It’s a New Year, a week in already

The first week of the new year (2011) has gone quite fast, yet seems slow as well. The new year started with warmer weather, and that lasted a few days, then back to cold enough to start a fire in the fireplace again. It’s not terribly cold, just normal cold for The South where we live.

There is a weather system that is supposed to form over the The Gulf this weekend, and bring a winter storm to us through Tuesday. It isn’t our first, we actually had snow on Christmas Day, though it started late in the daylight hours and continued through the night into the next day. We had a few inches at least, over 2 for sure. The snow lasted that day then, the next, starting to melt, but on our property we had a lot of snow the day after still, then only in spots, then none at all. Then it was warm, early spring warm. We had fireworks to shoot off on New Years Eve. We were outside with barely light jackets at 9pm through to midnight when we shot our two cakes off.

We didn’t get enough wood to burn before the season, so we were glad for the warm-up some. We stocked up with more wood after 2011 started, and have enough for awhile, and will get more when we get paid again. We did get a nice wood rack to setup outside, an arched bridge sort, it needs to be assembled still. Once that is put together the wood will get stacked neatly behind the garage and really look NICE!

I haven’t written a lot on this blog, more on my other blog, but not much anywhere. I’m trying to do things to make myself do more, get more done, more creativity, which spawns more posts here and there.

I did make a Christmas Card this year. I had a hard time getting a picture for the inside, finally accomplished that quite late, and got them printed on my HP printer (got it new this past autumn, it’s awesome to have a color printer that can print great photos!) trimmed and removable glue dotted into the card (so the photo could be easily taken out by the end user if desired.) I only sent out 10 cards in the end. I was going to send more out, but then canceled ever getting ANY out when the photo shoots I took made for nothing good to use. I was not happy, but just couldn’t get any card out without the plan of the photo for inside. It was a totally handmade card, lots of effort put into making it. Anyhow, the radio was on when we were out doing some shopping one of the last days before Christmas, and they said “get your cards to the postoffice by Noon so they’ll arrive before Christmas!” and that sunk deep into my head and the next morning I had the 10 cards ready and off to the postoffice they went. So maybe a tad late, but not entirely, and at least they went out. That was a sucess, partially. I mean, I had so many others I could have sent cards to, and didn’t. FWIW.

Anyhow, I feel sort of stuck in some ways right now. Things are sort of tight, still not done enough (the house) and trying to work through getting some of that done sooner than later. We actually moved our kitchen back to the start of where it was in 1997. I hate it. It’s not permanent, thanks be to God for that. I can’t live with it like this and we will change it again, to where it works better, basically flipping it on end. It’s do-able, and we need to do a few extra things to make it work out to be permanent and done right, and get everything installed that is supposed to be installed. This all will work to make a better place to live, even though it’s still small and will always be smaller as my family is growing.

My eldest is now 14. He’s way bigger than me now. So in essence it’s like having 3 adults in the house now. Two years ago it wasn’t. Now it sure is.

Winter Begins

Winter has begun fully for us this week. It’s not “officially Winter” but the “season is here. Yesterday it snow flurried for hours, but no accumulation. Today it’s very cold, still below freezing, reaching that mark maybe, but probably not quite. It’s 31.6 degrees F. on my front porch digital temperature thing, it’s connected wirelessly to an inside panel (a cheap little gadget I got at Staples on clearance a couple of years ago.) It’s not necessarily correct, but close, I figure, usually. I really want a nice full system to collect data and see what’s going on entirely around me. It’s not a priority for my husband, just a nicety for me, not a necessity (Saize).

We got the fireplace going for the first time for this end of year cold season. Usually we have started in mid-November, and would have this year several times from then to now, but our ‘living room’ has been such a mess since we are living in the house and putting down new wood flooring in the living room. It’s a slow go, 3/4ths of it is done, but it now languishes away since the piano and device stuff for the TV are on that side, and there is no easy way to move the piano anywhere else except for the kitchen (no way!)

I am stuck with my christmas cards. I need a picture for inside and that is holding me up. I tried a few weeks ago to get one good one outside of my children, but over 70 photos, and nothing good enough, not even to photoshop something together.

I’m doing December Daily this year for the first time, but I’ve fallen off the cart. I have it in my head, but haven’t gotten the ideas down or pictures taken, daily. Time marches on and now it’s the 13th, so after 6 days I fell off, and am now that much behind. Ack!

I wish I could figure all this stuff out, but I feel stuck on all sides. I did get some video off of my Sony Handycam today, and uploaded a few things to YouTube. (I have so much to do with all my video too, I still do not have the software to do what I want to with it all.)

Anyhow,  I did get a new food processor this weekend. Finally able to replace my broken Kitchen Aid 11-cup UltraPower one. (Broken collar on post, cracked case here and there, bowl broken, small work bowl lost, post for discs lost … not very useful or nice to use for what it COULD do with my help.) The one we got is a Cuisinart 12-cup Elite, it is different, but solid, and has a wonderful case to hold all the pieces (my old KA had a case, long gone, not very good for what it held and how.) Now I can grate, shred, cut, mix, even better than ever before. I love this unit.

We also got two tall cabinets for the kitchen at Home Depot … they are the future for the kitchen, along with the sink cabinet that we already have. The other cabinets with slowly (but as fast as we can) be replaced until we are done replacing and ahead with finishing everything. The two new cabinets are a whole new world for me. Something I’ve wanted, places to put canned foods and such, never had anything but some lower and upper cabinets. Then I also have wanted a place to put my big things that I don’t always use, away, like my Nutrimill, crockpot, cake stand, etc. as well as a place for my cloth kitchen towels (for bread & baking) and for future things like tablecloths (which I love for holidays, but don’t have.) So I have a tall cabinet just for all that kind of stuff, with two wide but short drawers (for cloth) and lower and upper shelves behind two doors, that hold big things, with room to grow.

Status Quo

We had a mini-vacation by going to Charlotte for CKC there last week. Hubby had business there too (made the trip useful for him to be able to create appointments since we’d be there.)

It was nice, in some ways. Hard, in many ways. Nice to get home. Not nice to get home.

Home is static. Flooring waiting to be installed. Stuff waiting to get sorted through. Never enough energy for the latter. Never enough help to gain such energy (by shared effort.)

My kitchen is a sore point. My living room is a sore point. My basement “family room” is anything but nice. Junky couch (really a partial couch) and not enough seating for my family unless bringing in kitchen chairs if we watch a movie together.

Anyhow, I’m just tired thinking of it all. Same old, same old. There are other things to do, always. So we live with it all. Going away just makes it more painful to live with again when returning. It’s like a wound, scabbed over, the wound is there, but covered with scab. Going away it seems like the scab falls off, wound healed. Coming back it’s just like the scab was just masquerading as healed, and it’s split wide open with the effort of going back realized.

It helps to write about it. Hopefully my hubby and I can get some things done in the house now that we have no “trip” that’s coming up. If only he’d be able to be motivated. Oh, then there is the long summer grass. It’s getting longer every day. That takes up so much time. I hate grass. It’s the enemy of household renovation, of weekend fun. It’s a slave driver. I’m full of cheerful thoughts today, aren’t I?


My kitchen is partially better now. We moved the refridgerator to a new spot, close to where it was originally in the house, but down a few feet. It will be the anchor for the island someday. We’ll build it into a closet like structure, and that way put in a small pantry & also a media area for the network. The island will be next to that … hopefully the countertop will be made from at least Corian, or on the other end Granite.

We also put the stove where I had put it before, which is exactly opposite from it’s original position in the house. Well not thoroughly exactly, but opposite and in the configuration of cabinets it is over some inches to feet/foots, being somewhat centered on the 10 foot wall, which on the other side of the house, opposite, there is a door into the garage which hogs much space. Moving the kitchen down to the other end of the 20 foot long room enables 10 feet of kitchen space on one side, and 10-to-12 feet on the long side, with the island nestled into the area.

We had tried to come up with a double-L layout, but it was just a bit too tight in how it felt. We like the L with island much better now, but there is more work to do. We do have decent counters on the whole way around (didn’t for awhile) and it looks nicer. We still have to get the flooring that we want put in. It’s horrible vinyl tiles right now, and they are cracking and awful where the floor is uneven, it’s a mess to me, looks OK if you don’t look hard.

Once we install the wood flooring we can hook everything in completely and see about getting the final counters when $$$$$ allows. All in all though it’ll mean the cabinets are locked in, level, the floor level, the island ready to be finished, everything much better.

We do have a new sink/faucet installed, but no dishwasher for now. We were using a portable dishwasher, but can’t use it with the setup we have now … so it’s handwashing everything until we get a dishwasher in. But the sink is so enjoyable. It’s a Kohler white castiron smart divide “Langlade” style. The faucet is brushed nickel, very nice. We are having some water dripping down from the spray connection, and will have to figure that out soon. We have to keep a bowl under the faucet to catch that mess, it’s alot, but not much, if that makes any sense. It’s purely an annoyance at any rate since it’s part of the faucet that comes pre-connected, it’s not something we tightened on or anything. It’s not going to be easy figuring it out by getting under the sink, it’s really back there, up there …

So we have progress. We have more sitting in the garage. A very nice glass/stainless steel hood for the stove, and a sliding glass door. The door has been there for years now. The hood just for weeks. I wonder how long it’ll be for either at the end.

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving Day

November is well underway. Time is flying, does so all the time, but moreso now with Thanksgiving right around the corner, which always means even more for us since my girl has her birthday right before, on, or after Thanksgiving. She was born the evening before Thanksgiving. She likes that. Which is great. I was born 2 weeks after Independence Day. I like that. Which is great. I personally wouldn’t want my birthday literally a month before Christmas. 🙂 I like the mid-year spot I’m from. My hubby is right there with me, a week before me, and our youngest is another couple of weeks before that. Our two other boys are in Spring and the very end of Summer. FWIW.

Thanksgiving Day is two weeks from today. We haven’t yet found where we are getting a turkey from. I should make some bread to cube for stuffing, put it in the freezer. I love my Thanksgiving stuffing. I use walnuts & raisins & apples usually, with a basic bread, onion, celery, sage base (from my pantry, not from a box!)

I like using a couple types of bread cubes, usually something dark & something light. So in this case I’ll make a white spelt bread & a whole grain spelt bread, maybe put some organic blackstrap molasses in it.

Speaking of molasses, my eldest was speaking of flies, my third eldest said something then, and we got onto the topic of Shoe Fly Pie and what it was, which made both me and my eldest have mouthwatering thoughts about Shoe Fly Pie. Maybe I’ll have to take the tradition of Shoe Fly Pie in Summer & put it to Thanksgiving/Christmas in our house. As traditional in summer as it is, I haven’t made any for a long time, not this year or the last, or probably even the one before that.

For planning purposes I’ll put down what I’ll make for Thanksgiving this year:

    Thanksgiving Dinner 2009
  • Turkey w/stuffing
  • Gravy
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Green Olives
  • Green Bean Casserole
  • Baby Peas
  • Cauliflower w/cheese sauce
  • Sweet Potato Casserole w/marshmallow top
  • Pumpkin Pies
  • Shoe Fly Pie

Transitioning again

We moved the big TV down to the “family room” again finally. It’s more finished than before, but still needs some work but is live-able now.

It’s been a fight to figure out what to do with this house. Really the main floor is so small & it’s use-ability is pretty much decided from there. For a small family it might work, but not for a medium size one like ours. 4 children & 2 adults in a less than 10×10 area for all meals? No way. So the “living” part of the main floor as it’s “supposed to be” has been less than work-able for us as the years have gone on.

We moved here in November of 1997 with one child, 1 1/2 years old. By one year time in the house we had two children. By two years after that we had three children. We had different furniture then, and got different things here and there, but all in all it was that every couch or couch-like thing we got just felt too big, but wasn’t big enough for us.

We ended up getting a 2×2 corner couch from Ikea finally. It was pretty much large enough for us, but even it’s smaller feeling type of big couch furniture didn’t feel right in that space. We had that couch in that room and moved it to the “basement” and back up and down I don’t know how many times really. But all in all it was nice for awhile, but it got raggedgy eventually and we never got another slipcover set for it, and the arms broke down and one seat fell through nearly, so I took one of the sections and threw it out so now we have a very long couch with one flattened arm and the other side isn’t an arm, but the old corner’s back. We’ve lived with it in this “living” space for a few months & it always felt just too much. Everything has been just too much since baby #4 has come to be, & is getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger … while everyone else is getting bigger too.

So now that monstrosity is in a better ready for us basement family room, ugly as it is, it’s OK for now. There is another thing, an Ikea chair to move down there, and an end table, then the “living” area will be re-organized as more of our “dining room” –which I did do some time in the past once, the area is a glorified entry/sitting room, not suitable as a true living room or family space for TV, games, etc.

Our kitchen is STILL in transition, and eventually MAYBE we’ll have a small eating area on the side of the kitchen opposite where the old eating area was. We had a small 4-person seating table when we moved in here and it fit fine there, adding a larger table was uncomfortable and it’s only ever felt right since that purchase to have it in front of the fireplace. The entry for our house leads right into that space directly. There is no wonderful entry hall of any sort. So having a larger family is just too much for this house. I’ve known it for years, hubby has known it too, but I feel it more, no doubt, since I’m here a ton more than he is.

We need to build shelves and such next to the fireplace. We have a wonderful space on both sides to use to make a very classic built-in flanking thing and I’ve had many stylistic ideas and my non-natural-handyman husband struggles to see how easy it is to build nearly anything we want with just some good old fashioned work with the tools we already have and the wood & MDF and such we can get at Home Depot just a few miles away.

One of these days we’ll have the money for me to say, “this is what we’ll do this weekend,” and just do it.

Kitchen update August 2009

My kitchen is awaiting a new temporary counter on one side, hubby promises it’ll be such for about 4-weeks at the most. I should have had it already for nearly a week, but here it is, not in yet. Hubby is sleeping on the couch, and I can’t do anything about it myself.

We are using MDF and painting it. That makes it latex vinyl coated and clean-up-able for the short term.

When all is said and done I need a new counter and new sink & faucet. Also a new dishwasher, but that part of it is the wrinkle in the plan. A cheap dishwasher isn’t what I’m looking for, with a decent higher end fridge and stove …

Biggest thing is we need: new flooring, and I want the floor put in and the cabinets put on ltop of the new floor, so none of the counters/ower cabinets are permanently installed right now, they sit without moving just fine, just need finalized and firmed up to the wall and anchored, and the counters then will be built up to the right height and it’ll be nicer. Maybe.

New Major Kitchen Appliances

We got a new stove and refrigerator about a week ago, well, over a week ago, not this past Friday, the previous Friday.

We had icky ones that we got with our house when it was new at the end of 1997. GE bottom line sort of stove, and a decent Kitchen Aide refrigerator, which didn’t really stay too nice over the years, and was just TOO SMALL for a family that grew and grew, and lives further out from stores that we shop than is useful for such a way as we live with a small refrigerator. It wasn’t really “small” mind you, just a normal refrigerator.

A few years ago, at some point, we got a secondary refrigerator, it was a used one that a family was getting rid of because of renovation, it still worked alright, looked older than our Kitchen Aide, or as old, but offered us a bit more room, and so we put the KA one in the garage and put the Kenmore in the kitchen. We had two refrigerators and that was better. But the Kenmore started falling apart here and there, and the KA seals went bad, so with recent $income$ we upgraded, as we are upgrading the whole kitchen piecemeal.

The stove situation is that the old one was horrible. It wasn’t level, and DH just couldn’t get it level, trying multiple times. The oven was overhot and we couldn’t really nicely bake anything, we just lived with it. It was a coil sort of cooktop, and the oven was large enough to roast a turkey, and then the bottom was a storage drawer, which was never a good place to store pans of any kind, you had to clean them to use them, icky!

Anyhow it was just a blah, nothing stove, and I used it for over 10 years. Finally, we upgraded.

Electrolux recently started marketing super duper kitchen products in the USA and we fell into love with them when we stumbled over a display at a Lowe’s store in May 2008.

The products are pricier than other brands, but what they offer is so worth it, they look nice, work even better, and offer such room for storage in frige on the shelves, and have great lighting and digital temperature controls … and the stove is huge inside, and I have a smaller oven beneath, and there is such versatile-ness in the system. The cooktop is ceramic glass … what an UPGRADE!

The oven has multiple choices in how to cook something, and contains convection features.

I made a lovely loaf of bread yesterday. I used the Proof function to rise the dough, then punched it (the dough) down and formed a loaf, put that in a bread pan, and put it back into the oven for an hour (with a damp towel over the top of the bread dough) with the oven now off. The bread rose super in that hour (I took it out near the end of that hour and slashed the top then put an egg wash on top) then I turned on the convection oven and let it bake. It baked well, even browning, no split, blow-out points to the loaf.

The thing about that is, the oven can be a proofing environment which makes the bread so ready to rise and bake nicely, and then the convection evenly bakes … ah, it’s lovely.

I’m using the Perfect Turkey function today to roast a 4-5 lb. chicken. A Probe function is part of that, and when the probe is used, when the temperature of the poultry is reached, the oven turns “off”, and goes to a “Warm” setting. The roasting is convection roasting, of course. (It worked wonderfully, the chicken is golden where it should be, and to the right cooking temperature, I checked it with a separate meat thermometer, an instant type. Also the juices run clear, the chicken is appearing done just right inside and out.) We will have it for dinner later, with chicken gravy, rice, and peas. I’ll just serve it “warm” or room temp, refrigerating it until just a bit before dinner.

When our stove was delievered I looked through the documention, and couldn’t find the Probe device. We called Best Buy (where we purchased the products) and they weren’t sure that one was supposed to come with it, but of course, we said, we buy a TOP OF THE LINE product and it doesn’t come with a PROBE to use that is detailed in our manual as important to use only the one supplied by the company … yeah, right.

So they called Electrolux and then called back for our shipping information to give to Electrolux. A week later, it arrived, and now I’m finally able to use it. (Yes, it should have been delivered with the stove.)

Our Stove: (Stainless Steel)

30″ Electric Freestanding Range
with Wave-Touchâ„¢ Controls

Bought at Best Buy for less than MSRP … (

Manufacturer’s Web Page:

Our Refrigerator: (Stainless Steel)

Standard-Depth Side-By-Side
Refrigerator with Wave-Touchâ„¢

Bought at Best Buy for less than MSRP … (

Manufacturer’s Web Page:

Cooped up and Projects

Things are greening up massively outside, Spring is here. I feel so cooped up though, with little access to the back yard, only through the dark hole like downstairs, which I despise to go through. It was supposed to be our “family room” but has just become a place where I don’t go, it’s dirty and junkier than I can stand. The children go down there and watch TV and spend time there, and just make the couch all dirty and make a general mess. We have things boxed up there too, with no storage in the house to speak of, so it’s a cramped space at best, and there is little light, so it’s a dark hole to me. It’s a concrete floor as well, so I do not care to try to make it seem nice, it just wouldn’t be for me and the baby, no matter what, for now.

One of these days we’ll get a new deck built and the sliding doors in the kitchen, then I will have back yard access again. 🙂 And sometime later hopefully we’ll have a patio by the deck, which the downstairs “hole” will open up out onto, and a new door there as well, to let in more light.

We have indoor projects to get done too though, getting a new floor laid for the main level and completing the floors upstairs (which are partially put in) and then all those floors will need sanded and finished (a true tung oil finish.)

Then getting the kitchen cabinets “installed” and countertops ordered and installed, and more …

There is so much inside that needs done, and outside, including the house needs painted in and out. All these things are big deals, take $$$$ and hard work together, which are not anything I can affect myself, so I feel cooped up. Living with the not yet.

Speaking of that, we are super watchful of the baby since he can crawl and cruise, he’ll be walking anytime now. We have to retrofit the stair areas so that we can install gates. It’s been so long since we had babies to baby proof for, and “back in the day” it was a nightmare getting the stairs “gated” and it just won’t work out this time to try without re-building parts of things.

Baby has to spend more time in his play yard now, which he just ain’t happy about. That’s the price he has to pay though, so he doesn’t tumble down any stairs. It really feels more like MY price to pay, since I have to listen to the wails of “let me out” for 70% of his play yard stays. He’s content to play on the safe floor for awhile, then remembers the stairs to up … and off he powercrawls and starts to climb, and after him I have to go to get him off the stairs. Then it’s play yard time, or sometimes baby swing time, or crib time.

Play yard time is wailing time, but crib time is wailing an screaming time, and oh boy that just never changes. He wants to be with me, free to hold onto me if he wants, not separated at all. He’s so active though, as well, and that makes holding him impossible, even when he seems to want to be held, so it all goes in cycles, hold, put down, play nice, then crawl to stairs, into my arms, too squirmy, into play yard, or swing or crib, cry, cry, cry, or add in screaming, stay there awhile, come out and start it all over again. Getting the stair areas gate-able will really help me out. So that, I think is the one thing we must tackle. It really should cost $ or at the most $$. It’s necessary, but we can’t do it until we have the money to do that, and we are going out of town when we next get paid, and so it’ll be us living with this for another week, then leaving for a few days, then coming back to this and hopefully having the money and energy to tackle the project.

Just that alone will be a reassuring thing, safety is important.

My Kitchen – March 2008

We have been getting our kitchen changed slowly, the past few or more years, with only better changes of late. We now have new cabinets, not actually “installed” but in use.

Our old ones are all either moved or thrown away, hurray!

The base cabinets are in use where they will be installed permanently and the wall cabinets are here and there on the floor or on the top of the MDF we have for very temporary counters. The sink and stove have been relocated to their new permanent locations. The stove was finally done this past weekend, the sink just a few weekends before.

We have a semblance of an L-island in place, but it won’t be like it is, we need to get some more cabinets and haven’t determined if we can get the type we want for the design we are going for, or will need to retro-fit some to do what we need.

Basically I need/want drawers for bases on the short part of the L shape, which will be paralell to the stove, adjacent to the sink, and be table-height, so I can chop anything/roll out dough in comfort. I’m short and 30″ high is my preference for any standing up work in the kitchen. It’s a must for dough and chopping, so I’ve alway had to use the dining table and that is something I do not like having to do. So with this “new” kitchen I have a temporary spot on the “island” though it’s not as wide nor doesn’t have the right sort of storage underneath, since we are using wall cabinets that are 30″ high for now, until we get them up on the walls. We have to find out if the manufactuer has 30″ or so high drawer bases they can get us, or if we can cut off the toe-kick on drawer bases (like we’ve bought for other areas of the kitchen) successfully.

It’s what I’ve dreamed of for some time, and have wished for partially since moving into this house late 1997. The kitchen was on the other end of this 20 ft. long space, but was right next to the garage, and had a pathway dividing the main work counter, which was right next to the door, and the stove was on the other side of the door with no space horizontally next to it to work on (which I desire strongly to have for cooking with) it was basically jammed into a corner on the left with 12″ of counter space on the right.

We removed the French Doors that were on the other end of the kitchen. That’s where the sink is now, with the Fridge down towards the middle of the kitchen, about right across from where it started out in 1997. Basically the design used to be a glorified galley, two sections of counter and appliances separated by the garage enterance/walkway.

Now it’s an area with enough space to cook in. The stove has 36″ of horizontal space on the left, and 30″ and then a corner on the right. 🙂

The sink is one nice triangle space to the rear/right when at the stove. The L-island “baking center” is directly behind the stove. Basically the space will be a Double-L design, but an inverted Double-L from what I’ve mostly seen on paper.

We have to get a new window for over the sink still. We did get one for free, but it wasn’t installed as I wanted it, and it’s not going to work, even if it was re-installed correctly. We have a glass sliding door to install but have some plumbing work to finish before that can happen. We have to paint and fix a few drywall things, and decide on how to finish out the area we removed part of a wall.

Then we can put in the wall cabinets then install the base cabinets on the outside “regular” part of the kitchen. Then at that point we are going to put in wood floor and THEN put the island on top of the wood floor. That will give us a counter around the kitchen that is more like 35-inches tall, then the island with the 30″ baking center and 36″ bar and work counter. That’s the current initial plan, at least.

We’ve changed the plan time and again, before we bought any cabinets, then settled on something, bought the cabinets, then after a bit decided to change the layout again, somewhat back to my original desires though.

Thus far it’s great to have things where they should be, appliance-wise. I’ve found the few meals I’ve made to be much more efficent in prep than ever before, and that’s super duper for a Mama of 4, with one being a baby, and none of them helpful enough in the kitchen to aide me in cooking, really. I love to cook, but hate the daily chore of it. I hate clean-up. It’s tiresome too being so short in comparison with my kitchen counters and cabinets. So finally, I have something to chop on that isn’t the table and doesn’t kill me and nearly get my fingers chopped off, having to stand on my toes to chop on high (to me) counters. The “feeling” of the kitchen is finally right. That oriental chi stuff, I’m not into that, but I can say that “feeling” is important and some of the prinicples I’ve read of about it seem right on with much of comfortable design and for placement of things in rooms for working/living.

My kitchen feels so right, when it has always felt so very, very wrong, and it’ll get more “right” as time goes on. Wow. 🙂