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Fireplace Update & A/C Forecast

Our fireplace is still in use, and the part was supposedly ordered, but hasn’t come in yet.

It’ll be a couple more weeks of fireplace use, at least. Maybe more. Spring doesn’t look too far away looking at Accuweather data.

Then it’ll be back to the A/C to keep pollen to a minimum and hope for the best that the air will be cool enough throughout the house, but not too cold anywhere, and not too warm or hot anywhere else.

We got a new A/C system a few years ago and they had to repair a leaky outside pipe the next year, which showed us WHY it didn’t function (the A/C) very well the first year. I have more complaints about it though ever since. I despise the multiple digital zones we have. Master bedroom has the upstairs thermostat in it. That room gains so much heat winter or summer, and the attached bathroom seems like no air goes to it, just like before the A/C was fine-tuned (or was it really fine-tooned, that seems more fitting a name for it.)

The rest of the upstairs is much warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter.

The main floor has another thermostat. It’s OK, but the kitchen is still much more dramatically affected by outside weather, making it uncomfortable in their when cooking in the Spring through Fall, and miserable in the winter for the most part.

The basement has another thermostat in the hall. My office has a door and is the first room on the left, another room straight ahead, and the more open space of the basement to the right through french doors. It’s a cold hallway in the winter, with that heat turned on most of the time. My office though, it’s blasting hot in there and I HATE HEAT like that. The other room is a bedroom and kind of cold most of the time in the winter. The main basement is always either warmer or cooler, really not seeming to be much connected to the other parts I referred to before. Summer flips the switch and everything is opposite in the basement. I can tolerate colder in my office in the summer, but not so cold as it has to be to make it chilly enough elsehwhere.

My house needs per room thermostats, I swear it does. I don’t have much faith that it would even work well that way though.

So that’s what’s coming up soon. The no fires, A/C battle of pollen and heat.

Summer nearing it’s end

The Summer has blown by. Autumn is close, and it feels that way. One tree we have has a lovely orange-red leaf on a branch visible through the kitchen window by the sink. I’ve seen a few turned leaves on other trees, many trees shedding their leaves (My Yoshino’s have been doing that in August … not always, but the last few years, yes.) The gorgeous Japanese ‘Bloodgood’ Maple in the front yard has tired looking leaves (more green than red, as they get in the Summer) but their bright blood-red seed pods are getting bigger and brighter, and it won’t be long until the leaves regain that bloody red color and get into their gorgeous deep burgundy autumn splendor.

Lovely Buttermilk Sky This Morning

The sky is filled with layers of clouds, yesterday we had a large swath of buttermilk over our area, but not as far as the eye can see, it was limited, with plenty of puffy, or flat, fanned out, other clouds all around. Later there was evidence of a high level scant buttermilk pattern several miles away from our morning buttermilk.

Buttermilk Sky This Morning

I don’t have any pictures of the later vision. We were driving back from Costco then, so …

The Summer heat has dissipated, it’s still hot a-times, but the one-two punch that is Summer’s Thing is thin, at best. Mornings are warm, but gentle. I love the idea of Summer, it’s a fantasy world from my childhood in Pennsylvania, it gets hot, but MOST days not too hot, not too humid, just nice, nice, nice! Summer … my favorite. Except for I hate HUMIDITY & HEAT as the SOUTH gets, but at least where we are now it’s not ALWAYS HOT, like it was in Florida, where we moved when I was 13, when life took a decided turn to cynical attitudes for me. Naturally disposed to such, my lessons were harsh and that’s not what this post is about, it’s just my explanation for why Summer is a fantasy world kind of thing for me.

So we are coming upon my favorite time of the year in Georgia. It gets cooler from here on out, and sometime in November or December I can start setting fires in the fireplace. I have enjoyed that part of living here so much, and last year I stepped it up getting into a stacked Top Down methodology. This will be my second year, So it’s 2.0 … I will figure out a name and reasoning for 1.0 and 2.0 … of course there is a 1.01, and a 1.3, I’m thinking this year will be a major upgrade, so it’s 2.0.

Okay, bring on the chill!

(Note to Frank, we need to get wood soon. Would of should of gotten some to bake in the yard all summer. FWIW)

Summer giving way to Autumn

August has come and gone. I’m not wishing time away, but I sure won’t miss the Fall Allergy season when that has come and gone. It’s here, has been, and will be for a longer stay than I want (like I ever really want it!)

Weather has been nicer atimes the past couple of weeks. The hold that Summer has is slipping, Autumn is in the air just a bit, length of days, feel of the Sun, how the plants are getting ready for the change, good old crisp, clean air is coming. Eventually.

August Begins

August begins on a Monday this year. It’s so ‘school’ feeling. πŸ™‚

That’s odd. We homeschool. It’s not anything we don’t ever do, totally. I’m getting a few super-lax weeks souped up today. I set it up as a plan last week, and this is the day.

New Era. I’m using my calendars (google, of course) to be the glue that holds this all together. It’s not that I hadn’t ever had calendars and planning and such, but I’m going from being relaxed about it, doing it that way. I’m trying to MAKE things happen before too much time goes on, MAKE life happen, then have things done instead of me having to say “Did you … yet?” to each person, and get the “nah, not yet” answers.

It still is summer though. We are in a hot southern state and summer isn’t the same for us as many others. We are in A/C with some outdoor ability, but no pool or anything. We are more outdoor oriented in the Autumn and Winter. That goes over fine for me, being the sort of person I am, with husband not around most of the time, we just hang out together and wander the property looking at whatever there is to look at. Some running, mostly not for me, just the younger 2 children, and the Cedar Works structure we have just sits dormant, needing a new swing ladder probably. New swings too. It’s a sad testament to what once was, and what should be, and speaks loudly of what will never be.

I hear you loud and clear climbing structure … all hope is gone. (I’m holding out hope though, for something to happen sooner than later!)

July is nearly over!

Wow this month has gone fast! Now the Dog Days of Summer are beginning. Hot more often than not. Sun strong, not quite as light as late as it was in July, but this side of the sun’s courses through the cosmos are the hot-dog ones, whereas May and June are just wanna-be’s.

I’m so glad our A/C was changed, it makes all the difference, but it does struggle. The “zones” (digital) are finicky and I have to go check each thermostat, and sometimes (a few times a week) turn every one off, then turn on the upstairs one for awhile alone, then turn on the main floor one later, and leave the downstairs one off until the next day or longer, if it is possible to feel comfortable with that (sometimes yes, sometimes no.)

Why does this have to happen? I’m not sure what it’s doing, but the main thing is, the SUN. It comes up in the East and blasts away at the back of our house all morning and into the afternoon. Our bedrooms are on the top floor. No tree cooling up there. Master bedroom is at the back of that whole area. It gets so hot in there. Without A/C it’s 100 in there in the middle of the night.

With A/C the thermostats are set to 68/69 everywhere. When the system has been restarted with my methodology, which is turning everything off, then turning ONLY the Master Bedroom thermostat on, then the bedroom starts cooling down ever so slightly, then more. Overnight it returns to it’s “schedule”. The Main Floor thermostat does well then, turn that on and it quickly brings things to right.

The basement area is then the question, the “office” (my craft/computer area) is decent, the hallway is where the thermostat is. The big area at the back of the basement, behind interior french doors, is much warmer always. When the thermostat for the basement is turned off, that big space gets too warm (for my tastes) while the other rooms are OK for the most part.

When I turn that thermostat back on the air in the big space gets better, but still, it’s ALWAYS much warmer in there compared to my office, or the hallway.

After 1 or 2 days like this then, the Master Bedroom thermostat really starts struggling. Lets put it this way, the first day after resetting it all, it starts out with the thermostat keeping things OK until somewhere around 2pm it’s behind 1, 2, 3, 4 or more degrees. As the day wears thin it gets closer to the scheduled temperature, overnight rights itself. Next day or the day after that is when it gets too thick, warm not good in my bedroom early in the day and never recoups, so if I haven’t been up there, I go to bed and oh, bleh, blah, no!!!!!

We are talking it is supposed to be 68 and the thermostat registers the temp at 78 or more when it gets to the place where I HAVE to turn it all off, then slow on.

It’s not like 68 is too heavy of a load. It’s not that it has to be “68” but that is what the thermostat has to attempt or else this entire process is TOO MUCH for me to live with. To get rid of humidity, must run A/C, A/C only runs when it needs to cool based on it’s goal temperature. If the temperature is set to 72 that’s too warm. It’s like letting it all get it’s toes in the doorway, you think the door is closed, but it’s not, and the thing you mean to keep out is coming in.

This all means so much to me since I get so miserable easily when the temperature climbs about 70 degrees much. The further it goes in that higher direction the larger the impact it has on me. So, 68 is my primo position of a trade-off, I’ll let it go that high for you others. I’d much prefer to live in the North Pole.

Daffodils are now Thriving

Our daffodil population is exploding. Every day more and more are popping up. Today our first white & yellow daffodils opened. They are lovely.

Gorgeous Daffodil

It’s very hot again, and this week the humidity went to Southern Summer types. Bad enough outside, but inside it is worse right now, our A/C is totally not working (only the fan will come on, or the Heat Pump [like we want that right now :roll-eyes] – it’s too old and needs overhauled — really needs to be hauled OUT. We need new, better, the one we have NEVER worked awesomely, never was up to snuff most of the summer. Too small and wrong for the space we have.

Baby Q – 11 Months Old

Baby Q has been 11 Months old for three days already … :veryshocked:

He’s growing up so fast now. He’s not an expert walker yet, but is walking most all the time he’s on the floor in the house, moving around. He rarely resorts to a crawl since the day he actually starting really walking, not just taking a couple of steps, as he did for a couple of days, then was off. (Mid-10 Months.)

On Saturday we were out shopping, it was a hot day, and it was really hot in one store we were at, and then going outside into our van it was even hotter for a long time. I, myself, was over heating, and for me it’s a serious issue when that happens. Our van A/C doesn’t work right, and only the front air works at all, the rear air only blows fresh air temp (we’ve had it looked at but no one, thus far, knows what is wrong.) The front air works, sure, but doesn’t put a dent in the “hot” days in the middle and rear sections of the van, and barely cools the front down “enough” to suffice.

So I wasn’t sure on that day whether or not the heat was affecting the baby, but on the way home he did get sick, Thanks be to God I had only breastfed him that day. He threw up a few more times in the next couple of hours, but then finally slept, and then seemed a lot better. I skipped one feeding, about one, and gingerly let him eat later when he seemed to want to, and he only nursed on one side, then about half an hour later, the other side, and didn’t throw up again. He was tired, obviously not feeling well, but not listless, just didn’t feel good.

He didn’t have a fever or anything, it was just curdled milk throw up, and never dry heaves, not seemingly dehydrated either. It wasn’t a full day event either, so, we are just glad he’s OK. That evening, after I’d finished nursing him he wanted to continue being held, then perked up and became his normal “aren’t I a cool and active baby” self

Baby Q continues to be a big talker, and he’s saying very clear things, to us, “brother” is a big one of late, referring to either of his older brothers. He calls them, greets them, and so on. He says many other things, I should write them down. Of course I wouldn’t expect anyone outside our immediate family to be able to understand what he says.

It’s “summer” here now. May is almost over, and it’ll be June, and then not long after that, Baby Q will be One. It’s less than a month away!

November – Holiday Season begins

Holiday Season is right around the corner. It’s November now, which means in our household we have Thanksgiving and then our DD’s Birthday, or visa-versa, depending on the year. (She was born in 1998 on the 25th, the day before Thanksgiving.) This year Thanksgiving is three days before her b-day.

It always makes for a more hectic last-half-of-November than ever since 1998.

I’m in the mood for Pumpkin Pie, which it doesn’t have to be Turkey Day, November or December to have, but I haven’t made any “out of season” this year, I haven’t done much cooking overall (with a new baby in the house!) At this point I consider it best to wait until Thanksgiving Day to have Pumpkin Pie, but the urge is so strong to have some NOW so I don’t know what I’ll do in the coming days leading up to TD. Why do I consider it best to wait? So I’m not “Pumkined OUT” by TD, which is possible if I give in to my urge now. FWIW. :blush:

The weather has been cooler lately. Finally Summer has broken in NE Georgia. It’s still getting quite warm, into the 70’s, some days, but getting down in the 60’s at the most at night, all the way down way into the 40’s many nights. This makes things seem more Fall-like, and gets me in the mood for Autumn/Winter thicker clothing, crisp new clothes that just wouldn’t work in the Summer, no way. Boots are my love, for instance, and jackets.

I’m still not fitting into my old things to wear, post-pardum 4-months, so I’m going through my things and trying to figure out what I’m going to do about it. I hate buying “fat skirts” and such, when I know they won’t be needed. I’ve gotten away with wearing my summer skirts just not done up, they stay on and the openings don’t show with my Nursing (BF) Blouses usually covering them up fine. That won’t cut it for the cooler times outside, nor inside the house eventually (as Winter sets in.)

I’ve been Dresses/Skirts only for quite a few years, and did cave to wear pants sometimes when I was pregnant (starting in late ’06) and have a couple of pairs of jeans now for the “transition” but I don’t like them, I am supposing I wouldn’t mind some jeans now if they fit me nicely, but none actually do (since I’m still toting baby fat, which is alright since I am BF the baby, of course. It’d just be nice to have something to wear that looked good and fit nice. :rolleyes: Especially for “winter” wear.)

My DD got a toy sewing machine last Nov. for her BD, but since I was newly preggo then and since and also now have a still “little” baby, I hadn’t showed her how to use it yet … but the other day she was bugging me about it and I told her to just get it out and read the booklet about it. So she did that and started pestering me about this and that in the booklet, and I finally just had her get the machine by me and I showed her some stuff … and thus I now also have the ‘sewing’ bug and want to find a place to put my big machine so that i can use it. Lastly I used it way back in 2000/2001 when I had my 3rd baby, to sew for.

I have had the idea to make nice simple things for DD and myself all along, but I just “haven’t” done that. I really want to and now that I am so blah shaped, it’d be nice to have skirts that worked the way I need them to, you know, custom made by one’s self. I’m going to do that, therefore. I have gotten my DD to want to make T-Shirt Dresses since I told her how easy they are to make, and she wants to get a purple T-shirt for that purpose and is nearly wearing me thin talking about it, so I will have to be sure to find her one ASAP – and get to a fabric store as well.

I did get some Hanna Andersson dresses and tights and leggings and socks and clogs, this week, for DD. Every thing like that has “Blossoming Pink” in it. Also got another skirt and blouse that are not “pink” at all. So a custom made T-Shirt dress that has a purple top will have to have NO PINK in the skirt at all, IMO. In any case, the HA stuff is really nice, a good base for getting more things to mix and match with, every day wear. The blouse I got is has a peter pan collar and buttons up the front. It’s white Pima interlock cotton, long sleeves, very fine yet not “too fine” and will go well under the winter jumpers she has (I bought them a couple of years ago, big on purpose to have later, and later is now!)

We got the boys a few new things from Osh Kosh this past week, as well. Jeans and shirts. The baby too, as well as Carters for the baby. All three of the boys have shirts from Osh Kosh that match each other. A is 7 years old and I have determined (since last year) that he actually looks great in Orange, so he has an orange plaid flannel shirt, R is 11 years old, he and Baby Q both are blonde haired with blue eyes and have fair blue-toned skin and look awesome in blue, so they have the same dark blue plaid flannel shirt as each other, in respective sizes, R has 12 and Baby Q has 6m πŸ™‚ All three have neat Osh Kosh jeans too, so I hope to get a nice Brothers photo with them wearing all that stuff, very soon.

I haven’t uploaded any baby pictures to the web still, as I haven’t yet gotten those announcements sent out :veryshocked: I’m appalled at myself for this. I have finally determined that I like one photo I have from September, right after Baby Q turned 3 months old, which I like enough to duplicate, so I’ll use that one, or maybe take something in the next couple of days that will be good enough, and more recent … and have wallet or some other small-ish size photos printed out at a shop, to include with the announcements. I really, really, really intend to get this done THIS COMING WEEK!!! I hope I can do so.

So with all that pressure, needing to get some sort of warmer clothing figured out for me, get the right clothing ready for the children, and get the announcements mailed, and plan Thanksgiving and V’s 9th Birthday, plus wishing to really start sewing parts of us girl’s wardrobe, and bake for the holidays and get things ready for Christmas, which hopefully will be a Christmas Card that will get mailed this year (for the first time in many) … pressure … it’s heavy, tight, pressing down.

On a good note though, I have a more comfortable bed now: we got a topper for the mattress at Costco this week. It’s a micro filled top with something like 3 inches of memory foam beneath that. It was a pain to open and unfold … the foam was vacuum sealed into a tiny (for it) package. Literally the hardest work I’ve done all week, or in many, many, months. That is on the mattress and I have a waterproof/allergy cover over that (it goes around the whole mattress, zips up to keep all ickies out of the bed) then a thin mattress cover and the sheets. The next thing I want then is a memory foam pillow (with an allergy cover sealing it) as the memory foam is a dream to be on, no pressure points. Lovely to sit up in bed and feed the baby now, just need to get the pillow situation fixed to complete the comfort. Sleeping is nice too, no need to shift around finding a comfy way to be, I mean, just choose what direction to lay in, and if it’s the way you want to be, it’s comfy now.

A second good note: I now have a chair in the “dining room/living area” next to the kitchen. The couch was moved downstairs and I was without a nice place to be with the baby (not liking the “basement” as it is currently) and wanting to be on the main level with the baby mostly anyhow.

So I now have an Ektorp chair and a Bromma foot stool, with white covers. From IKEA, for those not familiar with those product names. Our couch is an Ektorp Corner sofa 2+2. (corner seat with 2 seats on each side, a couch with 5 seat cushions that can hold up to 6 people if you don’t mind sitting right by someone, not bad for visiting, just annoying for basic TV watching, reading, with children, everyone wanting lounging space.)

What is so great about that IKEA Ektorp line? The styling is classically beautiful, in my mind’s eye, and the outside of the couches and chairs are slipcovers entirely, so it’s easy to get a clean couch when needed or wanted. Unzip all the cushions and take the cover off of the frame, into the washer, then drier, then back onto the frame and cushions. It’s work, but worth it. The chair is even easier since it’s just a chair, compared to the corner 2+2 couch. Not only that though, the next best thing is: extra slip covers. The white is cheap, $29 to get an extra set. Other colors start at $79 and go up. The couch, we can get a color we like for $199,a complete new set of slipcovers, making the couch so versatile, brand new-like when wanted. We only have one set of slipcovers for the couch and also the chair right now, but will be getting extra’s sometime sooner than later, I hope. I also want to get an Ektorp Loveseat, which has a really cheap white slipcover set, just $11 … FWIW

To have all this furniture it will be separated in the house we live in now, but I hope to have a house with a very large family room someday …

For now though, I’m more comfy in the main living area again. A place to rest, feed the baby day or night other than in bed, watch TV, read, or even nap … a nice chair that is Mama’s and no one else may sit in it unless I say they may, which is no one. πŸ™‚

Things about September

It’s September now, my oh my, time sure as flied.

Baby Q is 2+ months old and getting cuter and cuter, of course. He’s getting longer and fatter — smiles a lot, and laughs. He’s very active — very strong. He holds his head up, just isn’t a pro at it yet, but his daily strength conditioning exercises are working out well for that and his legs and arms. πŸ™‚ He’s able to push himself here and there while on his back, nearly able to turn over at times, it won’t be too far down the road for that.

We had been traveling a lot, and finally are home for a time. Baseball (MiLB) was our August pastime which took much of our IRL time. We saw games in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina. 3 different leagues — The International League, Florida State League, and The South Atlantic League.  We mostly combined that traveling with hubbies work travel needs.

The MLB season is getting nearer to the end, while the MiLB (minor league teams) regular season is now over and in playoffs — we have thought of trying to see a playoff game in Augusta, but don’t know if we will. We do watch our favorite MLB teams on TV and PC and are happy to see our favorites each (Him – Det. ; Her – NYY) doing well as can be, still “in it” but not “on top” — yet. NYY is the leading AL-Wild Card of late, though πŸ™‚ The last two games have been fun to see, with Seattle falling apart in the 7th. They are the team to keep down on both sides of the AL-Wild Card game … NYY is on top of them and Det. is right below them. NYY took 2 of 3 this week. Det. took CSW last night in extra innings, which hubby is happy about. They have one more game in the series today — NYY is off today. Det. starts a series with Seattle on Friday. So I am rooting for Det. in that case, but don’t want them getting too rowdy less they try to really take over the AL-Wild Card. Things are possible for Det. to take the AL-Central Division — and for NYY to take the AL-Eastern Division — but it’s not a sure thing, and since NYY is on top of the AL-Wild Card it’s just important to me that they stay on top of that while trying to rise up to the top of the AL-Eastern Division. Of course, hubby wishes for Det. to do that in the AL-Central Division. :shocked:  πŸ˜‰

Little niceties: Boston lost last night, while NYY and Det. both won. And Joba Chamberlain got his first W in the majors with that NYY win (with the Yanks taking the lead in the bottom of 7th while Joba was the pitcher of record, having pitched a 1-2-3 top of the 7th relief session.)  πŸ™‚ A-rod got two homeruns in the 7th as well. Yup, they batted around and he led off with a single homerun and then had a 2-RBI homerun near the end of the inning. Fun stuff to watch the MVP of the AL *the Should Be MVP* that is.


7 years ago today I was about 3 days “overdue” with baby #3 — and had another week to go, though I didn’t know it then. So that means my “baby” — who had that status his whole life, until just recently –  will be 7 years old in a week. He was my 1st homebirth baby, something that was so wonderful. He was a great baby, easy, and turned into a tornado, being very extroverted, while my first two are introverts (which doesn’t mean they aren’t “tornatic” themselves, just not “most of the time” like their little brother is.)

I never imagined back then, 7 years ago, that I’d have a newborn in the house 7 years later. Not that I didn’t think I’d have no more children, I have always thought I’d have more than 3, but letting it happen in God’s timing, it just didn’t happen until much later than earlier.

The years in-between were somewhat hard, with getting pregnant finally after 4 years, then losing that baby very soon after finding out. After that it was harder, not knowing what would happen, and feeling the loss deeply, so the joy of finding myself expecting not long after I turned 40 was so lovely. πŸ™‚

So, I have a little baby to take care of while I have a child’s birthday party to plan … it’s been a llloooooooonnnnngggg time since that was the case. I also STILL have to create the baby’s birth announcement :blush:

I didn’t get that annoucement made in the first month, and knew it’d be hard, so I didn’t do it, but also knew I’d be traveling to FL just after the first month of the baby being born, for a wedding, and figured I’d get the annoucement made after that. BUT … we have ended up doing more and more traveling since then, the work/baseball travel … and I’ve not been home long enough to do anything with it, though I could have gotten it some or mostly done if I’d wanted to I bet, but I haven’t wanted to, not having a clue what picture I want to use and how to use the cards I got for the announcements (blank to print/stamp/scrap onto.) I had ideas, but since getting the supplies I needed haven’t liked what I got to make what I thought of … having changed the ideas around and just phooey-ing the whole thing hoping to get “inspired” by something all of the sudden, and waiting and waiting … so today it’s bugging me more than ever, and waiting must end and I HAVE to force spontaneous creativity today. –eewwww.

Summer ends this month. I’ve got to get that announcement done this month. My previous baby turns 7 this month. I’ve got to get stuff done for that really soon. And there is just so much more about this month and the time is flying. :shocked:

A/C of August (problem solved)

We were in Florida last week, got home on Saturday, and walked into a very, very, very hot house. We knew while we were away that the temperatures had gone insane at home … but inside the house they shouldn’t have, we did leave the A/C on –in the mid-to-high-70’s — but it was so hot that the thermostat couldn’t register the temperature (it’s highest temperature showing on the dial is 90 F. It’s a mercury thermostat.)

Outside it was over 100 degrees f. and inside it felt hotter than that, fwiw.

The A/C just wasn’t working right, so similar to what it was like a few years ago when we had problems with it in another HOT August and eventually abandoned using it in September when I had bad allergies … we had turned it off in August, there was ice in the pipes and once it melted the system worked fine again … but I connected my allergies to the A/C system in September of that year, and when we turned it off my symptoms reduced massively

We didn’t have A/C the next year, and the year after that we got window units for the kitchen and master bedroom and then later a smaller one for the “basement” area. Those 2 and then 3 cooled sufficiently, while being fairly costly, but worth it. The year without A/C was tough, just the Summer, mind you. The next year, which was last year –2006 we used the window units again, but I was tired of using them, the noise being so high, and the blocking of light to much — so I turned the A/C Sytem on and it worked, and I wasn’t getting “ill” from it, so we stopped using the window units and that was fine.

This year, 2007 we have used the A/C fine until now, this heat wave is when it decided to stop working fine and to freeze up again.

We haven’t had it looked at by a professional ever, though we *should* but it’s just too much to consider paying for, as long as we can get it keep running as much as we need until something breaks entirely, or we have the funds to upgrade everything. The whole house can’t be A/C’d or Heated with the system, we have a 3-level house with one small system. Two major rooms downstairs are not even connected to it. Anyhow, we know we need to upgrade everything and will have to do that “when we can” whenever that is. So for now, it just has to work the way it is.

So in the case of the non-correctly-working-A/C recently, I was looking at it outside, and playing with the thermostat to turn it on and off and such, and it seemed that it was iced up somewhere but I never saw any ice, just more water than is normal to be coming down the pipe out there, and under the outside unit as well.

All evening it didn’t work right, just blase cool-ish air, but not A/C’d air really. DH and I decided to put the window unit in the kitchen earlier, just because it was so hot, so very hot and we had to get the house cooler.

Also, earlier I did know we needed to change the filter, and had known it for a couple of weeks. It gets dirty fairly fast in our house. It’s just a matter of buying new one and someone climbing up to the ceiling in the hallway to get out the old one and put in the new one (not horrible, but bad enough and can barely be done by me, and easier done by my DH, but our 11 year old is too small to do it still.) When DH finally got a filter that very day we returned, he took the old one out, and the date I had written on it was May 31. Whoops! We really need to change them out at 1 month — no wonder it was so dirty.

Having a baby threw everything like that for a loop. :blushing:

So the majority of the time I was fussing with the system, there was a new filter in. The window unit cooled the main floor of the house decently, but upstairs was still so very, very warm. The next day was Sunday, and I fooled with the system some more, with out it working to produce “cold” air … but then I thought it wasn’t as warm as it had been all day and had the system on that night, just to do the little it could … and during the night I had to pull the covers up on me, when I hadn’t used them at all due to the warmth in the house at bedtime … so later I got up and checked the thermostat and it was going down in temperature, yay! I went to the kitchen window unit and turned it off and went back to bed. In the morning it was nice in the kitchen still and pretty cold upstairs (upstairs is cold and the main floor just cool enough, traditionally with this system.)

Ever since then it runs nice and cold despite the raging temperatures and humidity outside, like yesterday it was 99 at one point with a “feels like” of 105 degrees. You’d never know it from inside the house.

So this time, the dirty filter had something to do with the system warm-up … maybe there is something else “wrong” that needs fixed, but for now it’s as cold as ever, and working. I’ll hopefully be sure to get that filter changed before it’s too far gone (dirty) this next time. By then the temperatures outside should be getting cooler, and it won’t be long before A/C can go off until Spring ramp-up of temperture and humidity. We still have hot temperatures to get through for the next few weeks, and beyond that still, but it’s most likely to be a lesser need for A/C and that is that.

Time flies — didn’t Summer just begin? Ah, it’s not over yet, but is going fast.

Baby Q is doing great, 7 weeks old, turning 8 weeks tomorrow. See, it is going fast! His birthday was just a few days after the official Summer Solstice. Speaking of Baby Q, I’m overdue in feeding him, so I’ve got to close this post. I’ll just post it, and post again later with the other things I was going to write about. That’s fine anyhow, as this post is LONG ENOUGH already! πŸ™‚ It’s better to split up topics and put them into their own posts, after all. KWIM πŸ˜‰

Baby Q – 6 wks old

Baby Q turned 6 weeks this past Saturday. Today, Tuesday, Aug. 7th, we saw a Ped. for the first time, and all seems fine, as we knew it was. We don’t immu. and that Ped. is OK with it and also with homebirth, and knows we’ll look him up on occassion as needed and that’s alright.

We are going to FL again … don’t know if the baseball game attendance I talked about in the last post will occur for us, probably won’t work out this time … but we’ll do something around the SE sooner than later, as there is only a couple of months left in the season.

It’s been really HOT lately, the house can’t handle it at all, it’s cooler in here than out there — sure, but out there it’s in the high 90’s at the least, just actual temperature, not factoring in the humidity or “how hot it is when the sun is blazingly hitting the side of the house” or in ‘full view’ standing out in it. Ugh. FL is worse though, with the sub-tropical thickness of the humidity and temperatures, it’s worse, to me, with the same readings as anywhere more Northern.

We set the A/C really low and it still is in the high 70’s at best in the house all afternoon, and it takes all night to cool down closer to 70 degrees … by morning, and then it all starts all over again … July in NE GA was so nice, August has been a bear to deal with.

We have had rain of late, some nice homegrown thunderstorms with lots of rain in them, and a couple of trees that weren’t looking so good since that April 2007 late freeze are looking better now. Case in point is the Crepe Myrtle we planted in early Spring, it was coming along, growing with the wonderful Spring we were having, then that Freeze hit and all the leaves and growth was turned to black mush. I ended up having to cut it back and we waited for lovely growth again, but had only some leaves come out and the “growth” we expected just sat there and barely started just “sat there” atrophy-ing-ish, and the leaves that were out seemed lax and so tired, in spite of the decent watering we had given it and starter and all that. So with the last couple of weeks, the rain increased and one good storm last week VOOM! the leaves all perked up green and perky and now the “growth” has finely begun, and I hope it continues, it’s the most promising it’s been since early Spring when it first came alive after planting/winter.

That’s it for now. I hope all goes well for the landscape this week and looks great when we return. πŸ™‚

Baby Q 5 weeks and baseball

Baby Q is 5 weeks old now (going on 6 in a couple of days. ) Everything is going good thus far. I still don’t have any photo’s of the baby online. I know, I know, everyone wants to see him!

I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do about a birth announcement (I create my own — not for my 1st baby, but ever since, yes.) I have things I am going to use, but have to experiment with the printer we now have, and also decide between a few other ideas once I have the printer end figured out. I’m kind of “old fashioned” about this, I want to show him to family and friends with a memorable thing that can be held, saved, put in a scrapbook or box for the future. THEN I’ll upload photos to Flickr and then post them here, there, where ever.

We went on our first “trip” since Baby Q was born, just this past week. Our nephew (my hubby’s) got married this past weekend, in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. So we drove down on Thursday and came home on Sunday. It turned out alright, the wedding events were great, the trip itself alright, but overall a bit more than desired stressful on me/baby. It is good to be home, but Hubby went out-of-town Tues thru tonight, so that homecoming turned out to be restful yet not at all. If that makes much sense.

Hubby needs to go to Florida off and on for his work, and needs to go back to where we just were for the wedding last weekend … this next week. We are toying with having us all go with him, and try to get to see some baseball, Minor League most likely (we like Minor League B-Ball and the pricing is in our ballpark as well, needing 5 seats for the family the past few years … not that we don’t like Major League, we sure do … do the math though.)

So if we can go, we’ll find a team in the west coast of Florida area. It’ll be Baby Q’s first baseball game attendance. If not, we’ll find a team around where we live sooner than later. There is Major League in Atlanta, but I don’t like the Braves really, and don’t particularly like the NL. I am an AL liker. I also really do like Minor League ball, and we enjoy collecting hats and stuff, though we haven’t done that much over the years, mostly not, mind you, but would if we could. Anyhow, last year we did get to a game in Charleston, SC and one in Seiverville, TN. The team in Charleston is the River Dogs, and they are a Single-A Yankee’s affiliate. The TN team is the Smokies … I don’t recall their current affiliation, they are Single-A as well, I think. The teams around here are in “The Southern League” of the Minors.

Years ago in South Florida me and my now hubby used to attend Ft. Lauderdale Yankees games frequently, before we were married. In the beginning of June it was 15 years since he asked me to marry him, right before we went to a game. He was going to do it there, but got excited and asked me in the car in the driveway of my parents house instead.

That was Single-A ball. There is no Minor League team there any more. Those were the days when NYY (Major League) Spring Training was held there in Ft. Lauderdale.

So then, where we are now there is nothing very close, but a grand amount of teams a few or more hours of driving away. So plans must be made to attend, last minute isn’t very doable, unfortunately.

My birthday was on the 18th of July, and my hubby finally got me what I’ve wanted for years, a fine wool fitted NY Yankees cap. πŸ™‚ I have “always” been a Yankee fan, something I got from my Daddy, though he wasn’t a die hard fan, but liked them. He wasn’t a sports guy, liked baseball and mostly that was all. I am also mostly just baseball friendly, but do like watching Golf, and can tolerate SOME football, but grow weary of it fast, and don’t like that other B-ball game which I won’t mention. I’m not very sports inclined, except for baseball though, it’s my first and only love in “sports” of that nature.

My main idea of “sports” is what one does in nature, climbing, hiking, boating, running, etc. for fun mostly. Organized sports are not kindly considered by me. Baseball somehow doesn’t suffer that fate in my mind. Anyhow, we hope to get some good baseball game viewing in person done before the season is over, now that baby is here and older. I just need to get him a Yankees cap and outfit to wear. πŸ™‚

So along those lines, the Yankees are doing well, and I’m enjoying watching them on TV most every game that I can. We have DirecTV and the MLB EXTRA INNINGS and the Sports channels upgrade … so I can watch Yankee away games on the MLB channels and home games on YES Network … also hubby has an MLB.com subscription, so we can watch games on the computer via the internet if they aren’t on TV for some reason, but aren’t “blacked out” … or if they are blacked out we can listen to the audio online, leastwise.

Right now there is a game on YES network, an afternoon game. It’s not really good right now, Top of the 2nd and CHW has 6 runs and 2 on, and just got another hit and those 2 on came in, so there’s 1 on now … on 2 outs … pooh. 8 to 0. Ah, well, Yankees have been hitting up a storm of late, and hopefully we’ll have some good bats in the bottom of the next several innings to make up for this horrible Top of 2nd, poor Clemens.

Well I’ve not paid such good attention to this game while posting this, and now Clemens has been pulled from the game. Whoa. Mike Meyers is in, and so I now will just watch the game and close this post.

One of these days I’ll get a Baby Announcement created and then have the freedom to post pictures. My Baby Q is really cute and getting cuter. He wasn’t so cute for awhile, with some skin condition, but it’s cleared up enough for him not to look so icky now. Phew!

Autumn is truly here

I got an audio book from Audible today, for the Autumn season … it’s not a “Halloween” thing, we “don’t do halloween”. It’s a spooky audio book though.

The cool weather has finally arrived. It was unseasonably warm (really hot) just the other week, and the last four or five days has been heavenly. Tonight we have frost advisories out and just to the north in the more mountainous areas there are freeze warnings.

I find that I have come alive now that Autumn is here in truth and spirit. Summer is nice (when in A/C), but it puts me in doldrum mode moreso than not overall, dulled senses. Autumn means I can wear boots and heavier skirts and I LIKE that, for some reason, though I am a very sensitive person to too many layers, itchy seams, bulky seams, ick ugh gooky yuk.

In this vein I like cashmere, thin soft sweaters made of cashmere are so ultra lightweight and oh so very warm.

Silk mixed with cotton or cashmere or wool makes for a nice garment. In the south the cotton mix is alright for some things, but you Northern-Clime folks, don’t do cotton. Due wool and silk.

Pure silk is pure heaven. Silk dresses, skirts, hosiery, underthings, blouses. Ah, so sweet and warming, light and soft and silky. I have a few silk things, not quite what I deem as what I really need though. The few things are better than none though.

Wool can be itchy, so silk underneath and wool overtop are nice mates.

So in summer-time lighter clothing can be worn, barefoot-ness in the house and yard is nice, but I don’t like the overall heat of the days, and the whole thing gets old after awhile. The cold of Autumn and Winter can be drudgery when it comes to putting on the clothes needed to outdoors, and to keep warm in a colder house if you have one (as we do). But it’s aliveness, it’s senses undulled, not dulled at all, so very brimming with life and energy. It’s the intellect sparking. That’s what it is. That’s why I like the colder weather so much, I guess. It IS because I like the cool, I respond well to it, but it’s the underlying how real do I feel, the real me, my mind … Ah yes, the cold is my friend, it aides the real me in appearing.

As long as the conditions are right.

What can dull me during winter … buildings with artificial heat. Like at church. In some stores. In some peoples cars. In some peoples houses.

What happens to me is: my sinuses close up, gooky or dry and I can’t barely breath, all the while that is happening I yawn and start getting sleepier and sleepier and sleepier … it’s my mind, it sinks far away into the depths of the folds of oblivion. lolling tongue feeling.

Give me the freezing air, let me wear the light warm clothing to keep my body warm enough and give me that cool to cold air to breathe… it is full of life, and the heated air feels nearly depleted of oxygen.

Falsely cooled (A/C) buildings seem devoid of air unless the system is moving air all of the time.

What it feels to me like is slow suffocation.

I have no such problem with my house in the winter. In the old days we had a heat pump and it couldn’t keep our house warm … good job it did. It’s a gentler heat and less stuffy even if it does warm up the house, but it’s still better all around for the air to be natural as possible … we don’t use that now, it broke. The fireplace we use, it makes a nice heat that is natural and doesn’t fill up even one room, but takes the edge of cold off nicely. The air is full of breathability. πŸ™‚ With the heatpump we used the fireplace before, so the heatpump not being used is only the corners of the house that are left without help … and an electric space heater here and there help out when it worse out (like the days of low 30’s or 20’s and no sun for days and day [2 or more]). I like it when it snows or ices over. Everything stops and it gets warmer in the house. I mean, there’s no going anywhere, no one out there moving about, and the house gets warmer from the insulation of the whole region from snow or ice.

We live in Georgia, so it’s not a whole season of snow and ice, but fits and starts of it, then it goes away and mild cold days reign again, till another ice storm comes. We get cold weather in October sometimes, but mostly it awaits November, and we sometimes get some flurries or snow before the end of the year. It’s usually January though, mid or later, when the weather gets seriously icy or snowy. Last year it wasn’t until February. Overall last year was a very mild winter for us.

I’m just thrilled that the weather has changed finally. The trees that still have leaves (some dropped them or part of them in September, curiously) are beginning to really start to show colours changing. Peak colour is usually mid-November. Right on schedule now.

My hens are mostly all molting again. They were laying great just a few weeks ago, then suddenly dropped to only one hen laying, then she quit after a week or so of solo laying. Then about a week ago Hawklady started to lay every other day and a few days in a row as well, with nothing today, but yesterday and the day before, yes. (she’s still in her own little overturned basket area.)

The Leghorns have a flood of white fluff in their pen. The other hens have a sea of mostly black and a little bit of brown fluff all about them (Autralorps and Golden-laced Wyandottes)

I still want to get a pen made for just the Wyandottes and Hawklady, that’d be three of them. It seems nice to segregate them, they tend towards self looking behaviour. Really they do, in my backyard at least.

So it’s colder time and the Leghorns are now sleeping in their laying box, you can tell from all the feather and poop in their every morning. No more eggs being layed, so go for it ladies. Seven of them crammed in that there box.

So then, this weather, it’s bright and fluffy stuff, envigoration-ating. So what nice when it gets cooler, and darker sooner, but some good old-fashion spooky reading … and nothing like hearing it read to you.

This is the audio book I got today: Great Classic Hauntings: Edgar Allan Poe, Washington Irving, Robert Louis Stevenson and a couple more.

They are having a sale there on Audible.com, 50% off of many books, not all, just many. Each on-sale item has an orange pumpkin next to it. The book I got was a lower priced book and exactly what I had in mind to get, a selection of something, including Poe, but not limited to him, though I’m interested in getting more Poe-only audio books in the future.

So the days are less light, well, very light and bright indeed, but less of it time-wise. This next weekend is when the clocks change for us from EDT to EST. Then it’ll be darker earlier in the evening. It has seemed like the last month the light has gone noticeably earlier, so that the time change will make it shockingly earlier. It’s mostly the lack of light we have in the house due to removing our deck French doors this year. It darkened things up intensely. We had a window A/C unit in over the sink and just took that out today, so now we have a smidgen more light in here again. (House back faces South) It’ll be interesting to see how it feels, light-wise, in here after a few more days of a window view there again, before the Fall Backwards-ness of time on Sunday early AM.

Hot Hennie Update

Our hennies egg production has picked up a bit the last few weeks. I have tried to keep them in order, get counts to put up here and all that, but … last week and over the weekend I’ve not been my best, so some things slide. FWIW.

The biggest thing to note though is that I took HawkLady out of the A=Frame the other week, put her under a metal basket that is supposed to go into a shelf thing for a panry sort of setup, but it’s a cheap thing and the basket is strong and not useable in the pantry thing, why not use it?

Upside-down it works to contain one hen. Not wing-flappy-able, but alright. I put HawkLady under it with a small former-catfood-can for water. I took her out since she hadn’t been laying much and had dropped off totally and was loosing more and more feathers. She has had a minny-molt going on for some time, in other words. She looked better after a few days in the new space. She got new grass every day at least once and looking at her today I saw her looking so much better, feathered out nicely for the first time in … and later the boys came running in to tell us that there was a green egg in her little pen. Ah, yes! There was! A beautiful green egg. Sigh.

There’s another that needs the same treatment, she is a Wyandotte, Pointsettia, and has lost a lot of feathers on her back. It’s not nice to see, and not nice for her, a big red target to the other hens in the pen with her. Peck, peck, peck.

That’s what Hawklady went through and it wasn’t that bad, just some days, and with something to do, it works to do it. So I have another basket I can use.

What I want to do then is to get a little pen built to hold the Wyandottes and HawkLady alone. It’ll be easier getting them together in a small pen, rather than getting them back into the A-Frame with the big girls, the Australorps.

The Australorps are laying something most days, up to 5 brown eggs a day, more like 2 most days though. So it’s an every other day sort of thing. The “up to 5” included the Wyandottes, of course, seeing as we have 4 Australorps, not more. πŸ™‚

The Leghorns are laying about 50-75% every day now. That’s really good for old women like them. We aren’t sure what to do with them, we’ll get them a light soon and see how to keep them laying over winter and maybe then when they quit we’ll do the deed.

I want some new pullets. I’ve wanted new ones. I’d be happy with more Australorps, or Golden-Laced Wyandottes. I love them both. My Australorps are so sweet, they remind me of an older sweet cat, in general. We shall see what we can do.

It’s been Summer again, very hot lately. It was Autumn-like then, bam! here comes Summer again. The 15-day outlook is pretty hot still. In any case, our Cherry trees have lost most all their leaves already, and our October Glory has a lot of changed leaves, and lost leaves already. This is early for both of these types. I’ve seen other Cherry tree types without leaves too, when driving around the last couple of weeks. It was the end of August when it started for them, and sortly after for the October Glory Maple.

I’ll get some pictures I just took of the trees on here soon.

Praying Mantis

Last week Russell called me from the backyard to come out and see something. He saw a Praying Mantis, he said, and wanted me to see it and verify it, basically.

So out I trudged and sure enough, on the blue fabric roof (Sunbrella fabric) of their play structure there sat a fairly large brown Praying Mantis.

I hadn’t seen one since I was a child. So I took pictures of it the best I could, but didn’t get any good shots, though I don’t know for certain, I haven’t looked at them on the computer yet, they are still in my camera. I just know I didn’t get at an angle to get a good close-up, he was up on the roof and not in a position for me to get in front of him well. I say “him” not knowing if it was a male mantid.

Two nights ago I noticed that on the front porch, up near the ceiling there was a Praying Mantis on the facing board. We have Daddy Longleg spiders up in the corners, not on purpose, they are just there. There were other bugs flying around, it was dark out and the porch light was on. One little beatle seemed to be the mantid’s preying attention. The molding at the corner of the face board and ceiling seem to be something the mantid couldn’t get over … but I thought that a feign in actuality, and within a few minutes the mantid proved that to be true.

The children and I were watching through the side-light window, by the door. The beatle was running here and there on the ceiling, and came closer … and suddenly the mantid began moving forward again, but faster than it had moved before in it’s feigning movements … and it struck out so fast it was wild, exciting, we all yelled out in glee … it was awesome to watch like that.

Yesterday morning I went out onto the porch and didn’t see the Praying Mantis anywhere, not that he wasn’t there, of course.

Last night I went out and looked, but didn’t notice him out at all. Not that he wasn’t there, of course.

This morning I was up around 5:30 am, and turned the porch light on sometime around 6am, it was still dark. I noticed that the Praying Mantis WAS there, sitting on the back of the glass single hummingbird feeder. The birds weren’t out yet, it was still before sun-up.

I decided to then go onto my computer and look up the insect for info. I did, looked at a few things and then didn’t look at all I’d turned up on the first search page, but went and did some things. The sun was then starting to come up, faint light appeared in the distant sky edges, the black of night had lifted to a gray growing light. I saw that there was a Hummingbird sitting on the end of a bamboo pole the children had stuck into the porch railing. She took off into the October Glory Maple in the front yard, then came back and hovered in the air, and flew away again. I went outside and stood there quite still. The hummer came back and did the same thing. Hovered, but wouldn’t drink as she seemed to want to do.

I went back to my computer and opened a few more pages and nearly freaked when I found this page.

So I got Frank to go look at the Praying Mantis at that point, and told him about it all. He grabbed something to try and move the mantid off the feeder, and it only made the mantid move closer to the end of the feeder. A hummer was around still, and wouldn’t go to the feeder still, I think it knew something was dangerous there.

Frank then got something else and managed to get it off and into the stuff down on the ground, at least. The feeder was freed of Mantis Preying … and not long after a female Ruby-throated Hummingbird came and ate, and has been coming to and fro to eat ever since. But not before the Praying Mantis was knocked off the feeder.

I don’t know for certain that the Praying Mantis was planning on eating a hummer, but it’s very possible, and I wouldn’t want that happening on my front porch. I’ve had feeders up for several years and never saw a Mantis around and I’m glad I looked on the web when I did.

If the Mantis shows up again I may get a jar habitat set-up for it and capture it for the children to study and feed it bugs and all that.

“To find adults, look on flowering plants and at porch lights in August through late September. Adult males will often fly to porch lights in the late fall.”

That quoted link just above comes from an Arizona site, but it seems applicable to Georgia, at least in the situation we have/had it’s true that it’s September and we have a porch light that is on at night often and was on when the Praying Mantis showed up on the porch.


I’m paying closer attention to Ophelia now, tropical storm whom may become a Hurricane soon. It’s interesting to watch her grow and consider her movements.

I guess people in general are dismayed at another hurricane possibly hitting Florida or going into the Gulf. From God’s perspective I can see that He is in control and knows His Purpose is for His Glorification. Storms show the power that He has. The Bible is clear about that.

N. O. was drowned by Katrina, are they on their knees before God now? Doesn’t seem so. Ophelia is in the wings, will she come on stage, and what will be her acting if she does? God knows. We wait to see. We pray for those who don’t know God to consider His ways and kneel before Him. We pray for the safety of His Chosen, and that His Will is Done, that people will see God and His Truth through these times of trouble.

UPATE [Sept. 12, 2005 10:49 am]: It’s interesting to note that Ophelia has waffled in and out of hurricane status all weekend and continues to slowly drift up the out coast of the US, now off the Carolina’s … mainly stationary though, threatening, always threatening, and not coming ashore really. God is powerful, will the people in these locals actually consider God and His Ways, as Ophelia seemingly just sits there, mocking them all?

They do need the rain there, on the Carolina coast, and the Georgia coast, they are all down 5 or more inches of rain deficit. They are dependent on tropical systems for replenishment to rivers, creeks, lakes … TWC people talked about this over the weekend on TV. It was notable that they mentioned it, the people in the Carolina’s don’t want a storm coming ashore, but they desperately do need the rain, so it would be better overall if the storm did come in, though no one wishes for damage from the storm.

This has been my position of note for many, many years, since moving to Florida when I was 13, I quickly came to realize the importance of tropical storms coming to Florida, for the needed rains to support lake waters, and The Everglades. With populations growing along the coast, and spreading further and further West into the Everglades, wishes were for no storms to come, to hurtful to the beaches, people’s homes, etc. Selfish materialism. Draining of swamps to make way for communities has damaged the environment, I think, to some small degree at the least. Dry conditions over the entire South US have been a problematic thing for the last decade, further back than that, no doubt, but mainly a large problem this past decade. We in the interior regions of The South are out of droughts, thanks to the storms of the past couple of years. But coastal regions are in need now. I pray that people will heed the warnings, evacuate, leave their stuff and save their lives. Allow the storm to come ashore, the moisture is needed. Without it you suffer droughts of heavier proportions. A tropical storm or minimal hurricane are beneficial. Things can be repaired. My biggest beef about it is the governmental monies rebuilding storm surge swept away buildings. People should live there if they can afford to rebuild themselves. But that’s such an archaic thought, isn’t it? :veryshocked:

My Iris Plants

I planted some variety of Iris a few years ago, a darkish colored bloom, but it hasn’t ever successfully bloomed. In the past years it has started to form blossom(s) in the Autumn and “first frost” kills it/them off before they open. From what I understood of my Iris plants they should have been “earlier” bloomers than that. Whatever the case, I finally dug them up today and will replant them elsewhere later, if I can get DH to dig out a spot for me in the backyard.

They could have used dividing, the old parts were bulky and new plants were grouped together tightly in a few bunches. I do hope I’ll be able to relocate them well, and that they will be happy and bloom when they should. Of course it’s possible that I got an odd lot of Irises, and they’ll never do what I thought they would do. In the backyard though they’ll get different light, so that’s something which is opposite of what they got in the front yard, where they had been all along.

This will mean that I have to get a decent area ready for landscaping, some place that is wild with weedy grasses right now. I’ll have to maintain it faithfully to keep new grasses from growing into it. We have nothing “landscaped” in the backyard currently. My old herb garden has one remaining German Thyme in it, and it’s surrounded by grass. The other things just caved in and then grass took over. I don’t know why they all caved, but my German Thyme didn’t. I’ll get her out later, and put her with the irises, I guess, to give her a better chance of growth. Grass can be nice, but it can also be a horrid enemy. :veryshocked:

I have another little iris variety in the front that I should relocate with the bigger variety I’m in the middle of doing such with. That means going back out where the sun is shining hotly. It’s middle-afternoon, so I’ll wait until later.

The day is actually quite nice. Rather mild air, just hot in the actual streaming sunlight if you stand or sit in it a few minutes or longer. The air is autumn dry, harkening our memories to such days in past years … a promise of milder days and nights to come.

Current temperature is supposedly 79 degrees F. with 44% Humidity, a feels-like temp of 81 F. I think it actually feels nicer than that personally, and it’s possible it is cooler than that in our front sunny yard. It seems so since I am particularly sensitive towards warmer scenarios … it feels more like 75 degrees F. to me πŸ™‚

Labor Day, work!

It’s Labor Day in the US today. That’s a holiday. It’s supposedly the day to “take off” meaning: “no labor”. In my mind I do recall days when I was young that were “picnic” oriented Labor Day occassions.

In my adult years it’s this though: Work.

There’s always something to do in the house. Projects galore. This is similar to how “New Years Day” is for me, with one exception, no major football junk going on, as far as I know. It’s not that there are no games on, but DH isn’t communicating such things to me … he’s busy doing stuff, so it must mean they aren’t on. In any case, it’s that the New Years time is bowl games, and so it “means more” apparently.

OK. What I mean is both days are these stark stand out days. Blocks of blaring white that say “clean up, pare down, finish, do, do, do” in a way that no other day does. New Years Day is the biggie, Labor Day is like it, but not exactly.

Other people go shopping, go to the lake, go to the beach, go to the mountains, do something “fun” for them.

Work isn’t “fun” for us, per se, but big dedicated days to such is activity and fun in a way. It’s stuff getting cleared out, something fixed up, it’s functional fun and I guess it’s fun for real since we are messies! πŸ™‚

Biblical Christianity and Catastrophes

Bret McAtee has a great post about the New Orleans situation and Biblical Christianity.

If y’all have read my earlier Hurricane Katrina posts, you might know that I have heard the “cess pool” term used in description of New Orleans, physically, on TWC and remarked at how that is a spiritually fitting term, also I have spoken of the temporal situation of this situation and that the soul is what matters here, not the stuff. It all goes to what Bret writes on the Backwater Report.

Note: Bret also has this posted on his site “acidink”.

Katrina’s Tail End

We are still under Tornado Watch and possible flash flood watch … but that seems to be one that affects those more by creeks and rivers, pond, streams, lakes, etc. We don’t have one that close. It’s not that we won’t ever be flooded, but it’s less likely where we are. We have had lots of rain this summer, we are quite filled up, so just a little extra rain can cause low level flooding, soppy yards, etc.

Last night it rained fairly steady and harder for awhile. I had to put towels around the bedroom A/C unit, water was leaking in pretty fast at times. Just the side-ways tropical rain. So often tropical storms around here do there deed at nighttime. Daylight rain was light. The sounds of the rain were light. Darkness fell, bigger storms rolled through and over us and flashed and banged, but little rain more than the light stuff fell. It wasn’t until after 11pm that the bigger rain came.

The yard this morning was wet, soggy but not soppy wet like some of the 2004 storms produced for us. But I will say that this storm, Katrina, afforded us more excitement overall. Little wind. Little rain, but great thunderous flashyness. I am comparing this all to the 2004 storms and how they acted over us. They dumped rain. Very few crackly fireworks if any. Katrina is definitely fiestier, fiesiest. Yes it did rain, indeed it did, but not in comparision to the rains of 2004 hurricane/tropical-degrades.

All the stories coming out of the sticken areas of The South are so sad. There is one that is the saddest. The older black man who lost his wife in the flood waters, their house split apart, they climbed to the roof and she couldn’t hold on, she said something like “I can’t hold on, take care of the children and grandchildren”. They haven’t found her yet. (I haven’t searched the net for this story, I heard it on TWC, interview with the man, Mr. Jackson in Biloxi, MS.)

That’s just one story out there. Cell phones are all out of service, other utilities are out. So information is sketchy to get at. This is an example of what techonology is: sensitive and not anything to be relied upon. :rolleyes:

I heard one TvCaster on TWC refer to New Orleans as “a cesspool” …hmmmm. maybe so, maybe it has been for awhile (please understand I speak of protestant faith issues! and the TWC was speaking to the water issues from broken levees and all the mess going on there.)

Well the weather today is: Clouds that are low and gray to black racing from the sw to the ne sort of. Breezes that are heavier than a “normal” day to light gustiness (which is delightful). The sun is out behind the clouds and peeks through now and then. Ah, that’s the power source for the tropical moisture to flare up into tornadical behaviour.

So the skies lightened at sunrise, and since then get darker, then lighter, darker, darker, lighter, darker … as the last fringes of Katrina stream overhead to the NE.

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