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Getting Ready for Thanksgiving Day

November is well underway. Time is flying, does so all the time, but moreso now with Thanksgiving right around the corner, which always means even more for us since my girl has her birthday right before, on, or after Thanksgiving. She was born the evening before Thanksgiving. She likes that. Which is great. I was born 2 weeks after Independence Day. I like that. Which is great. I personally wouldn’t want my birthday literally a month before Christmas. 🙂 I like the mid-year spot I’m from. My hubby is right there with me, a week before me, and our youngest is another couple of weeks before that. Our two other boys are in Spring and the very end of Summer. FWIW.

Thanksgiving Day is two weeks from today. We haven’t yet found where we are getting a turkey from. I should make some bread to cube for stuffing, put it in the freezer. I love my Thanksgiving stuffing. I use walnuts & raisins & apples usually, with a basic bread, onion, celery, sage base (from my pantry, not from a box!)

I like using a couple types of bread cubes, usually something dark & something light. So in this case I’ll make a white spelt bread & a whole grain spelt bread, maybe put some organic blackstrap molasses in it.

Speaking of molasses, my eldest was speaking of flies, my third eldest said something then, and we got onto the topic of Shoe Fly Pie and what it was, which made both me and my eldest have mouthwatering thoughts about Shoe Fly Pie. Maybe I’ll have to take the tradition of Shoe Fly Pie in Summer & put it to Thanksgiving/Christmas in our house. As traditional in summer as it is, I haven’t made any for a long time, not this year or the last, or probably even the one before that.

For planning purposes I’ll put down what I’ll make for Thanksgiving this year:

    Thanksgiving Dinner 2009
  • Turkey w/stuffing
  • Gravy
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Green Olives
  • Green Bean Casserole
  • Baby Peas
  • Cauliflower w/cheese sauce
  • Sweet Potato Casserole w/marshmallow top
  • Pumpkin Pies
  • Shoe Fly Pie

Our Trip – Stop 3: Feeling Stuck

We are still in the hotel in the Princeton, NJ area, and will be for a few more days. Time is running out for us to do the stuff I want to do though. Hubby won’t be back until after dark tonight, so there is no where we can go to see anything. We have laundry we must do also.

Tomorrow is Friday and then there is Saturday. Hubby wants to go to NYC, has also talked of going to a baseball game, Trenton Thunder, AA Yankee team, which is near here. I love baseball, but don’t want to waste this one-time trip I’ve had to the truer NE that I love to see baseball when there are other significant sites I want to see.

I also have less desire to go to NYC than hubby, I will go, but don’t wish to spend a ton of time there. I have little I’d like to see there, and there is limited $ to use there, so … then it goes on to what else I want to do and it comes down to it’s me against everything else. I want to see more in the Easton, PA area, and that’s 2 hours away. NYC is about 40 miles from Easton, FWIW. I’m not sure how far NYC is from here. Anyhow, it’s just that I also want to see some family historic area(s) like the Imlaydale Historic Distric here in NJ. That’s something for daytime. I’m not entirely sure where it is, it’s close to here, sort of, or closer to Easton, or something. I sound dumb about it. I am and am not. I don’t have a map so I’m out of sorts about it. We have a GPS and that just doesn’t cut it for understanding where everything is laid out in larger regions, comparatively.

Add into all of this the fact that Asa has his 8th birthday on Saturday.

I also wish to find something in the Easton/Allentown area that might still be around that was around in 1973/74, a restaurant, I have memories of some sort of place but I can’t recall the name. It likely doesn’t exist, but anyhow, it was particularly known for really good Shoe Fly Pie. I don’t know how to find anything there that has such now, I love the stuff, have made it myself on occasion, but would like to get some on this trip, to eat now, and also take a pie or two home …

The internet is great for searching for things, but not always so great for savvying out what you are truly looking for, the quality of an actual human, and I don’t have good internet in this crappy Residence Inn, though it should be better, in my opinion. Wireless is good in some hotels, and crappy in others. Here they have a box to connect an Ethernet cable to one’s laptop, we are in a three-room suite, two bedrooms and a livingroom/kitchen. Of course the box to connect to is in the one bedroom that is less conducive to be wanted by a married couple, and there isn’t another box in the whole suite. Wireless comes and goes, and is very low most of the time, limited or no contectivity a lot of the time, totally “not there” a large percentage of the time. Growl. I like to stay in the living area with my laptop and listen to music via it, and then surf, research, blog, etc. sometimes. Online streaming of music from my last.fm library radio worked 100% fantastically in Williamsport, PA at the Holiday Inn there, but here in NJ at the Cranberry Residence Inn, it just plain sucks. It’s the wireless. To plugin in the room with the box means I can’t be out in the living area, but stuck in the corner of that bedroom. That’s alright for a short project, but not what I want. I want my music! I don’t have much of anything on this laptop, I took it all off, going to be turning this one in hopefully at Best Buy, it’s got a few problems lately, and we have a 3-yr. guarantee deal on it that expires in October. So, I’m needing my internet streaming last.fm library, otherwise, it’s just Evanesence and a few other songs. Not bad, but overkill if it’s all that I can have.

I could connect my Sansa e280 to the laptop and play it but that’s moreso fussy, having to find what I want, and then I don’t want this laptop adding all that stuff to it’s music library, and I don’t want to pick stuff, just want a stream of anything that last.fm puts in the stream from my library, it’s a “radio” then, not an album or playlist like I would use at home on the desktop, or use with my Sansa (Rockbox’d) and headphones other times.

I’ve got to go, see if the internet is capable of working for me to publish this, and the baby is really being pesty, pulling my power cord out, and my battery is so weak and old it can’t live for more than a few minutes of that. Babies and laptops don’t go together. I never had a laptop with my first three babies until the youngest of them was a bit older. Babies and laptops are a hard mix to deal with. I totally just use the desktop at home now. So it’s “on the road” that the laptop come out and it’s frustrating enough with the baby, but with the cruddy Wi-Fi signal, it’s just torture. Amen.

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