … so last night at the game he kept pulling at me ‘dink, dink’ … ‘Mama, dink!’ and I didn’t let him but awhile later I didn’t feel so “whatever it was” about it and he nursed and was that cute showoff from then on. Little stinker. πŸ™‚

Happy February ’09!

The month of January flew by, and it’s now February. The Super Bowl is over. I’m not a football person, just can stand to watch some of it, and I’ll root for a team in the Super Bowl if someone is worthy of it, as this year the Cardinals were, and boy was it a battle. I feel bad for them. It was a good game, and I do “get into” such a game, and even when I was younger at home we’d watch the Super Bowl but not other games before in the football season. Hubby is a sports fan and thus since getting married I’ve had to “endure” more sports than I like, and thus have had to understand more about football than I’d prefer. πŸ™‚

So now Football is over in the US until later this year. πŸ™‚

Baseball season is coming up fast. That’s the one sport I follow with my own desire to do so. I love baseball. That’s the sport my Daddy liked too. So I grew up watching it on TV some, and hearing about it a lot.

I also do like watching golf. It’s interesting and one can take a nap while watching πŸ˜‰

Long ago in March, 1996, we got tickets for the Doral Ryder Open, in S. FL. I was 8 month pregnant with my first baby, and we loved it. We were there for the second day and the last day. It was a lot of walking, the temporary bathrooms were nightmaric for me (massively pregant and it was so hot in that plastic stall …) other than that it was a wonderful experience. We followed a few different people the first day we were there, and then exclusively The Shark the final day, and he won the tournament. πŸ™‚

Apparently the the North will have 6 more weeks of winter, according to the groundhog reading, as heard on Mike & Mike on ESPN2 (TV) [it’s usually on, at least when hubby is in town, in the morning, and sometimes during baseball season even when he’s not here.] I’ve not looked further into it. At any rate, we live in the south, so “spring” is right around the corner. πŸ™‚ February is usual for Spring/Winter back and forth, with March being more Spring than anything and that’s it, full force into Spring/SUMMER. I like spring, but hate it. Allergies are not so good in winter the last few years, but spring is way worse, and then summer is so very hot and muggy and intolerable. I used to love summer, in Pennsylvania. In FL from 13 years of age on, I lost my ability to experience it in reality, but kept it in my internal self, with a deep imagination brain it’s no problem, just physically I can’t stand the actual summers down south. GA isn’t as bad as S. FL, but it’s just as bad in most ways.

This is a shorter month than any other, not that it really makes much difference to life, just somewhat, depending on how things are attached to dates, like pay days, and other things. So it seems quicker, and it is, but only a couple of days faster. It’s funny how such an imposed structure makes a difference to how we live. Just my silly objective perspective of looking at the world from outside of it for a short bit. We have so many structures imposed on us. It’s almost stifling to think about, so I must stop writing this so I’ll get away from those thoughts and breathe again, lest I go too deeply and don’t breathe at all.

So then, Happy February, once again. That’s Feb-ru-air-ee NOT Feb-you-air-y.

Baby Q – 8 Months Old

Baby Q is now 8-months old! He’s been progressing in his ‘crawl’ through the past month, and now just does the regular type of crawling, hands and knees.

A couple of days ago he was in the living area and I went upstairs to tell my DH something, and told A., the 7-year old, to watch the baby while I was gone. I was gone 2 to 3 minutes and did hear the baby crying pretty much right away. I went to go back down stairs then, and found my crying babe on the middle of the steps up … [big brother was missing. A. seems to have forgotten what “watch the baby” for Mama means…] so now he can “climb the stairs” and we have to watch him closely now, more than ever, he’s wanting to climb the stairs often.

He also has been “pulling up” more and more. He did that a long time ago, for the first time, and has done it more and more and now does it anywhere he wants to. He wants to “walk” but isn’t really trying to do it by his-self, you can see that he wishes to do it though. He’s just a pest now with the “pulling up” getting into everything. Writing this post, for instance, is really hard. I never had a laptop with a little guy around before.

Well, we were going to FL the other week, and canceled that trip because of illness. We are trying it again this week, and we seem to be OK thus far. We are still getting over the last part of the illness (the left over cough and congestion that lingers.)

We hope to see some Spring Training, though don’t know if we can see a game anywhere or not. Baseball is starting! πŸ™‚

Under the Weather 2-08

My hubby was in the NYC area over a week ago, and when he came home he promptly started showing symptoms of a virus and it grew, and grew.

We were scheduled to leave to go with him to FL for his next business trip, which would be Tuesday-Friday/Saturday this past week. So he was dragging and I was saying all along, perhaps you should re-think this … but basically was holding out final judgment for right before leaving, in case it was a cold that could be endure to travel with.

Monday though, it was evident to me that he was fading fast and that there was NO WAY we could go. He did persist to get things packed and ready. I puttered around getting things done as well, knowing that IF we went I’d like things in order as much as possible for our return, and also, if we stayed, all that stuff would be done! πŸ˜‰

It ended up that we went to bed and he still persisted in saying we’d go. He wanted to get up around 5am and put the stuff in the van and get on the road. I awoke after that time, knowing that I didn’t think we should be going and didn’t want to go for many reasons, primarily for HIM, but also thinking of the rest of us being on the road and getting sick … nah.

I realized that it was later than hubby wanted to get up (can’t recall the exact time) but he wasn’t up yet, and so I talked to him and he was going to cancel, and stay in bed a bit more. Good.

So a bit later he awoke and was trying to convice me that he was feeling better and we could still leave. :rolleyes: Didn’t happen. πŸ™‚

All that day he progressed to worse and worse symptoms and I was glad to remind him at this or that point “wouldn’t it be nice to be in the van driving … right now?” :LOL:

So he was down for the count all Tuesday and Wednesday, improving on Thursday, but still bad, only more-so improving on Saturday, but still bad off.

Wednesday showed that R. and V. (the older children) were getting sick. A. wasn’t exibiting anything, neither was I. The baby was warmer than normal though.

Thursday and Friday R. and V. were sleeping mostly, the baby was sleeping more too, at some point in all that “cold” symptoms appeared in all three of them (previously in hubby too, but it’s more like a flu-from what I understand about viruses- in everyone.)

Thursday night both me and A. had a couple of signs of “the” virus overcoming us, since we now had three prime suspects to understand how theirs started … I had felt that I was ‘fighting’ something for a couple of days, maybe, or maybe it was allergies, or both (Spring allergies have started already here in GA.)

It quickly did hit both of us, but it hasn’t gotten any worse since, just some drippy stuff in our heads, and chest congestion, coughing, some achy-ness we’re not overwhelmed with it though, like hubby, R., and V. were/are. The baby is very warm off and on and has some drippy and coughing, but isn’t as tired, he’s improving daily.

Unfortunately for me, on Saturday the virus was an achy enough to be up and around but miserable kind, but I also got a migraine on the left side, which is plaguing me continuously, not the worst sort, but bad enough, and who wants to mix that with a virus of any sort. Overnight it abated partially, but upon waking has switched to the right side, and nothing is touching it, it could get way worse, of course. :rolleyes: So at least it’s holding steady and not increasing.

This is the first illness of 2008 for us as a family, and it was no fun, we had avoided all Winter Viruses until last week. Really bad timing too, we were going to southern Florida, Lakeland area, and were going to check out Tigers, and Yankees (Pitchers and Catchers reported Feb 14th so we were going to just go see what we could see, go swimming [I just got a new swimsuit, my first one in years, and I didn’t get to wear it πŸ™ ], and just basically enjoy warmer climes before they get TOO HOT while home climes are still up and down in and out of winter/spring.)

At any rate, Baseball is Beginning, Spring Training is underway, full schedule stuff coming soon. Yay!

[Edit: Tuesday, Feb. 19: Addendum:

The migraine lasted through Sunday, went to sleep with it, then awoke at 11:30pm and didn’t have it anymore, and not since either. πŸ™‚ Now I can “feel” the full effect of the virus on me, and it did worsen a tad, my voice is very rough and the chest condition isn’t any fun, deep and painful to cough, but it’s not worsening. The baby is totally non-feverish now. He’s just got the residual occasional sneeze and nasal discharge and cough. He’s otherwise very “normal” for himself, active, happy, napping and eating correctly, just not sleeping the night through as well as before still (wanting to be held and fed during the night every couple of hours, most of the time, which is a bit draining on a sick mama … FWIW )


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