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New Moon coming

This picture was taken with my Canon Digital Rebel at 6:38am on October 29, 2005, from my second floor bedroom window, without glass or screen in the way.

The moon info for this precise time (courtesy of QuickPhasePro, a moon phase program):

Moon Rise: 4:29am
Moon Set: 5:04pm

Phase Name: Waning Crecent (translation respectively: Getting smaller every day, very near to New Moon)

Percent Full: 13% (translation: 13% of 100% is a small amount of moon showing)

Age: 88% (26 days 0 hours 9 minutes) (translation: getting close to the end of the moon phase, pretty old moon!)

Next New Moon: November 1, 2005 at 8:25pm (translation: the moon will be officially “New” at this time, which happens to still be in the future as of this typing, but close, it’s 7:22pm right now.)

Today, November 1, 2005, the moon rise was at 6:27am, and the moon set at 5:23pm. So the moon has already set for the day, and the New Moon phase comes into play at 8:25pm. Yesterday a smidgen of moon was visible if you could see it at all … today nigh none and tomorrow will be none practically, but “waxing crecent” phase does begin already tomorrow.

I mostly wanted to post this since the pictures are nice, and to offset something bugging me: Weather Channel on TV was doing a forecast of weekend weather before the weekend was fully there, and the person doing it said something about “a clear Moonlit sky for you all in … (where ever that was) for trick or treat time” … and that registered near-rage in me, since I had more recently become fully aware of moon phases thanks to QuickPhasePro. The moon isn’t shining at night right now. It’s been waning and rising and setting during waking hours mostly, rising a bit earlier than most of us, besides that though, 4-something am is dark, in the morning, not at night, and not a time for trick or treating. :rolleyes:

It floored me that a meteorologist wouldn’t be in tune with moon phases and forecasting weather. Not only the 4-am-ish thing, but the moon is setting before it gets dark out in the evening. A sliver of moon doesn’t make a moonlit sky, night or daylight sky, a full moon doesn’t light a daylight sky either. A full moon does light a night sky, no doubt. But this Halloween 2005 a New Moon was close to coming into being … and the rise and set times were anti-night as well. So put that metorologist to rest, to say that about a night forecast made it clear to me that just ’cause something is said doesn’t make it true.

It’s shocking whenever you hear something reported and you know for certain that isn’t true. It was so for me that night last week, and fully so since it was scientific facts I was knowing, knowing that the moon is cyclical and not on that sort of a cycle at all at that time. :rolleyes:

Here’s a crop closer up of the above photo

Here’s a croppier close up of the moon.

All photos are the same one taken at 6:38 am on Oct. 29, 2005 in Georgia.

Under Tornado Warnings

We are under particular Tornado Warnings/Watches this evening. Just a while ago, oh about an hour ago already, I heard a bunch of rumblings to the South, and sure enough it was dark out that way, and lighting could be seen cloud to cloud. It then started to be the more dangerous type, ground to cloud. So I looked online and found there and on TV as well that Walton county had Tornado Warning on, and there was an immensely red and yellow cell from the most outer feeder band of Katrina there … and that county is not far away, in fact just below us.

Lightening action was intense for awhile, then seemed to pass by to the North. The TV radar is still showing very active cells below us though. So we’ll see what happens locally IRL. I turned the computer off and the network and phone stuff for awhile, but turned it on again to see what’s happening and to post this.

Frank is in Florida and can’t call me anyhow, so I wanted to get this online so he might see it. Our phone service is not working. DSL is though. We have vonage through DSL too, but that’s not working either. We only have one phone, so I can’t tell what’s up. Well, actually we do have another, the fax machine. I just went down and plugged it in, but it gives me the same “open” connection sound. I haven’t tried it in another jack, all jacks are connected daisy-chained anyhow. It’s weird though, that the modem can connect to the internet via the phone jack, but that vonage box isn’t connecting to vonage and neither is dial tone for local service that the DSL is through. Weird, weird, weird. It all started sometime this afternoon, I’m not sure when, there was no lightening around at all then.

The rain has been light since it started when I last posted. Steady at times, but never heavy. Just a light tropical rain. Before all the lightening was getting intense I was out looking at the clouds in the front of the house and had my camera, snapping a few things, and a Ruby-Throat Hummingbird came by. So I went in and made up some sugar water for them and filled the one feeder I have out there. I had filled it last week, but never saw them drink from it. I saw a hummer and so did Frank, but never did we see it feed. The feeder dripped dry. So I watched tonight after I put it out and there were two hummers that came back and were playing and flew to the feeder many times, back and forth here and there in the trees, across the street, zipping back and forth between all these and other things.

I got a few pictures, but they were blurry, and then I might have gotten a few better ones with the Hosta’s, but I have to check that out still. My hostas have some that bloom earlier and some that bloom later. The white blossoms are out now. The hummers fed on a few and that’s the time I snapped what might be croppable to blow up a bit.

It was lightly raining at that time, a time that hummers love to play in, I’ve noticed in past years. This is the first interaction I’ve had with hummers in a long time. Last year wasn’t heavy hummer time for us, and this year not at all until today. It was refreshing to see the hummers play in front of me. πŸ™‚

The lightening we had was refreshing too. Many cracks and booms and rumbles, and daggers and forks of lightening. Ah!

So being under Tornado Warnings is about actual spotted Tornadoes tonight, as well as weather being primed massively by the tropical system to just expect sudden tornadoes in the weather, often maybe diguised in heavy rain and not noticeable until it’s too late if you aren’t in a safe spot … then you are toast. So of course I was out on the porch watching. I wasn’t standing in the open, but I guess it’s a spot that’s not recommended in any case. I saw nothing but nice clouds, gentle rain, and massive lightinging here and there. There were notices on TV of spotted tornadoes, but in directions not exactly affecting us, so I was just watching carefully, enjoying the weather phenoms.

I’ll have some photos to post later, if any of the hummers or night cloud photos turned out.

Georgia Clouds – Tropical Connection to Katrina

I took a few pictures of some clouds forming and coming in, from the Westerly direction. Beautiful clouds. Here are two of the pictures.

Sunrise after a night of Thunderstorms

Last night we had major thunderstorms come through, including earlier in the day as well. After dark we had the worst of them, harder pounding rain and pea-size, and some a tad larger, hail. Lots of Lighting, cloud to cloud mostly, it was wonderful to watch. The sky was filled with the flashes and glowing of that sky only electricity.

Here’s a photo I took this morning as the sun was coming over the horizon. The ground was misty, light fog that would soon burn off once the sun was higher.

Photo taken with OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA February 22, 2005

It’s coming …

It’s cold today. Yesterday it was too, but the sun was out in full force. Overcast here today. So it’s decidedly colder feeling in the house today.

Here is our Fireplace from just a few minutes ago:

Ah, nice and warm. Well, IT is. Being right by it is toasty. πŸ˜‰

But I have a series of pictures that show that the sun IS coming soon! Here they are:

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After The Rain

Bethlehem to the West

Bethlehem to the East

Bethlehem to the South

Weather of late

December 8, 2004 brought this interesting effect, low lying fog burning off so visually appealling as it moved toward the sky:

As well as this glorious BLUE above the fray!

First lovely blue sky in so long, it seemed.

Only to have that late night turn cloudy then to rain by early am, and the rest of today rain, rain, rain, rain, rain …

Here are the stats for the last three days:

from normal

Also this for December thus far:


And compare that to November:


We’ve had a lot of rain lately. This month on Day 9 1.53 inches so far. But previous month we had 7.95 inches. These are approx. for our area, but really just the readings about 20 miles [East] away, so we may have had more or less. I say more, based on what kind of storms passed over, the amount of rain on the ground, and how soggy it’s been relatively forever at one degree or level of something or other somewhere in the yard the last month plus.

In the last 12 days of November about 5 or so inches fell. So add 9 days to that and you have closer to 7 inches in 21 days, which is almost more than November in total, which means — we are in a very rainy season.

Plus the last few days, as documented higher above, have been Spring Warm to the umpteenth thinking. I mean, warm, barefoot warm inside and out. We haven’t had a real “cold snap” yet. A few nights of lower 30’s, but barely, just getting down there the last two hours of dark or right at sunrise.

We’ve had times when the house has gotten chilly, but only due to mid-lower temps coupled with overcast skies, and a few rains that have been COLD RAIN. Most of the rain storms have been very warm rain.

I’ve remarked here before about being chilly with the very day of chilly getting a storm come through that brought super balmy temps and air humidity overnight, I mean, during the night it transformed the inside the house temps to “just too hot for even one blanket” when we went to bed wanting that blanket.

Some predictions for the Winter Season I saw on The Weather Channel on TV some weeks ago, had the South being Wetter than normal, not warmer though. So far the pump is being primed for wetter indeed. Any additional rain we get seems wetter, as it has very little place to go, being so saturated. I forsee a cold winter, as has been somewhat predicted to occur in the South. We will see about that. It just feels to me that this ultra warmth coming in again and again is a predictor itself of chilly air and maybe some interesting snow/ice patterns. Last season we didn’t have snow and ice really, I re call that the actualities of it was FIRST big storm: February 2004. Absolutely weird. Snow of some variety in December is usual, with temps cold enough for fireplace usage by the end of November mostly, with odd days off during the winter for warmer into the 50’s days of full sun.

But we are almost 15 days to Christmas, and it’s not been fireplace weather yet. It’s gonna hit sometime and that sometime is coming. “Avg” temps are supposedly around 58 the first few days of this month for highs, gradually lowering to the low 50’s by mid month and beyond, and hovering just above freezing for lows. That’s only “average” though, based on more than I would consider as wanting to base comparisons on. I like to compare ACTUAL data from the last year or two to the same time this year. Since I don’t collect data from year to year, though I mean to, I never do so I don’t have that data, not wanting to subscribe to any PREMIUM services online for weather data either.

Some things about these late autumn storms, we are having lightning from them, something those Tropical storms that passed through earlier this season lacked entirely.


This morning: Looking East

Bethlehem Sunrise November 6, 2004 06:21:06
Bethlehem Sunrise November 6, 2004 06:21:06 To the right

Bethlehem Sunrise November 6, 2004 06:23:20
Bethlehem Sunrise November 6, 2004 06:23:20 To the left

Drudgery Day

See here the map, and see why I’m blah, blah, blah. Give it time to load … [492 kb] once it loads it’ll go through it’s pretty cycle. Continue reading

My 2003 Clouds Desktop

I found a little stack of photo envelopes that we had developed at the end of Nov 2003, and this was one of the pictures. I loved it, so here is my new desktop!

The photo was taken sometime in late Summer 2003, I am guessing (this past year our photo developing has been very backlogged).

I extended the blue sky portion a bit, to get the full width of the cloud scene on my 1280×1024 monitor. (digital photo editing is great stuff!)

Download this desktop:

Please leave a note under this post to let me know if you downloaded one of the above versions of this desktop. Email addresses are not displayed on this site when you post a comment.

That Gorgeous September Moon

I just went out on the deck with my Canon Rebel 2000 after spying the moon through the glass of the French doors.

It was gorgeous, looks full, but not exactly quite. I took at least 3 or 4 photos with my longest lense, using a night-time mode. I sure hope they turn out alright. I’ve never really taken night body pictures. Only moon in daylight sky … when aiming at the moon.

After I did that I came in and searched for moon phase info. Couldn’t find it easily on accuweather nor on Weather.com. I didn’t have the patience to REALLY search there. I found a naval site and found a plethora of info. So I got the most relevant data to me for now, and find that the moon is 99% waxing gibbeous tonight … πŸ™‚ It’ll be FULL officially tomorrow sometime after High Noon. Gorgeous pictures if they come out, of a waxing practically full moon, the best view of this September 2003 Full Moon that might be had perhaps. We can’t vouch for tomorrow nights sky conditions. At any rate the view in real life is simply wonderful. A yellow gauze of light around it, the man on the moon looks very cheesey tonight, and very happy too.

Just as I was about to post this Asa came up and looked outside, and guess what he said “I saw the moon!”

Which reminds me of his birth. Ah, I have a connection with the September Moon, [minus any mystical weirdness –it’s totally a romantic notional connection] I knew there was something drawing me out there with my camera.

In 2000 I was overdue with our third child. The Full moon was approaching and the midwife and I joked about waiting for the full moon, or something like that. Well, the night I went into labor, the moon was waxing towards Full. Proof following:

2000 Phases of the Moon
Universal Time


d h m d h m d h m d h m

JAN. 6 18 14 JAN. 14 13 34 JAN. 21 04 40 JAN. 28 07 57
FEB. 5 13 03 FEB. 12 23 21 FEB. 19 16 27 FEB. 27 03 53
MAR. 6 05 17 MAR. 13 06 59 MAR. 20 04 44 MAR. 28 00 21
APR. 4 18 12 APR. 11 13 30 APR. 18 17 41 APR. 26 19 30
MAY 4 04 12 MAY 10 20 00 MAY 18 07 34 MAY 26 11 55
JUNE 2 12 14 JUNE 9 03 29 JUNE 16 22 27 JUNE 25 01 00
JULY 1 19 20 JULY 8 12 53 JULY 16 13 55 JULY 24 11 02
JULY 31 02 25 AUG. 7 01 02 AUG. 15 05 13 AUG. 22 18 51
AUG. 29 10 19 SEPT. 5 16 27 SEPT. 13 19 37 SEPT. 21 01 28
SEPT. 27 19 53 OCT. 5 10 59 OCT. 13 08 53 OCT. 20 07 59
OCT. 27 07 58 NOV. 4 07 27 NOV. 11 21 15 NOV. 18 15 24
NOV. 25 23 11 DEC. 4 03 55 DEC. 11 09 03 DEC. 18 00 41
DEC. 25 17 22

2000 Moon Phases

Here’s the exact time of Full moon on that day for us: Full Moon on 13 September 2000 at 3:37 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

Asa was born at 1:57am approx. September 13, 2000. So it was full, like now, just not “absolutely officially”.

It’s a nice moon, that September moon. The Full moon for September 2000 occured 12-something hours after Asa’s birth. The Full moon for September 2003 will occur 15-something hours from now, when I took the photos and felt the need to do so without prior thought of what’s written above. Interesting cooincidence. Close, not exact, but similar and my baby will be Three years old on Saturday! πŸ™‚

These photos will be in the Photo Log eventually. Film takes awhile, and there are three rolls ahead of this one, which is still in the camera.

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