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39 Weeks + 4 days Counting Down

I’m 39 + 4 (wks + days) today … we did go out last night and get a few things. I am still in need of a changing table pad and cover though (something very important to me!)

We got the stroller/infant car seat combo as well as the Pack ‘n’ Play at Target which I wrote about previously (Classic Pooh “Graco” ‘Hundred Acre Wood’ series.) There is a swing in the series, and that is all that there is in the series … and I’d like to get that eventually. I have found the swing idea for little babies to be super-duper, personally. Sans a swing won’t be so cool when the baby is a month or so old and I’m up and about.

Another item I need to get is a bouncy seat. I love those just about as much as the swings. Too bad there isn’t a nice “Hundred Acre Wood” version, but that’s alright. I just need to peruse the baby sections of stores and find a decent design/color. The sort I like are fairly “cheap” in price, not much of anything but a metal frame with fabric.

We got the Classic Pooh Sage Baskets at Target … they are so sweet. They co-ordinate with the crib sheet I previously had gotten, which is exactly the same fabric as what’s in the Classic Pooh Sage crib set, which we will get eventually (sooner than later.) The baskets will aid in the organization of diapering things on the dresser/changing table top, and also in drawers –if need be.

We also went to Costco last night, and I figure it might be the last time I’m there for at least a month, unless we go back fairly soon, during this pay period. That’s a significant milestone, to me 😉

I’ll be able to order some more diaper covers online today, and that is a blessing indeed. That will set me up for the first couple of months, diapering-wise. I’ll also get some diaper pins since I can’t find more than one or two of my old ones. The items I will get I am getting from here: http://www.punkinbutt.com They have a curved sort of diaper pin, which looks like it will work much better than the straight sort I’ve used in the past. The diaper covers I’ll get are the Stacinator stretch wool covers, which I got two of via FedEx a week ago. I’ll see about getting a couple of colors, maybe, or just stick with “buff” for all of them (I love that unbleached look, natural paper color … which is natural is so many natural products, creamy, buff, tan, light brown, etc.) One of the colors is that “sage” color of the Classic Pooh crib stuff I’m doing … but it all comes down to: size. Will this be one of my chunky babies, or more petite overall, or start out more petite and get chunky sooner than later, or later than sooner?

R. my first, was big from the start.

V. my second, was not so big at first, and took off after a month or two in chunkier-ness.

A. my third, was smaller overall than the two above and was pleasantly plump enough though “normal” sized, an anomoly compared to the two elder siblings, he fit into standard things at standard times, while they were way ahead in sizing by far.

Today with them older, the eldest is 11 and isn’t baby plump at all, just a thinner taller than his size sort of boy. Thank goodness for Osh Kosh with waist adjustable tabs and Slim fit in their jeans line!

V. is 8 & 1/2 years old, the only girl thus far, and she is bigger boned, thicker all around, more like her Dad’s body type. She’s in Dresses and Skirts only, and I am glad, she’d not fit into “girly pants” — it’d be a nightmare. She’s ahead in sizing, she’s just a big girl, not fat, just big, and not Slim at all.

A. is 6 & 3/4 years old, a boy, and he’s wearing 5/6 sorts of things now, but still can wear many 4’s. Many 6’s or 5/6 things are swimmy-a-tad-or-more-too-big on him. He’s moreso “petite” like, but not “delicate” if that makes sense. He’s into Slim Osh Kosh stuff too, but it is quite different on him than his 11 year old brother. 11 year old is sprouty-weed tall, while youngest, for now, is a nice compact young plant, with potential for “normal” height and body while the eldest is likely to be very tall, compared to the rest of us, and most likely always slim-ish.

So will this new baby be a body type like one of the three above were at birth, or something entirely different? If it’s a smaller girl, that would be different, if it’s a boy … well we shall see. So I have to decide again, how many diaper covers in the smaller size, and how many in the next size up?

I do suppose I need to take very, very good care of the covers and sell them on eBay after they are grown out of, or not. Oh bother. Decisions aren’t always easy for me, and at this stage of pregnancy, it’s nearly a joke. :veryshocked: I have no problem deciding something if there is an obvious something about a situation which I can easily make up my mind on whatever it is. But when it’s a swirling mass of things, like sizes for an unknown size, guestimation only, as in a menu that has many things that might be good to eat, but you just can’t decide (my bane of existence, and often not liking any of the choices on a menu in the first place.) Most especially etherealness where it’s just not possible to know what to do (never having eaten at a place with many choices to pick from.) This is the point of wool diaper covers that I’m at. A soaker would be easier to figure out, but they are pricier and not what is best under clothing for daytime anyhow, in my view.

I could write and write about that all day long, but it’s not helping me, just confluxing my mind on the issue more. :rolleyes:

So then, on today’s agenda is to get the towels I need for the birth all washed and dried and bagged up appropriately to await there appointed time of use. Find all the sheets we have and get the right ones ready for the same appointed time. I also need to go over my birthing kit and supplies and see if I’m O.K. or missing something. That all will set me more at ease, at the least, a needed respite in these last days.

I do also need to get the refrigerator cleaned out and process some things for when I won’t be in the kitchen, to make it all easier on the ones who will be cooking (hubby and the children.) Veggie stuff particularly, chop, dice, slice, bag and freeze what can be frozen, make airtight what needs that in the frige, and so on.

Like garlic, chop some, some just whole and peeled — but get the whole big bag of cloves processed so they can just easily use it, and so it won’t go “bad” sitting out fresh, as it is now. Same with Vidalia onions, red bell peppers, and other assortments of onions, root veggies, and more.

I need to get my Nutrimill out and grind a bunch of Spelt and Kamut and set-up some ziplock freezer bags with the right amount to soak for pancakes, make this or that …

Then my mill needs to be boxed up and sent to the folks that fix that brand … it doesn’t work right since they fixed it when it when KAPUT last year. That fix was a “new computer board” and then it worked … but ever since throws fine misty flour all over via every crack, crevice and air outlet. It’s therefore no fun to grind and something we’ve avoided doing anything about, but recently hubby did contact them and we have a return authorization and label to ship it back now. Good timing if I’ll be down for awhile, so I need to just grind away today and deal with it. Then it’s bye-bye until later Nutrimill, and please come back healthy!

I hope I have the energy to do this stuff entirely today. Plus make meals. Hmm.

We did look at Baby Name type books at B&N last night and got overwhelmed fast. We did decide to stick with the girl name we had previously thought of with #3 — and it’s the boy name that is hard, as it was for #3 it was so hard to pick and agree, and it’s what we needed when #3 was born, a boy. So is this a boy too? I feel it likely is, though it surely could be that it’s a girl. FWIW we’ll just know when the appointed time comes. I’d like to locate that book I have that we bought in 2000 … it’s familiar and will aide us better. It was floating around this year, then a month ago, disappeared seemingly into thin air, no one can find it since.

Since writing the above I’ve tried looking on the web at baby name sites and that is not very helpful for us right now. I perused several sites and we just can’t find much of anything in the way of a boy name that “seems OK” even. I have some ideas, he has some ideas, we don’t like each other’s ideas, and we aren’t “sure” of our own ideas anyhow. 😮


Silly old bear

Deep in the hundred acre wood
where Christopher Robin plays
You’ll find the enchanted neighborhood
of Christopher’s childhood days

A donkey named Eeyore is his friend
and Kanga and little Roo
There’s Rabbit and Piglet and there’s Owl,
but most of all Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh
Winnie the Pooh
Tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff
He’s Winnie the Pooh
Winnie the Pooh
Willy nilly silly old bear

Winnie the Pooh
Winnie the Pooh
Tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff
He’s Winnie the Pooh
Winnie the Pooh
Willy nilly silly old bear

I love “Classic Pooh” 🙂

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