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  • Fireplace Update & A/C Forecast

    Our fireplace is still in use, and the part was supposedly ordered, but hasn’t come in yet. It’ll be a couple more weeks of fireplace use, at least. Maybe more. Spring doesn’t look too far away looking at Accuweather data. Then it’ll be back to the A/C to keep pollen to a minimum and hope […]

  • 1st Yoshino Blossoms – March 10, 2012

    The Yoshino Cherry Trees have opened their first blossoms of 2012 today! They are early, as they were last year.  

  • Spring Already

    Well, January is well into way, closer to the end than the beginning, but it’s not even Winter here anymore. It should be, though it’s not. It’s been very rainy, though it was forecasted that would be the case, a more mild winter, but overall, it’s too much like that. We’ve had two thunderstorms this […]

  • Crepe Myrtles in 2011

    Our Crepe Myrtle didn’t start blooming until just this week, well, noticeable blooms forming the other week (finally!) and opening this week. It’s still a young tree, but had bloomed last year, the year before, and the year before that, and we expected it to bloom nicely this year. In Georgia it’s notable how many […]

  • Daffodils are now Thriving

    Our daffodil population is exploding. Every day more and more are popping up. Today our first white & yellow daffodils opened. They are lovely. It’s very hot again, and this week the humidity went to Southern Summer types. Bad enough outside, but inside it is worse right now, our A/C is totally not working (only […]

  • Crepe Myrtle killed back, waiting for re-growth

    I’m awaiting my Crepe Myrtle to re-grow. In 2007 the April 17th-ish freeze killed back all the then Crepe Myrtle spring growth. It was rather far along with nice little leaves showing … then black goo from the two days of freezing temps. It did put out some puny leaves after that, eventually, that’s all. […]

  • Cooped up and Projects

    Things are greening up massively outside, Spring is here. I feel so cooped up though, with little access to the back yard, only through the dark hole like downstairs, which I despise to go through. It was supposed to be our “family room” but has just become a place where I don’t go, it’s dirty […]

  • Hennies 2008

    Our hens began laying in mid-late February, and are now fully laying, I think. We were away most of last week, so I’ll spend the next few days starting to track when they lay, and get a pattern down on paper to understand it all. One bad thing happened, on Saturday morning I looked out […]

  • Allergies and house stuff

    Goo … I feel miserable. My “normal” allergies have just been la, la, la all along this Spring, until about a week ago. They ramped up, but even moreso this week. So here I am, 36+3 (wks+days) pregnant and it’s hard enough to get the energy I need to do stuff … forget it now. […]

  • April Freeze Damage

    I posted the other day about the “freezing weather” and wanted to post an update on the situation. When I looked at the back yard after the sun came up Sunday mornig it was obviously “frosty” out — the grass was not the bright verdant color that is usual of late. I waited awhile for […]

  • April Freeze and Gardening 2007

    From Friday night to Saturday morning it was supposed to be really cold, just below freezing. I don’t think that actually happened on our property … yes it was cold, but not quite to freezing, from how the grass and blooms and herbs and such look in our yard(s) as of Saturday afternoon … Now […]

  • Happy First Day of Spring! (2007)

    I posted more about it on my other blog.

  • Northern Mockingbirds June 2005

    Northern Mockingbird Nestlings On June 2, 2005 the Northern Mockingbird’s in our backyard Autumn Flame Maple Tree fledged. They do not really fly right away. They come out and hop around on the ground. I was expecting them to be ready anytime then and through that weekend. In the morning we found one baby out […]

  • Deep Pink Peony

    This is one of two peony flowers to open up already. It’s early. The other peonies are still growing. This plant is producing dark pink flowers. My other peonies produce light pink flowers. This seems to be the first-time for this plant to blossom. There is at least one other that should be a first-time […]

  • Spring Flowers

    These photos were all taken on April 19, 2005 Dogwood – Cherokee Chief blossoms Peony – Blossoms forming Flower – reappearing after Winter’s sleep – forget what it is, obviously a perrennial!

  • Apple Trees will bloom soon

    Our Liberty Apple trees will be blooming soon. The buds are setting and two on one of the trees opened today. I supposed many will open tomorrow and Monday. The problem with this is that the tree that needs to bloom so that the Liberty blossoms can be fertilized is our MacFree, which rarely has […]

  • A thunderous weekend expected

    It’s been very warm and late Spring-Like today. Right now temps outside are supposedly in the high 70’s. Tomorrow temp high is supposed to be about 66 degrees F. That’s more like early Spring 😉 We are also supposed to be getting Thunderstorms later tonight and tomorrow. That’s very Spring-like. Volatile weather. I do love […]

  • Spring continues to break out

    It’s another wonderful Spring day. A commenter yesterday was jealous of the weather here. 😉 Surely that is a good thing! For now. Another day I’m sure it would be quite not that. Wait until a month or two has passed and temperatures will be hotter than hot. :veryshocked: Spring growth is occuring in more […]

  • Spring Plant Profile

    Our trees, etc: Autumn Flame Maple – 3 : blooming October Glory Maple – 1: nearing readiness to bloom Weeping Willow – 1: leafed out and getting longer Apple: 3: waiting until April Yoshino Cherry – 3: getting ready to bloom soon Cherokee Chief Dogwood – 2: getting ready to open blooms The mystery tree […]

  • Spring Begins!

    It’s officially Spring now! Today is the first FULL day of Spring. I am hoping for a decent small garden of tomatoes and peppers and whatever else. May God bless my gardening tries this growing season, and give a bountiful harvest and help me fend off the pests throughout. I pray He will allow things […]