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Cold Day – thinking ahead

On days like today we keep a electric space heater running in the “family room” which is the “basement” just a walkout space, a slab as otherwise known. On the main floor, over a crawlspace, we have to keep a fire going in the “dining room” which is what “is supposed to be the Living Room but we made an actual ‘dining room’ “since it’s too small for an effective ‘family/living room’ though we did use it as that for most of the years we’ve been in this house.

Days like today are the odd ones, most days are more mild in the Winter. It never got above freezing today, in fact didn’t even get withing a few degrees of that special temperature. Add the gusty winds into the mix, and it was in the teens or lower, single digits, all day, as “feels like” temperatures.

I wore socks and long boots, and a knit pant for warmth under my very long big tiered “western” denim skirt (which we got for $20 at some western shop last year … it was a much higher priced item originally), and a thin wool turtleneck longsleeve sweater. I’ve been alright all day like this. Not really cold, just cold hands on and off, but easily fixable. My feet, amazingly, have not gotten cold. πŸ™‚ That’s the deal killer for me. Oft times even wearing boots I do get cold feet.

I’m not complaining about today then!

I went out one time this morning. I put on my long lined raincoat, which is like a Spring Coat, sort of, and felt fine going out to the hens to check on them, etc. I came back inside and realized my face was the only cold thing, it felt like my sinuses were frozen entirely. πŸ™‚ Yes, that cold. Cold enough to do that, but that snippy cold didn’t feel so cold otherwise. Kind of like, very cold is like that. Dress for it and it only affects your nose and sinuses if left unprotected.

So even that though didn’t make my feet cold. I hate having cold feet. It’s misery of miseries.

Frank was telling me about a radio guy, Steak Shapiro, about when he got cold feet at a football game, as Frank had heard it on the radio today or yesterday or something. It was funny. Kind of like he turns into a totally different person. Yeah, I know about that firsthand, myself! I have the reverse in hot weather. Above 75 and I melt fast and become a totally different person.

So it’s important to have warm feet. Sometime in the last week or so there was a “cold” day and my feet got really cold. I had to go get in bed for a long time. Even then, they didn’t get warm enough. So finally Frank took us out to Barnes and Noble to read and be warm for the evening. I had to get my feet warm first though. If I have cold feet in shoes, then the shoes HURT horribly. Frank says he doesn’t experience that. Hmph. Figures. I do. It feels like any shoe I put on is pinching my toes, too tight, even if they aren’t, which none of my shoes really do anyway.

I had to fill the tub with hot water and soak my feet before getting ready to leave. I could have done that before, but really, having cold feet turns off your mind as to all the possible ways to get out of that predicament. Only the “lets go out” speech from hubby turned out that answer in my brain. Oh yeah, soak them!

Ah, it was so nice. It took awhile to get them there, but eventually they were warm. I dried them off and hopped in bed again to be sure to keep them warm for a bit, then put on socks under the covers and my boots. That did it. I was fine.

It’s funny how cold feet get. Just that once they are cold, they are cold. It’s a horrible cycle. In the summer my feet can’t get too hot. Only my neck and head can. It’s really my neck, the thermostat at the base of the head in the back. It’s the place that regulates temps. So that place though doesn’t make my feet warm in the Winter. Funny how it is. Cold feet make me nuts. Shut me down. But it doesn’t mean my whole body is cold. Just my feet is enough.

In the Hot Summer, it’s my neck that has to be fooled into being cooler to not freak my body out. If I can’t have ice or a cold bag or can of something on there, I go wacko, get mean easy, etc. My cold feet thing is that I can get mean easy, but it’s more or less that I can’t handle stress as easy, and I can’t function right. In Summer I can handle NO stress at all. It’s like I live for cool evening breezes, and on some days, there are none of those.

So here I sit in a chilly house, fine and warm, next to a fireplace fire, and I’m thinking of the miseries of Summer. πŸ™„

I say that cold can be dealt with, there are ways to get warm. But heat cannot always be dealt with. Put clothing on to keep warm, layers, wool, silk. You can have silk and other things on for wearing in the heat, but they don’t KEEP you cool when it’s 80 degrees. They only feel alright on your skin and your brain whigs out from the heat.

So Summer, Air Conditioning is a friend. But became a foe in our home when my allergies went through the roof in 2003. Turned it off and things cleared up. 😯

So since then we’ve lived au’naturel. It’s fine, like today, if we used the air system, it’d be a useless Heat Pump, and that doesn’t work once near freezing, it can’t pull any heat out of the air. So we’ve learned to live in a cooler house during the Winter and it’s mostly fine. Cloudy days are the worst when it’s cooler. What’s cold in this house? Inside, below 50 is cool. 60 is really nice.

Autumn, and Spring, are lovely in a natural air house. Nighttime in the Summer can be grand, but some nights are just stagnant and worse than that. Mostly though, in Georgia, Summer is hot, but nights are cooler, cool enough to be what gets one through the day, just to live for the night. πŸ™‚

Those days are coming. It’s January. It’ll just be another month before some of the Spring flowers begin to come out. Trees will start to swell their buds, and the air will sing with the coming of Spring. That pulse can be felt in January, yes even on such a cold January day. πŸ™‚

We are an Early Spring region. A Long Growing Season region. A very temperate climate. Well, except for Summer. See the lovely year round stuff keeps us Georgians happy to put up with Summer, for the lovely Spring, Wondrous Winter, and Awesome Autumn. Summer is bad and good. Thunderstorms are great. Melting hot days are not. But those nights are worth it. Ceiling fans are useful, but not worth a dime on those hot stagnant nights.

Oh what a wierd post this is. I had no objective to write this stuff, it just flowed out. You know how opposites attract, and extremes compare, etc. πŸ˜‰

Well anyhow, cold days like this are nice to sleep in on. And that we did today. We did miss church, and that’s easier to do on such a cold day, since staying in the house at all means we need to burn a fire. Besides that I’m sniffly allergic these last couple of days, and that’s miserable to go anywhere like that. Cold cold and baths for everyone didn’t happen on Saturday night, and Sunday morning was too cold and we’d just have had 20 minutes to get ready and go …

So day of this and we are tuckered out and just stayed home with the homefires burning. Nice, but we do miss going to church on such times.

December is Here

Happy December! I find it funny to say that and then to say that today is warmer than the last day of November, so much so that on that day I wrote about how “chilly” things were.

All day yesterday I was chilly, so it was in the house. Last night it wasn’t so much as chilly, but not that noticeable, since I was SOOO very tired. At any rate I knew it might rain, and “felt it in my bones” or rather “in every bit of me” as I seem to be a total “human barometer” –plus I knew via the internet weather site I have on the side-bar here that it was supposed to rain maybe.

I awoke in the middle of the night, with the TV still on and right then it [DSS] started to brake-up, so I knew it was raining, and then I awoke more-so and heard it outside, then realised how “warm” it seemed to be. I was too warm in bed, acually, when the night before I was “cold” on night mostly, just warming up before morning enough to not feel chilled totally in my toes. Weird, yes, just the way it is for me.

So I got up and the bathroom was warm, just enough so to say “no shock” to do anything there πŸ˜‰ as it is when it’s COLD out. What a change it was, from mid-day that day to mid-night, totally opposite temps and airy things. No sunlight to warm the back of the house yesterday means that the front that came through had balmy air in it and it transformed the inside air to be nice and comfy — just a few notches up the temp scale is all the differents in the world, and the moisture helps too, of course.

But really it’s so talkable about since it’s that the house and me and the other family members were so chilly on Tuesday, last day of November and that night it became Spring again. This is so since we have NO A/C or Heat running at all for over a year. We have experience with nature out side as the “olden-days” folks did in their houses. I know others in the US live without A/C or Heat, but it’s just that this house, built in 1997, is not tight, like many modern houses are. It’s built crumby, IMO, and no air- system going makes that very apparent.

It’s the last month of the year. Just a few weeks until “Winter” is here on the calendar. Christmas is less than a month away, just 25 days and it’s here! And it’s Spring-y and it’ll be cold again, and then warm again, and just like the South as usual. Up and down, and then Spring and Summer again in full. Winter here is soft. It’s hard for a week at a time, or a day here and there. But balmy and nice most of the time.

Early and late growing seasons … with mild winters. Ice or Snow a few times on average makes it “just enough” for a nice Winter feeling. Then it’s time for Baseball Season and planting gardens. πŸ™‚

Happy December to y’all! We have it mild, others have it hot, others have it cold, wet, dry, icy, snowy, sunny, dark, cloudy … but we all live where it’s December πŸ˜‰

Ivan’s rain

Ivan’s rain yesterday came in sheets. Firstly it was misty sprinkling, wind making sprinkling misty, then heavier sprinkling, then the rain really came down in torrents and sheets. It was wonderful to watch.

The wind beat and howled at the back of the house. That would be wind coming from the South, then, as we have the major direction points adjacent to the corners of our house/property.

Standing on our little front porch you could see that wind rushing from beside the house to the front, it was really neat, I mean , with rain coming down you can see such huge steady gusts of wind, it was like a channel through the air and water … where there was no house to put it on guard.

Other gusts would come from various directions, but for the most part the front of the house was calm and the windows were fine to be opened up fully. The back was just pounded with the wind, and water misty and splashing around, though the rain came directionally down from the West sort of, in huge sheets. So the house was being pelted with the rain on the western side, and that has no windows at all. Actually both ends of the house have no windows, just the front and the back do.

There was a bit of lightning in this storm and we were under Tornado Watches. One really nast band of the storm was overhead for quite awhile, it was very much a fun time. πŸ™‚

Frances had no lighting around us, and her wind was much less, from how it seemed here. But it was more gusting and whipping off and on, whereas Ivan’s wind was pounding at us continuously … quite fercocios though nothing bad happened at all. The hen pen roofs were solidly in place the whole time, so the wind just wasn’t getting up and under stuff as some storms it does. I really enjoyed the wind, it was quite refreshing.

The rain wasn’t so heavy later last evening, though it continued lightly off and on, and this morning was misty sprinkly all morning, and then the wind was whipping around a bit and gusting high up. Then mid afternoon, it was quiet, then the sun came out midst heavy puffy white clouds. Darting in and out, no full sun, but nice bright yellow sun now and then, a welcomed sight!

The ground was very spongy this morning, and most of the water seemed to absorb well by mid-afternoon. The grass will be growing fastly soon, and probably a new rash of ugly mushrooms will pop up too. Our backyard has been overlong all season, and is just getting worse and worse. It’s a bear to cut, this long. Frank has to use the weed wacker first. It’s a 1/4 acre or so of waist or more high grass. It’s just impossible to cut when it’s so wet too, and so Frank has had little opportunity to cut it back the last couple of weeks. Hopefully it’ll dry out enough this weekend to cut it, before Jeanne arrives, if she does, but it looks like, according to accuweather, she probably will regain strenth and aim her way at the SE US, being by us around Thursday, by todays forecast. πŸ™‚

Ode to September 2004 Storms

Ivan came and sang at our door
Four- inches or more from Frances, just the week before
Four-inches or more from Ivan, this is very true
We needed rain,
God sent these storms
We’re overfilled
But happily so
The earth soaked up that water blue

Frances, she wailed and weeped ‘oh please come out and play’
Ivan he roared, he wanted to come in
Ivans winds were wickeder, they pounded our back door
Seeping in the cracks and moaning all day and night and the next

Then suddenly it was quiet
And then the sun peeked out
Ivan’s visit was over
We saw no floods
No major destruction
Just many leaves
Early falling from the trees

The trees wanted water earlier this Summer
they began dropping leaves in August in defense
only to have storms galore in September.
Who’d have known? God did!

And Jeanne will be coming next …?

By Marysue Meints
September 17, 2004

Intentional rhyming/not rhyming … etc.

My New Blue

First off the music. It’s the whole album, the whole thing. I like both Styx “The Grand Illusion” and “Paradise Theater” in particular. Recently I found an old cassette tape of PT and so we went out and found both the above on CD. Ah, the good stuff once again!

Frank went out and got me a new fan. So I only had my green friend for the day. Now I have a new Blue Buddie, it’s actually called Tootsie! the Fan. No cute face, arm, and legs. But it’s bigger. Solid. Three speed settings. And it’s BLUE! Take a look at the pictures.
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My Cool Friend

See my new friend? He’s smiling, green and really cool, well, as cool as he can be given the degree of heat πŸ˜‰

The three pictures aren’t exactly the same: one of them you can see the fan moving in. The other two, the fan was moving when the photo was snapped, but the flash was on for them, and that froze the image immensely well. I’m duly impressed by how well that worked with the tempermental Olympus D-520 camera.
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Strider and Dixie

Photos of two cats
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Bluebirds, and other birds lately

It’s been a birdy last 1/2 hour. I haven’t “seen” my Bluebirds most of the Summer. They’ve been around, but the whole family hasn’t been sitting on the fences or anything like that. Tonight Frank saw one, and we started looking, there were 2 adults and 3 or 4 babies. At least one of the babies was an older one, it looks the right age to be one of the nestlings we had fledge this Spring. It was feeding the younger Bluebirds. Siblings will do that, from previous hatches they’ll help their parents with the next round, which was definitely happening tonight for us to witness.

We can’t be sure these all are “our bluebirds”, they very well might be. In the Springtime there are usually three or four couples in the area, seemingly trying for the nest box and area which our yard occupies part of. There seems to be one couple that hold the fort down though. Surety is not part of regular birding though.

Well, it was a joy to see the birds hanging out. They are so beautiful!

Also saw an Eastern Pheobe at the same time. This Summer has been hot, and birding hasn’t been that great. We’ve had some Gold Finches, Ruby Throat Hummingbirds, and Cardinals, that’s mostly what we’ve had. I’ve lately seen Carolina Wrens on the front porch, two of them. Carolina Chickadees have been around at times, sparse though. Myrtle Warblers [butterbutts] are sometimes around too.

Summer observations

It’s been a fast Summer. We are on the last week of July already. I’ll admit that I’m wishing the month away, hoping for better things in August [$$$-wise Frank].

But that isn’t why the month is going fast. Wishing time away tends to make it stretch out, generally for me at the least. It’s just going fast, as it has for some other folks we’ve talked to recently. At least it’s not “just us”!

My sunflowers are all nearly done. Seeds are nearly done, and we have American Goldfinches stripping all the heads of their seeds. They didn’t do that last year. I have a Finch Feeder, full of wonderul thistle [Niger Seed]. They ignore it en total. They want the FRESH seeds, Black Oil Sunflowers.

Well, dying sunflower foliage calls for Autumn days not far away. Hmm. It’s still July. I can’t recall what really happened with them last year. Silly. Anyhow, I’ve seen other little things that make me think of an early Autumn. I have nothing to back up any forcast claims, and I am not making any. Just noting that I’m thinking about stuff.

It’s just really been different, this is our first Summer in Georgia with abundant rain. Everything is different. Smog? No smoggy days bugging us this Summer out here. Can’t say THAT about previous years. Allergies though, have been really bad this Spring and Summer. But not every day. We’ve had Fireflies on our property this year, never before. Our Locust Tree, the wild one, flowered visibly and smellably this Spring, never before. It’s full of long leathery fruit now, forming it’s seeds. We’ve never seen the tree full of that, since it’s never blossomed with us around. When we moved here, in November 1997, the tree had some old dry seed pods hanging on it. Just some. That means it’s not bloomed since at least Spring of 1996, I’m guessing. We first found this house in September 1997, and it was not prolificly sporting pods, not at all.

Well, that’s just observations about how water changes the environment. Like our backyard. Every time it rains, slosh, slosh, slosh… walking through the yard means standing water. In the past, it was cracked earth, bare spots, and “where’d the water go” if it DID rain. Now it’s everywhere, and we love the Blessing of Rain. God is good to us!

Good Things going down

See my first post for today on my Eggreport. Something different happened when I first checked the hens today.

Then see my second post for today on my Eggreport. Something really big happened today, and something cool too. Which is which? Interchangeable, I’d say! Post comments here and there, or anywhere!


We are expecting it to rain anytime, accoring to the radar it should be raining πŸ˜‰

At any rate, it’s after dusk and I was outside and noticed a few lights flashing here and there around the fence in the back yard, under the Locust Tree. Sure enough, it was Fireflies!

Sounds like a silly thing to be excited about. Right? Well, it’s the first time we’ve ever seen Fireflies on our property. Exciting!

I called Russell out of bed to see them. Asa and he share a room, so since Asa was still awake, out he came too. Victoria was already asleep.

I showed the boys the Fireflies from the deck, then we went into the yard. We “chased” the Fireflies, trying to follow them, then I encouraged Russell to catch one.

Oops! I told him to catch it in his hands.

I should have done that differently. One dead Firefly.

It was interesting to look at it though. It was dead alright, but still rather intact in it’s body shape. It’s luminous rear end was lit up in a 3/4 power glow … poor little beatle. That’s right, not fly, beatle. Fireflies are beatles. Learn about them here.

This is an example of home education. It happens when you least expect it. It’s fun too!

Russell successfully caught two or three Fireflies after the first dud of a catch.

As we were going inside, Asa was waving so sweetly at the sky, looking for Fireflies and saying “Bye Firefwies!”. It was really nice.

As we were going in, I could smell the scent of Fireflies in my hands. It was a memory, not an actual real-time scent. It was the memory from when I was a little girl, chasing “Lightening Bugs” [as we then called them] and catching them in my hands, in jars, letting them go. They left a particular smell, earthy, and it’s burned in my memory. It’s one of those kinds of reminders that refreshes your outlook for how to communicate with the children. Fun, sweet times, and good memories will last forever.

Building Time

I was looking out the back door and noticed something moving in the Maple in the East part of the yard, directly ahead to the left a bit.

I got out my binoculars, and sure enough, in the tree was a Northern Mockingbird, building a nest. I went out and looked at it a little while ago, and it’s in early development stage. This will be interesting if they finish and actually use the nest. We’ll have a good view, since it’s a young tree, and the bushiest part of the tree is visible … right where that nest is being built.

Garden Update

It’s hot out. Despite that, when checking for eggs, I nearly always go and pick around in the garden. From now on I need to be sure and have a long sleeve over-shirt on. I can see freckles on my arms that were not there this morning.

I always put on my wide-brimmed hat when going out. I suppose that’s why I’m able to tolerate being out longer. So now I need to be sure and cover my arms well enough.

All in all, the garden is doing nicely. One pepper bit the dust when some creature dislocated it from the parent plant. Rabbit, perhaps? That was on Monday morning I found it had happened.

The Yellow Brittle Wax Beans are nearly all beginning to flower, pretty little white blooms, destined to be delicious yellow wax beans.

The Green Snap Bush beans that I planted nearly a week and a half ago are up and looking mightily strong, and I need to thin them. I generally try and gently remove plants from where I don’t want them, and find a new spot for them. In past times, I’d not thin at all, not wanting to get rid of perfectly good plants, just because they were too close. My revised method is working alright. Not all plants take to the method, but most do, and that’s better than outright culling them.

My German Thyme is growing well, but one of the plants (I have two) has a big ant hill in it suddenly. That will have to go, or I’ll not be able to harvest the Thyme without ants coming along.

Lastly the tomatoes are all doing rather well. Three Roma’s (determinate) are all flowering and have tiny little new tomatoes showing. One German Queen (indeterminate), is very tall and flowering, and is sporting many teeny tiny tomatoes. I then have an uncertain amount of each of the following varieties: Big Beef, Red Beefsteak, Big Boy. I have five tomatoes in a row times two. One is a German Queen, then the other three I just mentioned are amongst the rest of those two rows. The Roma’s share a row with Bell Peppers.

Then on another section of the garden are the three Mr. Stripey tomatoes (heirloom, indeterminate). Better Boy makes up five more plants in that region, I think (variety may be in question) and one “Park’s Whopper”. I lost one of the “Better Boy” plants due to the stem breaking before being planted. I planted it, but it seems that something stole it away out the ground entirely. Rabbit, perhaps?

On a whim I planted three sweet pototoes we had in the kitchen. I found them behind something, when moving things around. They were in a brown paper bag. I recall that they came from South Georgia when we purchased them from a veggy stand on the way home from a Florida trip last Spring. They had long growths with little leaves on them, so I popped them into the ground. I have no idea if I’m doing it all wrong or what. It may be the wrong way and the wrong time of the year, or visa versa one or the other. Anyway, they are still there, no mysterious “whisking away” of them, yet.

I started Mantis-ing out a new herb garden, right behind the garage, yesterday. It’s just too hot to get it all done. I need to though, since I have some new plants to go into it. These plants: Plants, Plants, Plants from June 6.

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