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Septic Tank Pumping

Update on the septic tank pumping from yesterday: they arrived later than originally planned, but it went quick. It was FULL. So we hit that point like a brick wall this past week. Barely able to do anything in the house that involved draining into the stack to the septic tank.

A chart online about septic tanks says for 6 people using a 1000g septic system it should be pumped every 1.5 years. For 5 people, every 2.0 years.

We lived in the house from Nov. 1997 to Aug. 2003 … with 2 adults & a toddler, then a baby in late 1998, then another baby in 2000. By the time we finally had the system pumped we had a 7yo, 4yo, & an almost 3yo, plus us adults, the parents.

From then to now, over 6 years ago, it’s the 2 adults, plus a now 13yo, 11yo, 9yo, & 2yo. It makes sense that we have filled it up, maybe others would have done so sooner, as we don’t all take showers every day like many do. I’m believe in conservation and try to keep consumption of water down where I can. That does help with a septic system.

So the next pumping should occur: August 2011. Before or after a bit would work.

Septic Tank Pumping 2009

Birthday and Thanksgiving Day were good. Waiting to get things done here & there, then this weekend we had symptoms of “gotta get it done” with the septic tank, so bad we had to monitor the toilet in the basement & vaccum water out of it if it got too high when flushing another toilet in the house. It has gotten so we can’t flush very often, not often enough for 5 people to live here happily.

No showers, no washing machine use, no baths, no dishwasher use.

I am would love to use our gray water differently, and if we did, it would put a great prize into the yard, & take away some of the septic overload. But we aren’t set-up for that (though it could be accomplished.) If we were right now though, showers and baths would be do-able at the least.

Thing is, this situation is so very tedious just washing something in the sink sets the drains bubbling & gurgling, or tilts the balance of things & water starts rising again. It could be worse, I know that. It’s just plain bad enough. Really bad in how I estimate this process of waiting so long to get it done that it takes quality of life, puts it in a holding tank where we can’t access it.

We last had the system pumped August 8, 2003. Too long ago. Certain maintenance things are not followed around here that need to be and as the house gets older it’s becoming an issue.

This is one that could be a costly issue, maybe, maybe not. We won’t know until the septic people arrive & open her up.

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