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1st Yoshino Blossoms – March 10, 2012

The Yoshino Cherry Trees have opened their first blossoms of 2012 today! They are early, as they were last year.

Yoshino Blossoms Opening! a photo by Maisy.


Spring is really blooming

Spring is here. Our big white blooming tree (crab apple or cherry something or other) is past peak bloom already. It still is very beautiful, just not “as much” as earlier in the week. The blossoms are dropping slowly, and the leaves are getting greener and larger day by day.

I posted pictures of my Whiskey Barrel plants earlier today (all separate postings, unfortunately, not something I’ll be editing into one post anytime soon, or ever.) My Chives are making me want to make french bread and spaghetti on purpose (Chive Butter!) and the unnamed Thyme is good and fragrant already, I put some into the stew I’m making for dinner today. The Greek Oregano is simply fragrant and bushy, threatening to take over the barrel, already claiming about half the space or making moves for it, I’m going to pare it back some soon. It stayed active all winter, but has a new spring springiness, freshened and Super Hyper active. The Chives were also active over winter, but Super Hyper active now too.

The Eastern Redbud tree has been ready to bloom anytime and has opened several blossoms today. It’ll be a glorious purple blaze soon. The maple trees all have done their red blossom thing already. The Yoshino Cherry trees are ready-ing their blossoms, not yet there.

Let’s see then, there are a few other trees, starting their looking alive thing. The Weeping Willow (tree) and the Pussy Willow (bush) both appear to be dead. That’s not good. Actually I am not shocked about the bush, it was nasty, we moved it, it seemed to regroup, now looks petered ugly old knarly totally dead. No pussie willows this spring. Or next, unless …

So the Weeping Willow is another matter. It is usually greening up by now. It LOOKS dead and symptoms are every branch or strand I can touch is brittle, dry, snaps and is totally dead. Bark is pulled away from the trunk in many areas and every thing looks dead. There was a dead branch on it last year, it wasn’t dead early on, but at some point, and whatever it is, it’s the whole tree.

So, is it something Willow oriented? I don’t know, I’ve not gotten myself to do any research. I’m overwhelmed with the thought of taking the tree down. So it goes.

Anyhow, weeds are in their glorious phase. I have learned to forget about new gardening until later. Let the horrid weeds do their thing, pull out of this or that area for perennials and in the barrel, but don’t worry much about planting anything into a “garden” until later, weeds and disease, it’s too fresh and lovely for those things, but they rear their heads and what I do about things is so “natural” I just have more success starting later, if at all. I would like tomatoes and red peppers this year. Tomatoes I know I can do, red peppers I want to do, but never have successfully gotten even one pepper to eat from them.

Spring and Daffodils


Yoshino's Blooming

A view of our Yoshino's in full bloom

March is nearly over already. Wow! Time is moving fast. Partially that is because Spring started so very early for us this year. Our Yoshino cherry trees are usually in Peak blossoming right now. They are done blossoming, have been for awhile. Our largest of the 3 we have still has many blossoms at the top half of the tree, but all the trees are leafing out and the blossoms that are still there are mostly hidden. Overall, the two smaller trees are done with blossoms, and the larger tree has many, but not even a 1/8 to a 1/4 of what it had in full bloom.

We got some daffodils planted this year in the front yard. They were supposed to be planted in November, but got lost in the garage and it wouldn’t have worked out in any case. I found them in the shed a few weeks ago and was surprised to find them there, buried in a corner. They were nice bags that we got at Costco, 80 bulbs in each. I opened one up and the bulbs were sprouting roots a little and growing upwards. The other bag was the same. A few bulbs seemed no good (that would be the case whenever we would have opened it in the Autumn.) Since they probably spent most of the Winter in the shed, I guess they were treated to enough cold to grow and do their thing.

We have a Mantis, but it was out of service in the Autumn, so we hadn’t done any prep for new flower beds or anything at all. My daffodil bulbs were a great buy, but bad timing. Anyhow, we got the Mantis in for service late February, but couldn’t pick it up until just a week ago. I found the bulbs and with that status find and the early spring we were having I was anxious to get them planted immediately.

Our yard is the typical Georgia one, clay and weedy grasses. Hard, awful. It had rained previous to start digging the grassy surface off of the dirt, so that job was a bit easier. It would have be heaven to have the Mantis at this point, loosening the earth to get it amended and moved to get the bed of bulbs in place. It was a messy thankless job without the Mantis. My husband did most of that work in the end. I didn’t do the digging, I’m not capable of it. I started laying the bulbs in, but grew sick of it with the condition of everything and left it for my husband to finish. I hope all the bulbs ended up pointing up properly.

Close-up of Daffodil emerging from the Earth

It seemed forever until one green pointy thing poked through the dirt. It was forever. It was the only one for a long time, then another and another. A few days later a couple more, then it rained and I didn’t look yesterday, chilly day that it was, and very wet. Today I went out in early morning and sure enough, more and more and more are coming out. Still nothing like should come up, but it’s a start. Other peoples daffodils are up and blossoming already (for some weeks!) Ours say on the bag “bloom mid-spring” so what does that mean exactly in our case? If they were in the ground since November, they’d be further along now? Probably, I guess. I’m hoping these daffodils will naturalize. I did have some before that never came back. It was several years ago, but not as many or even as nice bulbs as the ones we just planted. Mid-Spring is what though? I guess we’ll see in coming years.

There are at least 4 or 5 stalks from these bulbs which are forming blossoms in their tops. Some are supposedly full yellow, others yellow centers with white petals. I’m hoping to get the area fully finished (dirt moved, mulch applied, etc.) so that when the flowers bloom I’ll have some good photos to get.

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