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There’s a warming trend

It’ll be much warmer this week. Then colder again … so for now, it’ll be nice to get outside with my Canon 7D, and hopefully have enough wood for the fireplace as the piecemeal cold days come in the future.

Fireplace Update & A/C Forecast

Our fireplace is still in use, and the part was supposedly ordered, but hasn’t come in yet.

It’ll be a couple more weeks of fireplace use, at least. Maybe more. Spring doesn’t look too far away looking at Accuweather data.

Then it’ll be back to the A/C to keep pollen to a minimum and hope for the best that the air will be cool enough throughout the house, but not too cold anywhere, and not too warm or hot anywhere else.

We got a new A/C system a few years ago and they had to repair a leaky outside pipe the next year, which showed us WHY it didn’t function (the A/C) very well the first year. I have more complaints about it though ever since. I despise the multiple digital zones we have. Master bedroom has the upstairs thermostat in it. That room gains so much heat winter or summer, and the attached bathroom seems like no air goes to it, just like before the A/C was fine-tuned (or was it really fine-tooned, that seems more fitting a name for it.)

The rest of the upstairs is much warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter.

The main floor has another thermostat. It’s OK, but the kitchen is still much more dramatically affected by outside weather, making it uncomfortable in their when cooking in the Spring through Fall, and miserable in the winter for the most part.

The basement has another thermostat in the hall. My office has a door and is the first room on the left, another room straight ahead, and the more open space of the basement to the right through french doors. It’s a cold hallway in the winter, with that heat turned on most of the time. My office though, it’s blasting hot in there and I HATE HEAT like that. The other room is a bedroom and kind of cold most of the time in the winter. The main basement is always either warmer or cooler, really not seeming to be much connected to the other parts I referred to before. Summer flips the switch and everything is opposite in the basement. I can tolerate colder in my office in the summer, but not so cold as it has to be to make it chilly enough elsehwhere.

My house needs per room thermostats, I swear it does. I don’t have much faith that it would even work well that way though.

So that’s what’s coming up soon. The no fires, A/C battle of pollen and heat.

Still, STILL Snowing

It’s still, still snowing, though maybe not as hard as it was an hour ago. I haven’t gotten my pictures uploaded yet, though I have downloaded them from my camera to my computer … FWIW.

Still Snowing

The snow is STILL coming down, now it’s 5pm. It’s been falling thickly for so long now and the snow must be 4+” by now.

I will put some pictures here in a bit.

Winter Weather in the South

It’s March 1st and we are having our first real “Winter Storm” of the year. It’s been Spring-like for a while, many things are blooming. It’s been raining since Friday night (and had some lightning/thunder as well) –off and on, and the ground is mushy and over-wet, even more than that in places, deep puddles and near rivers in places in the backyard … but now it’s different. The temperature is 41 degrees F. out on the front porch, and the “rain” is now frozen granules. It’s collecting on roofs, play structures, decks, etc. thus far, since the air temperature is above freezing, but I do project that the temperature will be falling, it “feels” like that, and so it is. (Experience shows this as thus.)

Our ornamental cherry tree (in the backyard) has been blooming for over a week, but just getting near peak after the rain from a whole day, and now (with this freezing stuff) we’ll just see if we get to see the tree in full peak bloom for a nice photo with the sun shining and the sky nice and blue … πŸ™

Update: It’s been snowing, from big flakes with granules of snow for a bit, then more BIGGER flakes, then to all bigger traditional first snow flakes, dropping heavily … to full out snowing, to now snowing thickly for a long while, snow is building up … it’s 2:13pm and it’s snowing thickly in the South, First snow in over a year, it didn’t snow in 2008 at all here. Can’t quite recall if it snowed at all in Dec. 2007, I don’t think it did, and I can’t recall when it really did snow this much in years here, not since the children were much younger, this is really nice. Usually we have an ice storm, not a nice snow storm. πŸ™‚

Happy New Year

2007 is gone. 2008 is here. We had “fireworks” out front on New Years Eve to mark the occasion (Costco sells big packs of “fountain” type fireworks made by TNT, this time of year and around the 4th of July.) We’ve gotten this sort of thing for the 4th starting in 2006, continued it in 2007, and now have added New Years Eve to the schedule.

In GA things that fly up are basically not for sale, of course people do buy them in the neighboring states, like S. Car., Tenn., or Ala.

We just stick to what’s available here, thus far we have, that is. I love fireworks, firecrackers, etc.

We bought the biggest package Costco was selling this time, and it’s the biggest we’ve ever bought. It had many more larger type fountains than previous packs. We thoroughly enjoyed the show, including our dear little 6 month old. He fell asleep near the end, but watched intently through most of the “show”.

Along with a new year are new temperatures. It was a tad nippy that night, and only getting colder ever since. The sun has been out though, so it’s pleasant, unlike the few days before with gloomy gray skies and rain off and on, the temperatures then weren’t that cold either. It’s been a very mild “winter” whereas it’s usually nice enough to turn the A/C off in September or October, and start fireplace fires in November and more of them in December and into Jan. & Feb. … this year we have had the A/C off and on through December. A few fires, one early, it wasn’t THAT cold but was cold enough “just to do it” and one other time or two since then before Christmas. We had fires for Christmas just to have fires, but we didn’t NEED to have them, it was warm enough to live without them (heat pump working in the warmer cool temperature just fine.)

So now 2008 has brought us to the “we need a fire to be warm enough” place. Reported temperature right now is 32 degrees F. It was well colder than that over night and most of today.

Temperatures are often mild in Georgia, over winter, but times of very cold, snow, ice do occur, but last winter 2006/2007 we had nothing. I’m wondering what’s to come in 2008, since both ends of 2007 were very mild. FWIW.

Under the weather

Last week Baby Q wasn’t feeling well, and neither was I, as well as two of the older children coughing a lot. The coughing seems to have come from a previous “cold” that was in the family … residual leftover maybe from when we all had a cold a few weeks ago (from now) … so then it was that the baby was very warm for a couple of days in a row, I didn’t take his temp. actually, he wasn’t THAT hot, just very warm and bothered, and I realized during that one evening that I wasn’t feeling very swell either, slightly warmer, feverish, not fevered though. So we were both fighting something and then the third day, no more “fever-ish-ness” at all. I’ve had “sinus” issues here and there and baby has been crankier than normal, ever since. Over the weekend we were just dragging mostly, though feeling much better.

But DH has had a problem he gets every so often, not for sure every year, but when he gets it, it is the same as other years, nasty sinus/headache thing that goes on and on for a couple or few weeks, then vanishes completely out of the blue. Right now it’s in the middle of it, and it seems like it won’t ever stop. History says it will though.

So, it’s December, the weather is up and down, and it’s definitely late Autumn in how we are doing. Blah, blah, blah, not enough sunlight, and blah gray weather all day long some days, which makes things so ugly to me. Even on the days when there IS full sun, it just doesn’t seem enough. That’s partially because of the way our house is, the “front” is so dark, even though it’s now connected to the “back” on the main level, but there in the back we don’t have outside access yet, just one window looking out. We are supposed to have a sliding glass door there, we have it, but it’s not installed, still. If it was installed we’d have much more light on the main level finally (since some time ago we removed part of a wall, so with that gone and the double sliding glass door behind, ooh the light that will finally flow to the front. πŸ™‚ )

As for how it is now though, it’s so easy to feel so blah when the weather is just too warm to have a fire in the fireplace. Especially when DH is out of town, which he is off and on. When he’s home we do go “out” occasionally and THAT gets us more sunlight, driving around just offers that so much more than staying in the house.

We’ve had to go out, even feeling so bad, just to “get stuff” we need to get. Today I was really feeling yucky, and did what I normally don’t do, took 2 Sudafed tablets close together, in about a half hour’s space of time. 2 is the “regular dose” but I only ever take 1, since 2 make me feel so loopy it’s not fun at all. This morning I was so bad off though, with the sinus issues I’ve had it’s like I have tons of stuff (but I’m not “clogged up” in my nose) I have icky stuff I can feel in my sinuses, hard, scratchy, drippy, choky as some of it starts to go down my throat … but mostly it just sits there bothering me. One Sudafed often “does the trick” to rid the nighttime icks in the morning, but today it was worse than usual, and so I was “out of it” all morning, but my sinus cavities did feel so much better, I must admit. We had to get a few things before my DH leaves for a trip, so that got me out of the house in the afternoon, and that helped.

I just so dislike these “colds” and other “viruses” that leave one feeling so icky for days after the other symptoms clear out. I do have allergy troubles year round some too, so couple that with leftover illness, and it sure can be hard to feel like getting up, or staying up all day. But with children, and especially a new baby, one has to get up anyhow. That’s just the way it is. πŸ˜‰

November 8 ’07 – First Fireplace Morning

I’ve known for a few days that the weather would be cooler and cooler this week, and so prepared for wanting a fire in the fireplace this morning. Indeed, it’s nice. Outside it’s frosty. It was frosty yesterday, but not nearly so much as today shows Jack’s visit (on the grass and the vehicles parked outside.)

The weather site I use says it’s 30 degrees with a 28-feels-like temp. It’s not super warm in the house, but going outside and then back inside, the house interior does feel quite warm, for a bit.

I’m not putting the fireplace into full force work yet, just a morning fire today, maybe something later on after sundown, or right around it. The fire isn’t only about warmth, but about living light and spark of spirit. The days are getting darker, it’s a needful thing for us humans to get light from nature, and I do think the old-fashioned fireplace is something we do need in Autumn and Winter climes of less daylight than nightdark.

My sweet Baby Q wasn’t comfortable during the night. He’s exhibiting his first Cold signs. Poor baby. I heard funny sniffling coming from another child’s room too. πŸ™

I meant to start vit. D stuff (cod liver oil, etc.) with the children earlier, but didn’t. Oops. Less light means less vit. D production in our bodies. I keep the children in from mass sun exposure year round, so with the different light now shining daily, they need a bit more sun exposure than “the norm” and 3 days to have the body convert that to usefulness. Supplements are useful πŸ™‚

So the weather outlook for the next 15-days isn’t looking to be as cold as yesterday and today have been. Even so, a nice little fire some mornings will continue to work, for the comfort of spirit and soul they bring to us.

This will be our 11th Winter season in this house. I didn’t grow up in houses that had fireplaces. I lived in PA until I was 13, and I don’t know of anyone then that had a fireplace. Hmmm. I read about them and longed for those days in my books. I’m glad we can have lovely fires in a box, and that my children have this experience.

November – Holiday Season begins

Holiday Season is right around the corner. It’s November now, which means in our household we have Thanksgiving and then our DD’s Birthday, or visa-versa, depending on the year. (She was born in 1998 on the 25th, the day before Thanksgiving.) This year Thanksgiving is three days before her b-day.

It always makes for a more hectic last-half-of-November than ever since 1998.

I’m in the mood for Pumpkin Pie, which it doesn’t have to be Turkey Day, November or December to have, but I haven’t made any “out of season” this year, I haven’t done much cooking overall (with a new baby in the house!) At this point I consider it best to wait until Thanksgiving Day to have Pumpkin Pie, but the urge is so strong to have some NOW so I don’t know what I’ll do in the coming days leading up to TD. Why do I consider it best to wait? So I’m not “Pumkined OUT” by TD, which is possible if I give in to my urge now. FWIW. :blush:

The weather has been cooler lately. Finally Summer has broken in NE Georgia. It’s still getting quite warm, into the 70’s, some days, but getting down in the 60’s at the most at night, all the way down way into the 40’s many nights. This makes things seem more Fall-like, and gets me in the mood for Autumn/Winter thicker clothing, crisp new clothes that just wouldn’t work in the Summer, no way. Boots are my love, for instance, and jackets.

I’m still not fitting into my old things to wear, post-pardum 4-months, so I’m going through my things and trying to figure out what I’m going to do about it. I hate buying “fat skirts” and such, when I know they won’t be needed. I’ve gotten away with wearing my summer skirts just not done up, they stay on and the openings don’t show with my Nursing (BF) Blouses usually covering them up fine. That won’t cut it for the cooler times outside, nor inside the house eventually (as Winter sets in.)

I’ve been Dresses/Skirts only for quite a few years, and did cave to wear pants sometimes when I was pregnant (starting in late ’06) and have a couple of pairs of jeans now for the “transition” but I don’t like them, I am supposing I wouldn’t mind some jeans now if they fit me nicely, but none actually do (since I’m still toting baby fat, which is alright since I am BF the baby, of course. It’d just be nice to have something to wear that looked good and fit nice. :rolleyes: Especially for “winter” wear.)

My DD got a toy sewing machine last Nov. for her BD, but since I was newly preggo then and since and also now have a still “little” baby, I hadn’t showed her how to use it yet … but the other day she was bugging me about it and I told her to just get it out and read the booklet about it. So she did that and started pestering me about this and that in the booklet, and I finally just had her get the machine by me and I showed her some stuff … and thus I now also have the ‘sewing’ bug and want to find a place to put my big machine so that i can use it. Lastly I used it way back in 2000/2001 when I had my 3rd baby, to sew for.

I have had the idea to make nice simple things for DD and myself all along, but I just “haven’t” done that. I really want to and now that I am so blah shaped, it’d be nice to have skirts that worked the way I need them to, you know, custom made by one’s self. I’m going to do that, therefore. I have gotten my DD to want to make T-Shirt Dresses since I told her how easy they are to make, and she wants to get a purple T-shirt for that purpose and is nearly wearing me thin talking about it, so I will have to be sure to find her one ASAP – and get to a fabric store as well.

I did get some Hanna Andersson dresses and tights and leggings and socks and clogs, this week, for DD. Every thing like that has “Blossoming Pink” in it. Also got another skirt and blouse that are not “pink” at all. So a custom made T-Shirt dress that has a purple top will have to have NO PINK in the skirt at all, IMO. In any case, the HA stuff is really nice, a good base for getting more things to mix and match with, every day wear. The blouse I got is has a peter pan collar and buttons up the front. It’s white Pima interlock cotton, long sleeves, very fine yet not “too fine” and will go well under the winter jumpers she has (I bought them a couple of years ago, big on purpose to have later, and later is now!)

We got the boys a few new things from Osh Kosh this past week, as well. Jeans and shirts. The baby too, as well as Carters for the baby. All three of the boys have shirts from Osh Kosh that match each other. A is 7 years old and I have determined (since last year) that he actually looks great in Orange, so he has an orange plaid flannel shirt, R is 11 years old, he and Baby Q both are blonde haired with blue eyes and have fair blue-toned skin and look awesome in blue, so they have the same dark blue plaid flannel shirt as each other, in respective sizes, R has 12 and Baby Q has 6m πŸ™‚ All three have neat Osh Kosh jeans too, so I hope to get a nice Brothers photo with them wearing all that stuff, very soon.

I haven’t uploaded any baby pictures to the web still, as I haven’t yet gotten those announcements sent out :veryshocked: I’m appalled at myself for this. I have finally determined that I like one photo I have from September, right after Baby Q turned 3 months old, which I like enough to duplicate, so I’ll use that one, or maybe take something in the next couple of days that will be good enough, and more recent … and have wallet or some other small-ish size photos printed out at a shop, to include with the announcements. I really, really, really intend to get this done THIS COMING WEEK!!! I hope I can do so.

So with all that pressure, needing to get some sort of warmer clothing figured out for me, get the right clothing ready for the children, and get the announcements mailed, and plan Thanksgiving and V’s 9th Birthday, plus wishing to really start sewing parts of us girl’s wardrobe, and bake for the holidays and get things ready for Christmas, which hopefully will be a Christmas Card that will get mailed this year (for the first time in many) … pressure … it’s heavy, tight, pressing down.

On a good note though, I have a more comfortable bed now: we got a topper for the mattress at Costco this week. It’s a micro filled top with something like 3 inches of memory foam beneath that. It was a pain to open and unfold … the foam was vacuum sealed into a tiny (for it) package. Literally the hardest work I’ve done all week, or in many, many, months. That is on the mattress and I have a waterproof/allergy cover over that (it goes around the whole mattress, zips up to keep all ickies out of the bed) then a thin mattress cover and the sheets. The next thing I want then is a memory foam pillow (with an allergy cover sealing it) as the memory foam is a dream to be on, no pressure points. Lovely to sit up in bed and feed the baby now, just need to get the pillow situation fixed to complete the comfort. Sleeping is nice too, no need to shift around finding a comfy way to be, I mean, just choose what direction to lay in, and if it’s the way you want to be, it’s comfy now.

A second good note: I now have a chair in the “dining room/living area” next to the kitchen. The couch was moved downstairs and I was without a nice place to be with the baby (not liking the “basement” as it is currently) and wanting to be on the main level with the baby mostly anyhow.

So I now have an Ektorp chair and a Bromma foot stool, with white covers. From IKEA, for those not familiar with those product names. Our couch is an Ektorp Corner sofa 2+2. (corner seat with 2 seats on each side, a couch with 5 seat cushions that can hold up to 6 people if you don’t mind sitting right by someone, not bad for visiting, just annoying for basic TV watching, reading, with children, everyone wanting lounging space.)

What is so great about that IKEA Ektorp line? The styling is classically beautiful, in my mind’s eye, and the outside of the couches and chairs are slipcovers entirely, so it’s easy to get a clean couch when needed or wanted. Unzip all the cushions and take the cover off of the frame, into the washer, then drier, then back onto the frame and cushions. It’s work, but worth it. The chair is even easier since it’s just a chair, compared to the corner 2+2 couch. Not only that though, the next best thing is: extra slip covers. The white is cheap, $29 to get an extra set. Other colors start at $79 and go up. The couch, we can get a color we like for $199,a complete new set of slipcovers, making the couch so versatile, brand new-like when wanted. We only have one set of slipcovers for the couch and also the chair right now, but will be getting extra’s sometime sooner than later, I hope. I also want to get an Ektorp Loveseat, which has a really cheap white slipcover set, just $11 … FWIW

To have all this furniture it will be separated in the house we live in now, but I hope to have a house with a very large family room someday …

For now though, I’m more comfy in the main living area again. A place to rest, feed the baby day or night other than in bed, watch TV, read, or even nap … a nice chair that is Mama’s and no one else may sit in it unless I say they may, which is no one. πŸ™‚

April Freeze and Gardening 2007

From Friday night to Saturday morning it was supposed to be really cold, just below freezing. I don’t think that actually happened on our property … yes it was cold, but not quite to freezing, from how the grass and blooms and herbs and such look in our yard(s) as of Saturday afternoon …

Now it’s the Saturday night to Sunday morning freeze warning time, and temperatures are supposed to be even lower, in the 20’s tonight/morning as well as tommorow night (Sunday to Monday AM.)

One clue for “how cold is it right now” that I employ to reason about what’s going on outside is the heat pump, which sits outside on the ground with pipes going into the house and up the wall into the attic space … and that’s right behind our master bedroom, right where the bed is situated, of course (the only “real placement” for the bed, unfortunately.) When it’s really cold the heat pump doesn’t do a good job, the closer it gets to freezing, there isn’t enough “warmth” in the air to pull it into the house for warmth inside via the houses air system. It makes a horrid racket when it’s actually freezing or lower and the heat pump is running.

Friday to Saturday it sounded similar to how it sounds right now. It’s the Saturday to Sunday time currently, 5:30am approx. and accuweather “says” right now it’s 28 degrees. Well that’s not exactly right, since our property doesn’t have a weather station nearby, and when I have had a decent temperature gauge for outdoors I was able to compare and know for sure that our temps here are not the same as what ‘they’ say (nor actual weather, like clouds, rain, snow, etc.)

So we are waiting for the daylight hours to see what it’s like outdoors, and I hope things will be alright. We have three dwarf apple trees that don’t always bloom so nice. Guess what? They sure are THIS year, ALL THREE of them at the same time. So it does figure that we have the first late cold snap ever since living here … this late, April.

Not only that, usually the two trees that are alike, Liberty variety, don’t actually “bloom” with their opened blossoms until later in April, and the third tree, MacFree variety, blooms after that (which isn’t really helpful since two varieties are needed to fertilize for apples.) There was definitely something funky going on with the MacFree and I was finally able to prune out major parts of it last year, when they suddenly got such long branches growing, it was obviously the root stock trying to take over. What’s is left untouched now is the real MacFree, as far as it seems, and this Spring 2007 is the first time it’s actually produced masses of buds.

We planted these trees in early Spring of 1998, and then did move them to another area a few years later. In any case, the Liberties have blossomed well in the past, but given us few apples. The MacFree never did blossom very well, though when it did better it was not of use to the Liberty trees. Last couple of years there were a few apples on the MacFree (so there is something else in the area that bees are using to fertilize my trees, obviously.)

Such promise I put in the apple trees this year, and then the Spring was so warm, and the trees started to form buds in March. That is not usual. We didn’t have a freeze in March really, it was regular last freeze around March 15, but nothing major, and temperatures were very warm most of the time, very warm indeed. Last (2005/2006) winter was a warm one, and things were so very mild, but the apple trees still didn’t set blooms until into April in 2006. This past winter (2006/2007) was fairly mild overall, and we didn’t have much “weather” in the way of ice or snow, no major storm at least. We did have rain more often than usual, though not so much overall. In any case, everything has been blooming so nicely this year, and that includes the apple trees, and unfortunately for them it’s not a good thing this year. πŸ™

Dogwoods are blooming right now too. The Cherokee Chief variety we have in the front don’t have a lot of blooms, but where they do is at the top and they are lovely (we need to do some work on those trees, pruning.) We have a white dogwood in the backyard and it’s in full glory of bloom. It’s gorgeous. Driving around the area, Dogwoods are bursting forth in massive color and bloom. It’s a grand year for Dogwoods. Or it was. We’ll see later on. πŸ™

So many other plants are past bloom already and in the process of leafing out, some leafed out in full already (like our Japanese ‘Bloodgood’ Maple tree, our Weeping Willow tree, and our wild Blackberries are in full leaf and actually setting blooms and some are opening already.)

As I write this the heat pump is starting to struggle for the first time this night-time. It’s not super bad, but does sound bad enough, so it’s near 32 or below a tad … but doesn’t “sound” like it’s in the 20’s, while currently accuweather says right now it’s 28, oh I just loaded the page again and now they say “30” but that’s where anyhow? Miles away.

Hubby did put a blanket on my herb garden (which doesn’t have much in it, but does have a super-duper verdent perennial Chives that is just about ready for harvesting — already!) — it’s the whiskey barrel garden. I have lots of new herbs to plant in it, we got them last weekend, but I didn’t plant them due to the weather outlook. So they are in the garage awaiting their time to transplant.

I have lots of seeds to start and since it did snap so cold I’m fine with the fact that I haven’t even started my seeds yet –it is something I do need to do in the next couple of days, though.

Happy November (2005)

It’s now November, another increment of 2005 gone … the years go by faster and faster as you get older … this I know from experience and from the knowlege imparted to me by elders over time.

At some points time seems to crawl and others to fly fastly by, but this is not what I mean, I mean a general overall trend of quicker passage of years.

Time for me personally is something that has never been static, it’s always been extremely “elastic”. So parts of days can be longer or shorter, eb and flow, in other words. The overall General Sense of time is met by the Calendar that we use, which plots out days, weeks, months in a year. This is separate from my inner being, and is what I mean by time going faster, it’s the calendar that goes faster and faster, not actual “time” per se.

I find it interesting to think about time, we are stuck in it – only to escape it entirely when this life of ours ends. God is the Creator, and in His precense Time is not ours. To him a day is like a thousand years, a thousands years like a day. What does that mean? It may be unfathomable by many people, to me it’s fathomable to a large degree. I can grasp it with the understanding my “elastic time” gives me, as pathetic as it is compared to God’s.

So then, November Ushers In The Holidays. Firstly we have a Stryper concert in a couple of days, November 3rd. Then it’s Thanksgiving Day, the next day is Victoria’s birthday, then the Christmas season begins. This might not seem like a lot to some people. for me it is. I mean, it’s not that there are many things we do in the Christmas season, in fact we do little. For me though as an introvert it’s fun atimes, but gets weary and the blanc of January 1 is welcomed. I’ve written of it before, how it’s like a great empty stark white day. The romaticism of Christmas wiped away with the New Year … I like romatic stuff, to a point. The logicalness of New Years Day draws me to it gladly. I prefer to be outdoors and hiking or walking somewhere, with my camera. We have seldom done that. I am hoping we’ll do it this year though, (the dependence on the TV is gone, we now have TIVO!)

For me the day is a pristine winter outdoorsy day, or at least a re-arrangement of some furniture of a room day. In the South it’s usually a crisp bright sunny day, a blue sky that only Winter can show off. There is rarely any snow on the ground, the ice storms generally come later in the month, so it’s a cool to cold day of brilliance. Not a day to be watching football on TV, in my very humble opinion. It’s a day to use to be and do and create. Start the calendar off with activity that is envigorating. Outdoorsy hiking is just that for me. Put me in a football watching party and I’ll wear out fast. πŸ™‚

I will come to this point eventually, and I must think of it in advance: I need to do my January One outdoorsy hiking photographing whether or not my whole family wants to, so I have to plan to do it alone, or with the children. I’m not usually the driver, in fact haven’t driven but once or twice in the last couple of years. Frank takes me everywhere. So I have to prepare myself to be independent in order to have my vision of the day fulfilled. This will take lots of energy to plan, then all can come to aught if I chicken out. In the end, I may have hubbied company though.

Other people like to Shop on New Years Day, or go the movies or out to eat or all of these things. I like outdoors with nature and few people. Hubby likes indoors with TV and remote and snacks. My second for the day is rearranging furniture, but I do that year round, in fact I’m in the middle of re-arranging my kitchen stuff again, I don’t mean the sluggish re-vamping of the kitchen, I mean the literal “moving the movable pieces around — again”.

I moved the TV armoire to the other side of the room the other day (a miserly 10 feet.) I like it there, but inevitably I’ll want to move it back to where it just was once more. It’s hard in this house to have this way about oneself, the builder plan is bad for this personality, believe me, it’s hard to deal with.

Part of the ideas I have for this whole affair is building in as much “furniture” as wall permanent units as we can so that the functionality of the place is locked, and then I can fiddle with the stuff in some other way, keeping the functionality in place.

My prayers for the remainder of the year rest on God, to give us in this household the motivation and energy to complete the kitchen, to build as much of it that we can, and be able to afford the window, door, sink, faucet, and other things that need to be purchased.

Well the weather of late has been very much “autumn” weather. It’s glorious and nice in the afternoon, nearly too warm some days, but nice and cool to cold at night. Our A/C days are over for 2005. It’s natural air we have once again! πŸ™‚ I like Autmn and Winter.

The next task we have for this season is getting more firewood. We have some left over from last fireplace season, enough for a few days. Traditionally our first fire in the fireplace is nearer to the end of November. It’ll be interesting to note it this year, to see when it’s “the day”. So far the coldest nights into the mid-to-high 30’s haven’t made for needing more than wearing socks or tights and shoes or boots in the early AM, long sleeves or sweater, etc.

It’s within this branch of thinking that I’m re-arranging the furniture, to take possession of better spots to watch TV or read nearer to the fireplace, and to have work spaces in the kitchen nearer to the one window that is there, and also closer to the fireplace, though that won’t have much affect, as the fireplace has no blower on it.

Autumn is truly here

I got an audio book from Audible today, for the Autumn season … it’s not a “Halloween” thing, we “don’t do halloween”. It’s a spooky audio book though.

The cool weather has finally arrived. It was unseasonably warm (really hot) just the other week, and the last four or five days has been heavenly. Tonight we have frost advisories out and just to the north in the more mountainous areas there are freeze warnings.

I find that I have come alive now that Autumn is here in truth and spirit. Summer is nice (when in A/C), but it puts me in doldrum mode moreso than not overall, dulled senses. Autumn means I can wear boots and heavier skirts and I LIKE that, for some reason, though I am a very sensitive person to too many layers, itchy seams, bulky seams, ick ugh gooky yuk.

In this vein I like cashmere, thin soft sweaters made of cashmere are so ultra lightweight and oh so very warm.

Silk mixed with cotton or cashmere or wool makes for a nice garment. In the south the cotton mix is alright for some things, but you Northern-Clime folks, don’t do cotton. Due wool and silk.

Pure silk is pure heaven. Silk dresses, skirts, hosiery, underthings, blouses. Ah, so sweet and warming, light and soft and silky. I have a few silk things, not quite what I deem as what I really need though. The few things are better than none though.

Wool can be itchy, so silk underneath and wool overtop are nice mates.

So in summer-time lighter clothing can be worn, barefoot-ness in the house and yard is nice, but I don’t like the overall heat of the days, and the whole thing gets old after awhile. The cold of Autumn and Winter can be drudgery when it comes to putting on the clothes needed to outdoors, and to keep warm in a colder house if you have one (as we do). But it’s aliveness, it’s senses undulled, not dulled at all, so very brimming with life and energy. It’s the intellect sparking. That’s what it is. That’s why I like the colder weather so much, I guess. It IS because I like the cool, I respond well to it, but it’s the underlying how real do I feel, the real me, my mind … Ah yes, the cold is my friend, it aides the real me in appearing.

As long as the conditions are right.

What can dull me during winter … buildings with artificial heat. Like at church. In some stores. In some peoples cars. In some peoples houses.

What happens to me is: my sinuses close up, gooky or dry and I can’t barely breath, all the while that is happening I yawn and start getting sleepier and sleepier and sleepier … it’s my mind, it sinks far away into the depths of the folds of oblivion. lolling tongue feeling.

Give me the freezing air, let me wear the light warm clothing to keep my body warm enough and give me that cool to cold air to breathe… it is full of life, and the heated air feels nearly depleted of oxygen.

Falsely cooled (A/C) buildings seem devoid of air unless the system is moving air all of the time.

What it feels to me like is slow suffocation.

I have no such problem with my house in the winter. In the old days we had a heat pump and it couldn’t keep our house warm … good job it did. It’s a gentler heat and less stuffy even if it does warm up the house, but it’s still better all around for the air to be natural as possible … we don’t use that now, it broke. The fireplace we use, it makes a nice heat that is natural and doesn’t fill up even one room, but takes the edge of cold off nicely. The air is full of breathability. πŸ™‚ With the heatpump we used the fireplace before, so the heatpump not being used is only the corners of the house that are left without help … and an electric space heater here and there help out when it worse out (like the days of low 30’s or 20’s and no sun for days and day [2 or more]). I like it when it snows or ices over. Everything stops and it gets warmer in the house. I mean, there’s no going anywhere, no one out there moving about, and the house gets warmer from the insulation of the whole region from snow or ice.

We live in Georgia, so it’s not a whole season of snow and ice, but fits and starts of it, then it goes away and mild cold days reign again, till another ice storm comes. We get cold weather in October sometimes, but mostly it awaits November, and we sometimes get some flurries or snow before the end of the year. It’s usually January though, mid or later, when the weather gets seriously icy or snowy. Last year it wasn’t until February. Overall last year was a very mild winter for us.

I’m just thrilled that the weather has changed finally. The trees that still have leaves (some dropped them or part of them in September, curiously) are beginning to really start to show colours changing. Peak colour is usually mid-November. Right on schedule now.

My hens are mostly all molting again. They were laying great just a few weeks ago, then suddenly dropped to only one hen laying, then she quit after a week or so of solo laying. Then about a week ago Hawklady started to lay every other day and a few days in a row as well, with nothing today, but yesterday and the day before, yes. (she’s still in her own little overturned basket area.)

The Leghorns have a flood of white fluff in their pen. The other hens have a sea of mostly black and a little bit of brown fluff all about them (Autralorps and Golden-laced Wyandottes)

I still want to get a pen made for just the Wyandottes and Hawklady, that’d be three of them. It seems nice to segregate them, they tend towards self looking behaviour. Really they do, in my backyard at least.

So it’s colder time and the Leghorns are now sleeping in their laying box, you can tell from all the feather and poop in their every morning. No more eggs being layed, so go for it ladies. Seven of them crammed in that there box.

So then, this weather, it’s bright and fluffy stuff, envigoration-ating. So what nice when it gets cooler, and darker sooner, but some good old-fashion spooky reading … and nothing like hearing it read to you.

This is the audio book I got today: Great Classic Hauntings: Edgar Allan Poe, Washington Irving, Robert Louis Stevenson and a couple more.

They are having a sale there on Audible.com, 50% off of many books, not all, just many. Each on-sale item has an orange pumpkin next to it. The book I got was a lower priced book and exactly what I had in mind to get, a selection of something, including Poe, but not limited to him, though I’m interested in getting more Poe-only audio books in the future.

So the days are less light, well, very light and bright indeed, but less of it time-wise. This next weekend is when the clocks change for us from EDT to EST. Then it’ll be darker earlier in the evening. It has seemed like the last month the light has gone noticeably earlier, so that the time change will make it shockingly earlier. It’s mostly the lack of light we have in the house due to removing our deck French doors this year. It darkened things up intensely. We had a window A/C unit in over the sink and just took that out today, so now we have a smidgen more light in here again. (House back faces South) It’ll be interesting to see how it feels, light-wise, in here after a few more days of a window view there again, before the Fall Backwards-ness of time on Sunday early AM.

We have a new store near-by

We just got a new store a few miles away. There was a K-Mart there before, but it’s one that closed when they closed a bunch of their stores some time ago. The space is nearly filled now, as store after store slowly has taken up part of the empty space. We have the first PEEBLES in the state, and had some shopping there this afternoon. Frankie had gone in the other day and told me about it.

We found a few nice cute things for V., who turns 7 in about a month. We found some nice shirts for the two boys as well. Nice sale going on, by two get one free on some things, as well as a Grand Opening percentage-off of everything.

They have some nice brands, good stuff, over all a better store than K-Mart, though they don’t take K’s place at all, P is a “department store” kind of place, and K is not that, less and more all over. Cheaper and full of many other things, in other words. P is pretty nice, consitering it all. My take on it is, uh oh. Why did they pick HERE to put their first store? πŸ™‚ Maybe it’s growing faster around here than we even thought. Hmmm.

Anyhow, we also got a new winter play coat for V. and some funny pink boots she can wear this winter, with her casual skirts, and maybe play outside too. Things are good quality there, but not over priced, and better prices due to Grand Opening. The things are not what I’d really want to get over anything, but what available close to home, so …

I got three new blouses and a couple of jackets as well. Now there is where I had to laugh. I looked in the Misses stuff and found NOTHING. I passed the Jr. section and stopped short in front of a rack of really cute baby-cord blazers. Two colors, one a tan-ish and the other a dusty rose-ish … I pulled out a M in the pink and tried it on right in the aisle, not exactly my “INTP style” to do that usually, πŸ˜‰ and oooooh I loved it!

I used to where Jr. sizes, before babies. Since then, I haven’t been happy with much in Misses, and well I was just thrilled to find a really hot blazer that fit me. It’s snug in the middle and so vvveeerrrrry feminine, the waist is snugged in, as I sayed before, and it’s a girly blazer for sure. It’s something I didn’t ever have in my close closest, something that girly. I must say, when I was younger, they didn’t put nice things like that in the Jr. Dept. Lines of Clothing. I’m still a girl, just older and my shape is different. My take on it is that the styles out now are so very me, over all, this summer the skirts out there, and continuing into Fall and Winter things, they are so great, so similar but improved, so much like my childhood. Re-cycled styles … what comes around goes around. Nothing new under the sun, that sort of thing, just something old, improved.

For the last … I forget how many years, I’ve been wearing only dresses or skirt/blouse combos. I have had the worst time finding anything that either fit, or that I liked. I went through a “jumper” phase, it was all I could find that was “ok” and I’m glad I don’t HAVE to wear them anymore. I have found a few things here and there since then, and slowy got a better wardrobe going, though it’s not really “my style” overall. I’m struggling to get me into my clothes, I mean, get the real me to be in my real style. Skirts I have now, several nice types for me, but blouses has been my bain forever. I’ve never been good at blouses.

Before dresses, I was a T-shirt and Jeans girl. I wore dresses too, but mostly T-shirts and Jeans, Walking Shorts and Nice T’s, that sort of thing. I got more modesty though, and quit the pants wearing completely bad when ever that was. So for me, skirts are tough, they aren’t my usual style, before it was dresses of different styles, mostly not comfy types, so they didn’t work for me to go into my new clothing phase, as comfort is first for me in daily life πŸ˜‰

So I was happy to find a couple of blazer/jacket things that work with some of the skirts I have now, which makes the blouse issue less of an issue, finally. Autumn/Winter is my favorite time for clothes, I can wear tights and boots and looser thick stuff. Layers that are good, not several, just a couple. I am very sensitive to too many layers, seams in many things, and all that. So I have to be picky about what I can wear ever, specially Winter. So now some of my things feel more complete since the P run today.

I’m guessing I’ll have to get more and more stuff as soon as I can, since styles will change, and they won’t be in my favor necessarily … get it while the gettin’s good!

So I re-looked at the Misses section in P before leaving. Ugh. Polyester reigns supreme there! Ugh! They had nothing of interest, nothing. Jr’s didn’t have any skirts I liked, almost, but not in the end. That’s OK, the upper stuff was good. I’m glad I looked, usually I have tried that in other stores and found nothing in either section. Just these last couple of style seasons has proved out anything good in little/big girls clothing and in Jr’s or Misses anywhere.

Of course, I am talking about less costly clothing … ready-to-wear off of cheaper store shelves. I have found a few things in Dillards in some sections at times, but there those are pricier things. All in all it’s that Peebles is something new for us, and it isn’t pretentious, and not a big mess either. It’ll be interesting to see what they are like later, see if they improve, get worse, stay the same, or what.

Well, I’m nearly ready for Winter. Really ready for Autumn, and it seems to be here now, the weather is cooling down, and tonight it should be in the high 40’s with low 70’s tomorrow and getting a bit cooler the next few days. I looked at the 15-day forcast, and it’s for a similar trend, just low 70’s at the highest with more highs lower than that, and lows down into the very high 30’s later. Beyond that, I don’t know. I used to rely on Accuweather and look that sort of data up via the past 12-month data, but they’ve removed that from the regular user interface, you have to pay extra for more data now. πŸ™ I haven’t looked for another source as of yet. I pay little things on a few other sites for content, and have no wish to do so with weather!

Oh, I did get a nice little program the other day, Moon Phase stuff [link] … it’s a thing you have to pay for, just once. You can look up past and future and current Moon Phase data … it’s really nice. I’m very interested in the moon and it’s influence on things.

I realized for the very first time via this program, that I was born the morning of a New Moon. I had thought I was born when the moon was “waxing” … as some other websites had said. So there I found, not really was it waxing, not really, it had turned to new at 12:30am … I was born at 8:27am.

Duran Duran has a song, which also fascinated me, I didn’t know why. Now I do. New Moon on Monday. I was born on a July Monday morning many years ago, under a New Moon.

Hey, means something to me, just interesting, I mean. Funny, I have something to connect with my fascination with that song now. FWIW πŸ™‚

Winter and Spring doing their thing

I’m up just for a short while. It’s tiring being up, but also tiring being in bed, though it feels good to stay there, my mind wanders far from it and forces me up now and then. Whatever that means!

So I was looking at Accuweather’s 15-day Outlook, and it seems to me it’s going to be a frustrating early Spring. Last Normal Freeze is March 15. Temps between here and there look fine, as all things go with keeping temps above freezing.

March 17th though, they are forecasting freezing temps, and frosty temps the next couple of days after that, hovering right around there for lows at night. Grrrr.

We are still 10-days away from that, so we shall see.

Otherwise we currently have Sun that’s going away, with light cloud cover coming in, well actually it’s sliding in as overcast, that’s the edge, I see clear blue to the east and those white fingers reaching out that direction and just plain old overcast behind it back towards the other directions. Possible Thunder Storms later this afternoon, and rain and temperatures falling down to the be at the most 49 tomorrow. Today it’s supposed to get into the high-60’s. So that’s a big temperature change coming our way, again. Up and down, it’s that way most winters, but seems more uppy and downy this year.

Frank’s off to Savannah again today. He’ll be back tomorrow night. Bad timing, but could have been worse if my illness waited until today to hit instead of yesterday! In any case, I AM feeling better than I did earlier this morning when I posted. I posted that and went pretty directly back to bed. I’m getting towards starving feelings now, so that’s a good sign, and figure that a nice 2-egg scramble on cast iron pan in butter with sea salt sounds devine.

I must take it easy though, with three chiluns full of energy, I can’t smash every bit of my energy now, so I must post this and make that egg and rest again.

So Spring is coming, trees are still putting out their buds and such. Our Weeping Willow is still greening up and our other trees are getting close to opening buds … but not yet. Other’s trees have bloomed, but only here and there. The Cacophony of Spring’s Triumphal Entrance is still a ways away. I am glad it’s not here now, with me under the weather, I want to be out there when it’s time, drinking it in getting my hands nice and dirty.

So I am guessing it’d be best to bide my time and wait until April. We have lots of indoor painting to do anyhow. So if I can get some energy back this week it’ll be painting time. I love painting! Really, I do! [plus there’s decontruction and figuring out what to deconstruct and where and what and moving things and re-constructing to do!]

It Snowing! Happy March!

In Georgia it’s usually Springtime in the South, by the time March 1 rolls around. Sure it can get down to freezing at night, and some days be chilly, but not that bad.

It’s snowing right now. OK, thick Flurries.

It’s snow though. It’s snowing. March 1, 2005 10 AM and it’s snowing in Georgia.

I took some pictures with the digital. I’ll see how they turned out a bit later. It’s not easy taking pictures with a digital, of something like this. It’s nice to get fast pictures on the computer without having to develop film and print it out first, but lets be real, sometimes a photographer just wants a normal camera to use. πŸ˜‰

My camera has a backlog of film to be developed and needs new batteries, so it’s out of commission for now. πŸ™

So is March coming in like a Lamb or a Lion?

That doesn’t apply down South, overall. This is not lamby nor lion like, so it’s not even something I can pretend to rate, as I would based on a mild balmy day, or a wild windy stormy day. This is just heavy clouds over cold air levels, dumping it’s load in a fuzzy nice way. This is way better than the rain we had the last two days. It’s nice to walk out in 30 degree snow filled air weather. It FEELS warmer. It’s nice. πŸ™‚

So we’ve had a weird winter again. Snow in March. Add it to the vaults. It’s NOT an environmental problem, mind you. Just another wacky weather event. They are around all the time. Years and years before vehicles traveled with gasoline as fuel. πŸ™‚

It’s a cool day

Today it’s been cool and overcast, a bit gusty at times, and then rain started this afternoon. It “feels” chillier than it really is, due to all those conditions. This is normal, as hotter temps have the same thing making it usually “feel hotter”. Drier hot days don’t feel “as hot”, just as some cooler days don’t “feel as cool” due to humidity or sun, or such, it’s a visa versa thing. Weather on the extremes and middles of many connected things similar yet not, similar named result, yet totally different.

I’m just blabbing about this to post something, not important, just that it’s cool and yucky out and I’m trying out some things that posting may help show whether something is working or not. πŸ™‚

I’m getting chilled by just sitting here, so I’ve got to get up and move around. I see a neighbor behind us has smoke pouring from their chimney. All winter long that wasn’t very normal to see from their house. We on the other hand had a fire going if it was cold for a few days and kept it going as needed. So here I am, I said I’m a bit chilled sitting here. That’s just normal for it being a non-sunny day and the temps in the 40’s and rain outside. Not a fire thing, just a get up thing.

I guess some people didn’t make fires during the colder part of the “winter season” so they feel that today is a good day to have a fireplace fire burning — romaticism and all that.

For me, I could build one, but I’ve done it for warmth for two winters in a row. I love building them, but seeing as it’s not COLD cold in here, why build one? Are they romatic-like? Sure, but maybe a bit more utilitarian for me now than they used to be. Also, the wood is all wet. Who wants to struggle with that, I’ve done that in the really cold-rated days this year, it’s neither warming nor romatic kindling making stuff πŸ˜‰

Temps here are going to be in the high 30’s tonight, accuweather says. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy, and dim, similar temps as today, but on the lower side of the mid-30’s tomorrow night. Tuesday we are supposed to see some sun, that will be welcomed with open arms. But that night and the two following will be right at the freezing mark, or thereabouts. Temps then in the daytime being around 53 and 49 as is predicted on two of them … with some sun, it’ll be manageable. So we are now just to the point of being 15-days from the “last normal freeze” date. I’m watching the weather predictions heavily, well, just watching and writing down a few degree infos here and there to compare. The plants are definitely into the Spring Fling, and the birds are getting noticeably interested in it too. We are due for a bit of a late winter, I guess, since it’s been so mild most of the season. So let’s just say, I’m very ready for Spring. Might as well, I’ve had Spring Allergies for a couple of weeks, with it building up to higher than mid-point counts the last week. Let’s just get going so we can get it over with. πŸ™‚ And start planting safely too. πŸ™‚

Spring! Signs everywhere!

It’s a lovely day so far. It’s supposed to be up to around 61 degrees F. The sun is shining. Spring is in the air.

I forgot to post this exciting news the other day. Victoria were on the deck the other day sorting through some Thyme I’d cut out of my herb garden (hair cuts for Thyme plants). I heard an odd sound, an odd bird sound, garbly trilly odd. I didn’t have my glasses on so I couldn’t tell if there was something over this or that way making the noise, in trees or something. She pointed to the east. I squinted my eyes, Ah there it is!

A huge V of geese flying due North at a nice clippy pace. The first sign of Spring Migration!

It was a euphoric site and had me on high excitement levels for quite awhile.

In other news, the Weeping Willow tree is looking very dotty green. It’s fronds are long yet, not at all, but she’s a-puttin them out and from a distance you can see those green things coming out. It’s beautiful. I fear she’s too early though. We have a few weeks to go before the probably “last freeze”. In fact, in the next 15-days forcast Accuweather is calling for many nights down to 32, 31, 29. It’s not that which will be a problem, most likely, but it’s the fact that in the last couple of days they did have “ice storm” maybes in the forcast. They’ve gone away from the forcast, but could come back.

In the greater Atlanta area there are many trees starting to bloom. Cherry trees, or something like them, not the kind we have (ours bloom into March or so –Y. Cherries) and a few others. Maybe they aren’t cherry trees, but they look like the K. kind (I can’t recall the names to spell them out, so figure out the Y and K please yourselves πŸ˜‰ )

Today I saw a Bluebird looking at the nest box. I need to relocate that box. Last year it was nothing but bad stuff for them there. As well, today there were E. Starlings on the fence by the bird box. They were bothering the Bluebirds, of course. Going out I just have to clap and yell a second or two and the Starlings fly away, but the Bluebirds stay. πŸ™‚ I can’t watch them every moment of the day though πŸ™

So I need to get a pole to mount the box on in another place in the yard. Frank, mark that down. πŸ™‚ You are the pole buyer. πŸ˜‰

I would also like a new big bird feeder … mine fell over in a storm last year and started to crumble, not worth the fixing. So I have no nice feeder. I also would like a few more Hummer Feeders, through different things all but one is broke now. Just my nice one is around for now. It’s delicate, blown glass shaped like a long tubular flower. It’s a piece of art really. It’s not a “filler-er-up” many times in a month type. I like the feeders that have many stations on them. So this artsy one is not for that, it’s a one-at-a-timer.

We were in Bass Pro Outlet last night, they have some nice single Hummer Feeders … made out of all kinds of glass bottles and copper and such twisted around them to hold them up, very pretty decorations on them, big old decorative Hummer Feeders all in themselves! But single feeders — pricey too. $19 and up. πŸ™

I’m doing some work on my “herb garden” here and there. I really want to get it in good shape, get more plants in it, and a nice brick border, or a short picket fence around it. It’s a battle keeping the creeping weedy grasses out of it. So the Mantis needs to come out of the garage and do some work for me. Edging first, then cultivation between “rows” to loosen the dirt, get rid of little springy weeds, then I get get in there and do the hefty stuff easier, tidying up and hopefully getting a mulch to put on the dirt, and as I said before, more plants. I have Bee Balm and 3 kinds of Thyme, and Chives that are perennials that are doing alright. I also have two other plants in there that are not “herbs” but are nice butterfly attracters. Purple Cone Flower, and a Giant — I forget it’s name. Both die back to the ground in the winter. The herbs don’t die back, the Thyme keeps plugging away winter long, and the chives scale back but don’t go away, same with the Bee Balm.

I may only have 2 types of Thyme now. I recall that one of the 3 is “Wooly Thyme” and may be under some weeds in the corner, or vanished … or may come back in some small way that I can work with. I also have English Thyme and German Thyme. My English is more leggy and loose –mild smell; the German is more bushy and thick–more smell to it too.

The Peonies out front have continued to put up their first shoots out of the ground. They should be super duper huge this year, and I need to put out supports for them for sure. Frank, take note– I need stakes and garden string! πŸ™‚

Sunny Day At Last!

Ah, the sun is shining. I got the whole floor swept up on the main level. Sunlight makes that possible πŸ™‚

It’s cool out still, but with the sunny backyard, it feels lovely. Going out on the deck is like a spa. In the summer it REALLY is. Right now it’s just that it feels nice. In the Summer that same heating phenomenon will feel like … I don’t know, just way overheated.

It’s a phenomenon, not really, I just call it that. It’s that you can go out there and judge the weather, right? No. It’s a false warmth. [Maybe it IS a phenomenon, but I say it’s not since it’s reproduceable easily.]

In winter if you go on the deck and think it’s warm enough to go out and play, you could find yourself hauling back in within 5 minutes. It’s way colder “out there” than it is on the deck. Transfers sitution in summer. You might think it TOO HOT to go out, when it’s not really, it’s just the deck.

It’s a normal Southern Exposure thing, that’s all.

Some people in this household also consider the front door “porch” as a temperature gauge. It truly only works as that to determine if it’s BITTERLY cold or not. It has a North-Northwest Exposure, and is recessed and covered. So to use it to see if it’s warm out, you’d think it too cold out there in reality. To use it and think that it’s HOT out there, then it’s probably way hotter than you can even imagine.

North gives a cool-off
South gives a warm-up

These are just basic principles that work in nature with dwellings and other things. We are talking about –Daylight Full Sun– conditions in place.

Forgive my ramblings please! πŸ™‚

Burning things

This morning at 4:30am it was 40 degrees F. outside. Now, at 11:56am it is 34 degrees, raining and blechy yucky out.

Not only that, but Frank left for Phoenix this early morning and will be away the next few days of this numbing weather. We went through nearly all of our wood this past weekend with the ice storm. The weather outlook last week, for now and the next few days wasn’t so bad. But since the ice storm came through the weather update for this current week is bad. We needed wood. So Frank did get wood yesterday, but only put it over the fence. He was in a hurry, it was late. But there it was, getting wet as it drizzled overnight. So this morning I have the two boys getting the wood on the deck and it is no fun. It’s numblingly cold and that’s hard work to do without gloves. It was supposed to be closer to 40 this morning, even going with yesterdays forecast, but instead it’s just a few degrees above freezing, and a “feels like” temp of 28 degrees. That’s cold and add in the absolute wettness I think it’s colder feeling actually with the moving wood job.

And then can you guess how easy it is to burn that wood?

If steaming could make me warm that’d be nice, but it doesn’t help my toes. Just my head. :veryshocked:

[I mean, getting riled about something “unlocks” something in my brain and gives me a bit of motivational energy, at least, if not warmth to my actual body.]

Update: 3:26pm ::

The fire eventually got hot enough to burn nicely, but it was hard work getting that to happen. I’ve had to have 5 or 6 pieces of wood in there at all time, at least three on the bottom over whatever embers are there, in a stage of burning, with two or three “wet” pieces above, drying out and starting to burn on the edges and push water out of the big old soggy thangs.

At times in the first few hours I had to roll up newspaper and strategically place that in and amongst the fiery logs. I do this with a full thin section of the daily paper, at least three sheets, if not more (that would be 6 pages, or really that would mean twelve [since it’d be front-to-back print] pages) rolled tight–but sort of loosely, on the diagonal, then shoved under the grate, or snuggled between logs, to light and get a hot fire going. It helps get wood going that is smoking, but not burning. It gets embers under that area to really glow and throw off heat for burning wood. It’s similar to using The Bellows, which I have such a tool, but it’s more useful for getting something really burning that will last, but go away as well fairly fast.

Using that diagonal newpaper technique still does require the use of The Bellows at times. In any case, they are fun to use. πŸ˜‰

How it’s going now is that I just have to spend a lot more time with the fire. Wetter wood has to burn to create the embers for the following wet logs [just as any wood has to do for any following wood in the first place, only moreso important if it’s all wet], and if it’s damp and wet it needs to be HOT in there. So if I would slack off, the fire could die down and require major surgery to recessitate. The manual taxing labor is worth the fire going on and on, not having that emergency re-do stuff happening.

Cloudy Weather

The ice melted away on Sunday and Monday. By Monday morning there was just some left in places like “roof valleys” and Northern exposed places where it had piled up, and little stuff that was gone by noon that day.

The temps have been higher than freezing, but it’s been mostly all cloudy, just a bit of sun peaking through yesterday afternoon for a small time. So with the temps in the 40’s, that makes things chilly still in the house, with no fireplaces going.

Frank is getting more wood for us this afternoon. He’ll be out the next few days and the temps are supposed to be around 38/39 tonight through Thurday morning. Cloudy, rain, etc. That is cold in the house, with no sun. So since Frank will be running around all day those days, we can’t “duck out” and go to B&N, for instance, so I will need to be building fires in the fireplace again. πŸ™

Well that’s not so bad, just that I would LOVE to see the SUN again. I am really one that needs that sun every day. Not alot, just that the HOUSE needs it at the south to get warm, and then I need to see it as well and get my fill, stand in it and bask like a cat for a bit. Then I can avoid it the rest of the day and be fine. It’s nice to see the brightness though, out the kitchen windows and know that it’s there. Heavy clouds make things so “dull”. Add chilly temps to it and it’s harder to “deal with”. Like it’s no fun going out in the yard to the chickens when they aren’t laying eggs, and it’s cloudy and chilly, and they need fed and watered. I mean, give me eggs and that’s a bit of brightness πŸ˜‰ But no eggs, and cloudy, chilly, yuck.

So that’s the thing, no eggs still. πŸ™

We went out and got a bunch of food from the store yesterday … so today it’s get things in order there day. Not so easy when it’s dull in the kitchen, and I am fighting off a migraine. It’s not that bad, just an annoying grating one that is more so sickly than painfull.

I do suffer from these often, as I have since my teen years. I just deal with them. Sometimes they are more often, other times not very often at all. I know that I love the sun more — to sit on the deck and shut my eyes and bask in it when I have a migraine. So since I can’t … sigh.

A cold day with clear blue sunny skies is wonderfull and it’s been awhile since we’ve had that. Ice days in the past have had the day after cold and clear and that’s lovely to see. But we had just cloudy, cloudy, cloudy this time. πŸ™

Happy February! Spring is closer!

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