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I installed a new plugin on this blog today: “Yet Another Related Posts Plugin” … to be exact. (Referered to as YARPP)

I had been thinking of finding some such plugin for some time, and finally went hunting for one today and am very pleased with this one, how it’s working, the ease of use, etc.

It is fun for me to see what posts are called up as “related” for different topic-ed posts, gets me looking at past content from a different perspective and that will help me with “tagging” some of them finally, no doubt.

I worked on the Sandbox theme I’m using too. I fixed up some code and now my blog is more fluid for resizing

I also just spiffed up my laptop, on the outside a bit. Nothing fancy, just cleaned off the dust and dirt and so it’s shiny black again, and finally removed the big sticker from the left palm rest area — a very faded HP sticker. I saw no reason to remove it before now. I’m the sort of weirdo that leaves plastic stuff on new things too, the clear film stuff that protects different things, I leave that on whatever until it’s ugly as can be, then take it off and the device is new looking underneath. Sort of a “screen protector” sort of thing, though it’s never a “screen” that’s covered, and I don’t do it to it, just leave on the original manufacturer stuff.

Let’s see, like the bread machine, the stove, the washer, the dryer, radios, etc. The sticker on the computer was a different sort of thing, sure, but similar enough to me, it looks so very nice there now.


I’m playing with a new Theme … one that has Skins and can be custom skinned by oneself. WordPreciousss is the Theme … I’m not linking to it because I do not know if I will keep it … yet.

I might keep it, might not. Might go looking around for other “skinnable” WP Themes.

Why I found it is because I was wanting to add somemore funtionality or style to my blog here, and was using basic2col-20 as a theme for awhile, and I stumbled onto the fact that the author had many themes and wanted to put them all into one manageable package … hence a Theme with Skins. What I was using was a tad older Theme by itself, which is now available as part of the overall theme as a skin.

So right now I have another skin chosen, and I’ve added my own custom header image, and my own sidebar –that’s “skinbar” in skinning language.

I do like the “page” overall, but might end up with a more minimalistic skin (flat). I am really looking to just create custom archive pages and get most of that info off the main sidebar, as well as Page info, and maybe have tabs at the top of the page with that info one-click away.

So what I have now hasn’t gotten me any closer to that, but I do have a few new tags added and well, now as I type this I am realizing that I still am wanting to totally revamp the look to be straightforward and well stretched out not to have content smooshed into one space, but also well marked up from a readers perspective, beautiful typographically, in other words. I really do not want to devote my time to creating my own templates, but I might just have to do that in the end … so hopefully I can do that slowly and just be happy with this or another skin for the while.

Eons ago I had my own theme here. It wasn’t grand, but then WP was not so grand either then. When the bigger upgrades came along I *whoops* deleted my own Theme by accident and didn’t have a backup, and that ended up to be fine anyhow, with all the new things added to WP.

I just won’t have the time to do a lot in coding, but the bug has bitten me to actually do something for the first time in many, many months, but with a baby in the house there is just not as much time where I am awake and able to be coherent enough to type/copy&paste code for a custom Theme.

Ah, really it shouldn’t be so hard, but I just want to be sure of what I am doing and not spend any amount of time in a wasted manner for this task.

So I need to have time to just straightforwardly plunk out what I need and add to it to fill it out. Skeleton, then Flesh, then Clothes.

Edit: Here it is, middle of the night after writing the above during the day, and I’ve already changed things. I installed SandBox, and it’s just the basics, and I will build from there. The Theme I was using before was based on Sandbox, but wasn’t “sandbox” and I’m super ok with just starting from the basics and using that and tweaking what needs to be tweeked and CSS-ing it to the nth degree that I need to. So this is a basic plain but currently –IMO –ugly blog for awhile. I’m playing with it LIVE and don’t mind airing my mistakes and messes. :rolleyes:

I have another blog, which I am not fooling with btw.


I’m trying out FLOCK. Find it at http://www.flock.com.

What is FLOCK? It’s a tool to use with blogs. It’s a browser too, built off of Mozilla. I use Firefox and love it. FLOCK is not a replacement, it’s still in BETA. It’s a way to aggregate posting of your blogs, if you have more than one, like I do.

This is my first post using FLOCK.

I will be attempting to use this and love it. I am hoping to get the functionality of the spam tool used at wp . com … and am awaiting an invite there. [update: if you have FLOCK, just go to wp . com {wordpress dot com} via FLOCK and there will be the link to signup, you have to go there via FLOCK though. The link won’t show up in another browser. You will be signing up to have a wp blog on that site, and there you can find your API to use with the Akismet Plugin for your standalone wp blogs.]

What is FLOCK? Is it like a flocked Christmas Tree? LOL. I hate those. Hopefully it’s something nicer.

It appears to be so. I used to have movable type, before the big upidy-doo, when I switched to WordPress. Back in the MT days I tried some blogging tools and didn’t like them. I do like this part of FLOCK so far, it’s a familiar format, clean-cut MOZILLA! πŸ™‚ I’ll know better when I publish this as to how much I like it. I’m willing to work out the bugs.

The one thing I don’t like, this line and following is an edit in WP itself, is the code squished into FLOCK posts. That’s what I didn’t like about those old blog utilities …

Also, FLOCK doesn’t have Categories choosable, it uses your default category.

So be it. For now.

Plugins and Uprades: Troubles

Working through issues, I’m not sure what’s what.

I have been using CG-Referrer as a logging program and nasty combatant. I had WP 1.5 running since moving Hosts, and meant to get another WP running, but didn’t until yesterday. All along since updates to WP have been out I meant to upgrade, but didn’t, until the night before yesterday.

CG-Referrer stopped working on this site when I upgraded to WP, the first upgrade I attempted. The upgrade worked fine, but CG-Referrer didn’t work right. So I went and found the most recent CG-Powerpack. I deactivated the old version in plugins, deleted all the files, and then uploaded the new stuff. I activated it in Plugins. I went to the admin functions of CG-Referrer and saw how nice it was now, quite nicely upgraded to pull out more data and function friendly-like.

But then I saw, over time, the new CG-Referrer wasn’t working to log info at all. πŸ™

Yesterday I installed a brand new copy of WP on my other site, for a new blog. I installed CG-Referrer there, and it does the same thing as this sites version.

So it’s not any old file I kept here causing the problem, and not something funky in how I did it all, I downloaded a brand new copy of both WP and CG-PowerPack before installing the new blog.

My last ditch effort will be to connect to my site via FTP instead of SFTP and see if uploading all these files will work.

The last thing is that I use DreamHost as my Host, and they do have things different than what works with some PHP, I am learning. So maybe that’s what this is about.

I had WeatherIcon2.0 installed on this site, and today it suddenly started to throw errors at me. It seems to be connected with what I read about url_fopen stuff, not sure exactly what it is, but I had this ugly error sitting there on the side of my page, extending the width of my page, ugly, ugly, ugly. So I took it out and kissed it goodbye. It doesn’t really make sense, it worked alright the whole time since the upgrade, until just today. It’s not just my station, it’s ANY station I tried. So like I said, “smack-pooey-ooey … goodbye!” :veryshocked:

I have other plugins too on my other site, the older install that is still WP 1.5. I have three different plugins to get recent comments and entries and top commenters there. I have found that the c2c_top/recentcommenters plugin doesn’t work. Oh, but it does. Call it up in a plain php file with wp-headers that are at the top of wp pages so that the info will work with plugins and such in that WP install, well in that case, just the headers and the php function call to get_commenters of the right variety, it works!

I also tried it on a WP 1.5 Page, I put the call in a template in my Theme, and then created a page based on that template. That page then is linked on the side bar. Click the link for that page and voila! The page loads and the info for that plugin is right there fine and dandy.

But try and call it up on the sidebar, forget it. It’s doesn’t do anything, no errors, just doesn’t do a thing.

This has been that way since I started that blog on DreamHost. I just haven’t tried to fool with it until now. So using that thought process which began since all this drama, I looked into my plugins here and saw I had two old “post and comment” sort of plugin lying around, activated but not used. So I made sure they were unused and chucked them. The actual plugin I’m using for sidebar reflection of activity is “c2c customizable postings” – a terribly complicated post recall plugin that you can customize up to your hearts content, I guess. I have it filtering through recent comments and recent entries only. Maybe it’s capable of doing the top commenter bit role. The reader may have noticed that I referred to the top/recentcommenters plugin above, the one on my other blog that I’m having trouble with showing up on my sidebar … it’s a c2c plugin, just as is the one here that’s the fussy-optioned one.

So I’ll do a test of both on both of the blogs and see if I can get what I want going. It should all work, I use the same host, same account for goodness sake. That’s the c2c plugin.

As for CG-Referrer, it also does run on my old blog on the other site, the WP 1.5 install that I’m talking of that has the c2c problem. It’s the older version of CG-Referrer, and works fine. I’ll maybe upgrade that plugin first and see if THAT works on WP 1.5 on my dreamhost hosted sites.

Also I’ll note what I did today as well: I sent trackbacks and pings back and forth to my three blogs. Trackback or Ping to and from the blogs worked. Trackbacks worked to and from 1.5 and Pings would go out from 1.5 to, but not received into 1.5 from I think. I may be flip-flopped on that last stat. In not out, out not in, one of those. It’s that the blog that sends the ping rates it as sent, but the receiving blog doesn’t post it. So sends it to a 1.5 and the 1.5 doesn’t get it, but the did send it. At least that’s how mine is acting. Ok, that’s enough techy for now. πŸ™‚

Blogging back up again

I finally have this weblog on. It’s on my new host. I have my hyperthinking site on that host too. I’ll have some stuff on my “old” domain, the one this blog used to reside on. It had three domains that mirrored, but were supposed to resolve to .com, but didn’t, so some think it was a .net address, when it was really that the blog was a .com address install. So that messed up things, and it wasn’t set up right on the server there either, so my blog stuff was referring stuff wrong often enough.

Anyhow, I have the majority of this blog fixed now. Still things to decide though. I won’t host all my photos here. I think I’ll put them up elsewhere and just link to them for the most part. So older posts here won’t have the right look, photos missing, etc. until I figure out how to work it.

This is going to continue to be my “everything blog” as it was, and I’ll be doing my “thinking” blogging at hyperthinking, but that may be where I put some stuff that I used to put here. As I said above, still working out the details.

I’m glad to have both my main weblogs up and running again though! I have to decide on what to do with the other blog setups I had for education, photos, hens, etc. πŸ™

More info on the Probably Poker Hit – maybe – maybenot

see: WordPress Support Forum Post

The quote below is the last thing I wrote to the thread linked above … and the site there is broken, so I can’t post it.

Another thing to add, the last piece of SPAM commenting I got was an Online Poker piece of crap … I have gotten little of any junk the last couple of days, miraculously or due to efforts at adding stuff to filters here and there. This new one got through to moderation on March 10 in the afternoon, … not tagged as SPAM, it used a different URL this time. One that is listed in google as Online Poker, of course. “genaholincorporated” dot com is only an online poker site, a new spammer for this blog. Since they had “Online” and “Poker” as the “user name” for the comment, it got flagged for moderation.

Don’t y’all just hate the Online Poker gouger? I also hate the smut spammer too. They started hitting this blog after I upgraded to 1.5, with a vengence. But one reason or another, due to my efforts or not, they have stopped for now. This last trickle was one drop, mr. online poker yesterday. Was it therefore this being that has caused the problem I had this morning, and the curious emails of password changes …

All because I have secretly joined the efforts at getting wikipedia’s online poker entry at the top of the google ranks, by linking to it on my blog? Maybe that’s it. Maybe it’s not.

I’m only speculating from snitches of data I’ve browsed through today.


That was the referring url on the wp-login.php junk above, for the #4 hit on the site.

The first hit was at 05:59:33, the next 5 seconds later, the next 18 seconds later … then a lull of four minutes and 20 seconds.

That lull is when the next hit had the above url as the referring url.

What were they doing meantime? There is nothing in my referrers to show … did they get in and do something in my link manager?

I’m going to look right now.

The suspect thing to me is that they hit the site on my .us domain, which only points to my .com where the real content is.

So they somehow have my .us/weblog/ as the referrer on their first vist to /weblog/wp-login.php –without having logged a visit in on my index.php previously … but …

earlier there was visitor with an msn.search page referrer with a different IP listed, that came from a page listing LINKS to the wiki encyclopeia for “online poker”.

My site shows up in that search, I have that link in my sidebar and it’s not visible on my page due to CSS styling. I added it there to help the effort at stopping that durn poker spam.

Why do I think this has something to do with the other … that same IP that came in from the referrer msn.search … next logged in my referer going to` .us/./` with `.us` as the referrer.

That’s weird, at least in my referrers it is, as nothing shows up like that from my “normal lookings.”

That all happened at 05:01:44 and 05:03:01.

I say this all since it’s dealing with Online Poker and that early this morning:

1. An IP showed up from an msn.search page referral that was showing pages linking to the wiki-encyclopedia about Online Poker.

2. A little more than a minute later that same IP showed up as trying to load a `.us` domain page on my site.

3. About 56 minutes later a different IP came in and tried to load wp-login.php, tried to change my password for admin, somehow sent weird emails to me saying password was changed, and actually did change my password, and meanwhile after trying to load pages a couple of times came back after a 4 minute lull with this as the referal url `http://www.pastoralfarms.com/weblog/wp-login.php?redirect_to=%2Fweblog%2Fwp-admin%2Flink-manager.php`
and then began hitting wp-login.php again with just `wp-login.php` as the referring url for the rest of them.


Everything in my LINKS manager looks fine.

I have no idea if they got into my WP install or not. I can’t tell anything is changed. But I just wouldn’t know that easily, if it wasn’t super obvious.

In any case, I reported the initial weird issue on the mosquito site.

It’s just bizarre what happened, and that it would seem to be maybe, maybenot, maybeso connected to Online Poker.

I hope that’s coherent enough to make a bit of sense.

It’s obvioius that whomever it is/was is familiar with WP and wanted to get in or do something to my WP install at least. That url above will take someone to the Link Manager page once they successfully login. So was that the goal of the “attack” … and they miserably failed? I don’t know how they changed the password without having access to my email … how they spoofed or used some sort of something to send me weird password change emails, and that it totally bypassed the “normal WP” lost password schematics. So they DID change my password, but did they get in with it, that is the question.

Upgrade to WP 1.5 complete

I’ve now upgraded this weblog to WP 1.5.

It was a bit difficult due to my customization of my comments form, but I got it straightened out fairly fast. I had to change some of the the php tags from “{ ?>” to ” : ?>” and then I forgot to transfer a couple of commas between some things that needed to be changed as well.

In order to do the comments form I took the WP Classic 1.5 comment form and just added in my changes as were in my 1.2 wp-comments form.

It wasn’t totally straightforward, but neither was it difficult to figure out, just a tad tedious.

Otherwise, I need to test to be sure old things are working still, but so far it seems that all is fine.

I used to have a script in my head section, but I took that out and put it in a separate .js file, and I just haven’t put the line in to call it up yet. So some older pages have popups that won’t work therefore. That’s all that is about.

I have exhibit installed for images, and I like that system, yet again, not. I like it for having the photos available in post as writing an already saved post, but I’ve stopped using it as it’s codes, just have used it to insert the urls of the photos into posts. I haven’t had very many photos on this blog, and when I have, I have just had them lined up without thumbs. Just as easy to add my own css divs around each photo.

I know that I won’t want to have that in use always, so I may just go back and change any posts that use it particularly and recode them to url links to the files myself. I will be getting a real photoblog set up again, so because of that I will put less photos in this blog, but probably not by much, as one or two of any “series” I’d load on a photolog would be in here in a post to link to them probably.

So all in all, I have all the same plugins working, except for that I took out the two spamming plugins I had. I need to retool and see if there are updated plugins or better functioning ones to use for the things I have.

I’m wanting to make changes to this site layout, but this one is working fine, so I won’t break what’s not already broken and since it went really smoothly over to 1.5 as a Theme, then I guess I just need to make it stay this way.

I can use this theme as a parent theme and just change the style of the site with a new theme as a color only theme, for example. I could change the way it looks, but content would be the same.

There is functionality in coding in the Kubric theme too, which I’d like to use, so I’ll be playing with things but it won’t be that noticeable since I can switch back and forth in themes easily. So if a page won’t load right, wait, and try again. If it looks very different ever, it’s just because I’ve switched it to the default theme, or one I’m working on.

I want to get some of the info off of this page and onto separate pages that I’ll link to. So that’ll get more room on the sidebar for other things, and I may overhaul my site root index page to include some info from the various blogs, recent comment updates, recent post titles, etc. recent photos, etc. It’ll be more a portal page for the whole site instead of just a slight portal front page that no one hardly visits.

So this is the first blog on this website to be fixed up with 1.5. I have two or three (or so) more to do here. πŸ™‚

Trackback and Pings

Lesson Learned: Trackback DOES work for me, just the Virtual Site thing isn’t able to work it since I’m using WP for it, and not .htaccess.

Put this in your wp-comments php file, where the php bloginfo(‘url’) is the only code for a Trackback Link. It’ll allow you to display your Post ID trackback link, not have WP generate one based on your Virtual Site Url.

< ?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/wp-trackback.php?p=< ?php the_ID() ?>

I had always been looking for a way to include my virtual site structure into Trackbacks, and being vain about using Virtual, and not wanting ugly numbers, I closed my eyes to understanding the above code and where ever I had seen it at WP Support.

So it does work. It does.

Which is good. I have made sure that Pings work since I found that someone I know online is now using WP and that went alright, as I’ve been able to PING from inside posts.

To be able to TRACKBACK on purpose is another thing entirely and I’m happy to know I can do that now.

I also had a slight panic attack [well not really, just a bit almost sort of, in a panicy way when you know something worked before but it wasn’t now and you don’t know if you did something to make it not work or not and ::hairpull::] earlier today when I tested several, I mean that, posts and pings and back and forth between a couple of my blogs and I couldn’t find that anything was posting.

Duh. I have had my comment moderated if more than one link was in the post. A ping makes that happen. So my ping comments were all sitting in awaiting moderation land. I just didn’t notice. I mustn’t have checked email that entire time either, or I would have noticed my blunder of thought earlier.

What a way to spend the First Day of the New Year. Doing dumb-and-dumber at something you are supposedly smart with. :veryshocked:

I know I did test out trackbacks with ugly site structure long ago, but for some reason, well maybe it’s because I’ve updated things with 1.2.2 and then tried to implement a fix a few weeks ago and then today replaced a few files with CVS current ones, it now works. So I get the both of thems — Virtual Site, but ugly trackback urls. It’s alright. For now.

Edublog posts listed on sidebar now

I figured out how to get post title links automatically on the sidebar from my Edublog, so all one needs to do is look over there to the right and see the titles and click if they would like to read them.

I have my recent posts (entries) from THIS blog first (well, THIS blogs recent comments first, THEN the posts …) , then the Education recent posts … which I’ll probably “rename” soon enough, but in any case, they will be there and you will be able to tell which is which, most likely.

So with that, I won’t be pinging this blog with Edublog posts. Which is nice, since I was not wanting to do that any way, just started it since that’s the one and only way I could figure to get it going.

I kept thinking about it today, and thinking of MT and how I did things there … and thought about the beginning of each index here and how that would work to post any info on a blog … but would it work to include it on another blog …. YES! It works! πŸ™‚

Fine findings … I’m happy, since I think I can get things going with a Photo Log now with WP, since I am now thinking “outside the box” better with WP. Keep things separate, but make them work with other blog pages, not just their own. πŸ˜†

JustBlogIt with a simple right-click

JustBlogIt with a simple right-click.
Nov 7 2004 – Version 0.2 released

Nice! A FireFox right-click context menu item for blogging a page quickly.

Comment Previews

I’ve implemented a comments preview hack to WP. I’ll work it out to look better later. This forces every commenter to preview their comment before it can be posted. But the nice thing is, you can keep on fixing your post and previewing it on the wp-comments-review.php page, as many times as need be, before the final posting. That can be useful. This is a partial anti-spam technique, but also meant to make comments better for all *good* users. So with that in mind, I will be trying to get it all looking better, and having the info on that page that will help code, and perhaps get some clickable smilies installed.

Let me know how it works for y’all!

WP for All Things

I run our church’s website. I was waiting for MT3 to come up before doing more with it, I’ve been sluggy wuggy about doing anything with it at all. [not wanting to use MT2.6+ forever and ever amen.]

So now I’m trying to decide what to do, what to do, what to do.

I do think that I can use WP for my church’s site, and that’s better since it’s PHP and will get me more into that overall, and that’s part of what’s good with WP for all the people involved in creating better code, the features I’d like to implement and use via PHP are part and parcel in WP or WP Plugins or slated for future input into WP or being made into a WP Plugin.

One of these days I’ll grow to understand PHP better, and then watch out! I’m just not getting there very fast, not cramming manuals at this point. πŸ˜‰

OK so WP isn’t for highlycontented sites … but that’s exactly what’s in a church site for us — I mean it’s not highly contented, like a magazine. Lots of articles, but easily categorized, and a separate entity for member stuff. That’s what will make this work, if I have to put in more than two installation of WP it’ll be harder to WANT to do, but that’s what I’ll try not to do, use just ONE for the main site and ONE for the private site.

I had been considering using TextPattern for this website here, and then using it for the church site too. I think that things will work out to just use good old WP here and there. So that’s that. I’ve thought through it, and come to a decision as I’ve written. Feels fine!

Now it’s all down to implementation: dress, cake, veil, bridesmaids.

LOL. It’s just that it’s similar to getting engaged.

WP and blacklisting spammers

I had a plugin called kittensspamwords installed here in wp, and today saw that comments were throwing errors when one tried to post a comment. The comments posted, but an error page showed instead of redirecting the person back to the page and showing the comment posted, or just the page as it was before posting –if moderation would have taken over for the post.

I spent all evening reloading stuff, looking through code and couldn’t make heads of tails of it. I took out all my plugins but still comments wouldn’t work. I finally put comments on full moderation status, and there were no errors thrown anymore.

I finally realized that it might be the blacklist I had installed, so I tooked all those out, from the admin site, options, discussion, at the bottom of the page. Voila! It all worked again. So I reput the blacklist in, and bam, back to errors. So I took out all the regular expression and less errors were thrown, but still there was something persistent and I sure wasn’t about to look through hundreds to nearly or over a thousand of dirty entries looking for the last offender or two that kept throwing errors. So I took everything out and just input the dumb little list that’s on the wp wiki. Augh. Run of the mill spammers and dirty site owner spammers are incredibly annoying.

Reformed theology says, rightly, that man is totally depraved … and that’s so true and very viewable when one sees the crud that people force on nice little blogs via comments. Ugh! (totally depraved means: corrupt … not entirely unable to do good, but the soul is broken, dead, and not able to respond to God without the heart first being regenerated by God. Man cannot choose to live unless he is first stirred and brought to life, therefore doing right (seemingly choosing to be ‘saved’) is due to the Grace of God, and the salvation He brings through Christ our Lord, His Son. πŸ™‚ and just to finish this little theology lesson, young folk can be regenerated from the womb on up through childhood at any point. Maturity of intellect has nothing to do with regeneration and the point of “personal” salvation. Realization of salvation is something else entirely. Some folks go through life to various adult ages before being regenerated or realizing that they are. So one can be in gross sin, and be cleansed by the Blood of Jesus unto Salvation, so you spammers take note: Read the Bible, John, Romans, Matthew, etc. Read it. Ask God to open your eyes. And know this, we are praying for y’all to come to repentance and turn from your wicked ways of business. Until then, us bloggers unite with Blacklists and spammer defeating utilities. So this blog isn’t unprotected, just slightly less functionally protected from y’all, but will be again one day soon.)

Testing Meta custom fields

(Update added 06-08-2004 10:50am)

I am testing a WP feature, the meta custom fields. This post will show what I’m reading, eventually, if I can make it work. Does it show up?

Yes it is working. Here’s what I did, as I wrote on the WP Support Forum: Continue reading

WP and Category Lists

< ?php wp_list_cats('optioncount=1&children=0&sort_column=name'); ?>

I found that by accident. I had been using:

< ?php wp_list_cats('optioncount=1&children=true&hide_empty=1'); ?>


< ?php wp_list_cats('optioncount=1&children=false&hide_empty=0'); ?>

and the reverse of both, flip-flopped, if you will.

I was using the WIKI for WP, looking at the tags and what was what.
This attribute: CHILDREN is for top categories to SHOW them or NOT to , use of this is TRUE or FALSE … Continue reading

Some Word Press stuff

I’m not sure I’ll be using Word Press entirely, though I’m trying to work it out that I do like it enough to do so πŸ˜‰

One thing is, with MT I had customized my archive paths entirely to be easy to use based on date or category. Movable Type is a static setup.

WP is dynamic, so all paths are “virtual”. In order to use “virtual” paths entirely one must have .htaccess available. I don’t [yet]. ReWrite rules are used to direct traffic, that’s what WP uses .htaccess for. [I have other uses for .htaccess as well, so I hope it’ll be turned on soon!]

Part of the permalink structure of WP allows you to customize the paths, and if you don’t have Rewrite access the custom paths DO work, as I’ve found out, except for certain aspects of them: Continue reading

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