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Valentine’s Day 2005 Desktop Download

Third Annual Valentine’s Day Desktop Download

I’ve created a desktop for my computer for Valentine’s Day 2005. The year before last I made the 2003 version available here, so this is considered my third annual Valentine’s Day desktop available for download.

Here is this years:

Please leave a note under this post to let me know if you downloaded one of the above versions of this desktop. Email addresses are not displayed on this site when you post a comment.

Showing My Desktop

This should be “Show Me Your Desk” but is instead: Showing My Desktop!

Found through: Tulip Girl and Karen: Life with 4 Kids and a Dog and Donna: Quiet Life.

Showing: My Desktop :)

I have a digital camera, but my “desk” setup is chaos right now. I have my geriatric laptop stuck on the same shelf of our older entertainment armoire as my two of my sound system components. It’s a cramped spot. Done since the cold of Winter chased me from the kitchen as I’d been setup on a table, to the dining area where I am now, which is next to the fireplace. The cold relented, but I’ve stayed.

I don’t have a real desk. I have a smaller kitchen table that I had been using. I had been using a larger one than that, but DH took THAT table for HIS desk when he started working out of the house, and so I was stuck with the smaller one, and it doesn’t house my stuff well. It gets junked up FAST so it was a relief to move to the dining rooms cramped spot.

In any case, it’s howI work. I move my stuff around all the time, if I can. Keeps me happier to re-orient, not really re-organizing πŸ˜‰

If my laptop was NOT geriactric I would be anywhere with IT. But in July, a year and a half go, dear children 2 and 3 tried to kill it with a Coke. They did well killing the keyboard and more, so I’m now using it with a “wireless keyboard and mouse” and it’s opened, and on lifesupport all the time therefore. It works alright, just is a glorified laptop, really a slim desktop now. πŸ™

So there is NO picture of the spot I have been sitting at the last several days … too small and crunched in there to get a nice picture of my messyness. πŸ™‚

For those without a digital camera, you can do this too. Just put on your monitor what you want to be shown, and press the “PrtScn” button [Print Screen].

This puts the image on the copy clipboard. Open an imaging program, such as Photoshop Elements, or whatever it is you have on your computer, and do what you need to do to paste the image.

For instance, in Photoshop Elements, or Photoshop: Open the program, then click the “New” button for a new image, or press CTRL+N on your keyboard for the same thing, or else go to “FILE, New …”

The new image layer options will be there, they should have the correct size of your desktop resolution, click OK. Then go to “Edit, Paste”. The image should paste into the empty image layer which you started.

To save for the web, change the resolution to 72ppi, and save it to a smaller size to display on your webpage.

I use the “Save for web …” feature in Photoshop Elements for it’s ease.

Just click that and choose the settings. Medium quality is alright for a photo, and I use 600px wide. Make sure to save your file as a JPG or JPGE.

Name your file, save it, and then upload to your site the normal way you upload files and photos.

If you don’t have an “easy to web” setup, just play with your image program until you can get the file small enough for your web page.

My 2003 Clouds Desktop

I found a little stack of photo envelopes that we had developed at the end of Nov 2003, and this was one of the pictures. I loved it, so here is my new desktop!

The photo was taken sometime in late Summer 2003, I am guessing (this past year our photo developing has been very backlogged).

I extended the blue sky portion a bit, to get the full width of the cloud scene on my 1280×1024 monitor. (digital photo editing is great stuff!)

Download this desktop:

Please leave a note under this post to let me know if you downloaded one of the above versions of this desktop. Email addresses are not displayed on this site when you post a comment.

My Peter Pan Desktop

I took the splash graphics from the Peter Pan movie site and put them together in Photoshop Elements 2, and pieced together some black to cover a hole, and also to cover over the graphic “playing now” as shown on the site currently.

I then “saved for web” and re-sized it in that utility as a bigger file, the pixel width of my screen resolution: 1280px.

The “save for web” utility allows for a nice graphic, even when blowing it up. It’s really nifty. The original file I made is 584px wide. The picture isn’t the full height of my monitor, just 769px and my monitor is 1024px. So I chose the graphic in my desktop properties, chose “black” as the background color, and “center” for the graphic. Voila, lovely desktop. I could add black to the actual picture file to make it larger–my full desktop size, but why? It works fine to add the black via desktop properties, saving byte size.

  • Click here for a copy of it for yourself, if you like. If you want it narrower in width, just shrink it by choosing “stretch” in your desktop properties.

My Valentine Desktop

Here is what MY desktop looks like with the Valentine’s Day 2004 Desktop which you can find here.

capture of 1280×1024 16.1-inch LCD monitor (Mobility Radeon 7500C)

Valentine’s Day Desktop

I’ve created a desktop for my computer for Valentine’s Day 2004. Last year I made the 2003 version available here, so I’ll make that my first annual Valentine’s Day desktop for download.

Here is this years:

Please leave a note under this post to let me know if you downloaded one of the above versions of this desktop. Email addresses are not displayed on this site when you post a comment.

Panoramic House Desktop

I changed my desktop again, since I decided to have some fun with my cheap digital camera this morning.

I went out back to one spot and took overlapping pictures to come up with a panoramic shot.

It’s a cheap camera, and the exposure for each wasn’t very alike [I have no control over it, and it’s hard to fix each photo to match afterwards also, cheap!], so guess how difficult it was to piece these together and fix the “sky”. Ugh. Anyhow, this is what it looks like as my desktop. I think it’s pretty cool, and I’ll work on a better version of it with my film camera sometime.

I’ll create a page with this picture on it some day soon. The house closest, the one in the middle that’s bigger looking, is ours, the blue roof is the top of the “Jungle”[a Cedar Works of Maine climbing/swinging structure]. You can’t see a whole lot in this version of the photo, since it’s the “desktop” copy. In a bigger photo you might be able to better make out the fence line. Our grass is long and short in different places. You see the weeds right where I was standing, the tall stuff –dying Thistle, can you say “Roundup”? And the white are natural wild daisies that come up in the back of the yard every Spring.

And yes, Frank, you have this same desktop, at a smaller resolution. It looks nicer on mine though, as I have an LCD 16.1″ view-able large screen, and you only have a 15″ CRT monitor from 1995. Sad, but true.

What’s my Desktop like today?

Here’s what my desktop looks like today:

Win XP 1280x1024resolution. Taskbar auto-hide [that is why you might see a tiny blue line at the bottom of the picture if you look close enough]

This is one of the Peony pictures from my Photo Log.

My Desktop Today

Click for larger photo

Here’s what my desktop looks like today. A mess, but a nice background! Click on the picture to see a pop-up full-size version of this Sepia-colored recent photo of Russell, Victoria, and Asa!

Just for fun

Here’s what my desktop looks like today.

Win XP 1280x1024resolution. Taskbar auto-hide [that is why you might see a tiny blue line at the bottom of the picture if you look close enough]

Who’s the picture of? Any guesses?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I created a desktop for Frank, and have it on my computer for the “holiday” too. I decided to share it with whomever else would like it as well.

Here it is:

Pick the one right for your monitor resolution:

800 x 600 56kb

1024 x 768 82kb

1280 x 1024 101kb

1600 x 1200 184kb

Right-click and “save target as …”

or if you plain old click, you can right-click on the image that loads and “save picture as …”

In any case, save the .gif file on your computer, where you can find it when browsing. Right click your desktop and choose “Properties”. On the Display Properties box find the “desktop” tab and click “browse” to find the picture you just downloaded, choose it. You can then choose APPLY or OK. Apply will save the changes and leave the screen open so that you can make other changes. OK will save the changes and close that screen.

You can change the desktop color to match the picture, if your settings have a color under the icon labels. When you have the above screen open, go to the “Appearance” tab and find the place to change colors and fonts for different window settings. Input these color values, if you know how to do it:
[WIN XP choose the “advanced” button, I seem to recall older Win systems have the info on the “appearance” tab, or on another named tab, something findable for sure]
247 88 88

If you have THEMES on your computer, you can save these settings, the desktop color and the desktop picture, as a THEME, go to the THEMES area for your system and save the current settings with a name. For instance I call this one on my computers: Valentinesday

So in the future, I can use this theme again easily, just going to THEMES and choosing it. I can make other color choices as well, to correspond with my THEME, if I want. It’s all there in the Display Properties box.

One fun thing to change to go with themes is the screen saver. It doesn’t change with a theme, you must manually change it. Go to the Screen Saver tab on Display Properties and utilize something called 3-D Text if your system has it. Choose “settings” and then enter a short phrase or name, something with meaning, and then choose the properties to display it, the font, the size, then how it moves, and then how it looks via colors or choosing a bitmap picture to base what the graphical words will look like.

I like “reflections”. Here’s a small [59kb]bitmap version of the Valentines Day desktop, that you can use as either a “texture” or “reflection” with 3-D Text screen saver. Save it the same way as above.

I like to save my special pictures such as these in MY Pictures in a folder I create called “Desktops”. It’s easy to find the files then, and keep them organized.

Let me know your comments about this! If the 1600 x 1200 resolution .gif isn’t clear, let me know and I’ll do a new one for you. I didn’t test that one. I use 1280 x 1024 personally. I can make a better one for the largest version if it’s requested! πŸ™‚

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