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Out & Gardening & Putting Together

My hubby and I went out on Saturday together, with the eldest son, being 14 now, the one in charge at home.

We went to Ikea and that is a one-thing for me. I mean, it’s like walking a million miles for me, so a one-thing-trip, nothing else should be done. That was not all we did though. Walking, walking, going more. [I’m still an introvert, of course. Like that would ever change 😉 ]

We ate at Fox Sports Grill in Atlantic Station (Atlanta, GA) which was nice. I had a Blue Cheese Burger, very messy, but very, very good. I also had a “Grand Stand Lemonade” which is a drink with Amaretto, Jack Daniels, Pineapple Juice, and Sweet & Sour in a tall glass over ice. The drink was nice, not heavy, but got more “thick” nearer to the bottom and was over tangy, not as nice as the rest of it. I was done eating, and hubby ready to go anyhow, so I didn’t finish the last inch or two of the drink.

We also went to Whole Foods Market (we try to get there at least 1 time a month, it’s an adventure in it’s own right) which was more than I could muster up energy to think about what to get by the time we were there for very long. I did see the plants outside before we went in, and I took the time to look at the herbs and tomatoes and choose a few to get. Nice organic plants, good prices.

I had finally gotten a hanging tomato thing, the topsy tuvy that does tomatoes & herbs. I’d never had one before. I didn’t thing well of it when I saw the first commercials for it sometime ago. But last year I saw more value in it, and this year I decided to go with it since I now have a cottage shed in the backyard which I’m building my gardening things around. I’m hanging it off the side of the cottage. I previously had several plants to put into it, but wanted more and the Whole Foods plants help a lot to get me nearer to having enough to fill the topsy turvy with. Looking at the instructions for it I noted that I could get more than 9 plants into it since it says you can get two plant into every port …

Hubby helped me set it up this afternoon. I thought I might need to get a few more things for it, I don’t have quite all the herbs I want. Home Depot had some that I got earlier, so to get something else it probably won’t be “Organic” since I picked through stuff like that there already last couple of weeks.

At Ikea we got a bunch of little things: Magazine holders (now I need more for the Magazine that will be coming from Maghound in the next months [just for the ones I keep, Organic Gardening, Hobby Farms, Hobby Farms Home, Martha Stewart, Southern Living, Mary Janes Farm, Scrapbooks Etc., as well as my subscription to Creating Keepsakes mag.] hooks, little kitchen things, of course more wooden hangers too.

We saw a cabinet there that I immediately thought of as perfect for my scrapbooking space. I then went online once home and found a few pictures of it on Flickr, in a MA Ikea store setup as a ‘craft room’ … there sat my desired red cabinet filled with craft stuff.

For “Mother’s Day” my hubby took me back to Ikea yesterday and we bought the cabinet and a few other things.

I put half of the cabinet together yesterday in the basement before giving up feeling overworked/overheated … which makes me quite ill and only rest and hours of sleep every restores me from that state.

This morning I was able to get more of it done. It’s in place, just the hardware for door hinges needs to be finished, and get the doors on. I have the shelves in, and some things inside already. I bought a package of light that will go into the top of the cabinet, but I’ll need to work on that to get them installed, not a “plug ‘n’ play” thing at all.

I need to make sure my Topsy-Turvy planter is still hanging well. It rained the past couple of days, very hard yesterday, so it’ll be very heavy. FWIW

My Garden 2009

I have a garden started, not much yet. It’s a raised bed made with retaining wall paver sort of stuff. I’m supposed to have 4 of them eventually, just 1 for now. Tomatoes, green onions, and pole beans are what I have in it thus far. They are all growing and I got some structure up for the beans yesterday and they should start their winding/climbing action fairly soon. I have to thin the onions and just haven’t really grown these before by myself so I have to look up what exactly to do with them. The tomato plants are mostly all flowering and some have set baby tomatoes.

I also have more in my barrel planter now. The old perennial onion chives I planted some years ago is thriving, I have a few other tomato plants in there, as well as oregano, parsley and thyme. My old thyme died back and only a teeny-tiny bit is now starting to come back.

I have ants in my barrel since one big rain in the last week or two. I have to find my de-whatever-earth stuff that I have to deal with those critters. I was trying to find something to get rid of them with that’s safe and organic and totally forgot about de-whatever-earth, which I do have in the garage somewhere.

I want to grow more, but don’t either have the space set up, or don’t have the plants, have seeds but don’t want to grow everything else I want from seed, and want to have Red Peppers mostly, but never have had success in growing (red peppers) to eat any of them.

I can hardly wait to get some fresh beans on the dinner table though. It’s been a long time since I had a real garden, and that is because of needing to amend places for one in our backyard (it’s horrible georgia clay which isn’t good for growing most veggies.) My first garden spot in this yard I abandoned, and the seconded as well. The third I didn’t abandon really, but it just faded away sort of. I was to have a grand garden in 2007 but it never got going though I had things for it. I wanted to also do it last year and never got to do it. So I made it happen this year. 🙂

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