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Our family hasn’t had much of colds/virus this past Winter, and that’s great. Spring though has bloomed, things are blooming and allergies are out and about in full and building to fuller force. Couple that with the first virus in a long time for us:

Asa was weird starting maybe Sunday. We were all very tired, and with the time change, just didn’t get to church. Monday we took Frank to the airport early in the morning. Asa was complaining of some troubles all day and layed around but wasn’t very communicative of what was wrong. Next day he seemed much better, but was dragging a bit more and historical perusal made me understand how he had felt and stamp it as a virus.

The kick to it also was that Baby Q was frantically hyper on Monday, especially later, and finally went to sleep later than I wished to my relief. I nursed him in the night a couple of times (yes, he still does this, my only baby that has wanted to go this long and at night at all after a couple of months of age) with 3:30am being the last night feeding of Tuesday morning, and he was alright then. He slept to after 8am, which is unusual and when I went to get him upon is complaining cry to get him he was very warm and obviously under the tutor-age of a virus. I nursed him then and within a half an hour, he threw up. Ewwww.

He slept most of the morning, and was very warm. I gave him infant tylenol which kept his fever down. He didn’t want to nurse at all, but I was able to give him some water, but even that didn’t stay down, not even just little sips. So we got through those wicked hours of Tuesday morning to early afternoon, with him sleeping mostly, and complaining upon waking and then throwing up. Miserable for him, but not the worst it could be. By later afternoon he hadn’t thrown up and was looking a bit better, but still warm. He finally also asked to be nursed and hasn’t thrown up since.

Tuesday evening he gained some energy and got on the floor for the first time that day, and ran around a bit and played with cars, a ball, his brother Asa, then tuckered out in less than an hour and was down for the night not long after. His “warmness” seems to have ended on Wednesday, so it was a little longer than a 48-hour bug, but not as bad after less than 24-hours.

The virus acted yet different in Russell, who came down with a runny nose and stuffy head and sore throat on Wednesday, and felt like laying around as well, so I let him, with the history of his two younger brothers. Asa had been saying his throat was a little scratchy since he was better, and I could hear that he sounded a bit clogged up, just a bit.

Victoria had been fine this whole time, but this morning I asked her how she felt, fine she said. But then she said she kind of had a headache and I asked her if she had anything diffferent in her throat or chest and she admitted some trouble there.

I myself felt strange all week, but chalk that up to allergies and also a migraine set I got on Sunday afternoon and had through Monday, with it abating Monday Evening and coming back during the mid-early wee hours of the next day, and then dealing with that all day Tuesday as Baby Q was sick, then it abated later in the morning somewhat, but I had a splitting headache suddenly in the evening when I was about to cook dinner and it was awful, migraine like, on the same side as my previous migraine, but also not migraine-like, and I also felt horrible, shaky and such, which is kind of migraine-like, but not so suddenly as that was, and I took some Motrin and ate some cheese, and it all slowly faded as I cooked dinner, faded to something … not as intense, maybe more a ringing feeling. Well then I felt sort of semi-feverish that night and the next day, not much though. I’ve been dragging since and just not up to par, but just under it. I had a few times on Wednesday and Thursday that I felt like coughing, but nothing really to cough about. During the night last night I had something moving in my chest and was able to cough it out, and felt that itchy feeling growing that I thought I might have noticed yesterday, but it wasn’t super apparent. Now it’s in.

Upon getting up I can see the rims of my eyes are more red, I feel more bloated in my face, feel wet and icky in my chest, with a light scratchy throat.

It’s not allergies, but might be exasperated BY allergies along side of it.

So it’s a virus that’s spread slowly to most everyone in the family, and shown itself differently but ending up similarly, that chest congestion thing, but it seems to be a light version, not everyone was very sick, the youngest of us got the sickest, not abnormal, but bounced back right away, and everyone else has had a walking sickness, I’ve made the other two boys lay down more though. I haven’t done that to myself, not that I could, and Victoria has yet to present a need for extra rest, only today claiming some symptoms of slightness.

I am concerned about this clearing out soon, hoping it doesn’t dig deeper and cause anything worse in the end. It’s been years since we’ve had any ear issues, and the only times of that was long ago when Victoria was just born and we were hit with cold after cold, then had to go to FL to my Dad’s funeral when she was just 1-month old and we were getting better, then got really sick while there, with other relatives being sick that were there, and Russell was 2, threw up and spiked a fever there, and had to go to an emergency clinic and got an antibiotic for ear infection. We went home all of us sicker and sicker and Russell ended up with a rash and we had to go to the doctor and so he has to not have penacillins, in case that’s that, but had to have another round of antibiotics for worse ears then, and Victoria had to have some too … ack! It was a miserable time. But never since then has that been the case.

So when we DO have a virus run through the family I get a feeling of familiar-ness that I want to not revisit fully, and count the days to clear and through to the other side. I’m hoping we get out soon. We are all a bit cranky and tested too easily, you know how that is, when everyone is sick, but not feeling all too bad, just not well yet. It’s the hardest on the babies, Q is not yet Two, but that’s fast approaching, and he’s learned a few screaming techniques that are Toddler-Two-like, unfortunately, in this sickly time. :rolleyes:

Baby Q – 11 Months Old

Baby Q has been 11 Months old for three days already … :veryshocked:

He’s growing up so fast now. He’s not an expert walker yet, but is walking most all the time he’s on the floor in the house, moving around. He rarely resorts to a crawl since the day he actually starting really walking, not just taking a couple of steps, as he did for a couple of days, then was off. (Mid-10 Months.)

On Saturday we were out shopping, it was a hot day, and it was really hot in one store we were at, and then going outside into our van it was even hotter for a long time. I, myself, was over heating, and for me it’s a serious issue when that happens. Our van A/C doesn’t work right, and only the front air works at all, the rear air only blows fresh air temp (we’ve had it looked at but no one, thus far, knows what is wrong.) The front air works, sure, but doesn’t put a dent in the “hot” days in the middle and rear sections of the van, and barely cools the front down “enough” to suffice.

So I wasn’t sure on that day whether or not the heat was affecting the baby, but on the way home he did get sick, Thanks be to God I had only breastfed him that day. He threw up a few more times in the next couple of hours, but then finally slept, and then seemed a lot better. I skipped one feeding, about one, and gingerly let him eat later when he seemed to want to, and he only nursed on one side, then about half an hour later, the other side, and didn’t throw up again. He was tired, obviously not feeling well, but not listless, just didn’t feel good.

He didn’t have a fever or anything, it was just curdled milk throw up, and never dry heaves, not seemingly dehydrated either. It wasn’t a full day event either, so, we are just glad he’s OK. That evening, after I’d finished nursing him he wanted to continue being held, then perked up and became his normal “aren’t I a cool and active baby” self

Baby Q continues to be a big talker, and he’s saying very clear things, to us, “brother” is a big one of late, referring to either of his older brothers. He calls them, greets them, and so on. He says many other things, I should write them down. Of course I wouldn’t expect anyone outside our immediate family to be able to understand what he says.

It’s “summer” here now. May is almost over, and it’ll be June, and then not long after that, Baby Q will be One. It’s less than a month away!

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