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Cooler weather, Fall is coming

The weather has gotten very nice since this last Friday. The heat isn’t as bad, and it’s much cooler outside in the morning as well. It’s been overcast quite a bit, but it’s more than tolerable since it isn’t muggily too-hot any longer.

The worst thing is though, the allergies things seem to be much worse now too. Russell and I are the ones suffering the most. If I forget to take Claritin 24-hour I’m miserable. I didn’t take any yesterday. I had a migraine and totally forgot to. I have only been taking it since this year, but using it only when I know it’s been miserable allergy time. So the only reason I’ve used Claritin this year, is because I was so miserable in the Spring, and Benadryl is not an option for me. It knocks me out at a miniscule dose. This year allergies have been much worse for us, and others we know have reported the same thing. So it’s now Fall allergy time, though it’s technically still Summer.

I see signs that Frank and the other two children are affected too. We are an allergy family. Both Frank and I have plenty of symptoms we bring into the mix. Russell seems the most sensitive of the children. He was the only one vaccinated up to age 4 as well. Victoria up to 18 months, and Asa never. He’s the least bothered, Victoria is semi-bothered. It’s interesting. And very true as well.

I’m glad for signs of Autumn, even with the inevitable allergies.


This was an interesting tidbit to read. I usually don’t post articles, but this one is worth it, and I can’t see that I’ll be able to find it in the future on Accuweather. Here’s the link, in any case, to the column, this one or another one by Joe Sobel.

AccuWeather.com Joe Sobel’s Column

Joe Sobel’s Column
POSTED: 11:50 a.m. June 27, 2003

The thoughts expressed in this column represent Joe Sobel’s personal speculation. While they are considered in formulating AccuWeather forecasts, the opinions of many other AccuWeather meteorologists are also considered.

This discussion is updated only the days that Joe is available, usually Monday-Friday. Check the date above and come back often!

So, do you think all lightning strikes are created equal? The answer to that question is a resounding no. Not only are no two lightning strikes the same, the may actually be of different polarity, that is carrying a negative or positive charge.
Most lightning strikes are negative, that is negatively charged ions flow downward from the cloud to the ground in what is call the stepped leader, and then a return positive charge flows from the ground to the cloud which is the brilliant flash that we see. In a positive strike the stepped leader is a positive flow of current and the return stroke from the ground is negative.

A few interesting differences between the two, according to an article in the June 2003 issue of the American Meteorological Society….

1. Positive strikes account for only about 10 percent of cloud to ground lightning stokes.

2. The highest current flows are thought to be associated with positive lightning.

3. Cold season thunderstorms are more likely to produce positive lightning strikes.

4. Weakening or dissipating thunderstorms tend to produce more positive lightning strikes.

5. Positive flashes are usually composed of a single stroke, whereas about 80 percent of negative flashes contain two or more strokes.

6. Positive lightning strokes often involve long horizontal channels. It is presently not clear why.

7. There also are bipolar lightning strikes in which current flows reverse during the event.

I don’t know about you, but I found all of this rather “shocking”, but whatever the weather I hope you will be “positive.”

City vs. Country: Heat

AccuWeather.com – Headlines

“Many people notice that the city seems hotter than the suburbs during a heat wave. This is not just imagination. In the city, the sunshine rapidly heats rooftops and blacktops, which in turn heat the air. Outside of the city, there is a lot more soil and vegetation. The sunshine encourages water to evaporate from the ground and the plants, and they do not heat up as quickly. Thus, the air remains a few degrees cooler.”

Accuweather says it’s true, it gets hotter in the city during a heatwave. In the country the air is heated more slowly — green is good.

The sky today

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Crash, Crack, rain, boom

We just had a fantastic thunderstorm. It was super dark gray to the NW, and you could feel it coming. I looked at accuweather’s animated radar, and it was incredible to see it grow and move right towards where we live.

I watched most of it from the front porch then, with children and Frank joining and leaving off and on. I prefer to have silence and enjoy the whole affair, none of my family seem to share that preference, alas.

So the cloud formations and colors were great, lightening was good, cloud to cloud above the whole mass that was visible to the naked eye, as well as many cloud to ground conduits of light and bang, with several near the end of the storm getting that “craaccccckkkkkingggggg” beginning sound. All in all, it wasn’t the “perfect” storm, but a good one. The air cooled down from the high 80’s to 72.6 degrees F. in a very short time. Natural air conditioning, for now. The wind gust were quite boisterous, whipping in from the West, North-West.

Storms like this are fun because across the street there are many tall pines and oaks and other assorted trees. When the gust of wind come, they hit those tall tree tops first, and they swoosh and sway, making a beautiful sound, then our little trees begin to move in our yard, then you can feel it on your face.

I love it when the rain is coming closer too. You can see it like fringes of gray coming down in the distance, then as it comes even closer you can smell it, feel the moisture, yet no rain has fallen on your property, or anywhere you can see without a telescope 😉

This storm has slanted, nearly side-ways, rain for awhile, it was so slanted hardly any hit the ground. Later, giant rain-drops began falling, one, then another, then more here and there, finally several at a time, until it was raining hard. Lightening everywhere. You could see that the grass was actually greener after awhile.

Well, we don’t “need” this rain. The gardens are so wet. I won’t have to water them for a month, even if we get no more rain. It’s that wet. What a wonderful difference from last year and the previous five.

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